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Q Anon: 6/17/18 FRiendly FReeper Collaboration to understand Q drops ^ | June 17, 2018 | FReepers, vanity

Posted on 06/17/2018 10:59:13 PM PDT by ransomnote

This thread is a friendly collaborative place for FReepers to analyze information and share opinons. FReepers have a wide variety of reasons for investigating Q Anon content; this is not the appropriate place to criticize or badger those who choose to use some of their time in this manner.

If you are new to Q Anon, the three links below provide overviews to help answer the questions, "Who is Q?" and "Why read Q drops?".

Is Trump Staging a Counter-Coup? [Q explained?]>
Note: The above thread has been locked for disruptive comments, but post #1 includes a strong, concise Who/What/Where overview.

Q Anon: A Freeper's post re the "new Parallel Construct that Trump has created"

First post to “Q” ping list. Please read and let me know if you want off or on it

You can locate Q Anon threads by searching the key word "Qanon" using the search window in the upper right of Free Republic's forum page.

If you haven't seen it yet, President John F. Kennedy's excellent speech regarding secret societies, as well as comments about the press, is located at the following link:

A helpful FReeper passed along the following Youtube link to a good source for concise reviewes of Q drops, Praying Medic:

Praying Medic also has a a Twitter account:

Q "drops" (i.e., posts) can be read with their original formatting on various websites. Sometimes the Q drop websites come under cyber attack or stop updating. This week, I've been using the following link:

Q drops (i.e., posts) often use unfamiliar acronyms. Swordmaker maintains a list of acronymsto help FReepers understand Q drop text. The master list of acronyms is stored on Swordmaker's profile page. It's really great to have a convenient place to find definitions and explanations of terms used in the drops. Here is the link:

Within our threads, Swordmaker posts updates featuring the latest terms added to the lexicon - you can find his updates on threads by looking for this silver Q graphic:

SkyPilot has been collecting Q Anon information into one interesting, detailed, "story of Q" post which I'll place here:

Here's a handy link for those who would like to read what people on Twitter are Tweeting about Q Anon:
Click to read what Tweeters are saying about Q Anon

For those who want a little uplifting video which outlines the big picture that we are now striving for, here's a video from 2016 in which candidate Donald Trump outlines what he wants for Americans and America and his promises if elected.
This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

If you'd like to communicate your support for President Trump's efforts to "red-pill" Americans, you may want to use the link Hoosiermama posted which provides you with and email page - you can send the president an email. Here's the link:
Email support for President Trump

TOPICS: Miscellaneous
KEYWORDS: notmilitayintel; notpotus; q; qanon; qidiot; qisyoutbers; qtarded; qtubers
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Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 0537d5 No.1795178 📁
Jun 18 2018 02:24:45 (EST)📁📁
Money NOT security (nuke dev prevention).
Owned politicians.
Returning to the news.


21 posted on 06/18/2018 12:26:07 AM PDT by No_Doll_i
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Q !CbboFOtcZs ID: 0537d5 No.1795210 📁
Jun 18 2018 02:27:31 (EST)

Anonymous ID: df6840 No.1795201 📁
Jun 18 2018 02:26:49 (EST)
Prolly going down the wrong road here, but …

Q post about sun, moon, etc.

Elon Musk.

Heat = Tesla cars exploding
Moon = Full moon 6/27 (or 6/28)
Stars = Musk b-day 6/28
Missions = Space X launch 6/29

Don't know if the dates mean anything, other than pointing to Musk (raw speculation at this point).

Question: Anybody have info on Elon Musk? Seems to be Eric Schmidt vs. Elon Musk re: AI.

Tesla cars exploding. Any info about who was killed in one or more of these? Links to anyone in cabal?

Would Musk be someone who might testify about something? Fraud in the government handouts for alternate energy?

Anyone? Bueller … Bueller?
Message not for Anons.


22 posted on 06/18/2018 12:29:17 AM PDT by No_Doll_i
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To: ransomnote; All

I think Q may finally be done posting for the night. I’m out to get some sleep.

FreeQ on!!

23 posted on 06/18/2018 1:09:16 AM PDT by No_Doll_i
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To: No_Doll_i

Glad you liked it... Here is a second one.

The first one hit me a little harder when I watched it but I like the music in this one...
Also like how it uses JFK to narrate the beginning.

Again short at just over 6 minutes and deep state is defined early, with nothing about Q until the end. Might be better red pill material.

24 posted on 06/18/2018 1:18:38 AM PDT by AzNASCARfan
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Is it time for PQPCORN yet??
25 posted on 06/18/2018 1:24:19 AM PDT by AzNASCARfan
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To: No_Doll_i

Viva le resistance

is that correct french? should it be viva la resistance?

