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  • High Fat Diets Break the Body Clock – This May Be the Underlying Cause of Obesity

    09/10/2021 5:11:57 PM PDT · 70 of 73
    MikeHu to Red Badger

    What seems to effectively reset the body clock, is intermittent fasting — rather than eating around the clock, whether it be fats or carbs.

    The daily practice of fasting from 12-24 hours, seems to eliminate the possibilities for overeating (obesity), more than any other particular macronutrients — and then the secondary problem is hyperinsulemia — which is almost entirely controlled by carbohydrate intake.

    Initially, intermittent fasting and carbohydrate restriction worked extremely well in Type 2 diabetes, but then a lot of Type 1 diabetics noticed that same success with the reduction or elimination of carbohydrates — which was in fact discovered and proposed over 100 years ago as the cure for diabetes.

  • VIDEO: Gavin Newsom Fashionably Clears Trash While Wearing Tight Designer Clothes

    09/07/2021 8:40:54 AM PDT · 24 of 31
    MikeHu to PJ-Comix

    Obviously a photo op.

    You don’t have all the trash pickers stand right next to each other to clear an area. Those Hollywood guys think everybody is so stupid they will fall for everything fake.

    Where were the Kardashians?

  • All Biden Had to Do Was…Nothing

    08/15/2021 12:58:20 PM PDT · 25 of 31
    MikeHu to Rummyfan

    All Biden had to do was play “Dead.” Nobody would have noticed. Instead, he had to preside over the greatest debacle in history — just to get himself into the history books.

    Dr. Jill Biden: “I want a divorce! I don’t want to be related to that guy. I only stayed because of the dogs. I had it worse than Melinda Gates.”

  • Oregon scraps math, English high school graduation requirements

    08/11/2021 8:55:09 AM PDT · 21 of 32
    MikeHu to yesthatjallen

    It’s always been politically incorrect to demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing and arithmetic in Oregon — particularly in government. They’re just legalizing a fact. Keep Oregon an Antifa Utopia, and sane and competent people out.

  • COVID-19: Fit and healthy man, 42, killed by coronavirus regretted refusing vaccine - as sister issues misinformation warning

    08/07/2021 2:48:15 PM PDT · 114 of 147
    MikeHu to kiryandil

    Here we go again:

    Over a year ago, early on in the Covid hysteria, one of the first victims of the Covid was a woman described as “perfectly healthy and fit as well as a nurse” — for which the accompanying photo showed someone who was obviously obese and probably diabetic — as proof that everyone had an equal, random chance of dying from this virus.

    So now they’re implying that the fit and healthy have an equal, random chance of dying — while the 600 lb. woman who used to weigh 1,000 lbs., DID NOT die from Covid — so she should not have been fa(c)t-shamed all her life — when she died at 30.

    Look, vaccinated or not, nobody will live forever — but their chances of living longer and better improve greatly if they reduce (eliminate) the comorbidities of their own unique lives (health) as much as possible. That is still by far the most significant thing one can do — throughout their life, no matter what the challenges to it.

  • Unvaccinated nursing home staff are being linked to COVID-19 outbreaks at facilities across the country with only 57% of workers fully vaccinated compared to 80% of residents

    07/21/2021 11:30:09 PM PDT · 47 of 77
    MikeHu to algore

    People in “hospice” are already imminently dying. That’s what hospice means.

    With a median age of 93, what else could one expect? And the woman complaining that at $7,500 a month they deserve a fully vaccinated staff, that daughter needs to come back from Mexico and take care of her own mother for $7,500 a month.

    You’d wish that these “journalists” writing these articles would have some smidgeon of understanding about real life — so they’re not conned by all these “experts” with real fake degrees.

  • ‘Eat less meat’: Minister calls on Spaniards to cut down on carnivorous habits

    07/10/2021 12:20:15 PM PDT · 23 of 34
    MikeHu to Olog-hai

    Typical vegan propaganda put out by the usual suspects — Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO, American Diabetes Association, American Dietary Association.

