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  • Governor Bill Lee is setting examples but are they for Tennessee or for the globalist agenda?

    01/31/2023 5:15:02 AM PST · by Twotone · 4 replies
    Americn Policy Center ^ | January 2023 | Kathleen Marquardt
    When did promoting the drive to communism become the flagship of the Right? Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee may not be driving that train, but he’s on it and giving directions. He’s right on and righteous when he brags about “Tennessee’s status as the “lowest tax rate per capita in the nation, the lowest debt rate per capita in the nation, and the fastest growing economy of all 50 states.” Were those achieved under his term? At least he didn’t undo them. But … His examples for what he intends to focus on in his second term looks like Agenda21/Great...
  • Polis turns his back on Colorado agriculture | OPINION

    01/27/2023 10:07:46 AM PST · by george76 · 10 replies
    Colorado Politics ^ | 1/23/2023 | Ty Winter
    Last week, Gov. Jared Polis gave his State of the State address before a joint session of the General Assembly and to all Coloradans around the state. As I and other rural legislators listened to his speech, we couldn’t help but notice something so significant to our state barely received more than a brief mention. As the speech lagged on, it was evident the governor was clearly avoiding talking about it. It became the industrial elephant in the room, if you will. In his 70-minute, 8,000-word monologue, the governor mentioned the word “agriculture” one single time. The words “farms” and...
  • Ike Was Right: The Military-Industrial Complex Has Become a Serious Problem

    01/26/2023 8:22:13 AM PST · by george76 · 25 replies
    PJ Media ^ | JANUARY 25, 2023 | KEVIN DOWNEY JR
    In his last few days as President, Dwight D. Eisenhower gave a televised speech in which he warned the nation about the dangers of .. the “military-industrial complex” (MIC). ... Eisenhower wisely delivered his speech warning the nation about the MIC when he was leaving office .. not wanting to anger the CIA. ... written for Facui. Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the...
  • Angry residents flood planning commission meeting. ( Delta, Colorado )

    01/23/2023 7:30:30 PM PST · by george76 · 21 replies
    Delta County Independent. ^ | Jan 19, 2023 | Frank M. Witowski Jr.
    An overflowing, angry crowd of nearly 200 area citizens filled the Roubideau Room of the Delta County Human Resources room beyond capacity with the door to the room staying open for those who could not fit in the tight space Wednesday evening. The apparent consensus was that new land use restrictions are being placed on their personal land and property, which would result in fees or not allow them to use their land for purposes they intended.. Before the public hearing regarding the land use code began, Planning Commission Chairman Tom Kay gave a brief presentation on the beginnings and...
  • Cancel Culture Cures

    01/13/2023 11:21:47 AM PST · by Twotone · 1 replies
    Americn Policy Center ^ | January 2023 | Kathleen Marquardt
    Many of the brightest minds have been trying to find the tools to stop Agenda21/Great Reset (and all the other aliases for setting up a one-world government). The authors of Re-Remembering the Mis-Remembered Left: The Left’s Strategy and Tactics to Transform America, state at the end: “It is the conclusion of this analysis that current opposition to the Left, from mainstream and conservatives alike, is not just out of position to be able to mount a strategic response. It is precisely in the position the Left placed it in order to play the role scripted for it.” [1] We need...
  • Western Financial System to Mexico: Nice Peso You Got There, it’d be a Shame if Something Happened to It

    12/30/2022 9:31:12 AM PST · by george76 · 14 replies
    The Conservative Treehouse ^ | December 29, 2022 | sundance
    As we’ve been saying for seven months, keep watching how the globalists respond to Mexico. AMLO doesn’t want to join the economic suicide pact known as Build Back Better, or the North American version “Green New Deal.” This puts him in a precarious place. This sentence from a recent financial analysis article in Reuters is telling, “concerns about a U.S. recession and a trade spat Mexico is embroiled in with the United States and Canada over Lopez Obrador’s energy policy, which critics call nationalist, muddy the outlook for the peso.” A “nationalist energy policy”? What exactly is a “nationalist energy...
  • How Klaus Schwab’s WEF Is Weaponizing Banking

    12/26/2022 9:16:20 AM PST · by george76 · 24 replies
    Slay News ^ | December 25, 2022 | Frank Bergman
    Over the past two years or so, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) influence over governments and institutions of sovereign nations has become increasingly apparent. Founded in 1971 by German economist Klaus Schwab, the WEF has remained fairly under the radar for decades. However, the organization has been quietly expanding its icy grip around the throats of the world’s population by installing operatives in the upper echelons of governments and corporations. This influence has expanded so far that Schwab and his allies appear to have given up trying to conceal their agenda and even openly gloat about controlling nations’ leaders. When...

