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  • Fred Durst Grammy Comments

    02/25/2003 9:58:43 PM PST · 4 of 5
    droid to Crusader_062002
    Durst is the dumb@ss that once boasted he'd never read a book. Any book. From a January, 2000 interview in USA Weekend magazine:

    You claim you've never read a book. Are you sure you haven't? Not even in school? By accident? "That's right. When I was supposed to read one [for a book report], I chose The Outsiders because I had seen the movie
  • American History - White Slaves?

    02/25/2003 9:42:13 PM PST · 3 of 15
    droid to TheBattman

    They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America

    This remarkable history book traces the suppressed record of the slave trade in Whites, hundreds of thousands of whom were kidnapped, chained, whipped and worked to death in colonial America and industrial Britain. Historian Michael A. Hoffman II makes a compelling case for the fact that millions of American whites alive today are also descendants of slaves, the white slaves. "...a new and startling perspective on the slavery issue." --Instauration magazine. " excellent book..." Revilo Oliver, PhD., University of Illinois. Paperback, illus. 137 pages, $9.95

  • Billionaire Soros: Guilty of Insider Trading

    12/20/2002 11:40:54 AM PST · 18 of 43
    droid to Destro
  • Private Lives-Public Trial:Are Sexual ?'s Relevant In The Van Dam Trial? (TRIAL THREAD-BARB WATCH)

    06/13/2002 2:33:59 PM PDT · 932 of 1,137
    droid to FresnoDA
    Thanks to you and all the others for your posts.
    Re: the article up at #633, "Defendant Said 'We' in Telling of Trip ..." I just sent the e-mail below to the writer.

    Dear Alex Roth:

    If David Westerfield using "we" a few times instead of "I" in his taped interview is suspicious and significant enough for a headlined story ("Defendant Said "We" in Telling of Trip to Desert, Tape Reveals", what about Brenda Van Dam, in her testimony of June 6th, wishing "they" had taken anything other than Danielle?

    From a few paragraphs into a June 6 article on the channel 10 site (my emphasis):

    Brenda van Dam told prosecutor Jeff Dusek she disclosed to officers everything about her "open marriage" once they made it clear that it was important.

    The mother said she didn't discuss her decision not to disclose information with her husband.

    "I would have told (the police) anything they needed to get Danielle back," the mother said.

    Brenda van Dam said nothing else was taken the night Danielle was abducted.

    "I wish they'd taken everything else but her," the mother said tearfully.

    They'd? Shouldn't she have said "he'd?" After all, this was nearly four months since Westerfield had been fingered as the sole perpetrator, and she had all that time for that fact to be burned into her consciousness. Perhaps she knows there was more than one person involved in Danielle's abduction and death.

    Of course, it might not mean anything, just as Westerfield's "we" might not mean anything. But shouldn't fairness dictate you point out such inconsistencies on both sides of this trial?



    Note: the channel 10 article was posted on FR at

  • SDPD Takes Heat For Attempt At Interview: Contact with Westerfield called shocking(van Dam suspect)

    03/09/2002 2:12:07 PM PST · 271 of 381
    droid to golitely
    Thanks for digging that up. Here's more on attorney Yunker, from

    from West Legal Directory
    Stephen F Yunker
    Firm: Yunker & Schneider LP
    Address: Suite 1160
    550 West C St
    San Diego, CA 92101-3532
    Phone: (619) 233-5500
    Fax: (619) 233-5535
    Web site:
    Current Employment Positions:

    Areas of Practice:
    Personal Injury -- Defense
    Personal Injury -- Plaintiff
    Business & Commercial Law
    Litigation & Appeals
    Premises Liability -- Defense
    Premises Liability -- Plaintiff
    Professional Malpractice Law
    Litigation Percentage:
    100% of Practice Devoted to Litigation
    Bar Admissions:
    California, 1983
    U.S. District Court Southern District of California, 1983
    University of Chicago Law School, Chicago, Illinois, 1983
    J.D., Doctor of Jurisprudence
    Honors: Beale Prize for Legal Writing, 1981
    Law Review: Associate Editor, University of Chicago Law Review, 1983