    Why give diet advice to those who have been acclaimed as the healthiest, long-lived people on the planet? Have you seen the man-boobs on Bill Gates — presumably from eating his fake-meats diet, although I’ve heard that is what he recommends for everybody else only. He’s not going to eat that fake shit himself; that’s for the nonbillionaires, and woman who feel “uncomfortable” with his clumsy advances.

    If you read the article carefully — and not through the distorted lens of Tedros and Fauci and all those who think they have a right to tell everybody else how to live their lives, it would be much more intelligent and logical to follow what they are doing to make them “the healthiest people on the planet” — rather than make them as obese and diabetic as the rest of the world they have advised — to make them more susceptible to diseases and infections.

    Or is that to much to ask of the STEM-deficient media?

  • Sociopaths at Time Magazine Want to Banish Air Conditioning

    07/03/2021 12:16:39 PM PDT · 70 of 78
    MikeHu to butlerweave

    Just turn off the air-conditioning at the Capitol Building: Problem solved.

  • Fibromyalgia likely the result of autoimmune problems

    07/02/2021 11:16:47 AM PDT · 6 of 16
    MikeHu to ConservativeMind

    About 20 years ago, I was suffering from debilitating back pain that led me to believe that I would never walk again very shortly. That and chronic bronchitis had plagued me all my life. Either one condition or the other had compromised me.

    Then one day, I saw an article proclaiming that Guaifenesin was a cure for Fibromyalgia (FMS), and the pioneer in this discovery Dr. Raymond Paul St. Amand, was going to present a free presentation on his (guaifenesin) protocol in a Waikiki hotel. I was not familiar with FMS but was intimately familiar with guaifenesin because that’s what I took for chronic bronchitis — with the caveat not to overconsume it as the bottles warned.

    Most of the people attending the presentation seemed to be FMS patients familiar with the doctor’s guaifenesin protocol — to which I noted that despite their reporting crippling pain, they actually seemed younger and healthier than the average population for their ages. That convinced me of something.

    But even before hearing the presentation, I went out and got myself a few bottles of guaifenesin (cough syrup), so by the time the presentation came around, I reported that I suspected that guaifenesin cured not only FMS — but all the autoimmune conditions, as well as all illnesses — because the one characteristic effect — is to thin the mucus in the body, which most people are familiar with from taking it when they have a respiratory congestion due to the thickening of the mucus in the lungs.

    However, it is logical to believe that guaifenesin has that effect not only for the mucus in the respiratory tract — but throughout the body, and thinning it as much as possible, has a favorable health effect no matter what the diagnosis. But my main takeaway from that presentation, was that despite the dire warning, guaifenesin could be taken in liberal quantities indefinitely — with beneficial effects for anybody suffering from any condition thickening the mucus — which are white blood cells attacking pathogens.

    But Dr. St. Amand and associates, were adamant that they had the cure for FMS only, and to cure any other autoimmune condition, one had to see that specific specialist — and they might have a cure specifically for that disease.

    So it is a lot like the thinking that requires a specific cure or vaccination for each thing that could go wrong in a body rather than a much more enlightened and less profitable model of treating each symptom as a universe all its own, rather than the belief that whatever improves the general health (immunity) of the body, is protective even against the latest unknown disease the specialists can claim as uniquely their own turf and expertise.

  • Watch: Scientist Says It’s Possible To Solve World Meat Eating Problem By Making Everyone Allergic To It

    06/23/2021 10:49:50 AM PDT · 43 of 64
    MikeHu to fireman15

    What, the Covid didn’t work?

  • Portland begs people to visit in most nauseating poem ever

    06/21/2021 8:50:35 AM PDT · 37 of 68
    MikeHu to artichokegrower

    New ad campaign slogan:

    “Portland is for Losers.”

  • ABC’s Hostin on Biden Snapping at CNN’s Collins: ‘That’s Conduct Unbecoming of the Office’

    06/17/2021 11:12:28 AM PDT · 42 of 51
    MikeHu to ChicagoConservative27

    Reminds me of these enabling caregiving situations when the naive newcomer berates everybody else for not catering to every whim and delusion of their patient/”victim,” before realizing their charge doesn’t want a helping hand up but to drag everybody down into the muck with them — and that’s why nobody will enable them anymore.