    12/24/2022 1:46:35 PM PST · by george76 · 32 replies
    Johnson’s political muzzling silenced the primary moral and religious voices that Founder John Adams said were essential to the life of the Republic.. In 1954, then freshman U.S. senator Lyndon B. Johnson was running for re-election in a hotly-contested Democratic primary against fellow-Democrat State Representative Dudley T. Dougherty. THE NEW DEAL WITH THE DEVIL IN 1954: GIVE UP YOUR MORAL AND FREE SPEECH RIGHTS IN EXCHANGE FOR TAX WRITE-OFFS In the heat of that 1954 Texas primary campaign, Johnson introduced his now infamous “Johnson Amendment” in the U.S. Senate. His revisions further restricted the free speech of churches and religious...
  • And So It Begins: Digital Currency Becomes Possible in our Future

    12/17/2022 5:54:23 PM PST · by george76 · 27 replies
    Mises ^ | 12/13/2022 | Claudio Grass
    In mid-November, while the whole world was focused on the Ukraine crisis, the US midterms or whatever other “big story” the media decided was more important, a truly momentous shift took place in the global financial system. It might seem like a small step on the surface, but it has the potential to bring about a real and possibly irreversible sea change in the way we use money; or better said, the way it uses us. As Reuters reported on the 15th of November, “Global banking giants are starting a 12-week digital dollar pilot with the Federal Reserve Bank of...
  • New York will BAN pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits from 2024 to crack down on breeders

    12/15/2022 5:37:55 PM PST · by algore · 47 replies
    New York will ban pet stores from selling dogs, cats and rabbits beginning in 2024 under a new bill designed to crack down on corporate breeders. Gov. Kathy Hochul signed the Puppy Mill Pipeline bill into law on Thursday, months after it passed the State Legislature, after facing mounting pressure from animal rights activists who argue that breeding facilities subject pets to inhumane conditions and saddle unassuming customers with high veterinary bills. Pet store owners, however, have spent the past few months railing against the measure, saying it would put them out of business and have unintended consequences that would...
  • We Are About to Witness a MAJOR Move Toward a Cashless Society

    12/13/2022 4:18:14 PM PST · by george76 · 114 replies
    End Of The American Dream ^ | December 11, 2022 | MICHAEL SNYDER
    The war on cash has just gone to an entirely new level. When I heard that the European Union was planning to completely ban all cash transactions above 10,000 euros, I had a hard time believing it. There are so many wild rumors flying around on the Internet these days, and so I wasn’t going to write about this unless I could confirm it. Unfortunately, this particular rumor is quite real. Under the pretext of fighting “money laundering and terrorist financing”, the European Union will be entirely outlawing all cash payments greater than 10,000 euros. The following comes from the...
  • The ESG Counter-Revolution Has Arrived

    12/11/2022 4:07:28 PM PST · by george76 · 35 replies
    THE PIPELINE ^ | 11 Dec, 2022 | Joan Sammon •
    th this week’s announcement by the asset management giant Vanguard that it is exiting the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, a sub-unit of the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, it is clear that the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) movement is no longer in unfettered ascension. Although we're still far from being able to claim that U.S. investors are free of the talons of ESG, it is clear that the voice of investors and industry leaders who have been the target of these evangelists can no longer be ignored. Created to repair the purported damage caused by capitalism, the...
  • ESG Advocates Have Unhinged Priorities

    12/09/2022 4:32:43 AM PST · by george76 · 10 replies
    Townhall. ^ | Dec 07, 2022 | H. Sterling Burnett
    Without quick action, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scoring frameworks will become hopelessly embedded in our daily lives, and the people who push ESG don’t give a hoot about our well-being. To those still unfamiliar with the ESG movement, it is, at its core, a mechanism by “which a cabal of ideologically aligned influential interests working through unelected supranational organizations are attempting to ‘reset’ the global financial system to their advantage.” Circumventing national sovereignty, free markets, and individual rights, global government organizations, the embedded bureaucrats staffing them, and the governments that fund and compose their membership are working with international...
  • Salted ants. Ground crickets. Why you should try edible insects.

