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  • Millennials stand to become the richest generation in history, after $90 trillion wealth transfer

    03/02/2024 12:11:16 PM PST · 49 of 60
    Robert DeLong to EBH
    This is the kicker:

    but only the ones who already come from affluent families

    In other words, the gap will continue to expand.

  • Bitcoin Rising

    03/02/2024 11:45:27 AM PST · 41 of 43
    Robert DeLong to Blennos
    Yes, gold should be your protection. Just a dose of reality that there is no real way of protecting wealth if their intent is to steal it from us. You might take a few with you at best. 🙂 👍

    Thanks for the kind words.

  • Maine Residents Furious over $13M Tax Bill for ‘Taj Mahal’ Where Migrants Get Two Years of Free Rent

    03/02/2024 10:52:40 AM PST · 37 of 53
    Robert DeLong to Starboard

    well, hopefully this will make them rethink it instead.

  • Maine Residents Furious over $13M Tax Bill for ‘Taj Mahal’ Where Migrants Get Two Years of Free Rent

    03/02/2024 8:46:50 AM PST · 2 of 53
    Robert DeLong to ChicagoConservative27

    Good, get mad Maine, at yourselves for your past stupidity.

  • Bitcoin Rising

    03/02/2024 8:32:19 AM PST · 34 of 43
    Robert DeLong to Blennos
    It's just another form of fiat currency. The real problem is that at any point in time they could be rendered worthless. Technically the same can occur for gold, as evidenced by FDR when he banned anyone possessing or using gold coins for currency. I mean a government with power can screw up anything it desires. The other problem with gold is its bulk making it hard to transport out of the country. But its value still exists in the black market economy that most likely would develop to bypass government scrutiny. Now the black market may demand more than what is fair depending on what is being purchased, because gold can't be eaten, for example.

    Unlike other forms of fiat currency, it is not something you can hold. Thus a flip of a switch that eliminates the internet means that it immediately becomes worthless, because you can't access it. That may be a reason to invest in a satellite phone, but at some point in time that could come under threat as well.

    That is why we must save this nation at all costs. We cannot allow the forces of evil to become dominate in this world, which is what will occur when this nation falls.

    Our real hope lies with the Lord. Trump is leading the charge, but only because he was born for this mission, if you understand what I am saying. Faith becomes oh so important in all times, but even more so in these times .🙂 👍

  • Apparently, Vladimir Putin is to Blame For Mass Migration to Europe

    03/01/2024 4:50:05 PM PST · 24 of 24
    Robert DeLong to Apparatchik
    Good heavens, you’re a windbag. And a factually incorrect one, too.

    Funny that you haven't listed even one such example. Instead all you do is comment that they are incorrect. Sorry that doesn't cut it at all. It's because I have been correct & am able to easily prove what I say. If my statement doesn't come from knowledge I state that I was taking a guess as to perhaps the reason for such actions. Such as Khrushchev gifting Ukraine the Crimea in 1954. The truth is, no one knows why he did that. I'm sorry that the knowledge I have to offer isn't one liners like you provide. Such as; Russia invaded Ukraine.

    I bet you are not even aware that you are paying for the invasion of our nation. Are you?

    In fact, anyone paying taxes is paying for the invasion, but we are also paying for other nefarious acts as well. If you know tell me what I am talking about to prove that you know what I am taking about.

    Note: I don't expect you to, because that involves being "concerned" about more than just the fate of Ukraine. So you won't, because you haven't a clue as to what I am talking about.

    Are you by any chance a descendant of Nero?

    What a joke you are. Zelenskyy hasn’t “enriched himself” at the expense of anyone, dopey. He was fairly wealthy from his acting career already. You retards keeping bringing up the yachts and mansions he doesn’t have.

    I didn't mention yachts or mansions. That money we are sending is going somewhere. There have been claims of military equipment we have seen being found on the black market deep web websites, and photographic evidence shows Mexican cartels sporting hand-held RPG-7 missile launchers.

    But the real knee-slapper is this gem:

    But I wouldn’t expect you - a keyboard warrior and couch potato— to understand that and all you can do is to make wholly inapt and inaccurate comparisons between Ukraine’s borders and ours. Gad, what a gasbag. Go away, punk.

    That's sort of like the pot calling the kettle black. You started this conversation you head-banging idiot.

    You wrongly assume that the invasion is the only avenue of attack being used. That is far from the reality. It's just the visible part. But that is far from what is occurring, but you wouldn't know that because you are, along with your comrade zeeper lovers are, too absorbed in Ukraine. Ukraine rhymes with insane, and that description fits every last one of you idiots to a T.

