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  • Mexico facing a diabetes ‘disaster’ as obesity levels soar

    11/21/2012 5:32:58 AM PST · 14 of 16
    neveralib to traumer
    So, what's the big deal?

    In the very near future (if they are not already doing so) our DHS, HHS, FDA or some other Gubmint Agency will be (in Mexico) advising our "neighbors" to the South not only how to apply for (and receive) Food Stamps Benefits (as well as Section 8, etc) they will be reminding them that with Obamacare if they should "decide" to "immigrate" they can be assured of FREE Health care (if not Citizenship) for life.

    Got to keep adding new RAT "voters" to the 12-20 Million already here, donthca know?

  • Terrorist Attack on Bus in Tel Aviv; Hamas Celebrates

    11/21/2012 5:15:56 AM PST · 8 of 27
    neveralib to Venturer
    The Muslim population in America is not yet strong enough to attach us here with bombs on buses yet. America is large and they are scattered.

    They don't need to be "strong" to attack us.

    I am not talking about open warfare here as they are not dumb enough to challenge us openly.

    Moreover, there are pockets of true "believers" scattered throughout the Country (just look at how many thousands of Mosques there are) who would no doubt be willing to kill themselves for the glorious "Profit" and be guaranteed (one of the ONLY methods that vile cult, posing as a religion advances) entry into "paradise" and be rewarded with their 72 virgins.

    They have unfettered access and ability to move throughout the country without being challenged as they are not only "accepted" but protected.

    What's to stop some man (dressed as a woman in a Hijab) or even a woman, taking a stroll in a crowed mall and blowing themselves up?

    Can't shoot/hang a dead person!

  • Terrorist Attack on Bus in Tel Aviv; Hamas Celebrates

    11/21/2012 4:33:11 AM PST · 5 of 27
    neveralib to Eleutheria5
    Coming to a place near you (us) here in the U.S., soon.

    I've been telling friends that I believed that Dear Leader's Islamofascist "buds" were waiting until after the elections hoping he--who appeases/defends/supports them-- would be re-elected and then, would begin a similar reign of terror in this country.

    I would not be at all surprised (considering overwhelming, albeit not publicized, evidence that Terrorists have been entering through our Southern porous border) that we did not begin to see such "man-made disasters" sometimes in 2013.

    The U.S. is filled with thousands upon tens of thousands of vulnerable and unprotected targets, including shopping centers, schools, buses, etc.


  • More erosion of personal rights in America

    11/21/2012 4:21:56 AM PST · 2 of 2
    neveralib to LD Jackson
    While an affirmative vote in the Senate (there being enough RINO's who we know will cave and support the Rats in the spirit of "Bi-Partisanship"....the traitors) is a foregone conclusion, I hope the House stands firm and votes this down.

    The Republican Reps need to hear from us and politely "reminded" their votes will be remembered come 2014.

  • 4 Southern California Men Held In Plot To Join Al Qaeda, Taliban

    11/20/2012 12:25:25 AM PST · 9 of 15
    neveralib to Steelfish
    Al Qaeda?


    Oh yeah, I remember now, that group of "Insurgents" engaged in "Man-made-disasters" formerly led by the former Bin Laden who our Dear Leader bravely and single-handedly eliminated along with him (again according the the greatest Commander in Chief this Republic has ever be blessed to occupy that Office) the entire Organization throughout the World.

    Thus the threat from these poor misguided practitioners of the Religion of Peace is now a thing of the past. Now all we have to concern ourselves are a handful of misunderstanders who have hijacked the words of the Prophet and will only react violently when someone insults him or their Religion.

    Must be hard on those who wish to participate in Jihad in trying to find any Organization or Group to join.

    The LA Times must thus be mistaken as there is no more Al Qaeda.

  • Petraeus Personally Investigated Benghazi Attack

    11/13/2012 9:59:41 PM PST · 9 of 20
    neveralib to forty_years

    He did not need to fly to Libya to question the (reported) 24 or so—out of 30—CIA personnel who were rescued from the Mission in Bengazi as they would know what transpired both there as well as the CIA safe house.

  • Ohio Families Face Food Stamp Cuts, Republicans to be Blamed

    11/13/2012 5:29:56 PM PST · 12 of 15
    neveralib to Kaslin
    Gee, I wonder if this had come out a few days before the elections if it "might" have had an impact on the results?

    Do I need to add a "Sarc" tag?

