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  • Dubai firm buys Times Square hotel for $300 million

    06/04/2006 2:33:54 PM PDT · 5 of 14
  • (George) Allen introduces weapons bill

    06/04/2006 1:54:48 PM PDT · 15 of 20
    Ligeia to Corin Stormhands
  • Republicans: Moran's Time is Up

    06/03/2006 1:33:35 PM PDT · 17 of 24

    About Tom O'Donoghue

    Tom selected Northern Virginia as the place to make his home and raise his family more than a decade ago. He was impressed by the region's vitality and promise. Tom believes that for Northern Virginia and the nation, the greatest days are still ahead. As the congressman elected by the people of Northern Virginia, Tom will see himself first and foremost as a leader responsible for bringing vision, leadership and clear direction to Northern Virginia and the country.

    Inspired by President Reagan's call to national service, Tom's schooling for this challenge began many years ago at a place where the ghosts of America's great leaders still haunt its grounds: the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. On graduating from West Point, Tom served his first overseas tour of duty with a forward deployed brigade of the 2nd Armored Division in Germany. Here he witnessed first-hand the culmination of years of leadership, vision and the hard work of this nation that resulted in the fall of the Berlin Wall, the defeat of communism in Eastern Europe and the re-unification of a divided Germany without a single shot being fired. As a participant in and a witness of the monumental changes that swept the globe at the end of the Cold War, he recognized the need to gain a deeper understanding. Tom began an intense academic program during the limited amount of free time afforded an Army platoon leader deployed overseas. Tom completed his studies by traveling to European cities and earned a master's degree in international relations from Boston University's Overseas Studies Program.

    After his service in Germany, Tom and his wife, Kathy, were married. Tom continued his studies, this time at Yale University, where he concentrated in business and economics and earned an MBA. Shortly after earning his MBA, Tom and Kathy moved to Northern Virginia. While working as a telecommunications analyst in Northern Virginia, Tom served in the U.S. Army Reserve and enrolled at Georgetown University where he earned a law degree.

    After the attacks of September 11th, Tom left his civilian job and volunteered for service in Afghanistan with the U.S. Army. Assigned to the Civil-Military Operations Task Force in Kabul, he served with the finest soldiers this nation has ever produced: the men and women from the U.S. Army Special Operations Command; the 10th Mountain Division; and the 18th Airborne Corps. On returning from Afghanistan, he spent a short period of time at his home in Springfield, Virginia before shipping out to Kuwait in preparation for the war in Iraq. Tom, as part of his unit's advance party, arrived in Baghdad in April 2003 as the 3rd Infantry Division gained control of the city. He remained in Baghdad to serve his second year of combat duty with the 3rd Infantry Division and the 1st Armored Division. He was awarded the Combat Action Badge and the Bronze Star for his service.

    After nearly two years of combat duty, Tom is painfully aware of the sacrifices that soldiers are asked to make on behalf of this country. He understands the need for visionary leadership to steer this nation through these complex times while ensuring prosperity at home. "Business as usual" will not be enough. Lifelong professional politicians and Washington insiders beholden to the special interests are not capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

    After much reflection and long conversations with trusted friends and family, Tom has stepped up to join a new generation of men and women prepared to lead this nation. He seeks your support.

  • Sean Hannity Talk Show Live Thread 31 May 2006

    06/02/2006 1:56:24 PM PDT · 172 of 172
    Ligeia to Coop
    did our senator openly condemn Jack Murtha for betraying our military and prematurely pronouncing judgment?

    I'm not sure but I think so. It was obvious he and Sean were talking about Murtha and criticizing him pretty strongly.

  • 2008: The race begins

    05/31/2006 5:22:48 PM PDT · 4 of 17
    < snip >


    Who is he? Former venture capitalist who served one term as governor of the solidly Republican state of Virginia.

    Why take him seriously? Mr Warner was an extraordinarily popular and successful governor who was named one of the nation's five best by Time magazine. His ability to help his deputy Tim Kaine to succeed him cemented his reputation as a man able to win in Republican territory. He is independently wealthy - and Washington Post research shows that only Hillary Clinton among Democrats has a larger staff working on getting him elected in 2008.

    What's going to stand in his way? Mr Warner is not yet nationally known, and his four years as governor of Virginia - which limits its governors to one term - do not constitute a wealth of experience, particularly in foreign affairs or security. He can come across as physically ill at ease.

    Did you know? His venture capital firm provided the initial backing for the communications firm Nextel - the success of which made an already wealthy man extremely rich.


    Who is he? Rock-solid conservative senator from Virginia, a state he governed from 1994 to 1998.

    Why take him seriously? George Allen was an effective chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, helping his party to pick up four seats in the Senate - and earning the gratitude of his party. He is a charismatic speaker who has already begun to put campaign staff into place, and is among the top Republicans in terms of fundraising for 2008.

