Since Jul 1, 1998

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I am 100% ready to help elect Sarah Palin to the office of the Presidency, should she decide to run. I admire her, trust her, love that she is walking the talk so to speak and really believe she has done fantastic projects for her State of Alaska. She is accomplished and loving and strong and compassionate and takes the difficult road. Such a person is who I want leading our nation.

About myself, I am an active conservative, have served as precinct chair here in Indy, protest wrongful acts by creepy politicians, have attended FReeper events in DC-including the first ever get together which was FABULOUS!!! We were younger, dedicated, and enjoyed rubbing elbows with Matt Drudge and Ann Coulter and Bob Barr -who at the time was a hero of sorts-and many other patriots, Billy Dale, Alan Keyes, etc...But mostly, we LOVED meeting Jim Rob and his family. What a GREAT GREAT time we had in DC, marching for impeachment of the LIAR!!!!

I love our Father in Heaven, my family, my two dogs and watercolor painting as a hobby (reading, too).

I am retired, swamped in yardwork and LOVE rainy days when I visit FR or other sites and do so guilt free all the day long ...:^)