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Keyword: dinosaurs

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  • Looking for some good conservative-minded magazine recommendations.(Vanity)

    07/03/2021 9:36:32 AM PDT · by Bloodandgravy · 24 replies
    Now | Me
    Many years ago, I had National Review and The American Conservative subscriptions. Chronicles magazine looks interesting.
  • A Triassic Insect Was Found Perfectly Preserved in Dinosaur Poop For The First Time

    07/02/2021 7:59:42 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 31 replies ^ | 2 JULY 2021 | CARLY CASSELLA
    3D reconstruction of Triamyxa coprolithica. (Qvarnström et al.) =============================================================================== Way back in the Late Triassic period, in what is now modern day Poland, a long-snouted dinosaur ate a big meal of green algae and then took a poop. It was a day like any other for the animal, but for us, roughly 230-million years later, those very fossilized feces have revealed an entire family of undigested beetles. The insects are the first to be described from fossilized feces and they are unlike anything we've discovered in amber before. Not only are these insects much more ancient, their legs and antennae...
  • Australia’s Largest Dinosaur – The Southern Titan – Has Just Stomped Into the Record Books!

    06/15/2021 7:00:30 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 51 replies ^ | 15 JUNE 2021 | By PEERJ
    Australotitan cooperensis, “Southern Titan of the Cooper.” Credit: Vlad Konstantinov, Scott Hocknull ©Eromanga Natural History Museum What’s as long a basketball court, taller than a b-double and has just stomped into the record books as Australia’s largest dinosaur? It’s time to meet Australotitan cooperensis — a new species of giant sauropod dinosaur from Eromanga, southwest Queensland. Australotitan, “the southern titan,” has been scientifically described and named by Queensland Museum and Eromanga Natural History Museum paleontologists. It is estimated to have reached a height of 5-6.5 meters at the hip and 25- 30 meters in length and sits within the top...
  • Up With People (VERY PATRIOTIC): Could Donald Trump include this in his upcoming rallies?

    05/31/2021 11:45:36 AM PDT · by ConservativeStLouisGuy · 49 replies
    YouTube ^ | 1965 | 1965 Up With People
    I remember my family going to an Up With People concert when I was very young. This particular video UWP performance was from 1965. It'd be nice if Donald Trump could work something like this into his rallies starting next month. The songs are patriotic, spirit-filled and very inspiring! It'd even be way too cool to get together some of the original cast members too! Links to the complete list of songs (all in monotone...sorry about that) here:
  • Missing man found dead inside dinosaur statue in Spain

    05/24/2021 3:26:54 PM PDT · by DUMBGRUNT · 54 replies
    NY Post ^ | 24 may 2021 | Hannah Spark
    The body was that of a man who had been reported missing, according to Euro News Weekly, though no foul play is suspected. Spanish media has reported that the unnamed man had somehow dropped his cellphone inside the giant figure, fell inside while trying to retrieve it and was unable to climb out or call for help.
  • T. rex’s incredible biting force came from its stiff lower jaw

    05/09/2021 5:49:15 AM PDT · by ETL · 40 replies ^ | May 7, 2021 | Sid Perkins
    T. rex’s incredible biting force came from its stiff lower jawA small bone in the mandible helped brace an otherwise flexible jointThe fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex could generate tremendous bone-crushing bite forces thanks to a stiff lower jaw. That stiffness stemmed from a boomerang-shaped bit of bone that braced what would have been an otherwise flexible jawbone, a new analysis suggests.Unlike mammals, reptiles and their close kin have a joint dubbed the intramandibular joint within their lower jawbone, or mandible. New computer simulations show that with a bone spanning the IMJ, T. Rex could have generated bite forces of more than...
  • NC Lawmakers Opt to Keep Century-Old Law Against Adultery

    05/02/2021 3:44:18 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 20 replies
    The News & Observer ^ | APRIL 28, 2021 | LUCILLE SHERMAN
    North Carolinians can still sue a person who has an affair with their spouse, after a handful of lawmakers killed a bill that would have repealed a state law at least a century old. In a hearing Wednesday morning, members of a House judiciary committee split in a 4-4 vote on whether to advance House Bill 485 and eliminate the state’s “criminal conversations” law. The tie vote kept the bill from moving forward. This isn’t the first time lawmakers have attempted to remove North Carolina from a list of just six states where husbands or wives can sue a third...
  • America’s Real White Supremacy Problem

    04/29/2021 7:01:57 AM PDT · by Heartlander · 9 replies
    American Greatness ^ | April 28, 2021 | Adam Mill
    America’s Real White Supremacy Problem White liberals have appointed themselves as the supreme moral consciousness. Only they can “fight” white supremacy because, from their perches, they reign supreme.In comparing Nazis to dinosaurs, a movie critic once quipped: “They both make great villains because they’re both scary and extinct.” It’s unlikely we will ever need to build a hidden compartment in our attics to hide from the Gestapo or an electrified fortress to escape an errant tyrannosaurus rex. Hating and campaigning against Nazis takes zero courage and zero sacrifice in 2021. What products must you boycott to place economic pressure on...
  • Around 2.5 Billion Tyrannosaurus rex Ever Walked the Earth