    United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, 1973
    B.S., Bachelor of Science

    Published Works:
    I Have the Formula: General Robert Nivelle, 54 Military Review, June, 1974

    The General Exemption of the 1978 Bankruptcy Code, 49 University of Chicago Law Review, Spring, 1982

    Honors and Awards:
    Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year, San Diego, District 9, 1992

    Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year, State Bar of California, District 9, 1992

    Martindale-Hubbell AV Rating

    Professional Associations and Memberships:
    San Diego County Bar Association

    State Bar of California

    American Bar Association

    San Diego Trial Lawyers Association

    American Inns of Court, 1991 - 1994

    San Diego Volunteer Lawyers Program, 1993 - Present

    Birth Information:
    July 11, 1951, Lynn, Massachusetts, United States of America
    West Practice Categories:
    Personal Injury -- Defense, Personal Injury -- Plaintiff, Business & Commercial Law, Defects, Litigation & Appeals, Premises Liability -- Defense, Premises Liability -- Plaintiff, Professional Malpractice Law
  • SDPD Takes Heat For Attempt At Interview: Contact with Westerfield called shocking(van Dam suspect)

    03/09/2002 12:19:47 PM PST · 255 of 381
    droid to ~Kim4VRWC's~
    Maybe at some point in the future, details such as body condition will be in the public. I wonder if the trial will be on court tv or something...I'd like to watch it.

    I'll also be curious to see how this case progresses -- how much information will be made public, Westerfield's defense strategy, the behavior of Van Dam's, etc.

  • SDPD Takes Heat For Attempt At Interview: Contact with Westerfield called shocking(van Dam suspect)

    03/09/2002 11:57:20 AM PST · 252 of 381
    droid to Valpal1
    Right, very credible, anyone can say anything, and claim to be anyone. It's a great way for cranks to exercise their desires for attention and notoriety.

    It may or not may not be credible. However, I did find it interesting enough to post here as a speculative item.

  • SDPD Takes Heat For Attempt At Interview: Contact with Westerfield called shocking(van Dam suspect)

    03/09/2002 11:35:08 AM PST · 248 of 381
    From the board on, for what it's worth:

    Posted on Friday, March 08, 2002 - 08:33 pm:

    I work in the media and this is what I know:

    * I know The Van Dams do have an attorney, and have had an attorney since day one of Danielle missing. His name is Steve Yunker, and he is qouted in the print media. Not local print media, however, because, well...they suck.

    * I know the following is very graphic so if you don't want to read further...don't.

    Danielles body was found in such a condition that it will be nearly impossible to find any of Westerfield, or others, DNA (sperm) on it. The animals ate much of her. Animals go for soft tissue first. Many seasoned cops on the scene threw up. The investigators were forced to look through the surrounding area through animal feces for body parts like fingers. The searchers that came upon her body can not sleep at night, nor can the police on the scene.

    * I know that KUSI is very angry with this message board.(KUSI LOCAL TV STATION IN SAN DIEGO)

    * I know that the PR and legal representation for the Van Dams manipulated police into ignoring trace amounts of cocaine found in their house. The Van Dams pr/legal group told police it was probably brought in by the other guests in the home that night. One of those guests has an attorney and refused to take a polygraph.

    * I know that Brenda Van Dam had a hairstylist come to her house 3 days after her daughter went missing to have her hair done around 1:30 am to be on the Today Show. Brenda was upset Katie Courik didn't do the interview.

    * I know that some members of the Laura Recovery Search team found Brenda's reaction to her daughters death very credible, but have their doubts about Damon's reaction.

    This is what I know. I won't post again until Monday at the same time.

  • SDPD Takes Heat For Attempt At Interview: Contact with Westerfield called shocking(van Dam suspect)

    03/08/2002 3:37:20 PM PST · 123 of 381
    droid to FresnoDA, all
    Here's a curious coincidence (?) to chew on: a little over a mile NNW of the Van Dam's Mountain Pass Road residence is a small mountain named "Van Dam Peak," or alternatively, "Mount Van Dam." The USGS site provides the following info (my attempts to post a map here were not successful):


    1 Feature records have been selected from GNIS.
    Click on the feature name for feature details and for links to mapping services.

