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07/13/18 NO Q Drops Strzok testimony, POTUS NATO visit, UK visit, Bagster freed
07/08/18 NO Q Drops Imperator Rex thread unroll
07/07/18 NO Q Drops new Oracle look; House supoena date passes; jobs report
07/05/18 #1681 July 4th; walking man; disinformation necessary
07/04/18 NO Q Drops errata: HK street address
07/04/18 NO Q Drops new look to top of thread
07/03/18 #1671-1680 Scott Schools resigns; Awan plea deal; AF1 distorted lamp;
07/03/18 #1670 Cohen/Daniels tie-in
07/03/18 #1666-1670 Michael Cohen; Five Eye; Nunes calling more testimony; "We have the server"; SS clearance
07/02/18 #1651-1665 Dems logo/1933 Germany; ICE; Gowdy; NSA deleting calls; Q being attacked; sealed indictments; Huber; investigation stages; Manchurian candidate
07/01/18 #1645-1650 POTUS_Schedule; Reagan speech; Trump speech; DOJ/FBI gone; No Name; Gowdy
06/29/18 #1617-1644 RR; newspaper shooting; MK ultra; Q coming out; House supoena; ND rally Q shirt; Obamas join Netflex; JA; MZ; CIA Mockingbird; Freemasons; General Kelly; Jason Bourne; security test; violence against Trump supporters; forcing the question
06/28/18 NO Q Drops SA/Germany/Iran
06/28/18 #1602-1616 Justice Kennedy retiring; SC on union dues; Bolton/Putin; Iran revolution; Peter Strzok transcript; Dems for impeachment; ND Trump rally; Hillary associate arrested
06/27/18 #1588-1601 Travel ban upheld; Curt Schilling for Q; Jet Blue wrong code; DOJ texts undisclosed; threats; SA; JA; plane photo seen from car; Wikileaks; chatter
06/26/18 #1587 The Red Hen; Jim Jordan; Rainere/Nxyum; SC Trump rally; Forthcoming
06/23/18 #1587 MN Trump rally; Melania coat; Tom Arnold anti-Trump; Charles Krauthamer dies; George Will anti-Republican; separated children; No Name associate joins Mueller
06/21/18 #1570-1586 Peter Fonda; False flag prevented; child separation; IDEN; Sheila Jackson-Lee; 302s; FBI whistleblowers; Russia standdown; promises proofs' EE; Q tshirt; future riots
06/19/18 #1545-1556 Horowitz/Wray Senate hearing; Comey; Eric Schmidt; Clapper; Obama/Kim phone; Amanda Renteria; Russia start date; Huber/Sessions; No Name; tarmac meeting
06/18/18 #1520-1544 Peter Strzok; House/DOJ/FBI docs; Google photos; Obama's couch friend; Congress asks IG drafts; Q spreading; pushback coming; Snopes; Ezra Cohen-Watnick; EU/Iran about money
06/16/18 #1500-1519 Trump/Doocy interview; Manafort imprisoned; Google photos; Gmails; Trump strolls; proofs coming; Obama couch friend; IG/CF children; reporters/DNC; resignations
06/15/18 #1499 Trump Foundation lawsuit; plane and people in car; Q Clock; Trump tweet on IG; Vacancies Reform Act
06/14/18 #1490-1497 Chelsea Clinton; castle; missile; Iranian resistance; Dems hacking voting; Declaration; IG variants; plane and people in car
06/13/18 #1465-1489 NK; Rodman/NK; Obama/Kim no call; Eric Schmidt; info release/RR; Jim Acosta; plane; blue metal; possible missile; submarine; Kashyap Patel; Paul Ryan; Q proofs; MSM attacks coming
06/12/18 #1449-1464 NK Summit; Kim at hotel previously pictured by Q; declassifying EO put on ice; Iran deal about money; earlier S/P texts; London pictures; RR; not Q setting dates for things to happen; JA
06/11/18 #1441-1448 debunked Paul Ryan/tarmac story; original Singapore pictures; Blackwater; RR; track suicides
06/09/18 NO Q Drops 3 suicides; Tucson camp; IG Report
06/04/18 #1440 Goodlette hearing for June 11th; human trafficking possible in Tucson; week to remember
05/30/18 NO Q Drops Gowdy praises FBI spies; Roseanne Barr tweet
05/29/18 NO Q Drops SA cancels German contracts; Ted Cruz
05/28/18 NO Q Drops NK Peace planning
05/27/18 NO Q Drops EO re terminating employees; SES; President can initiate surveillance; prior Q post modification
05/25/18 NO Q Drops Trump cancels NK meet; Trump pardons boxer Johnson; Congress wants DOJ docs; Priestap to testify
05/17/18 #1380-1396 IG Report being reviewed; Follow the Pen; PS in London Operation Hurricane; SIS; EO release must be requested; Huber; Reagan speech; sealed indictments; Schneiderman; pickle factory; gun smuggling
05/14/18 [#1360] Money to Iran; Huma Abedin
05/13/18 #1339-1357 Bribes to get Iran deal; Q profiteers; resignations/Iran deal; National Security; Fed judges
05/12/18 #1337-1338 SpaceX rocket; Stefan Halper/Brennan; profiteering
05/07/18 NO Q Drops DOJ documents; No Name; RBG; Iran; Sessions
05/05/18 NO Q Drops analysis of Q photos
05/03/18 #1308-1310 Trump reimbursed Cohen; Syria; Nobel Prize; Kanye West; Jet Blue plane; Hong Kong building; wrapped pallet
05/01/18 #1298
Syrian missile strikes; Operation Iron Eagle18; U1; Q tweaking Mueller's group; Middle East event; No Name; Lindsey now with Trump; EU pressure for Iran
04/29/18 [#1292-1294] Mueller/Comey; NK Peace; Moonchild; MI Trump rally; No Name phone poker; Q acknowledges troll; ND rally Q shirt
04/28/18 #1285-1291 #1284-1280 Flynn; Mueller; JA; Sessions/!G/Huber; white hats or black hats? Cohen/Daniels; resignations; NK MOAB