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  • Trump Posts Prediction About What Will Happen if He Doesn’t Win in 2024

    12/30/2023 3:37:19 PM PST · by Macho MAGA Man · 26 replies
    The Gateway Pundit ^ | December 30, 2023 | Cassandra McDonald
  • Are we in a ‘silent depression’? TikTokers claim 2023 economy is worse than Great Depression

    12/11/2023 8:53:44 AM PST · by Red Badger · 76 replies
    WREG-TV3 Memphis ^ | Dec 11, 2023 / 06:56 AM CST | by: Iridian Fierro, Alix Martichoux
    Inflation is easing, unemployment is relatively low, and the stock market looks strong, economics experts say. So why does it still feel so bad? A host of TikTokers have coined a name for it: “silent depression.” They say the economy is bad – just as bad as it was during the Great Depression – but no one is acknowledging it. One viral video compares 1930 prices with today’s, claiming the average home back then cost $3,900, a car was $600 and rent was $18 a month. Meanwhile, the average salary was $1,300, the TikToker says. Today, those prices are all...
  • Speculation Grows That Warren Buffett Is “Bracing for a Recession” as Consumer Confidence Plummets and Retailers Fall on Hard Times

    08/31/2023 7:59:43 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 8 replies
    Discern Report ^ | August 31, 2023 | by Michael Snyder
    The Biden administration is trying really hard to convince us that the U.S. economy is doing just fine, but the numbers just keep getting worse and worse. Consumer confidence is plummeting, large corporations are conducting mass layoffs all over the country, and major retailers are really struggling right now. Meanwhile, some of the smartest guys in the financial world are making moves that would only make sense if the economy was headed for big trouble. Earlier this month, I wrote about how Michael Burry has bet 1.6 billion dollars that the stock market is going to crash. He made a...
  • UK finance minister and Bank of England work to contain SVB fallout

    03/11/2023 12:51:14 PM PST · by RomanSoldier19 · 11 replies ^ | March 11, 2023 | reuteurs
    Britain's finance ministry and the Bank of England are working together to minimise the disruption that could stem from a collapse of the UK arm of Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB.O), which has been seized by U.S. regulators, the ministry said on Saturday.
  • History Brief: Daily Life in the 1930s

    04/04/2022 10:31:55 AM PDT · by V K Lee · 26 replies
    In this video, the day to day life of American families during the Great Depression is discussed. How did families cope? How did families live?
  • Looking for an honest (non-FDR-lionizing) documentary on The Great Depression

    02/27/2022 8:14:03 AM PST · by millenial4freedom · 32 replies
    Me | 02/27/2022 | M4F
    Hi All, Wondering if some of you would kindly provide any good recommendations for documentaries on The Great Depression. The Hoover Institution has a few interesting, but brief, video interviews with various authors and historians on YouTube, but I'm looking for something a bit more extensive.The documentary doesn't necessarily have to be hosted on YouTube or Netflix, but I'm more concerned with the level of bias exhibited. I'm looking for one that is obviously critical of government intervention and intrusion of the free market.Any recommendations? Thank you.
  • In The Great Depression, Americans Worked For Government Checks. Now People Get Checks For Doing Nothing

    05/20/2021 6:53:59 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 9 replies
    The Federalist ^ | May 20, 2021 | Bob Anderson
    Despite a population that is now more prosperous and more educated by several orders of magnitude, we clearly have become more lazy.To celebrate another $1,400 in stimulus checks, a quickly withdrawn video from Wisconsin Democrats showed people dancing to a catchy rap song with captions of “$$$ IN THE POCKET” and “THANK YOU POTU$.” As Joy Pullmann noted, its release on the same day abysmal job numbers came out was a testament to Democrats’ blindness to economic reality. It also attested to our culture’s devolving expectation of something for nothing.America has definitely changed. Juxtapose that video with images from the...
  • Brother, Can You Spare $44,200?