    Feature Name:

    Van Dam Peak

    Feature Type: summit
    Elevation: 1038
    Description: 4 km (2.5 mi) W of the center of Poway.
    History Notes: Named for Edward Van Dam (1892-1975), County Superintendent of Roads from 1933 to 1961.
    State: California
    County: San Diego
    Variant Name(s) Mount Van Dam
    USGS 7.5' x 7.5' Map: Poway
    Latitude: 325715N
    Longitude: 1170442W

  • Dance Fever For Chelsea and Ian

    03/08/2002 10:26:39 AM PST · 83 of 211
    From Drudge on Election day 2000:

    After voting, the Clintons were greeted by a group of women wearing rubber Hillary masks, blonde wigs, and carrying signs reading 'New York Blondes fully pumped for Hillary.' President Clinton asked for group photo. ABCNEWS reported that during the photos, Chelsea blurted: "I feel like a porn star!" The President winced, and scowled at his daughter...


    "Sexual carousing is one thing, but murder by lead poisoning or internal bleeding is a completely different matter. During the current controversy, many people have come up to me, from all walks of life, from every village in the world, asking the question of what one is to do with the situation of unruly parents. What I always tell them, before speaking the truth, is that it all depends on what their definition of discipline is. A mere change of phrase can, after all, rearrange the whole meaning of a word; thus, making it no longer applicable to the topic, at hand. At any rate, I tell the people that if, by discipline, they are speaking of as harsh a reprimand as impeachment was, then a simple pat on the rear will do, quite nicely. The good thing about this form of punishment is that it is simple, effortlessly executed anywhere, and costs a lot less that the price of the Starr Investigation."
    - Chelsea Clinton, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.

    From the site of Freeper "Henchster"

  • (Stop Press !!) The Universe is not turquoise - it's beige

    03/07/2002 10:51:07 AM PST · 8 of 24
    droid to Oxylus
    The true color of the universe.

  • Sen. Hillary Clintons Secret Divorce File-Brazilian Hookers, Drugs, Booze and the Dead Nude Model

    03/01/2002 10:55:02 AM PST · 47 of 68
    droid to archy
    Thanks for your post. I had never heard of Judy Danielak and a "Google" search turned up only a few items.

    Freeper archy to Alamo-Girl "...Ms. Danielak was driving in the North Little Rock area when she was shot in the head by a *sniper* and died of her injuries several days later. Her killer has never been caught, and there is no statute of limitations on the crime of murder in the state of Arkansas. Press reports at the time of her death stated that she had received hate mail regarding previous stories she'd written while a university student journalist in Little Rock. Following a statement by newly-seated Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton, the police investigation shifted to consideration that she was a random target, though she had been struck directly in the head with a single shot from a large-caliber handgun similar to those used by the Arkansas State Police, an unusual choice of equipment for a *sniper*. Although later, possible *copycat* shootings occurred, in none of them was anyone killed and ballistic tests on recovered bullets showed that they came from weapons other than that used to kill Judy Danielak. The shooting took place several months after the reported rape of Juanita Broadderick in a Little Rock hotel room by Bill Clinton, at that time the Arkansas Attorney General. ...."

    And, from the University of Arkansas, Little Rock:

    Professional Studies Awards


    The Judy Antaya Danielak Award is given to an outstanding junior majoring in journalism. The student's name is engraved on a plaque which is displayed in the offices of the journalism program.

  • The Great Pyramids: Engineering AND Civic marvels?

    02/25/2002 10:18:39 PM PST · 19 of 27
    droid to BradyLS, all
    Graham Hancock, author of "Fingerprints of the Gods" and "The Message of the Sphinx," has a web site with an interesting and active message board. Both Hancock and his co-author on a couple of books, Robert Bauval, often post there. Enjoy.