26 posted on 06/18/2018 2:17:57 AM PDT by rolling_stone (Hang em high)
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To: No_Doll_i

In before coffee is brewed!

ThankQ everyone & Thank you Admin Moderators!

27 posted on 06/18/2018 2:55:35 AM PDT by LiveFreeOrDie2001 ( Thank GOD Hillary didn't get elected!)
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Great video. Inspiring.

28 posted on 06/18/2018 3:30:53 AM PDT by meyer (The Constitution says what it says, and it doesn't say what it doesn't say.)
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To: No_Doll_i
I sure would like to know what Elon Musk was talking to Anthony Bourdain about for four days at a time shortly before Bourdain was taken out.
Rumors are that Bourdain had extensive talks with Musk and was ready to change the mode of his show to a more conservative bent.
Also another item to keep in mind is that there have been a bunch of celebrity chefs being killed many in strange ways at best. Additional rumors suggest spirit cooking may come into play,did some of these chefs cook the wrong things for the wrong people and now paid the price.?
29 posted on 06/18/2018 3:35:10 AM PDT by rodguy911 (Home of the free because of the brave! MAGA!!)
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To: ransomnote; StormFlag; TEXOKIE; CPT Clay; buffaloguy; grey_whiskers; Wingy; bitt; Shady; ...
$~~~THE ORACLE~~~$

It was a happy and eventful day in Q-town AND FReeQtown. The Q thread was temporarily shut down do to technical difficulties and Q wouldn't stop posting. Is he done yet? In the interests of not staying up till the sun comes up, the Oracle is going to press. Post on, Q. I'll catch you tomorrow if you insist on posting all night.

Here are some of the top stories the Oracle is following;


~~~ Jerome Corsi treated himself at Bob's Chinese All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. After seven hours, the Manager ran him off, shouting, "You go now! You eat all slimp!!!