    What's going to stand in his way? The New Republic magazine ran a lengthy profile of Sen Allen in May 2006 alleging that he was all but obsessed as a young man with the Confederate flag - a still-controversial symbol which many Americans associate with racism. He is also facing a tougher-than-expected re-election campaign, distracting him from national ambitions at a time when opponents are laying the groundwork for White House bids.

    Did you know? Sen Allen's father was a legendary American football coach also named George Allen, and his son often incorporates sports metaphors into his speeches.

    < snip >

  • Sean Hannity Talk Show Live Thread 31 May 2006

    05/31/2006 3:03:24 PM PDT · 155 of 172
    Ligeia to defconw

    He was on between 5 and 6 p.m. Eastern.

  • Sean Hannity Talk Show Live Thread 31 May 2006

    05/31/2006 2:57:42 PM PDT · 152 of 172
    Ligeia to Corin Stormhands; Coop
    Senator Allen was on Hannity's radio show today. I joined late but it sounded like he was reporting in from Iraq. He said the Marines in Haditha are deserving of due process and he explained his "NO" vote on CIRA.

    Support George Allen


    05/30/2006 5:44:26 PM PDT · 4 of 17
    Ligeia to bruinbirdman
  • Skunks Wage Turf Battle Over New Homes

    05/30/2006 5:24:32 PM PDT · 4 of 25
  • how can any one accept a protest of a military funeral?

    05/29/2006 7:59:25 PM PDT · 12 of 28
    Ligeia to kbfree
    Welcome to Free Republic and thank you for your service. You might be interested in the threads about counterprotesting the Fred Phelps group today at Arlington Cemetery:

    DC Chapter

  • Reagan's Navy Chief Seeks Va. Senate Seat

    05/28/2006 8:13:02 PM PDT · 28 of 35
  • Virginia Reporter Fired Over Fabrications

    05/28/2006 10:45:16 AM PDT · 45 of 68

    To our readers
    Richmond Times-Dispatch
    Saturday, May 27, 2006

    A Times-Dispatch article published May 17 about the reaction in Herndon to President Bush's speech on immigration reported a fabricated interview and portrayed a scene at a job center there as though the reporter had visited it. He had not.

    Northern Virginia bureau reporter Paul Bradley did not interview Bill Threlkeld, site director for Project Hope and Harmony, as reported in the article.

    Bradley interviewed the other sources quoted in the story but did not go to the town that day, as the dateline led readers to believe.

    A sentence in the story that described 50 workers sitting at picnic tables waiting for work was taken from a Washington Post story reporting on the town election this month. A job center for immigrants was a major issue in the election.

    Also, the pavilion that the story described as protecting the workers from the elements has been planned but not built.

    * snip * (Required Excerpt)

  • Immigration divides Allen, Warner

    05/28/2006 5:39:33 AM PDT · 30 of 34
    Ligeia to Corin Stormhands
    I don't remember John Warner in a primary/convention battle since the first round in 1978 when he lost to Dick Obenshain.

    Didn't former Reagan OMB Director Jim Miller challenge Warner after he foiled both Oliver North's and Mike Farris' campaigns? I seem to remember working on Jim Miller's campaign but it's a little foggy.

  • Immigration divides Allen, Warner

    05/27/2006 8:46:56 PM PDT · 23 of 34
    Ligeia to Extremely Extreme Extremist
    I like Allen, but he needs to drop the down-home schtick and stop the chewing tobacco.

    Virginians have responded positively to Gov. and Sen. Allen's folksy style thus far. A war-time President Allen today must to fill the gravitas shoes and stare down maniacs with nuclear weapons. Not sure 'folksy' will cut it on the world stage myself.

  • Immigration divides Allen, Warner

    05/27/2006 7:53:46 PM PDT · 14 of 34
    Ligeia to skandalon; EDINVA; iceskater; xyz123; Mudboy Slim; Corin Stormhands; jla; Flora McDonald; ...
  • Immigration divides Allen, Warner

    05/27/2006 7:44:07 PM PDT · 10 of 34

    Press Releases

    Allen Stands Against Rewarding Illegal Behavior

    Says Nation Needs to Secure Its Borders, Not Extend Amnesty to Law Breakers

    May 25, 2006 - Senator Allen participates in a press conference with a group of Senators who will vote against the Senate Immigration Reform Bill. Speaking about the bill Senator Allen said, "we are a nation of immigrants, and a nation of laws. Both ideals can be achieved in a compassionate, appropriate and effective way, but this bill falls well short of that goal.