    03/01/2021 4:21:16 AM PST · by Kaslin · 13 replies ^ | March 1, 2021 | Tom Tradup
    In 1932, lyricist E.Y. “Yip” Harburg—best remembered for writing Somewhere Over The Rainbow for MGM’s classic film “The Wizard of Oz”—penned a song that became the unofficial anthem of the 20th Century’s Great Depression Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?Its lyrics included this poignant plea from an unemployed worker:Once I built a railroad, I made it runMade it race against timeOnce I built a railroad, now it's doneBrother, can you spare a dime?She’s obviously no wordsmith, but White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has just updated Yip Harburg’s lyrics to Brother, can you spare $44,200? That’s the bottom line of...
  • Pew: Majority of Young Americans Live with Parents for First Time Since Great Depression

    09/16/2020 12:47:08 PM PDT · by ChicagoConservative27 · 42 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 09/16/2020 | Tom Cinccota
    A recent poll by the Pew Research Center revealed that a majority of young Americans are living with their parents for the first time since the Great Depression. As of July, approximately 52 percent of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 29 lived with their parents. The number of young adults living with their parents has spiked by 2.6 million since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, a majority of young Americans live with their parents for the first time since the Great Depression. Approximately 48 percent of young...
  • Fed’s Kashkari advocates six-week economic lockdown to defeat the coronavirus

    08/09/2020 4:26:26 AM PDT · by zeestephen · 75 replies
    CNBC ^ | 08 August 2020 | Jeff Cox
    Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari is advocating a full economic shutdown for up to six weeks to halt the Covid-19 spread...In a Friday New York Times op-ed he authored with Michael T. Osterholm of the University of Minnesota, Kashkari said the initial March lockdown didn’t go far enough..."To be effective, the lockdown has to be as comprehensive and strict as possible," Kashkari and Osterholm wrote.
  • The Second Great Depression – Has It Started Yet? Can The Donald lead America out of the insanity of lockdown?

    05/18/2020 12:00:24 PM PDT · by Ozguy1945 · 49 replies
    If Donald Trump is to be a great president, it could well be by leading America out of the insanity of lockdown. When in the history of medicine has it made public health sense to quarantine almost all the people who are healthy? A fully funded lockdown for the life of this pandemic would be just enough socialism to bankrupt America. That's not what the free world needs. The western world (especially Hong Kong and Taiwan?) needs America to stay solvent. Its Pax Americana or China Over All. (China Uber Alles?)
  • The Economic Disaster Media And Washington Haven’t Begun To Notice

    03/23/2020 10:46:59 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 44 replies
    The Federalist ^ | March 23, 2020 | Christpher Bedford> Just beyond -- and in the midst of -- the public health and financial liquidity crises is the expansive and potentially devastating solvency crisis. The U.S. economy is in trouble, and if you can believe it, that trouble isn’t simply the closure of Main Street, the massive number of nationwide layoffs, and the danger of financial crisis we’ve all heard about. As companies run out of cash, pushing them toward insolvency, our country’s business-to-business trust is at risk of coming apart — tearing and ultimately collapsing the delicate system that keeps industries as diverse as farming, chemicals, and aluminum...
  • As We Move Into New Decade, A Look at Life 100 Years Ago

    12/31/2019 4:12:08 AM PST · by Kaslin · 31 replies ^ | December 31, 2019 | Cal Thomas
    It's can be useful and instructive to observe the turning of a decade by looking back on what life was like in America a mere 100 years ago. On Jan. 2, 1920, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 108.76. Today it is over 28,000 points. In 1920, the U.S. had become an economic power, which is remarkable considering the bloody "war to end all wars" that ended just two years earlier. Republican presidents shifted their attention from foreign entanglements to economic growth (sound familiar?). The beginning of the Roaring 20s featured new rights for women, including the right to vote,...
  • Next crash will be ‘worse than the Great Depression’: experts

    09/24/2018 7:50:02 AM PDT · by EdnaMode · 62 replies
    NY Post ^ | September 22, 2018 | John Aidan Byrne
    Ten years ago, it was too-easy credit that brought financial markets to their knees. Today, it could be a global debt of $247 trillion that causes the next crash. After a decade of escalating US household debt brought on by low wages and the national debt more than doubling over the same time frame, to $21 trillion, debt could soon put the brakes on this economic recovery, analysts warn. “We think the major economies are on the cusp of this turning into the worst recession we have seen in 10 years,” said Murray Gunn, head of global research at Elliott...
  • The Supreme Court Will Soon Decide: Uphold The Contract Clause Or Let It Die?

