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BREAKING!!! - Weldon says records were ordered destroyed!! (Able Danger)
Dom Giordano Show - 1210AM Radio "Big Talker" - Philadelphia | 29 AUG 05 | Vanity

Posted on 08/29/2005 6:23:38 PM PDT by Lancey Howard

Congressman Curt Weldon (R - Pennsylvania) gave another exclusive interview to Dom Giordano this evening (Monday) and broke the news that he will be giving a speech on September 8th (next Monday) during which he will present yet another 'Able Danger' witness. This new witness will attest (and will swear under oath when called) that he was "ordered to destroy records" relating to the 'Able Danger' program.

This order to destroy the records occurred prior to 9-11-01. Weldon intimated that it happened during the Clinton Administration.

The witness, who Weldon did not name, says that he was ordered to destroy records and was threatened with jail if he failed to comply. Weldon said that he has the names of the people involved, including the person who gave the order, and HE WILL NAME THEM in his speech.

Congressman Weldon also said that his staff has met with Senator Arlen Specter's (R - Pennsylvania) staff regarding the upcoming Judiciary Committee hearings. Weldon wants to be sure that everybody is on the same page. Weldon also said that he will do whatever he has to do to make sure that ALL the facts come out and that the process "is not manipulated".

Curt Weldon is like a pit bull on a steak. He expressed disgust with the "incompetence" of the 9-11 Commission and said that the victims of the 9-11 terror attacks deserve answers. Weldon is determined to see that they get them.

Weldon did express confidence in Tim Roehmer and John Lehman and speculated that perhaps the poor job done by the Commission was the result of an incompetent staff. Weldon sounded amazed and disappointed that so much important information was either glossed over or swept under the rug by the Commission.

Weldon will give his September 8th speech either to the National Press Club or to a "9-11 families" group which has asked him to speak. He apparently hasn't nailed down the exact venue yet.

(For those unfamiliar with Dom Giordano, he is a very good conservative local talk show host here in the Philadelphia area, an area which includes Curt Weldon's district. Weldon comes on Dom's show often and, like this evening, sometimes breaks news.)

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To: Lancey Howard

Not there's still records out there however...

941 posted on 08/31/2005 7:27:29 AM PDT by shield (The Greatest Scientific Discoveries of the Century Reveal God!!!! by Dr. H. Ross, Astrophysicist)
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To: Getready
Clinton's every move or non-move was aimed at "Peace and Prosperity" and the party ran on that platform against Bush...The cry was "Four More Years".

Consequently, nothing happened of consequence...or so Bubba said". "Don't rock the boat" was the order of the day.

THIS NATION took a big hit on the Towers in 1993. My God, AN ATTACK ON AMERICAN SOIL and it hardly made news. A few people died, hundreds were injured and it was treated by Clinton as if it was a "local crime". I don't remember any terrorist names being mentioned.

Usama must have smiled when he listened to Bubba after that event. He could get away with murder "Big Time". Security in NY wouldn't change. The hunt down of USA cells wouldn't change. The only change Usama would have to make was to make any mission, a suicide mission.

What he didn't count on was GW getting into office and a "Take'm Down" approach to 9-11. He didn't think GW would go into Afghanistan. Besides, Pakistan was readily available as a second "camp". Or, he could go to Iraq where Saddam had provided Yousef "safe harbor". Had Saddam got his way and had the sanctions removed which he had been trying to do desparately for 2 years before 9-11, Saddam likely would have put an end to the Kurds and given the region to Usama as a playground.

Trying to read Usama's and Saddam's minds, I suppose, but anyone who thinks they wouldn't conspire against the USA is a fool.

942 posted on 08/31/2005 7:33:10 AM PDT by Sacajaweau (God Bless Our Troops!!)
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To: Grampa Dave
"Yes, that is something that could push some politicians to break the law and risk all. Being relegated to political limbo for years would scare enough people to act irrationally." Lets throw one more possibility into the above. What if Able Danger showed that elite American Rats got funds from $addam/Iraq that came from the Oil For Food Program?

Able Danger has the RATS shaking in their boots.