    May 25, 2006

    WASHINGTON, DC U.S. Senator George Allen (R-VA) today voted against the massive and convoluted Immigration Reform bill that extends amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. In casting his “no” vote on the complex and complicated three-tiered scheme to reward those who have come into this country illegally, Senator Allen stated that “we are a nation of immigrants, and a nation of laws. Both ideals can be achieved in a compassionate, appropriate and effective way, but this bill falls well short of that goal.”
    For many months, Senator Allen has talked with not only Virginians, but many Americans about their concerns over the massive influx of illegal immigrants into our country who have flaunted the nation’s laws. Like many citizens, Senator Allen believes that the federal government has failed in its primary responsibility to secure its borders saying, “A nation that cannot control its own borders, cannot control its own destiny.”
    Throughout debate on the bill, Senator Allen has made it clear that his top priority was to secure the borders through more enforcement, border patrol personnel, detention centers capacity, as well as actual and virtual fences.  He voted and supported various amendments to enhance border security, make sure that felons and criminals are not given citizenship, protect the integrity of Social Security, establish English as the official language of the United States, and other reasonable changes to the legislation.  However, in the end, Senator Allen made it clear that the measure voted on today fell short of and violated his principles.
    “This is a country that has been settled, built and improved by immigrants and it will continue to be. My mother is an immigrant, so I appreciate the value of immigrants to our country. However, the reality is that this bill that we voted on today did not meet my two foundational principles: First, I believe the American people deserve borders that are secure. If we don’t secure the border, none of the reforms included in this bill will have any meaningful impact whatsoever. We need to stop the flow of illegals across our border and get it down to a trickle. Second, we should not reward illegal behavior. If the U.S. government rewards illegal behavior with amnesty, we’ll get more illegal behavior,” Senator Allen stated during a news conference this morning.
    Among the amendments that Senator Allen supported during this debate:
    ·      Increasing the mileage of permanent fencing and barriers;
    ·      Prohibiting felons and those convicted of 3 misdemeanors and illegal immigrants who overstay deportation orders from gaining legal citizenship;
    · Protecting American workers by requiring the Department of Labor to attest that no American is able to take a job before a “guest worker” is eligible for a green card;
    ·      Establishing English as national language of the United States;
    · Improving integrity of Social Security by ensuring that illegal immigrants don’t receive Social Security benefits for work done while they were illegal;
    · Codifying President Bush’s call for National Guardsmen to backup Border Patrol surveillance and operations;
    “This bill is amnesty. There is no doubt about it. The best source I point to is Ed Meese who was Attorney General during the Reagan Administration the last time such a bill was passed. He said about this bill, ‘we called it amnesty twenty years ago. This is amnesty now. At least we were honest about what we called it twenty years ago,’” said Senator Allen.
    Senator Allen remains hopeful and optimistic that the Congress can eventually devise a true, immigration reform bill that “respects the rule of law and makes sure that we have a government that reflects the values and views of those people I talk to out there in the real world who desire meaningful immigration reform that secures our borders, does not reward illegal behavior and allows those who want to come to this country legally to make a better life for themselves and their family to do so as my mother did after World War II.”


  • College Graduations - Now Separate for Blacks and Gay/Lesbians

    05/27/2006 10:03:57 AM PDT · 41 of 43
    Ligeia to napscoordinator
    True. I forgot about that.

    The Left's working on taking that away from us, too, of course. Be vigilant.

  • President Commencement Address at the United States Military Academy at West Point [The Long War]

    05/27/2006 9:58:18 AM PDT · 4 of 13
    West Point valedictorian from here [Richmond, Virginia]
    Saturday, May 27, 2006

    Jessamyn Liu of Midlothian is pictured in her battled dress uniform in a photo that appears on the Web site of th U.S. Military Academy at West Point.
    Jessamyn Liu of Midlothian is pictured in her battled dress uniform in a photo that appears on the Web site of th U.S. Military Academy at West Point. 

    Jessamyn Liu was never the girlie type.

    Growing up, she wanted weapons, not Barbies.

    "She asked for camouflage clothes when she was 6," said longtime family friend Liu-Jen Chu.

    Small in stature, the 21-year-old from Midlothian always had big military dreams.

    She has more than achieved them.

    Today, Liu will graduate as valedictorian of her class from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. She will walk across the stage at Michie Stadium, shake President Bush's hand and accept her diploma.

    "I am really honored," Liu said yesterday during a telephone interview from New York. "So many of my classmates were equally deserving. I am grateful."

    < big snip >

    Instead of patting herself on the back, Liu took time to thank others yesterday.

    "West Point is never about you as an individual. It's always the people that are supporting you," she said. "Your teachers and mentors. Those are the people I give credit to."

    After graduation, Liu would like to serve as a military intelligence officer, she said. She plans to eventually return to West Point as a faculty member.

    "I've never been an outgoing person," Liu said. But at West Point, she said she had to learn to stand up and take charge.

    "Here, you have a responsibility not just for yourself but for others as well," she said. "It's been a challenging, growing experience."


  • College Graduations - Now Separate for Blacks and Gay/Lesbians

    05/26/2006 1:50:54 PM PDT · 27 of 43
    Ligeia to napscoordinator
    Maybe we could have ours too.

    We do. It's the Baccalaureate.

  • Gephardt expresses Nov. doubt that Democrats will win control of the House

    05/23/2006 6:07:55 PM PDT · 16 of 23
    Ligeia to Corin Stormhands

    Oh, no! Not the eyebrow again!