    You had bester wake up for your own sake, clown.

  • Missouri GOP boots gubernatorial candidate tied to KKK and pictured throwing Nazi salute in front of a burning cross

    03/01/2024 2:53:29 PM PST · 5 of 36
    Robert DeLong to lowbridge

    He’s probably a Democrat voter in reality.

  • Pentagon is sending aid to Ukraine without Congress approval?

    03/01/2024 2:51:54 PM PST · 18 of 24
    Robert DeLong to A strike
    Apparently we no longer have one, so I guess we will find out how we fare without one. Won't we?

    I predict it will resemble life in a third world shithole. we are already heading in that direction at breakneck speed.

  • Apparently, Vladimir Putin is to Blame For Mass Migration to Europe

    03/01/2024 2:48:08 PM PST · 22 of 24
    Robert DeLong to Apparatchik
    Wrongo. I am willing to support Ukraine for as long as they want to keeping fighting. And they do. But you cannot understand that, because you’re fat, dumb, and happy living here in the US and could care less about anybody but yourself. As I said - you have never faough5 for anything in your life. You take your own freedom for granted and start screeching when we help someone else. Was it wrong to push Iraq out of Kuwait when they invaded? Oh, that’s right: you think we should only secure our own borders and screw everyone else- what idiocy.

    The people do not want to fight. If you paid attention to sources other than your propaganda sites you would know that. The people are paying bribes to the recruiters to keep their son(s) from serving. The didn't want any of this to begin with. They voted for Zelenskyy because he promised to stop the hostilities in eastern Ukraine. So much for that promise.

    I actually care more about the Ukrainians than do you, because they are suffering a serious blow that will take generations to overcome, if they are even able to do so.

    Your knowledge of what the Ukrainians actually think & what you think they think are not supported by reports that are unbiased at all.

    Zelenskyy immediately sold them out to enrich himself, while potting the nation & her citizens in harms way.

    Funny that you totally miss the irony that Biden is concerned about the security of Ukraine's borders, while he not only shows no concern whatsoever about our borders, he actually is encouraging the invasion of our nation that consists mainly of military aged combatants. More proof that you're an ignorant person, devoid of any critical thinking skills whatsoever.

    Putin is not a nice guy, but he is certainly no Stalin either. Yes he is - more of your idiocy on display

    Stalin murdered his intellectuals because they were a threat to his iron fisted rule. Zelenskyy has delayed the election. Putin is facing election. According to the likes of you he has murdered his opponents, but there is zero evidence to support the claim, other than a dead body. Meanwhile, this administration in our country just steals elections, but on top of it, it also engages in election interference with lawfare that threatens former President Donald John Trump with life in prison, and financial ruin on trumped up charges. Yet you continue to obsess yourself with Ukraine.

    The only evidence of utter stupidity & idiocy is from you Wrongo Bongo.

    And as for your cluelessness about how economies and trade works, enjoy being dominated by China because you think trade with other democracies is meaningless. Idiot yet again - and a rambling windbag, too. It has to hurt for you to be this stupid. Your dissertation on Russian history was hilarious! A gift from Khrushchev to his girlfriend? Haw! 😂

    Again, your utter stupidity is on full view. What made the US a financial powerhouse has been allowed to be stolen by China you pinhead. The evidence is by virtue of the erosion of a middle class which was the envy of the world, coupled with the rise of oligarchs within our nation. It's also why we have been running trade deficits for decades. Somehow thought you equate this with winning. What a loser you are. I also think you are a liar when it comes to your claim that you support Donald John Trump. Just more BS you Zeepers try to foist upon the dissenters for supporting this conflict, when you find you backs are against the wall of reality.

    You may find my brief explanation about history hilarious, but it is 100% factual. I don't know, as no one knows why Nikita gifted Ukraine with the Crimea, but his longtime girlfriend did become his second wife, but that was 40+ years later in 1965. So, that explanation, while I have no idea if it is the reason, it certainly is plausible. Perhaps you want to offer up your reason, because it going back centuries the Crimea was never a part of a nation called or referred to as Ukraine. I've looked to see why Khrushchev gifted them the Crimea. It could even be to compensate them for Holodomor also.

    Was it wrong to push Iraq out of Kuwait when they invaded?

    No, but was wrong to lie to the American people that they were taking babies out of incubators for them to die. Yet you still go along with war as the answer to everything & that we must be the world's cops as our nation's infrastructure decays, along with her citizens. May you live a very long life, on order for you to be able to look back & reflect upon how stupid you actually are.