  • WHERE IS DANIELLE VAN DAM? Town Is Rife With Talk!

    02/18/2002 11:51:21 AM PST · 43 of 197
    droid to FresnoDA
    I haven't noted any mention of the occult in what I've read about the case, but one would assume the police would be looking at that angle.

    Re: the involvement of Mark Klaas, father of Polly Klaas, the girl who was kidnapped from her bedroom back in 1993 and later murdered, it is interesting (and unsettling) to note that his father Joe Klaas once wrote the introduction to a book on satanic ritual abuse:

    ... Joe Klaas, famous in the 12 step movement, wrote the introduction to that book ( Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse by Daniel Ryder), and initially blamed the kidnap of Polly on retaliation against him for having written that introduction. Source: San Francisco Chronicle November 1993.]

    An article by Daniel Ryder on the subject of satanic ritual abuse can be found at

    Of course, we all know that there are no such things as satanic cults (scroll down) and that satanists might dress funny, listen to bad music, and maybe in extreme cases ritually sacrifice small animals, but they never actually kill people

  • WHERE IS DANIELLE VAN DAM? Town Is Rife With Talk!

    02/18/2002 10:41:17 AM PST · 27 of 197
    droid to FresnoDA, crypt2k
    Danielle was last seen the night before February 2, which is one of eight major ritual "sabbat" dates on the occult/witchcraft/satanism calendar.

    DATE: October 31 NAME: *SAMHAIN; ALL HALLOWS' EVE; HALLOWEEN; NOVEMBER EVE WITCHCRAFT: Rituals to contact the dead SATANISTS: Sexual and blood rituals with animal or humans & animal or human sacrifice

    DATE: December 21/22 NAME: YULE; WINTER SOLSTICE; WITCHCRAFT: Rituals celebrating the rebirth of the sun SATANISTS: Sexual rituals, animal or human

    DATE: February 2 NAME: IMBOLIC; IMBOK; CANDLEMAS; OIMELE; LADY DAY; BRIGID DAY WITCHCRAFT: Sexual rituals; Celtic triple goddess Brigid honored. SATANISM: Sexual rituals, human

    DATE: MARCH 20/21 NAME: Spring Equinox; Vernal Equinox WITCHCRAFT: This is a fertility sabbat. Pagans celebrate the coming of fertility of the earth; Sexual rituals celebrated by various groups. SATANISM: Orgies held; Animal or human sacrifices

    DATE: April 30 NAME: *BELTANE; MAY EVE; ROODMAS DAY; WALPURGISNACHT WITCHCRAFT: Rituals focusing on the love between male & female. In fact, many pagan handcastings (weddings) take place at this sabbat. Rituals celebrating the fertility of the Mother Goddess (Earth) are carried out. SATANISTS: Blood rituals; Animal or human sacrifices

    DATE: JUNE 21 NAME: SUMMER SOLSTICE; MIDSUMMER'S EVE; WITCHES: Bonfire rituals SATANISTS: Orgies; Animal or human sacrifices

    DATE: AUGUST 1 NAME: LUGNASADH (Named for Celtic Solar god Lugh);LAMMAS DAY WITCHES: Harvest rituals SATANISTS: Animal or Human sacrifice

    DATE: SEPTEMBER 21 to 23 (Date varies annually) NAME: AUTUMN EQUINOX WITCHES: Some covens have rituals reenacting Pluto or Hades (grim god of death) forcefully carrying of Persephone (young goddess of life) to the underworld. SATANISTS: Sexual orgies and or animal and human sacrifice.

  • Supermodel Resource Centers Should Be Federally Funded

    01/25/2002 11:07:59 AM PST · 11 of 18
    droid to Christian_Egalitarian
    Need material for your resource center? Visit the "Wisdom of Supermodels" site.

    "I tell people my breasts were made in Normandy from butter 
    and creme fraiche"
    Laetitia Casta

  • The world's funniest joke? Scientists investigating laughter pick the world's funniest joke.

    01/24/2002 12:33:30 AM PST · 333 of 336