    Amazing how much influence this wholly CORRUPT, Chicago-Thug, bottom-feeding, fascist REGIME exerts over the Agencies under its control to include the BOL who we all know have been cooking the books over the "True" Unemployment numbers and now, obviously the FDA who HAD to have known about these changes before Nov 6th.

  • House members call for Benghazi answers, Petraeus testimony

    11/13/2012 5:23:06 PM PST · 16 of 27
    neveralib to petitfour
    While Petraeus needs to be called to testify (even if he must be Subpoenaed) but so does Her Thighness, Hitlery as well as FBI Director Mueller.

    Without their testimony, we will never get to the bottom of this matter.

    While the House is at it (as the Senate will be a joke and designed to protect Dear Leader's fascist butt) they should also call AFRICORP Gen Hamm so we could learn what he was ordered to do in response or was not.

  • FBI says agents at the North Carolina home of Petraeus lover; a search appears under way

    11/13/2012 1:14:26 AM PST · 28 of 41
    neveralib to WilliamIII
    But, but, I could have sworn that (just yesterday) I was reading reports that this investigation had "concluded" (which in my understanding of the English language meant "over) 4 days before the election.

    So what gives? No explanation forthcoming about why now a search, consensual or otherwise?

    The stench is stronger every day and pretty soon, even the corrupt, biased, media won't be able to ignore it....well, maybe.

  • St. Lucie elections supervisor mum on problems (Allen West related story)

    11/12/2012 4:55:08 PM PST · 10 of 24
    neveralib to smoothsailing

    Where to “F” is the Sec of State, the Atty Gen and the so called Goobernator???

  • UPS ends grants to Boy Scouts over discrimination

    11/12/2012 3:12:47 PM PST · 12 of 71
    neveralib to Free ThinkerNY
    Let's see: UPS ships 15,000,000 packages a year and (though many are multiple shippers) 80,000 comments amounts to .005%.

    Moreover, much like the Chick Fil-A broo-ha-ha, I'd bet that the majority of those complaining probably rarely use UPS.

    Just another example of the tyrannical minority, Leftist tools exerting pressure way beyond their ability to affect any meaningful decrease in a company's bottom line and worse yet, the caving by a big conglomerate like UPS over something like this.

    Like UPS, but guess I'll be using USPS and Fed Ex more often.

  • Petraeus told biographer to stop harassing family friend, officials say

    11/12/2012 2:00:27 PM PST · 20 of 96
    neveralib to Bloody Sam Roberts
    He is legally enjoined from saying ANYTHING about his days as DCI now that he has resigned.


    That is complete Bovine Excrement.

    While all CIA Agents and employees sign a non-disclosure agreements, that ONLY applies to "Classified" information they were made privy to while working to the Agency.

    Moreover, Congress has oversight responsibility (you know like purse strings, confirmation of appointments, etc. among other?) over the CIA and anyone thinks that merely by resigning, P can escape having to testify--especially in closed hearings--they are smoking something other than tobacco.

  • Petraeus told biographer to stop harassing family friend, officials say

    11/12/2012 1:52:21 PM PST · 9 of 96
    neveralib to maggief
    IF anyone believes that Dear Reader and his puppet masters (such as Jarrett and Axelrod who are the real power behind the throne of this wholly corrupt Regime along with Sorros) did not know about this scandal before the elections and did not pressure the Feebs (specifically, another political HACK, Mueller) to hold off releasing any info before the elections, I've got some nice waterfront property available cheap in lower LA...that's not Los Angeles, but in lower Louisiana as in the bayou.

    There is a story on Drudge whereby the Feebs even admit the investigation was complete 4 days before the election.

    This stinks to high heaven and if the House does not move to subpoena Patreus and Mueller then I will be highly pissed, but not surprised, considering who we have as Weeper of the House.

  • The Fall of Petraeus: A CIA Coup?

    11/12/2012 1:51:14 AM PST · 2 of 33
    neveralib to olcurmudgeon
    What the House needs to do next (as the Senate never will) is to call FBI Director Mueller (and in an open session as this would not be considered as testifying to anything which could be construed as "classified") and grill his butt as to who knew what (and was informed thereof) and WHEN.

    There were unconfirmed reports on Sat that some agents within the Bureau were pissed because this was known to the White Hut and deliberately sat on (inferring collusion between the Feebs and the Regime) until after the election.