~~~ Peter Strzok is set to testify before Congress without immunity or pleading the 5th. Q addresses this in his posts.

~~~ Right in the middle of some excellent Q research, a poster (we don't say his name) Debbie-downered the FReeQs with a "scorecard" and a post letting us know that our "tea reading" efforts were for naught and that the Dems would talk the House in the mid-terms, after which President Trump would immediately be impeached. This seemed contrary to the plan that we are told to trust.

A certain amount of squabbling ensued and there was some rough language tossed about. Not by your humble narrator, mind you, but boys will be boys. There were consequences and repercussions until cooler heads prevailed. The Mother of Dragons addressed the room with wise wisdom.

There were many Q's, so lets get started. Some of them were tricky, but the Oracle will do his best.

#1520- An old post (June 12) from an anon asking if Paul Ryan is "still there" because he is going to support the POTUS, followed by Q's response from the same date wherein he talked about< "Who brings the votes to the floor," "the full weight of the House," and "some must remain clean (distance) from what is about to happen.

Q then links to a Fox News article of today quoting Trey Gowdy as saying the "GOP will hit the FBI and DOJ" with the "full arsenal" of "Constitutional weapons" if they don't respond to subpoenas of requested documents.

Q then says, "Do you believe in coincidences? Have faith."

Q proof.

Q is also pointing out that Paul Ryan is in place so as to bring the "full weight of the House" and votes needed to accomplish this swamp cleaning exercise.

#1521- An anon quotes Congressman (mine!! :) Devin Nunez on Fox News this morning as asking if RR or Wray are going to be part of the "clean-up crew" or part of "the cover-up." Also Nunez questioning when the spying (on Trump) began and why the DOJ didn't tell Congress when they knew.

Nunez says that "docs" should start flowing by Monday w/ a plan for the rest by Wednesday, or there would be "hell to pay" and contempt charges and impeachment are on the table.

Q makes no response and lets the Anon post stand.

So Gowdy AND Nunez are making loud noise. The full weight of the House? The Oracle believes they wouldn't make such threats unless they had the approval and backing of the Speaker. And the votes.

#1522- Anon posts something like "It's about time Congress got some sack (clean version.)

Q responds,

GOOG OP provided undeniable proof.
How do you share what you already know (legally)?
Those who don’t act now know they cannot hide the reasons why.
What a wonderful day.

Q refers us back to yesterday's Google bike/rack photo, the Google pass/lanyard photo, and James Comey's mention of his using Gmail in the IG report. He says the "GOOG(le) OP(eration) provided undeniable proof (of illegal email use by Obama admins and then some) and what other criminal activity goes with it. And undeniable is a very strong word.

How do they (Q team/NSA) get what they know from the Google Operation system legally? If somebody investigates (Congress, Huber, anybody) investigates James Comey for his gmail use of FBI business.

Those that, as Q says, don't act now know they cannot hide the reasons why they didn't act. The Oracle thinks that "acting" is either acting by those implicated by the Google OP who still hold official office, AND those who don't but want to act by "coming clean."

#1523- Mystery. This post contains nothing but a string of numbers and the Oracle has no clue nor did he see any discussion. One theory is that it refers to an 8chan post that Q elected to have remain incognito for some reason. ???

#1524- An anon posts a photo of the googly-eyed Paki butt-buddy on the couch with Obama. He then posts a series of photos with the bottom half of googly eye couch Paki on another googly eye Paki looking raggedy man. Then some miracle of computer tech morphs the faces together by percentages. The result is a startling resemblance.

The anon asks Q to confirm and Q does so by saying of the morphed picture dude, "Track History."

So there you have it. That's couch boy, per Q. The Oracle is embarrassed to say, however, that in all the confusion, the actual name of the googly eye Paki escaped him. Some FReeQ can fill in the blanks, I'm sure.

#1525- Q posts a tweet with video of more Devin Nunez interview (Maria Baritomo) wherein he says, ""Did somebody actually try to remove that text message from the FBI?... It's hard for the American people not to believe that that was not removed on purpose."

Q then says, "Listen carefully. What will this week bring?"

The Oracle believes that SOME drama pertaining to the attempted hiding of this particular text message (Strzok to Page, "We will stop him (Trump)" will come down this week.

#1526- An anon wishes Q a happy Father's day and continues his leg humpery. Q responds, a Trump tweet dated June 16 wherein the Donald talked about how awesome his supporters are and Q added, "Thank you & God bless."

#1527- Q provides an alternative answer to, "What will this week bring" when an anon posts a letter from three Congressmen (A, R, and M, who some say are the meaning of the acronym ARM that Q has used. The Oracle is not fond of that theory) to IG Horowitz, dated June 14 (the same date the IG report was released).

The anon highlights a portion of the letter wherein the Congressman tell Horowitz that "some people may have changed the report in a way that obsfucates your findings. Per Congress' oversight authority, we request you supply your original drafts along with the final published form.

The anon then posts and points to a Q post dated 6-13 (the day before the release) wherein Q stated that "#3 Modified redacted report [RR] version" would be the version released.

Q then responds to the anon,

>What will this week bring? Proof [RR] altered the IG Report!

This would be a very big deal and Q puts an exclamation point on it. This looks like a done deal. Congress has formally requested it and The Donald doesn't have to release it, thereby avoiding any hint of obstruction of interference. Trust the plan AND Q proof all boiled into one.

#1528- Q posts a photo of an outdoor wall with "#Qanon" graffiti painted on it. He writes, "Barcelona. The World is watching. Truth. Light."

Iran, Spain. The world is indeed watching. Who is John Galt?

#1529- Now the drama starts. Q posts a link to a snippet of a video of a speech by Obama where he talks all ugly.

This video is quickly determined to be taken WAY out of context and is clearly intended to make Obama look bad to Conservatives. Is it an example of the "clickbait" that Q referred to twice in recent posts? He has more to say about it in subsequent posts.