    04/15/2021 3:46:54 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 54 replies
    New Scientist ^ | 15 April 2021 | Karina Shah
    A total of 2.5 billion Tyrannosaurus rex probably existed during the lifespan of the species, researchers have calculated – suggesting that very few survived as fossils. Charles Marshall at the University of California, Berkeley, and his colleagues used body mass and population density to estimate how many T. rex once lived. Larger animals tend to have a larger individual range, because they need more food to support their body mass than smaller animals, meaning body mass is inversely correlated with population density – a rule known as Damuth’s law. Previous analysis of T. rex fossils shows that the average body...
  • New dinosaur species found buried by volcanic eruption in China

    04/07/2021 1:32:01 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 18 replies
    9 News ^ | September 21, 2020 | CNN
    "These animals were quickly covered by fine sediment while they were still alive or just after their death," palaeontologist Pascal Godefroit of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, said.The scientist said that the effect would be very similar to what happened in Pompeii.The new species was named Changmiania liaoningensis, according to the news release.Changmian means "eternal sleep" in Chinese.Scientists deduce that the ornithopod lived during the Cretaceous period and that it was a small herbivore that could run very fast, based on the length of its tail and its leg composition. It was about 1.2 metres long.
  • A Fossil Spider Discovery Just Turned Out to Be a Crayfish With Some Legs Painted On

    12/28/2019 10:22:41 AM PST · by SunkenCiv · 59 replies
    ScienceAlert ^ | Friday, December 20, 2019 | Michelle Starr
    When scientists at the Dalian Natural History Museum in China copped a load of a fossil unearthed in the Lower Cretaceous Yixian Formation, they couldn't believe their eyes. The eight-legged beastie looked like nothing anyone had seen before. Exceptionally preserved. They described it as a new spider, publishing their analysis in the journal Acta Geologica Sinica, and named the species Mongolarachne chaoyangensis. There was just one problem: the fossil was a big old fake. The cunning ruse was discovered by invertebrate paleontologist Paul Selden of the University of Kansas, whose spidey senses started tingling when he got his hands on...
  • Jaw-Dropping Fossil Find Contains a Dinosaur Sitting on an Entire Clutch of Eggs

    03/10/2021 9:22:10 AM PST · by Red Badger · 42 replies ^ | 10 MARCH 2021 | CARLY CASSELLA
    Restoration (white indicates bones preserved in the adult skeleton). (Bi et al., Science Bulletin, 2020) ============================================================ An international team of scientists has announced the discovery of an extraordinary fossilized nest in China, preserving at least eight separate dinosaurs from 70 million years ago. The clutch of ancient eggs belongs to a medium-sized adult oviraptor, and we know that because the parent is actually part of the fossil. The skeleton of this ostrich-like theropod is positioned in a crouch over two dozen eggs, at least seven of which were on the brink of hatching and still contain embryos inside. The ancient...
  • The Comet –“That Forever Changed Planet Earth”

    02/15/2021 12:45:29 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 16 replies
    The Daily Galaxy ^ | 2/15/2021
    The Comet –“That Forever Changed Planet Earth” Posted on Feb 15, 2021 in Astronomy, Evolution, Science“It must have been an amazing sight, but we don’t want to see that again,” said Harvard astrophysicist, Avi Loeb about the comet that created the the Chicxulub crater off the coast of Mexico that spans 93 miles and runs 12 miles deep that forever changed Earth’s evolutionary history when it crashed 66 million years ago.The Scene at ImpactThe scene of the massive impact that brought the reign of the dinosaurs to an abrupt and calamitous end by triggering their sudden mass extinction, along with...
  • IBM PERSONAL SYSTEM/2 MODEL 30-001 [Looking to upgrade? Advanced tech: Better security? Only $1,695]

    02/11/2021 6:29:45 AM PST · by daniel1212 · 83 replies
    IBM ^ | April 4, 1989 | IBM
    Brief Description of Announcement, Charges, and Availability The Personal System/2 (R) (PS/2 (R)) Model 30-001 enhances thecurrent PS/2 Model 30 product line with a single disketteconfiguration. The Model 30-001 is a desktop system that provides an8MHz 8086 processor, 640Kb memory, a 3.5-inch 720Kb diskette, MultiColor Graphics Array (MCGA) graphics, and PC XT (TM) compatibility.The system provides expansion flexibility with support for a seconddiskette or a fixed disk drive. The system maintains compatibilitywith most existing IBM Disk Operating System (DOS) software. The PS/2 720Kb 1-inch High Diskette Drive is a 3.5-inchdiskette drive that can be installed as a second diskette drive...
  • Chinese Boy, 6, Hailed for Dinosaur Footprint Discovery