943 posted on 08/31/2005 9:17:37 AM PDT by BOBTHENAILER (One by one, in small groups or in whole armies, we don't care how we do it, but we're gonna getcha)
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To: ntrulock; GOP_1900AD


944 posted on 08/31/2005 9:57:16 AM PDT by Paul Ross (Definition of strict constructionist: someone who DOESN'T hallucinate when reading the Constitution)
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If the American People ever find out the truth about the Rats re Iraq, Ben Laden and al Qaeda, the Rats would only be able to elect their scum in the Blue Cities for decades.

945 posted on 08/31/2005 10:45:56 AM PDT by Grampa Dave (Jamie Gorelick is responsible for more dead Americans(9-11) than those killed in Iraq.)
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To: Crazieman
Why would they be ordered destroyed prior to 9/11? Possibly because of politically correct issues concerning immigrants in general and Muslim sensitivities in specic? Who knows. Maybe we'll find out.
946 posted on 08/31/2005 10:53:13 AM PDT by ArmyTeach (Pray daily for our troops...)
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To: ArmyTeach
Why was Able Danger documents destroyed?? Because they reveal that Bubba KNEW about the terrorist cells, OKC/al queda connection and MADE SURE it didn't ruin the Dems "Four More Years" of "Peace and Prosperity".

Regarding the Cole. I remember the Bubba administration saying we were being stopped from investigating the incident.

Bubba Legacy?? Worst President in the History of the United States.

947 posted on 08/31/2005 11:34:54 AM PDT by Sacajaweau (God Bless Our Troops!!)
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To: Sacajaweau

Great points!

948 posted on 08/31/2005 11:48:35 AM PDT by ArmyTeach (Pray daily for our troops...)
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949 posted on 08/31/2005 2:11:37 PM PDT by XHogPilot (Islam is The Death Cult)
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To: An.American.Expatriate
Good post - thanks for the explanation.

So it wasn't the Gorelick Wall between intelligence and law enforcement, nor even the politicization of the OIPR door in that wall by Scruggs and Gorelick, that killed Able Danger. Rather it was another (albeit similar) wall entirely - the military vs domestic wall.

Dang - we are going to have to be careful in uncovering this. Well, Congressman Weldon is going to have to be careful. It would be altogether too easy to make an inaccurate claim, or even to be distorted by the Left and the Main Stream Media into seeming to have made an inaccurate claim. Either way, that would be quickly followed by being discredited.

It's a field of landmines. And the enemy is more than happy to partially expose one mine, in order to entice those of us who are too eager to step on another and blow our foot off.

950 posted on 08/31/2005 5:18:32 PM PDT by ThePythonicCow (To err is human; to moo is bovine.)
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Beware - rats are most dangerous when cornered.
951 posted on 08/31/2005 5:20:43 PM PDT by ThePythonicCow (To err is human; to moo is bovine.)
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To: ntnychik
Why has the Bush administration continued to employ Frances Townsend?

Exactly. Inquiring minds want to know.

Bush's single worst failing is his lazy habit of carrying over numerous corrupt and incompetent clintonoids into his own administration. After about the hundredth time he was stabbed in the back by these people, with continual press leaks, political books, and subversion of his policies, you'd think he's learn something. Especially since he has shown so much competence in his senior appointments and in many other areas.

952 posted on 08/31/2005 7:36:39 PM PDT by Cicero (Marcus Tullius)
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To: justshutupandtakeit
"We must constantly re-examine our assumptions and the lessons of our lives."

One assumption that escaped questioning was Hollywood generally told the truth... in the Woody Allen movie "The Front" Hollywood portrayed the communists as harmless scriptwriters and the CIA men as evil, uncaring Americans. Our hearts are suppose to go out to the communists, in particular, Zero Mostel. After reading David Horowitz's books about Soviet spies and sympathizers I realized how grave threat of communism was in America during the cold war. Now, if I see that movie, I see those same CIA guys in a different light than what Hollywood would want us to see.
953 posted on 08/31/2005 7:36:52 PM PDT by Blind Eye Jones
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To: ThePythonicCow
I don't see the explosion - sorry. If an Iraqi link is generally understood to exist, this just means that one of the talking points of the Left will be quietly deleted.

The Main Stream Media, bless their evil hearts, still has the primary means of explosions, access to the 90% of the populace that doesn't pay much attention. They are not going to run with such a story above the fold or in the opening headline, day after week.

I understand this, it has always been more about what the AP, or Reuters via Fenton communications has LEFT OUT of the story if the event is something so bold, so corrupt, or so damaging to the democrat party that they cannot simply SPIN or TWIST it or say " oh well, yawn, it is old news " and the dependable slant of " oh well, yawn, EVERYBODY does it ".

