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    02/07/2004 9:58:46 PM PST · 246 of 267
    Buckeroo to Jim Robinson
    Jim -

    Don't forget that you are no angel, pal.
  • Message to ?Conservatives

    02/07/2004 9:42:59 PM PST · 424 of 838
    Buckeroo to FairOpinion

    "People who claim to be oh, so conservative, but their admitted actions will result in a Dem victory are at the very least hypocrites." -- FairOpinion
    You have to be pulling my left wooden leg with that comment! GWB is the most atrocious concept of conservatism that america has ever produced; in fact, I will wager Karl Marx gives him points for creating a great world.
  • Message to ?Conservatives

    02/07/2004 9:28:03 PM PST · 389 of 838
    Buckeroo to Nix 2

    "We have a good man as President." -- Nix 2
    Are you talking about America's greatest liar in chief?
  • Sincere and grateful thanks for your prayers for my father, Albert Lee Head Jr.

    02/07/2004 8:47:49 PM PST · 84 of 85
    Buckeroo to Jeff Head
    Sorry to hear about your father.

    Your eternal pal,
  • VANITY: The "Truth" about JimRob and Free Republic according to BADJOE

    10/11/2003 5:00:16 PM PDT · 1,628 of 3,368
    Buckeroo to Jim Robinson
    Jim - I want to be the first to congratulate you on this overwhelming creation you invented of about 1500 posts, thus far. Why you chose to perform this madness is not only disrespectful to one of the finest posters upon this board (or anywhere) but also signifies a milestone about the presence of I am ashamed of you. Permitting the bashing of BADJOE is an obvious abandonment of FR policy for objectivity and reflects a new admission towards the degradation about the web site.

    Best Regards! Buckeroo

  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 9:16:11 PM PDT · 358 of 370
    Buckeroo to antienvironmentalist
    Now you see what I intended. The government has conspired to deny you the truth about it's actions. And you want me to PROVE the allegations that our government has committed fraud.

    The government has wiped out the truth.
  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 8:22:04 PM PDT · 354 of 370
    Buckeroo to bushfamfan
    Of course Hussein had WMD. No sane person disputes this fact. What I am saying is that America GAVE WMD to Hussein, to begin with. Our government has a flawed foreign policy that permits these atrocities; in fact, our government here in America encourages wars around the world; thats why America is everywhere acting as a cop.
  • Marchers urge Davis to support driver's licenses for undocumented aliens

    06/22/2003 8:11:00 PM PDT · 9 of 81
    Buckeroo to Roscoe
    Why are you afraid of Libertarians? I see you love republicans that enjoy the demise of America.... take 9/11 as an example. You are indifferent about America's call for terrorists.
  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 7:14:21 PM PDT · 351 of 370
    Buckeroo to Cathryn Crawford
    Yes, they do sit up there and do nothing. And in the aftermath, the government makes us pay for their mistakes. Here is a small glimse at the truth. Please check out the links that I provide.
    October 9, 2002, 10:30 a.m.
    Visas that Should Have Been Denied -- A look at 9/11 terrorists’ visa applications.

    The cover story in National Review's October 28th issue (out Friday) details how at least 15 of the 19 September 11 hijackers should have been denied visas — an assessment based on expert analyses of 15 of the terrorists' visa-application forms, obtained exclusively by NR.

    In the year after 9/11, the hand-wringing mostly centered on the FBI and CIA's failure to "connect the dots." But that would not have been a fatal blow if the "dots" had not been here in the first place. If the U.S. State Department had followed the law, at least 15 of the 19 "dots" should have been denied visas — and they likely wouldn't have been in the United States on September 11, 2001.

    According to expert analyses of the visa-application forms of 15 of the 9/11 terrorists (the other four applications could not be obtained), all the applicants among the 15 reviewed should have been denied visas under then-existing law. Six separate experts who analyzed the simple, two-page forms came to the same conclusion: All of the visa applications they reviewed should have been denied on their face.

    9/11 Terrorist Visa Applications

    Hani Hanjour, 1997 (~167k file)
    Hani Hanjour, 2000 (b) (~169k file)
    Hani Hanjour, 2000 (a) (~205k file)
    Waleed al-Sherhi, 2000 (~169k file)
    Wail al-Sherhi, 2000 (~206k file)
    Abdulaziz Alomari, 2001 (~259k file)

    Even to the untrained eye, it is easy to see why many of the visas should have been denied. Consider, for example, the U.S. destinations most of them listed. Only one of the 15 provided an actual address — and that was only because his first application was refused — and the rest listed only general locations — including "California," "New York," "Hotel D.C.," and "Hotel." One terrorist amazingly listed his U.S. destination as simply "No." Even more amazingly, he got a visa.