    So, actually you are still an idiot. None so blind as those who do not see. But you will see soon enough what our involvement will reap us. Shame that you are incapable of waking up. But alas, this nation is riddled with fools like you who think they know way more than they actually do. Dat be you, fool.

  • Pentagon is sending aid to Ukraine without Congress approval?

    03/01/2024 1:22:24 PM PST · 3 of 24
    Robert DeLong to davikkm

    When the Pentagon starts viewing the Constitution is dead, it’s way past time for action.

  • Activists now facing felony charges in red powder attack on US Constitution

    03/01/2024 1:19:25 PM PST · 17 of 46
    Robert DeLong to Fai Mao

    Execute them. That way they no longer have to worry about climate change. Win in for us & them.

  • Bitcoin Rising

    03/01/2024 1:15:13 PM PST · 13 of 43
    Robert DeLong to Jumper

    If I had 100 of them right now, I would sell about 30 of them, buy gold, because unlike bitcoin gold is real. Bitcoin, like any type of fiat currency is only worth what the perception is about them. In other words, they could become worthless overnight at any time. Gold will not do that.

  • Apparently, Vladimir Putin is to Blame For Mass Migration to Europe

    03/01/2024 1:00:10 PM PST · 20 of 24
    Robert DeLong to Apparatchik
    Now you are saying I am Neville Chamberlain. Not even close with your idiocy.

    No, I am looking at realities. Russia is not the USSR, Putin is not a nice guy, but he is certainly no Stalin either.

    Your “peaceful resolution” is appeasement and rewarding Russia’s aggression. Pretty sad on your part - I’m guessing you never fought for anything in your life. Say it with me: Russia invaded Ukraine.

    I've heard you all say that all along, and it's the only argument you have, however, you seem to ignore cause & affects. If we went purely by that as the method of reasoning, then you could say that the US was wrong to invade Iraq & Afghanistan.

    So, should we condemn ourselves for those two invasions? Evidence clearly falls upon the motivation as being the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center carried out by Saudi Arabian citizens led by Osama bin Laden & Al-Qaeda.

    Wars that are necessary to be fought, should be fought, but we seem to get in wars way too often. Furthermore, they become long protracted wars that take heavy tolls upon the American citizens, more so than the objects of our war.

    Why is that? We finished WWI & WWII in a quarter of the time it took us in Vietnam, Iraq & Afghanistan. Because we had an objective & we went in there & did what was necessary.

    President Dwight d. Eisenhower warned us of the military-industrial complex. Could that be what is really at play here? The common citizens seem to become more poor as a result, while the elites seem to prosper quite nicely, as the divide grows larger & larger & the middle class is becoming a disappearing population.

    Road to Hunter Biden's Burisma riches was paved in Moscow with effort to court Russian oligarchs

    Apparently that was taking place the day Russia went into Ukraine to seize the Crimea that Russia had originally taken from the Ottoman Empire in 1774 2 years before we declared independence from Great Britain. It was officially annexed into Russia in 1783. Nikita Khrushchev gave it to the USSR Ukraine. Perhaps because his long time girlfriend was born in Ukraine, even though he didn't officially marry her until 1965, to become his 2nd wife. He had been involved with her since 1922. Anyway, it is really unclear why he really did that.

    Since 2008, Putin has been on record as saying that NATO expansion into either Georgia or Ukraine were red lines. You know, just as we almost went to war over the USSR trying to move into Cuba with nuclear weapons, I'm sure that Putin was trying to stop that from threatening his citizens.

    A peaceful resolution would have been beneficial for everyone, but more importantly for the Ukrainian people.

    But of course, the Ukrainian people were never the concern of people like you. You are willing to fund this conflict until the last Ukrainian falls into a dirt bed with no future worldly concerns.

    Our desires & goals of this proxy war to attrite Russia's military capabilities are failing just as miserably as our conflict involvements going back to the Korean War. I'm not blaming the military for that, because the blame lies squarely upon the politicians.

    Today, the dollar was the real source of America's remaining strengths, & the uncontrolled spending that has been occurring since the Clinton Administration has so eroded that, that there are serious attempts being made to dethrone the US dollar as the world's reserve currency. Already deals are being made to bypass the need for dollars in trade deals between two countries.

    It no longer is a question of if, it's now only a question of when.

    Enjoy what your country becomes, because it is already not the country I was born into at all. It only has a downward trajectory if we keep trying to be the world's protector, while ignoring our own needs & ills.

    That's another reality you people seem to pass off as hysterical emotional reaction. But you are the ones who are are acting upon emotions, because your brains are not living in reality at all.