    03/13/2018 10:25:57 AM PDT · by reaganaut1 · 30 replies
    Forbes ^ | March 13, 2018 | George Leef
    In the first century or so of our national existence, one of the Constitution’s provisions that was most often at issue was the Contract Clause. But following New Deal era decisions that eviscerated it, hardly any cases have since centered on it. The clause has been so forgotten that few Americans even know it’s there, in Article I, Section 10, reading, “No state shall pass any law impairing the obligation of contracts.” The Constitution’s drafters had good reason to include that language, meant to assure people that contracts would be inviolate. During the years under the Articles of Confederation, the...
  • When to Buy and Sell in Today’s Markets - Copyright 1938 (Sound Familiar?)

    06/26/2009 8:58:21 AM PDT · by aMorePerfectUnion · 4 replies · 391+ views
    Timing: When to Buy and Sell in Today’s Markets, by John Durand, Copyright 1938. Forward There are only two kinds of economic systems. In one, private initiative, however circumscribed, is the dominant force. In the other the State is master. In the year 1929 the American capitalist system seemed secure. Capping a long record of high achievement, it had produced our greatest era of prosperity. It appeared to be a “sound” prosperity—until the dream suddenly blew up before our startled eyes. Then came nearly three years of grinding deflation and rising unrest, out of which was born the political overturn...
  • For Father's Day - Grateful for an Old-School Dad

    06/18/2017 5:59:36 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies ^ | June 18, 2017 | Tom Purcell
    My father made me wear hand-me-downs - even though I was our family's only boy, with five sisters. It wasn't too bad most of the year, but Easter Sunday was a bear. You know how hard it is to outrun the neighborhood bully with your panty hose bunching up and your bonnet flopping in the wind? My father was born during the Depression, in 1933, when life was a lot tougher. When he was only 3, his father, who had a good job working for the Mellon family, died at age 34. My father and his sister and mother moved...
  • Republicans are about to kill a bank that's been around for 80 years — at least for a little while

    06/24/2015 7:50:39 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 22 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 06/24/2015 | ERICA WERNER, ASSOCIATED PRESS
    Congressional Republicans are poised to deal a sharp blow to their traditional allies in the business community by allowing the federal Export-Import Bank to go out of business at the end of the month. But it may only be temporary. The 81-year-old bank is a little-known federal agency created during the Depression that makes and guarantees loans to help overseas buyers purchase US products, from airplanes to bridges to baby clothes. Over the past year it's also become a surprising test of GOP purity, as tea party-backed lawmakers and outside conservative groups have denounced the bank as crony capitalism and...
  • Academics Surrounded by Reality

    05/23/2017 8:23:01 AM PDT · by Academiadotorg · 6 replies
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | May 17, 2017 | Malcolm A. Kline
    Academics are always mystified that the American public perceives reality differently than they do. It never occurs to the former that the latter may be closer to it. The American Council on Education (ACE) polled its members at the ACE annual convention on a quartet of questions. "Not surprisingly, most of those at the meeting who took the poll answered, correctly, that the economic value of college is increasing; that half of borrowers indeed owe less than $13,000; that most institutions do try hard to manage costs and limit tuition increases; and that traditional colleges and universities are nonprofit institutions,"...
  • Unsustainable model: Economist says 'balanced budget' adage doesn't work

    01/22/2017 7:13:32 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 39 replies
    The Montana Standard ^ | January 22, 2017 | Tom Lutey
    BILLINGS -- As bipartisan crowd-pleasers go, few get Montanans nodding more approvingly than calls for a balanced federal budget, which is why U.S. Sen. Steve Daines recently offered a bill forcing his peers to go unpaid unless they reign in spending. “As I travel around Montana, as I did in December wrapping up a 56-county tour, when I talk about this bill, it’s a bill that will literally bring applause from across the state,” Daines told The Gazette. The state of Montana balances its budget. The federal government should do the same, or so goes the narrative that literally every...