    The experts — who scrutinized the applications of 14 Saudis and one from the United Arab Emirates — include four former consular officers, a current consular officer stationed in Latin America, and a senior official at Consular Affairs (CA) — the division within the State Department that oversees consulates and visa issuance — who has extensive consular experience.

    All six experts strongly agreed that even allowing for human error, no more than a handful of the visa applications should have managed to slip through the cracks. Making the visa lapses even more inexplicable, the State Department claims that at least 11 of the 15 were interviewed by consular officers. Nikolai Wenzel, one of the former consular officers who analyzed the forms, declares that State's issuance of the visas "amounts to criminal negligence."

    The visas should have been denied because of a provision in the law known as 214(b), which states that almost all nonimmigrant visa (NIV) applicants are presumed to be intending immigrants. The law is clear: "Every alien [other than several narrowly exempted subcategories] shall be presumed to be an immigrant until he establishes to the satisfaction of the consular officer, at the time of application for a visa, that he is entitled to a nonimmigrant [visa]." State's Deputy Press Secretary Phil Reeker recently remarked that 214(b) is "quite a threshold to overcome." It just wasn't for Saudi applicants.

    Defying the conventional wisdom that al Qaeda had provided its operatives with extensive training to game the system with the right answers to guarantee a visa, the applications were littered with red flags, almost all of which were ignored. The forms were also plagued with significant amounts of missing information — something that should have been sufficient grounds to deny many of the visas. For example, while all but one terrorist claimed to be employed or in school, only on three forms is the area marked "Name and Street Address of Present Employer or School" even filled out. At the very least, the CA executive points out, "The consular officers should not have ended the interview until the forms were completed."

    Any discrepancies or apparent problems that would have been resolved by way of explanation or additional documentation should have been noted in the area reserved for a consular officer's comments — yet this was only done on one of the forms. Which begs the question: Were 11 of the 15 terrorists whose applications were reviewed actually interviewed as State claims?

    Though all of the 15 applications obtained by NR should have been denied, some were worse than others. Here are some of the worst:

    Wail and Waleed al-Shehri
    Brothers Wail and Waleed al-Shehri applied together for travel visas on October 24, 2000. Wail claimed his occupation was "teater," while his brother wrote "student." Both listed the name and address of his respective employer or school as simply "South City." Each also declared a U.S. destination of "Wasantwn." But what should have further raised a consular officer's eyebrows is the fact that a student and his nominally employed brother were going to go on a four-to-six-month vacation, paid for by Wail's "teater" salary, which he presumably would be foregoing while in the United States. Even assuming very frugal accommodations, such a trip for two people would run north of $15,000, yet there is no indication that the consular officer even attempted to determine that Wail in fact had the financial means to fund the planned excursion. They appear to have received their visas the same day they applied.

    Abdulaziz Alomari
    On June 18, 2001, Abdulaziz Alomari filled out a simple, two-page application for a visa to come to the United States. Alomari was not exactly the ideal candidate for a visa. He claimed to be a student, though he left blank the space for the name and address of his school. He checked the box claiming he was married, yet he left blank the area where he should have put the name of his spouse. Although he claimed to be a student, he marked on his form that he would self-finance a two-month stay at the "JKK Whyndham Hotel" — and provided no proof, as required under law, that he could actually do so.

    Despite the legal requirement that a visa applicant show strong roots in his home country (to give him or her a reason to come back from America), Alomari listed his home address as the "ALQUDOS HTL JED" (a hotel in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia). Alomari didn't even bother filling in the fields asking for his nationality and gender, apparently realizing that he didn't need to list much more than his name to get a visa to the United States. As it turns out, he didn't. He got his visa.

    When he arrived in the United States, he connected with his friend, Mohammed Atta. And less than three months later — on September 11 — he and Atta helped crash American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.

    Hani Hanjour
    The most troubling of the applications reviewed is Hanjour's. It appears that Hanjour was the only applicant of the 15 who was initially refused — although this is not entirely clear, because the consular officers did not always circle "Issued" or "Refused" (as required by law) on the other forms. Hanjour had received a student visa in 1997 in order to study English at the ELS Language Center in Melbourne, Fla. On his first of two attempts to obtain a second visa in 2000, Hanjour requested a travel visa for the purpose of a "visit" — for "three years." An unidentified consulate employee, likely a Foreign Service national (a Saudi resident), highlighted the obvious problem with an applicant stating a desire to overstay his visa (the maximum length for a travel visa is 24 months) with an extra-long "visit." The unknown employee wrote in the comment box: "like to stay three years or more!" and circled the remark. That employee or a different one also scribbled something underneath about Hanjour's wish to find a flight school during the trip. This application was refused — but only temporarily.

