Day after day, the papers unfold to show the similarities between al-Houthi's militia and Saleh and the terrorist groups, including al-Qa'idah and al-Qa'ida. All of these groups go the same way in bloody ways and ways of spreading their ideas, as well as recruiting loyalists to fight in their ranks.

According to a monitoring of the events of the coup d'état in Yemen, the coups are trying to document their fabricated operations as operations near the Saudi border and within "Saudi cities" in an attempt to achieve any victory, even "moral", to cover their losses in the field.

The media approach of the militias of the coups in all its operations is very similar and similar to that of most terrorist organizations, especially the "Da'ash". The Houthi militia is trying to find fame and media resonance through its operations. This is evident in the videos documented since the operation was planned And even implement them.

Not only are the similarities between the Huthis and the documentation of their operations, but rather the same approach to the suicide bombings that they carry out by means of their explosive belts, as documented videos - shown on media channels - revealed that a Lebanese military trainer trained Houthis To carry out suicide attacks targeting the Yemeni National Army and coalition forces in Yemen.

The Al-Houthi militia relies on the recruitment of suicide bombers in the same manner, as they mobilize their members in one of two ways, either by nodule effect, or through drugs and hallucinogenic pills.

The Houthi militia has systematically recruited children into the battlefields since the beginning of the coup, after inciting hatred and racism within these recruited children. This is followed by an organization calling on the terrorist to recruit young people and teenagers to carry out his subversive agendas. Following Iran's strategy and terrorist organizations to recruit girls and women to engage in military operations on the borders and within militia-controlled cities.

The Al-Houthi militia bombed and destroyed mosques in Yemen with the aim of establishing a "purely sectarian emirate" to create religious conflicts, replace Khomeinist ideology rather than the teachings of the Qur'an and Sunna, as well as targeting Mecca with a ballistic missile, Despite the many empty slogans that the Houthis and their supporters have been repeating all along, such as "Death to America, Death to Israel, Damn the Jews, Victory for Islam."

It is not difficult for observers to observe the paradoxes in the mechanism of the Iranian regime's use of the Houthi coup movement and the organization of calling the terrorist and the rest of the Arab revolutions. The Tehran government did not condemn any of the operations of the two terrorist groups, despite the bloodshed and destruction in several countries inside and outside the Arab world. . The mullahs' regime also dealt with the Arab revolutions as a legitimate right in some countries, while participating in its suppression in other countries such as Syria.

Please note the above came from an Arabic source. I will continue to be on the look out for a crazed follower of Allah storming my house seeking his 72 virgins.

He will not find even one of those here.

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