    01/31/2021 11:59:33 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 25 replies
    AsiaOne ^ | JANUARY 31, 2021 | HUANG ZHILING
    Yang Zheyu, a 6-year-old kindergarten student in Chengdu, Sichuan province, is a celebrity. In his English and painting classes outside his kindergarten, strangers recognise him. When he walks through the residential quarter where he and his parents live, neighbors ask for his autograph. That's because the media have hailed him as the country's youngest discoverer of dinosaur footprints. Zheyu, who was born in December 2014, visited his maternal grandfather's home in Tongjiang county with his parents during the seven-day National Day holiday last year to see "strange footprints". His grandfather, Gou Taixiang, 56, a doctor, had told Zheyu that footprints...
  • Perfect 215-million-year-old dinosaur print found by girl, 4, on Welsh beach

    01/29/2021 9:40:27 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 33 replies
    WalesOnline ^ | 29 JAN 2021 | Owen Wakefield
    “The finest impression of a 215-million-year-old dinosaur print found in Britain in a decade”A four-year-old girl has stunned paelontologists after finding an “internationally important” dinosaur footprint on a trip to the supermarket. Lily Wilder, from Llandough, was walking along the coast between Barry and Sully with her father Richard when she spotted what experts from Archaeology Cymru are calling “the finest impression of a 215 million-year-old dinosaur print found in Britain in a decade”. The perfect print, which her family initially thought may have been created by an artist, was left by a small bipedal dinosaur. Experts call this type...
  • DINOSAURS and the Gravity Problem

    10/19/2007 1:56:26 AM PDT · by Swordmaker · 24 replies · 1,391+ views
    The Anomolist ^ | Summer 1994 | by Ted Holden
    Scientists delight in devising explanations for the great dinosaur extinctions. But there are several questions which they have failed to even ask, much less tried to answer. Why, for instance, in all of the time claimed to have passed since the dinosaur extinctions, has nothing ever re-evolved to the sizes of the large dinosaurs? If such sizes worked for creatures which ruled the Earth for tens of millions of years, then why would not some species of elephant or rhinoceros have evolved to such a size again? What kinds of problems, if any, would sauropod sizes entail in our world...
  • Paleontologists Say Gigantic Dinosaur Bones Could Be From Largest Land Animal Ever To Walk The Earth

    01/25/2021 11:17:46 AM PST · by Red Badger · 99 replies ^ | By Joseph Curl • Jan 25, 2021
    "It's obviously still inside the rock, so we have a few more years of digging ahead of us." Paleontologists in Argentina have discovered the fossilized remains of a 98 million-year-old titanosaur that they say may be from the largest animal ever to walk the earth. A team of researchers with Naturales y Museo, Universidad de Zaragoza, and Universidad Nacional del Comahue actually found the remains in 2012, but excavation work only began in 2015, according to paleontologist Jose Luis Carballido of the Museo Egidio Feruglio. In a new report published in the journal Cretaceous Research, the group lays out what...
  • Researchers Unearth the Past to Solve Ancient Mystery

    02/11/2017 9:17:58 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 36 replies
    NBC DFW ^ | Feb 11, 2017 | Kevin Cokely
    Several complete skeletons hint at sudden, mass extinctionResearchers from the Whiteside Museum of Natural History in Seymour are unraveling an ancient mystery. "This is life," said Coleton Caldwell, assistant director of the museum. "The first time life is living on land, solely on land, and it's still trying to figure things out, you know? What works, what doesn't work? So it's just really, really, really unique." Working southwest of Wichita Falls, near the shore of Lake Kemp in Baylor County, the researchers have uncovered the skeletal remains of seven dimetrodons. The mammal-like finback reptiles roamed parts of North Texas 60...
  • Paleontologists Surprising Discovery: Fossil Shark Turns Into Mystery Pterosaur

    11/16/2020 11:54:21 AM PST · by Red Badger · 3 replies ^ | November 15, 2020 | By University of Portsmouth UK
    Pterosaurs with these types of beaks are better known at the time period from North Africa, so it would be reasonable to assume a likeness to the North African Alanqa. Credit: Attributed to Davide Bonadonna ======================================================================= Paleontologists have made a surprising discovery while searching through 100-year-old fossil collections from the UK – a new mystery species of pterosaur, unlike anything seen before. Lead author of the project, University of Portsmouth PhD student Roy Smith, discovered the mystery creature amongst fossil collections housed in the Sedgwick Museum of Cambridge and the Booth Museum at Brighton that were assembled when phosphate mining...