  • Pundit Grateful for Hurricane Sandy

    11/11/2012 2:24:48 PM PST · 9 of 12
    neveralib to John Semmens

    Regardless of Chrissy “Tingles” Mathew’s intemperate and callous remarks ie. Sandy, all I can say is if the slobbering RINO and Dough Boy Christie has and aspirations for higher office, a word of advice: FUGETABOUTIT!!!

  • Allen West for Congress – Actions of St. Lucie County SOE Result in More Questions than Answers

    11/11/2012 2:08:35 PM PST · 5 of 36
    neveralib to Uncle Chip
    I would think at this point, there are enough inconsistencies and obvious shenanigans going on that West should go back to that (no doubt, lib RAT) Judge who denied his motion in the 1st place and if she continues to deny, then he should immediately appeal to the next highest level.

    Meanwhile, where is REPUBLI-TARD Gov Scott or Atty Gen Pam Bondi?

    Crickets chirping from the leadership of the wuss, stoopid party.

  • Dear Republican Congress, Give Obama and His Boys Everything They Want

    11/11/2012 2:37:21 AM PST · 6 of 129
    neveralib to Kaslin
    Makes no nevermind.

    I would be inclined to agree IF the blame could be laid on Dear Leader and the Demo-Rats.

    The Repulbli-Tards could give the RATS all of the above and when we turned into Greece with unemployment hovering around 12-14%, in a depression, $20 Trillion in debt, illegal aliens hovering around 20 million, property values in the tank, death panels, etc. (probably within 2-3 years) they will STILL (aided and abetted by their corrupt, biased media) blame it all on BOOSH...and worse yet, get away with it.

  • House asks Clinton to testify on Benghazi, but she declines due to scheduling conflict

    11/10/2012 3:39:03 PM PST · 43 of 64
    neveralib to ColdOne
    If her Royal Thigness, Cankles, was paying her own way (as opposed to we the taxpayers footing the bill) for her extensive (it seems she is ALWAYS out of the country and must be the most traveled Sec of State in my 68 years) she would have accumulated enough Frequent Flyer Miles to travel to the Moon and back 10 times over.

    When she leaves Foggy Bottom (and I predict it will be soon, like shortly after the New Year to avoid having to testify) she can always use her broom to get from point A to point B......the WITCH!!!

  • NICE TRY Barry: 'Timley' Petraeus Resignation Won't Keep Him Off the Witness Stand, You Snake

    11/10/2012 5:59:31 AM PST · 31 of 55
    neveralib to Gaffer
    He will be debriefed upon leaving the is not an easy matter to discuss, even under House inquiry, classified information. He is essentially held mute. It wouldn’t surprise me that his clearance will be suspended also.

    The only way I see around it is that he receives approval from the Executive Branch to discuss anything classified.

    We all know the chances of that happening.


    Where do you come up with this crappola?

    Of course his Security Clearance will be revoked, if it has not already. So what?

    EVERYONE who leaves Gov't Service including all Military Personnel automatically have their Security Clearances revoked because why would they need them, as they would no longer have access to classified info.

    As a covert Intel Agent while serving in Vietnam, I still will not divulge to anyone some of the secrets I learned and knew then (some 46 years ago) NOT because there is anything preventing me from doing so (legally) simply because I choose not too just in case what I said might somehow impact those who continue to serve in that Organization.

    There is NO WAY, Dear Leader (or anyone) can keep P from being subpoenaed or from testifying--not that I don't expect this corrupt Regime to try, maybe by invoking "Executive Privilege", which just won't fly--especially if it is done in Secret Sessions.....and you can take that to the bank.

  • Petraeus' biographer Paula Broadwell under FBI investigation over access to his email,

    11/09/2012 5:03:32 PM PST · 30 of 61
    neveralib to tobyhill
    Yeah right!

    We are supposed to believe that the Feebs who have (apparently) been investigating this for some time (at least more than TWO DAYS) confronted him yesterday and he immediately decided to resign "forthwith?"

    Give me a break, already.

    I'm not rich, but I'd bet the farm that this whole scenario was known BEFORE the election and someone either told the FBI to hold off or ordered Patreus to wait until after the elections to do the "honorable thing," which of course, the corrupt, Chicago-thug, Regime, thought (and they may get away with it) that this would keep him from testifying.

    PS: In spite of all of the Lame Stream Media reporting that he won't testify, I've yet to hear if this was his decision, whether the House removed his as a witness or the White Hut is telling Congress that he won't be available now that he is no longer DCI?