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  • Senator Lugar aide in Senate Judiciary Committee is in possession of Hillary information

    01/08/2009 7:06:32 PM PST · by doug from upland · 22 replies · 1,414+ views
    aide to Lugar ^ | 1-8-08 | dfu
    Senator Richard Lugar is the ranking Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the committee that begins hearings on Jan. 13 for the nomination of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton as Secretary of State. I have had several phone conversations with one of Lugar's aides in the committee. He has had several emails providing information about Hillary that, miraculously, no one seemed to know. What, she filed four false FEC reports? What, her campaign finance chairman faced criminal trial in Los Angeles? What, an FBI agent presented evidence at trial that Peter Paul had personally donated $1.2 million to Hillary's campaign?...
  • HILLARY JULY 29 EMAIL - Hillary invites DFU to have "Dinner under the stars"!

    07/29/2008 10:52:55 AM PDT · by doug from upland · 45 replies · 70+ views
    email, the Beast's website ^ | 7-29-08 | some Hillary sick-o-fant hack who is crying her eyes out in a menopausal rage
    No matter how mean I am to her, Hillary Clinton keeps reaching out to me. Maybe I have misjudged her. Apparently, she has forgiven me for HILLARY UNCENSORED! and the fact that over 8 million people saw the 13-min clip on the Internet. She has now invited me for dinner under the stars. Is it a plan to kidnap me and dump my body in the park? Will Sid Blumenthal be there with an icepick? Will I be taken to meet her in a private plane that crashes? Will my naked body be found in a Department of Commerce office?...
  • EMAIL FROM HILLARY: Dear doug, you have been such an inspiration to me (and the response to her)

    06/23/2008 10:48:49 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 47 replies · 112+ views
    one more of those never ending Hillary emails ^ | 6-23-08 | some hack for the witch who is now going without pay
  • (The HILLARY! UNCENSORED Factor) The Media Cover-Up of the largest Election Law Fraud.....

    06/11/2008 1:48:23 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 16 replies · 158+ views
    peter f paul dot com ^ | June 2008 | Peter F. Paul
    NOTE: the Paul v Clinton case will someday see people under oath and someday see a trial begin in Los Angeles Superior Court. David Kendall, attorney for the Clinton Mob, has been effective in filing motions and slowing the process. From his blog, Peter gives his assessment of HILLARY! UNCENSORED. The extent of the impact cannot possibly be quantified, but I think that the film had some impact on Hillary. Clearly, the insanity over Barack Obama was the biggest factor. And, of course, people were tired of the corrupt Clintons. It was not a particularly good business decision for me...
  • DFU YouTube SING-ALONG: I'll Have to Say I Love You in a Song (trying to make up with Hillary)

    06/01/2008 5:20:00 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 4 replies · 56+ views
    dfu youtube presentation ^ | 5-2008 | Lyrics & Movie, Doug from Upland
  • PAUL v CLINTON: Bill, Chelsea, Rendell, Gore, Wolfson, raise your right hand (Hillary delayed)

    04/25/2008 4:46:35 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 14 replies · 419+ views
    Peter's atty ^ | 4-25-08 | dfu
    13-MINUTE SEGMENT FROM HILLARY! UNCENSORED DOCUMENTS AT PAULVCLINTON.COM A hearing was held this morning in the chambers of Judge Aurelio Munoz in Los Angeles Superior Court. The way has been opened for discovery and depositions in Paul v Clinton. They can start immediately. For no reason other than because he said so, Hillary cannot be deposed until after the election. Don't panic, it will be okay. Yes, of course, it was a political consideration. Disney did not release THE PATH TO 911 on DVD to protect Hillary. Judge Aurelio Munoz, who appears rather friendly with Clinton attorney David Kendall,...
  • PAUL v CLINTON: DFU coming up on KDKA in Pittsburgh to discuss the case - 9am hour, Pacific

    04/16/2008 8:45:26 AM PDT · by doug from upland · 4 replies · 412+ views
    kdka radio ^ | 4-16-08 | dfu
    KDKA RADIO - click on the LISTEN button at the top of the pageOur FReeper friend Ben Barrack just called to let me know he has set up a Paul v Clinton discussion in Pennsylvania shortly. I have no idea how long it will be, but we will try to stick it to both Hillary and Ed Rendell.
  • Media Protects Hillary's Role in Bill Clinton's Civil Fraud Case in Los Angeles