    It’s like the city of Portland (Oregon) — excusing every inexcusable trespass and violation — until eventually realizing their “social justice warriors” are burning the city (house) down.

  • Sen. Ernst: Biden Won, ‘Our Nation Needs to Heal’ by Working Together

    06/11/2021 12:13:02 PM PDT · 18 of 102
    MikeHu to ChicagoConservative27

    Hags and Nags.

    Nothing to see here, folks.

  • Fauci: Republican Attacks on Me Are ‘Painfully Ridiculous’ — They Are Attacking ‘Science and the Truth

    06/09/2021 1:07:35 PM PDT · 42 of 51
    MikeHu to ChicagoConservative27

    Fauci: “Every attack against me is an attack against God Himself. If He didn’t want me speaking for Him, HE wouldn’t have made me the smartest man in the history of the world.”

    It’s been known for some time by simple observers that people in their 70s, 80s, and 90s tend to die in higher numbers than younger people in good health — especially if they are in poor health and waiting to die in longterm caregiving facilities.

    It doesn’t take a genius like Fauci to recognize that and monetize the situation — and naturally, for the people in the media to be impressed, and wondering why they didn’t think of it first.

  • The Inconvenient Truth About LGBTQ+ Activism

    06/07/2021 1:40:13 PM PDT · 16 of 18
    MikeHu to DeweyCA

    The LBGTQ+ are the media.

  • And once upon a time ... there was truth

    06/04/2021 6:41:46 AM PDT · 18 of 20
    MikeHu to MtnClimber

    It’s always up to each individual to determine the truth of every matter for themselves — and that’s why some flourish and thrive, while others fail in everything they do. The latter perish and become extinct, while the successful live on. That is what life and evolution is. Nobody knows the truth for all eternity, under all circumstances — or they would live forever, and the fact of the matter, is that no one has that perfect knowledge; it is always a work in progress.

    In earlier times, a few claimed to know the truth as though it was handed to them personally from God — and later, groups organized into “professional” societies as “experts” — claiming exclusive rights on their “jurisdiction” (turf), but even then, it was obvious that only a rare few knew what they were talking about, and most only pretended to — and that was good enough to get them by.

    But because now we see and hear all the voices instead of merely the self-designated few, some have become better at “discriminating” the authentic from the fake — and many prefer the fake and being bamboozled as all they “know,” and want to know. It’s tough to convince them there is a whole world out there beyond what their “leaders” tell them exists.

    Of course they are going to keep the best secrets to themselves — to retain their power, control and status above the others — as their competitive (survival) advantage, and that is where the ability to discern the authentic from the fake, has a tremendous advantage — and is key to a truly good life.

    Otherwise, you have your Portlandias — where only the most ruthless and destructive survive — and their governors and mayors are proud of that fact.

  • Nancy Pelosi Caught Tricking Her Own Donors With A Deceptive Promise

    05/25/2021 2:00:10 PM PDT · 13 of 19
    MikeHu to A.M. Smith

    One would expect nothing else from Nancy Pelosi.

    Her constituents love to take it up their ass.


  • Seattle bar now requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for entry

    05/23/2021 12:55:37 PM PDT · 68 of 87
    MikeHu to algore

    Just stay out of gay bars altogether — and then you won’t get AIDS either.

  • How Facebook Uses ‘Fact-Checking’ to Suppress Scientific Truth

    05/18/2021 10:42:41 AM PDT · 4 of 28
    MikeHu to nickcarraway

    Revenge of the people with worthless degrees.

  • Biological Male Who Smashed Women's Weightlifting Records Will Likely Represent Them in the Olympics

    05/09/2021 3:11:11 PM PDT · 54 of 60
    MikeHu to E. Pluribus Unum

    Li Wen Wen and Tatiana Kashirina are vastly superior athletes in this division — as they are to all the other competitors in this category.

    And judging from the extremely liberal arm bend in his lockout position, I don’t think his lifts qualify as valid lifts.

    This sideshow is just distracting and detracting from those who are truly deserving of attention as legitimately “freakish” athletic marvels. These two giants of their division, are technically the best the world has ever seen — making the bars look like their floating up — into a legitimate and incontrovertible lockout — that even the best of the men cannot duplicate.