    On the subsequent application filed two weeks later, Hanjour was armed with all the right answers. Rather than stating "AZ, Rent home" as his U.S. location, he gave a specific address, complete with a house number and street name — the only one of the 15 applicants to have done so. On the second go-round, Hanjour applied for a twelve-month student visa, and changed the purpose of the visit to "study" and the desired length of stay to a more appropriate "one year." But so many changes, all of which smoothed out rough spots on the original application, should have troubled the consular officer. "It's never a good sign if someone cleans up his paperwork too well," comments the current consular officer stationed in Latin America.

    As disturbing as the visa forms are, perhaps more disturbing is that State's handpicked candidate to be the new chief enforcer of visa policies, Maura Harty, had not even looked at them as of her Senate confirmation hearing last week — yet the Senate is poised to rubber stamp her nomination. That's a real shame, because examining the applications yields many valuable lessons. The most important is that we're not going to keep out terrorists until State figures out that it needs to enforce the law.

    — Joel Mowbray is an NRO contributor and a columnist.

  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 6:57:55 PM PDT · 348 of 370
    Buckeroo to Cathryn Crawford
    There is no War on Terror. There is nothing more than stripping Americans of their dignity and denying us our constitutional rights.

    The Bush administration did not do their job to curtail 9/11. The folks that took over the airplanes were illegals; well known illegals to the US government and the Bush administration allowed them free passage to use their box-cutters.

    Has the administration learned anything? Yes, they have. We now have a color code scheme by Tom Ridge which does nothing for us as individuals .... all it does is excite government to stop my free passage here in America.
  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 6:43:16 PM PDT · 346 of 370
    Buckeroo to Cathryn Crawford
    That is correct, I am at great odds with GWBush exciting a war with Iraq for no apparent reason. America is doomed by his continuing nuisance in the ME; he has lied to the American People.

    What bothers me more is the indifference of America. Again, America is doomed.
  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 6:18:26 PM PDT · 344 of 370
    Buckeroo to Cathryn Crawford
    But our nation is a republic; it is not a democracy. There is a clear distinction about the two ideas. A republic is based upon standards; in our case the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Although these standards of government may be modified, the procedure is very rigorous. A democracy is nothing more than mob_rule; this is what the politicians want you to think America is all about.

    This is how the foundations of America are being undermined .... you think you are free by voting for leaders that usurp the Constitution. This is how America is making war everywhere around the planet by your nodding of approval.
  • Question: Is this a logical, legal and FUN way to FREEP Hitlery's book??

    06/22/2003 6:03:23 PM PDT · 5 of 34
    Buckeroo to Recovering_Democrat
    You have way too much time on your hands. Have you ever thought of going back to work and leading a productive life?
  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 5:22:58 PM PDT · 342 of 370
    Buckeroo to Cathryn Crawford
    The concept of government controlling our economies flys in the face of laizzez-faire; our government knows it, too. That's why it meddles everywhere around the globe against human dignity in the name of national security. The Eastern Bloc nations are as socialistic as American government is not about apple pie.
  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 4:50:09 PM PDT · 339 of 370
    Buckeroo to Long Cut

    "A bunch of fanatical, psychotic Islamofacists hijacked three airliners, and then rammed them into buildings filled with unarmed civilians." -- Long Cut, in response to Buckeroo's question: "Have you ever wondered how 9/11 happened?"

    Can you say illegal aliens that the government allowed here upon America's shores?
  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 3:33:36 PM PDT · 335 of 370
    Buckeroo to Cathryn Crawford
    What does it matter? Are you saying that an 'atta-boy' by socialists is an important bench-mark for claiming a coalition?
  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 1:27:28 PM PDT · 333 of 370
    Buckeroo to Long Cut
    Have you ever wondered how 9/11 happened? Now the government is reaching out for excuses about their own failures again dealing with WMD. Do you ever wonder why?
  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 1:15:55 PM PDT · 332 of 370
    Buckeroo to Long Cut
    You can't stand eye-to-eye with me. It's a personal problem you have.
  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 1:09:41 PM PDT · 330 of 370
    Buckeroo to Lucky

    "Yeah, as they say, follow the money, that usually leads to what is going on." -- Lucky

    In this case, follow the oil pipeline .... it's all an excuse about so-called "national security." That's why the CIA fumbled the ball again. They have no government restraints under the National Security Act.
  • Bush Says Iraqi Weapons Sites Were Looted

    06/22/2003 1:06:18 PM PDT · 329 of 370
    Buckeroo to Long Cut
    You know you lost the argument .... that's why you have to call all your pals to see your perspective. You can't stand eye-to-eye with me and discuss the issues in an intelligent way, can you?

    You must apply "gang-warfare" to prove your points.

    Still, the whole problem about GWBush's wimping about WMD is because we have a failed government. You sit there at your computer chair rallying around GWBush as though he is a GOD; he is nothing but a mortal and has created tragic mistakes.