    It has nothing to do with appeasement at all. It's just more propaganda that you fools have bitten into which has generated unfounded fear within you all.

    We are the real target by external enemies, however, it is the enemies from within that will precipitate the fall of this nation. Once this nation is gone, all nations will follow suit.

    Yet Another reality that just doesn't seem to register.

    The EU is the US’s fourth top trading partner, after Canada, Mexico, and China, and it ranks ahead of China for buying U.S. exports, but sure, Europe is not important to us or worth supporting. Tell me again who the idiot is?

    You are still the idiot, because this nation is more of a consumer nation than an exporting nation, and by golly by gum we have exported ourselves out of business when we exported our jobs. China has stolen most of, if not all of, our technological intelligence property, and the world takes advantage of us in the trade arena. Perhaps that is why we run deficits in trade as well as our governmental budgets.

    And before you make some stupid comment that my criticisms mean I am for open borders - I am not. I stand with every other FReeper on this this site who declares the Biden policy as an absolute disaster and can’t wait for Trump to return to the WH and seal the border. So spare me your sanctimony and your name-calling.

    Well, that is certainly encouraging, but that is a contradiction, because Donald John Trump would not have dragged this nation into war, even if Putin had invaded. He would have taken the time to work with Putin to see what is the problem, and why Putin invaded in the first place. He wouldn't have actually egged Putin into invading as this administration & the Obama Administration in order to wage a proxy war.

    Furthermore, you are only making it harder for Trump when he does return to office. He will already have a lot on his plate & only 4 years to accomplish it, without continuing to put this nation into a deeper hole on several levels, one being supporting the confusion of a military conflict & our involvement other than seeking a peaceful resolution.

    Hopefully, you will begin to understand that this is not appeasement, it's reality, and the course of our actions are not helping this nation let alone Ukraine. We are enriching the crooks & the bad guys, with our own money.

    Wake up to reality, it often sucks. But keeping this conflict going is helping no one except those that you should not be helping.

  • U.S. Smokehouse Creek Fire

    03/01/2024 11:15:55 AM PST · 22 of 27
    Robert DeLong to desertsolitaire; waterhill; cornfedcowboy; moonhawk
    First off, I am not jumping to any conclusion at all. I was thinking in terms of the massive Canadian fire that turned out to be arson. I think eco terrorists are linked closely to "bigger things" already. Simple fires are more often than not responded to & brought under control rather quickly. Fires that reach this size level are usually found to be started by arsonists for one cause or another, and started in multiple locations in order for it to become a bigger fire quicker.

    I am only speculating at this point, but based upon past events.

    I'm still allowed to do that for now, right? 🙂


    03/01/2024 11:02:41 AM PST · 64 of 69
    Robert DeLong to blueunicorn6
    Ya think? It's a clear sign of growing desperation.

    We will see a lot more of these in the leadup to the election, without question, because there are many of these people who are so uninformed that they will buy the BS being sold. Some are even regular visitors to this board. 🤣

  • Senate Democrat calls Trump border speech ‘disgusting’ and ‘racist’

    03/01/2024 9:30:26 AM PST · 25 of 45
    Robert DeLong to ThatWillBeTheDay

    Democrat explains it, but that does kind of confirm it. 🙂👍

  • Settle in the US

    03/01/2024 9:28:49 AM PST · 11 of 14
    Robert DeLong to x
    I was hoping that it wasn't the Republican anything, but one has to wonder anymore. It certainly isn't beyond the realm of possibility with the RINOs.

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. 🙂 👍

  • Senate Democrat calls Trump border speech ‘disgusting’ and ‘racist’

    03/01/2024 9:04:32 AM PST · 8 of 45
    Robert DeLong to ChicagoConservative27

    Chris Murphy has sure taken on the role of protecting Biden. I guess he hasn’t gotten the memo that Biden is out.

  • Apparently, Vladimir Putin is to Blame For Mass Migration to Europe

    03/01/2024 9:03:06 AM PST · 14 of 24
    Robert DeLong to Apparatchik
    Yeah, because they are all for supporting the war, while I am arguing for a peaceful resolution.

    You're an idiot on so many levels.

    I am fighting for this nation, to which you are oblivious as to the true danger this nation is facing for the first time in its history. Europe has been on a suicide mission since the EU was created. So, what are we saving there? None of you Zeepers are able to answer that question with any lucidity whatsoever.

  • U.S. Smokehouse Creek Fire

    03/01/2024 8:57:15 AM PST · 6 of 27
    Robert DeLong to ComputerGuy

    I believe we will find out that this is arson started by eco terrorists.