    03/05/2008 9:13:57 AM PST · by doug from upland · 12 replies · 382+ views
    peter f paul dot com ^ | 3-5-08 | Peter Paul
    Media Protects Hillary’s Role in Bill Clinton’s Civil Fraud Case in Los Angeles Hillary and Bill Clinton have made a significant issue about how the press is treating Hillary unfairly in their hyper-critical reporting on her and their “softball” reporting on Barak Obama. Hillary maintains she has been fully investigated by the media and Barak hasn’t!As the Tony Rezko trial begins in Chicago, Clinton and her surrogates are linking Obama to Rezko and the media is speculating about whether Obama will be called to testify as a witness in the case. Obama admits he received $85,000 in contributions from...
  • HILLARY! UNCENSORED: Here is the witness list for Paul v Clinton; Feb 21 hearing to set trial date

    02/15/2008 9:40:29 AM PST · by doug from upland · 35 replies · 704+ views ^ | 2-15-08
    The background is here: 13-minutes segment of HILLARY! UNCENSORED All the documents are at HILLCAP.ORG Although the wheels of justice turn slowly, they eventually get you to where you are going. On Feb. 21, in the Los Angeles courtroom of Judge Aurelio Munoz, is a status conference in Paul v Clinton. Now that the appeals are over trying to bring back Hillary to join her defendant husband, a trial date will be set and discovery can begin. On April 7, 2006, I was in the courtroom when Munoz said: I will entertain no motion that prevents Senator (or Mrs.) Clinton...
  • HILLARY! UNCENSORED: See the YouTube explaining the four false FEC reports

    02/13/2008 2:34:45 PM PST · by doug from upland · 13 replies · 325+ views
    See the YouTube explain the four false FEC reports so that even the mainstream media can understand It is not old news. After the FEC determined in Dec. 2005 that the campaign hid over 700K and had filed three false reports, the campaign was fined. Nevertheless, she filed the fourth fraud in Jan. 2006. The crime continues to go unpunished. HILLARY! UNCENSORED 13-minute segment Please pass on the video and the YouTube to your contacts and to the press. Thanks. ALL THE DOCUMENTS ON HILLCAP.ORG
  • 5 Million Internet Views of Hillary! Uncensored Film Helps Derail Hillary White House Bid!

    02/12/2008 2:07:43 PM PST · by doug from upland · 44 replies · 949+ views
    Peter Paul ^ | 2-12-08 | Peter F. Paul
    5 Million Internet Views of Hillary!Uncensored Film Helps Derail Hillary White House Bid! 13 Minute Segment of Hillary! Uncensored Film Ranked By Google As #1 Video in the World in November, 2007 Hillary Clinton’s sinking political fortunes have been linked in part to the viral phenomenon surrounding the unedited 13 minute segment of the first ever documentary on Hillary R Clinton, Hillary ! Uncensored. The documentary presents and documents the illegalities claimed in the landmark civil fraud suit against the Clintons pending in California, Paul v Clinton et al. The 13 minute segment of the 65 minute documentary Hillary! Uncensored-...
  • Clintons did "pimp" Chelsea to get Peter Paul to give another $100K

    02/09/2008 9:28:35 AM PST · by doug from upland · 16 replies · 777+ views
    Peter's website ^ | 2-9-08 | Peter F. Paul
    Clintons Did "Pimp" Chelsea To Get Peter Paul To Give Another $100k The Clintons seated Chelsea between President Clinton and Hillary’s top donor Peter Paul at the Gala Salute to President Clinton Hollywood fund raiser Paul paid more than $1.2 million at Bill’s request for Hillary’s Senate campaign in August, 2000. The introduction by Bill of Chelsea appeared to be intended to help in Hillary establish a “family” rapport with Paul that would assure Paul’s continued financial support of Hillary’s Senate campaign. Chelsea spent time with Paul discussing his 1 year old daughter and her appreciation for everything Paul was...
  • WRKO Radio Host Reese Hopkins Joins in Hillary Accountability Project (hear the 2-hour interview)

    02/08/2008 7:47:23 PM PST · by doug from upland · 3 replies · 248+ views
    Peter Paul ^ | 2-8-08 | Peter F. Paul
    WRKO Radio Host Reese Hopkins Joins in Hillary Accountability Project WRKO Radio talk show host Reese Hopkins devoted his complete two hour radio show in Boston on February 7, 2008, to discussing the new DVD on Hillary Clinton, Hillary! Uncensored. Reese’s show is rated among the top ten talk shows in the Nation. Reese interviewed Peter Paul and film co-producer Douglas Cogan about the claims presented in the documentary on the illegalities involved in Hillary’s first Senate campaign and about the unprecedented success of the film’s trailer on the internet having had more than 4.5 million downloads in seven weeks...
  • HILLARY! publishes DFU response to "Crooked Claims About Clinton" hit piece