Sick lot.

But I do truly believe their dam, their gridlock on the news as it were, has sprung some severe leaks over the past decade!

And WE are right there standing in the gap!

954 posted on 08/31/2005 7:42:00 PM PDT by Republic (Michael Schiavo comes to mind...ulitimate control is never relinquished with ease)
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To: Blind Eye Jones

Every movie from 1935 onwards needs careful scrutiny as to what the subtextual messages are. Commie sympathizers or outright commies were bigtime screenwriters look at Spartacus, Howard Fast, Dashell Hammett's books became major movies though I don't see the leftism of The Maltese Falcon.

Anytime they mobilize your emotions stop and determine what that hidden message is. Even the comedies are not exempt.

955 posted on 08/31/2005 7:43:26 PM PDT by justshutupandtakeit (Public Enemy #1, the RATmedia.)
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To: Republic
Kind of like that famous Dutch boy with his finger in the dike, only in this case, we're chipping away at the dam with Enter Key and Mouse Click. Perhaps the Berlin Wall would be a better analogy.

"Mr. Cronkite/Jennings/Rather/Brokaw, tear down that wall!"

Hmmm ... my speech writing still needs some fine tuning. Better keep my day job.

956 posted on 08/31/2005 10:49:54 PM PDT by ThePythonicCow (To err is human; to moo is bovine.)
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To: ThePythonicCow

You are aware that Gorelick was in the DOD as a senior legal advisor as well, prior to being moved into the DOJ...and apparently set up that OTHER WALL vis-a-vis the military civil thing you are now talking about?

957 posted on 09/01/2005 12:18:06 PM PDT by Paul Ross (Definition of strict constructionist: someone who DOESN'T hallucinate when reading the Constitution)
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To: Paul Ross
But did she setup the wall, or modify it somehow, making it less useful.

If the latter, then we would be rebuffed once more when we claimed she created that wall. When pushed, the 'Rats would come back with another "but the wall was already there".

If the 'Rats can rebuff enough claims, then the force of further claims is weakened. We are dealing with smart lawyers here. They are playing chess here, not checkers. They will seek to take positions that will invite us to respond in ways they know they can rebutt.

And we are playing in the court of public opinion, with a main stream media that is heavily biased against us presenting our case.

I hope Congressman Weldon is good, as well as tenacious.

958 posted on 09/01/2005 12:58:44 PM PDT by ThePythonicCow (To err is human; to moo is bovine.)
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To: Getready
I partly agree, partly disagree.

I don't think it was Clinton trying to weaken us, but rather the Chinese and Middle Eastern tyrants.

Bill Clinton is being used, first by Hillary, and then also by the Chinese, sometimes allied with the Middle Easterners, to further their evil schemes for world domination. Hillary is the ideologue, rather like Trotsky. The power (money) comes from the money we ourselves have spent, for oil and dry goods, with the Middle Easterners and the Chinese. Bill is a petty 'man', driven by his own lusts. It really was all about sex, and other addictions of drugs and public adulation, for him. It was about far more for the forces that put Bill Clinton on our national stage.

Though Clinton was trying to weaken us, though I think not so much by his own scheming but by the scheming of the "powers behind the thrown," Hillary and the other s listed above.

Gore was profoundly right - there is no controlling legal authority, not on the world stage where this is being played out.

One cannot have a healthy economy and laws respecting free men, and their lives and property, unless a properly formed government, kept in check by a responsible and informed citizenry, is established to provide for the common safety and governance. This applies to geographic regions, and now it applies to this planet.

We are far far from having a healthy world government instituted by an informed and responsible world citizenry. The only putative world government we have now, the United Nations, is a den of thieves and tyrants. Fortunately, its weaknesses usually exceed its evils.

The human race now has a world economy, without the proper world governance and without the informed and responsible citizenry required to form that governance. This planet will continue to look like the Barbary Coast, home of Islamic pirates between the 1500's and the 1800's.

The U.S. will continue to have to "make the world safe for democracy,", if we continue to have the stomach for it.

959 posted on 09/01/2005 3:21:44 PM PDT by ThePythonicCow (To err is human; to moo is bovine.)
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To: Lancey Howard


960 posted on 09/03/2005 7:01:37 AM PDT by kimosabe31
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