    12/04/2022 9:07:35 AM PST · by DallasBiff · 113 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 11/27/22 | Carolyn Beans
    On a clear August morning in southeastern Pennsylvania, more than a dozen adults and children stood in a park pavilion, listening to mealworms sizzling in a hot pan. They were learning about entomophagy — the human consumption of insects — from Lisa Sanchez, a naturalist with the Lancaster County Department of Parks and Recreation, who has taught the practice for 25 years. Suddenly, one mealworm sputtered out of the pan. Six-year-old Adaline Welk — without prompting — popped it into her mouth. The crowd cheered for the newly minted entomophagist. “It’s not that bad!” she exclaimed. “It kind of tastes...
  • Germany bans farmers from fertilizing own land to serve E.U.'s 'green agenda'

    12/04/2022 8:41:29 AM PST · by rktman · 109 replies ^ | 12/2/2022 | Jason Walsh
    Farmers in Germany have been banned from properly fertilizing large areas of their land under strict EU rules pushing the green agenda. The use of nitrate fertilizers has been further restricted for large swathes of farmland in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is now likely to drastically reduce yields. Although German authorities have implemented the ban, it is ultimately at the behest of the European Union, which is seeking to reduce the amount of nitrogen to tackle ‘climate change.’ The policy has already wreaked havoc in the Netherlands. As The Daily Fetched reported in September: Dutch farmers have risen in protest to...
  • People Need to Take Great Reset Seriously and Wake Up Before It Is Too Late, Says Michael Walsh

    11/12/2022 1:08:55 PM PST · by george76 · 147 replies
    The Epoch Times ^ | November 11, 2022 | Ella Kietlinska and Joshua Philipp
    People need to take seriously the Great Reset that introduces communist-style living and governance being pushed by the World Economic Forum (WEF), said Michael Walsh, author, filmmaker, and editor. Too many people still treat it as nothing more than a conspiracy theory, Walsh said during an interview on EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program on Oct. 14. Walsh warned that the Great Reset promoted by the WEF, an organization commonly known for its annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, is, in general, “a plan to totalitarianize the world according to what the plutocracy wants, which is fewer people, less movement of people.” Klaus Schwab,...
  • Federal Agencies Become ESG Activists

    11/11/2022 6:49:45 PM PST · by george76 · 11 replies
    The Epoch Times ^ | November 7, 2022 | Kevin Stocklin
    Biden's 'whole-of-government' plan to enact an environmentalist agenda.. House Republicans produced a 1,000-page report on Nov. 4 detailing how the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have shifted their focus toward targeting conservative Americans who protest at abortion clinics and parents who protest at school board meetings. But the politicization of federal law enforcement is just the tip of the iceberg. Since Joe Biden assumed the presidency nearly two years ago, the Biden administration has been relentless in redirecting virtually every federal agency toward activism for “climate and social justice” and aligning the federal government in lockstep...
  • Key state legislature races favor Republicans despite massive Democratic spending

    10/25/2022 10:42:18 AM PDT · by cotton1706 · 5 replies ^ | 10/24/22 | Jon Ward
    State legislatures are often overlooked in the heat of campaign season, yet the laws crafted there have as much impact, if not more, on the average person’s everyday life as the ones passed by Congress. But for many Americans, ignoring elections for state legislatures is no longer an option. The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade this summer has them focused on state capitols, where abortion laws are now being decided. State legislatures also have a significant role in certifying the results of an election in most states. Certifying election results has been largely devoid of drama in...
  • The speech that shook parliament

    09/28/2022 1:16:11 AM PDT · by TigerClaws · 37 replies
    Speech by Thierry Baudet, leader of Forum for Democracy, in the Lower House of the Dutch Parliament (States-General), 22 September 2022, during the series of formal speeches and debates following the King’s speech at the State opening of Parliament. The entire cabinet walked out of the Chamber when Baudet mentioned that the Finance Minister Sigrid Kaag had studied at St Antony's College Oxford and the Speaker then intervened to prevent Mr Baudet from completing his speech. Since the FVD leader was prevented from delivering his speech, on the say-so of the Speaker who represents the party of which Minister Kaag...
  • Collapse of energy, food, transportation systems prompt calls for government nationalization of industries – Echoes 1930s push for Great Reset style reforms

    09/22/2022 3:18:32 AM PDT · by george76 · 46 replies
    Climate Depot ^ | September 21, 2022 | Marc Morano -
    Morano: The modus operandi of the Great Reset (AKA Build Back Better) is to intentionally collapse the current system with policies designed to create a crisis, havoc, and shortages. ... Once the inevitable societal chaos ensues, a huge coordinated push to promote nationalization or government takeover of the impacted industries ensues. It is always claimed that the "free market" failed, and now only government can come in and clean up the mess. The advocates of nationalization usually bill it as a "temporary" nationalization of the industries, much like "15 days to slow the spread" or "2 weeks to flatten the...