    02/08/2008 1:32:18 PM PST · by doug from upland · 37 replies · 245+ views ^ | 2-8-08 | DFU
    When you do battle with the mainstream media that is wearing a phony mask as "non-partisan," it can be somewhat interesting. Viveca Novak, who "mutually agreed" to have her job with TIME MAG terminated, did an unapologetic hit piece. When they got caught, of course, they would not back down. I will at least give them credit for publishing my response. I was informed by NEWSWEEK that it would also be published on its site. I expect to see more of this nonsense, as those wearing the kneepads and drinking the Kool-Aide do all they can to protect the criminal...
  • HILLARY! UNCENSORED: Peter Paul on WRKO in Boston - Feb. 7, 10:00am Eastern, Reese Hopkins show

    02/07/2008 6:12:38 AM PST · by doug from upland · 33 replies · 160+ views
    WRKO ^ | 2-7-08
    LISTEN ONLINE. Peter is scheduled for an hour.
  • HILLARY! UNCENSORED: "Crooked Claims About Clinton" - Dave Schippers not happy with hit piece

    02/06/2008 5:07:59 AM PST · by doug from upland · 96 replies · 250+ views
    HIT PIECE ON "FACT" CHECK DOT ORG For those who had not seen it, a former TIME MAG journalist (she got canned) named Viveca Novak did a hit piece on HILLARY! UNCENSORED: Banned by the Media. As you can see by the incendiary headline and sub-headline, there was clearly an agenda. It wasn't a "fact" check; it was an editorial to dismiss the film, dismiss the importance of the lawsuit, and do some damage control. Perhaps Hillary is mildly concerned. After it appeared on "fact" check dot org, it was placed on Newsweek's website. While purporting to be non-partisan,...
  • (Paul v Clinton) PETER PAUL polygraph on YouTube: Hillary lied in her sworn declaration to the court

    02/02/2008 5:44:23 PM PST · by doug from upland · 19 replies · 9,960+ views
    youtube ^ | 2-2-08 | dfu
    WATCH THE YOUTUBE AND PLEASE PASS IT ALONG On April 7, 2006, I was in the courtroom of Judge Aurelio Munoz in Los Angeles. David Kendall, counsel for Hillary Clinton, turned in a declaration to the court that is nothing short of a work of fiction. Munoz said: I will entertain no motion that prevents Senator Clinton from testifying in this case..........did you hear that, Mr. Kendall? Well, the wheels of justice turn slowly, but the time is coming closer. A few months ago, Peter Paul submitted to a polygraph examination to answer a few questions about the business...
  • Newsweek Runs with FactCheck on Hillary (debunking the hit piece on HILLARY! UNCENSORED)

    02/02/2008 9:46:58 AM PST · by doug from upland · 15 replies · 86+ views
    new media journal ^ | 2-2-08 | ben barrack
    Newsweek Runs with FactCheck on Hillary Media Ben Barrack February 2, 2008 A quick check of Factcheck’s mission page identifies them as “non-partisan consumer advocates” whose goal is to “reduce deception and confusion in U.S. politics”, a noble endeavor indeed. The implication is that they’re qualified to be a resource within media circles when their brethren are, oddly enough, checking facts. In a piece by Viveca Novak dated January 18th that also appeared in Newsweek, the subtitle fingers the plaintiff, Peter Paul, in a pending civil suit as “falsely” accusing Hillary Clinton of crimes and misconduct relative to a Hollywood...
  • HILLARY! UNCENSORED - to receive 11-page answer from co-producer

    01/30/2008 10:17:30 PM PST · by doug from upland · 8 replies · 130+ views
    HIT PIECE DONE ON HILLARY! UNCENSORED by Viveca Novak. Freepers, they may be a few changes, but I wanted to get this to you before it is sent to Brooks Jackson promised me that I would get to respond, and that response would be a PDF file on their website. HILLARY UNCENSORED co-producer responds to Viveca Novak: We analyzed only the preview, because it is readily available on the Internet and has drawn such a large audience; we viewed the longer film to make sure we weren't misunderstanding Paul's charges. That is a startling, yet important admission,...
  • After action report: HILLARY! UNCENSORED screening at GWU during Washington DC visit

    01/29/2008 12:21:22 PM PST · by doug from upland · 19 replies · 236+ views
    GOOGLE VIDEO ^ | 1-29-08 | dfu
    On Jan. 21, 2008, I celebrated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with the George Washington Univ Republicans by screening HILLARY! UNCENSORED. It was scheduled at the last minute, so they were not even able to provide popcorn. On that day I was alerted to the hit piece done on by disgraced and canned TIME MAG reporter, Viveca Novak. I have been told by that I will be allowed to respond on their website, and I'm working on a similar arrangement with the NEWSWEEK website. It might have been helpful if Viveca had spoken to me about the film....