#1530- An anon reposts the previous link and spazzes out about it. Q responds, "Happy Father's day". This appears to acknowledge the spazzy anons exuberance as if the video is a gift, but the "Happy Father's day" greeting holds other meaning, which will be revealed in another upcoming post.

#1531- An anon oosts the video of the full speech which reveals that the partial video was indeed taken out of context, but the posting anon doesn't get it and can't believe Obama would say such a thing.

Q responds, "Lead in was cover. Exit out was missing what?"

This one started long discussion in FReeQtown. It was pointed out that, toward the end of the video (35:28, I think), as Obama was exiting the stage, his right hand seemed to disappear and reappear. So it appeared that at the "Exit" his hand was missing. Some speculated that this was evidence of tampering of some sort with the video and all sorts of theories grew from there.

The Oracle agrees that something is HINKY about the video, but there is no definitive answer. Here it is, submitted for your perusal.

#1532- Q posts a video of a Saturday Night Live skit and above it 2:20. (I will post the video marked at that time.)

It's a small dig at Qanon, when some idiot acting like he's acting like an idiot says, "Every kiss begins with Q." "I think that's a K," another idiot says. Then the original idiot says, "sure its okay, Greg, its 2007. You got to get woke."

This is a subtle mocking of Q. Q says, "It's coming." Meaning that the public debunking/mocking of Qanon and Q followers (That means YOU, FReeQs) is coming.

#1533- An anon posts, "Q's saying the anti-Q talk is about to go mainstream in the biggest way." To which Q responds with a link,

It's an article by Snopes about all the "conspiracy" theories that cropped up around the Santa Fe shooting. Those calling it a "false flag" and diversion by the Deep State. Q then writes,

+Snopes building algo to now track and refute all claims as false.

Q says Snopes (+?) is building an algorithim to refute all Q claims as false. What is the plus? Are they getting help?

#1534- An anon reposts the previous Snopes post to which Q responds,

For a LARP we sure do get a lot of coverage.
Must be all the original pics.
[7] Delta today.
Word for word.
How many days in a week?
Enjoy the show.

It is interesting that Qanon is getting so much mainstream media mentions (more to come) considering the first wave of debunkerY was to accuse Qanon of being a LARP.

The rest of this post relates to an upcoming Q "proof". Stay tuned.

#1535- An anon makes a oost ragging on Snopes. Q responds,

Review lawsuit. Review GoFundMe plea. Review financial Disclosure. Review formation date. Review initial investor(s). Controlled.

This is old news for FReeQs. Everybody knows Snopes is controlled by the left/Deep State (well, maybe not the left.)

#1536- Now an anon posts what he considers a Q proof. The Oracle and many others find it weak sauce, though it could be.

Remember Q posting "Happy Father's day?" Well, seven minutes later, The Donald tweeted a picture of a flag with the message, "Happy Father's day." SEVEN MINUTES LATER!!1!1

Now back to a previous Q post.

#1534 (partial)

[7] Delta today.
Word for word.
How many days in a week?
Enjoy the show.

The anon corrlates the seven minute gap between the Q post and the Trump tweet and the "Word for Word" (Happy Father's day), along with the three mentions of 7 clues as being a Q proof. Trouble is, the Q (7) post came out hours AFTER the Trump tweet. Had it come before it would have been a sturdier proof. As it stands now, I have to give it a 2.5.

The Q proof is so weak, the Oracles believes the original 7 post may have a whole nother meaning that we haven't touched on. It's possible.

#1537- An anon posts two Trump tweets with awesome Trumpisms like "Sick loser, Peter Strzok, discredited Mueller team, and 13 angry and conflicted Democrats."

The other telling the Democrats to work with Republicans on immigration because they are going to lose the election.

Q says, Trolling is fun.

Yes, Q. Yes it is. But don't tell certqin people, Q, she'll report you (you know who you are). Just kidding . Who loves ya? (((HUG)))

#1538- Now comes a very nice Q proof. Q posts a letter from Peter Strzok's (FBI) lawyer advising Congress that Strzok will not require a subpoena to testify before Congress and will not seek immunity or take the 5th (very rare for Clinton/Obama scum). We call that a cooperating witness, not to say he won't lie his Obama off.

Q reposts an April 27 post of his wherein he wrote that Strzok was a cooperating witness (with power removed.)

Proof of Q. he then makes a very long post.

Public learned today.
What must be finished?
Why still employed?
LP released after…..
PS will be released after…..
Just because something isn’t public doesn’t mean….
[DOJ texts / emails]
C_A down [19] this year alone.
When will records be unsealed?
Attack POTUS Foundation (acting NY AG (told)).
CF Foundation [Nightmare Awake] [slush fund / children].
Claim: Politcal attack re: case against POTUS.
POTUS & Russia.
HRC Hussein etc & Russia.
Claim: Political attack re: case against POTUS.

So much here, I'll try to tighten it up a bit.

Basically, why is Strzok still employed with the FBI? He was retained, unlike Lisa Page who was removed/force after her testimony was received, until HIS testimony is received. The IG is only authorized to investigate active FBI members. Strzok will be "released" when the investigation is complete and will then be subject to other forms of investigation/prosecution.

Q says, "Just because something isn’t public doesn’t mean….[DOJ texts / emails]

Doesn't mean it isn't known (by the good guys.) We have it all.

The link is to a Guardian article from last year regarding a CIA agent who was the White House liaison and was dismissed from duty. Apparently he is back with the CIA (why?) but his liaison post hasn't been filled (hmmmmm?). Q then talks about 19 CIA personnel "down" so far this year. Fired, most likely. More draining of the swamp and cleaning up the CIA by Pompeo and the new lady. This list wouldn't be made public for our lists, most likely. Think Valery Plame.

Q ends with a long description of the usual pattern the Deep State uses when fighting political battles. They project their crimes onto the enemy. This is why the timely attack on the Trump foundation to deflect from the upcoming Clinton Foundation revelations (slush fund/children) just as the projection of the Russia/Trump investigation was to deflect from the Clinton/Obama Russia scandals.

Dems. It's how they do.

#1539- Q posts a link,

And says, "Important to remember."

The article describes a form McMaster National Security aide who was pushed out by McMaster and was involved in the dismissal of the formerly mentioned CIA/White House liason. The President insisted he be hired by the DOJ. Looks like this guy might come in handy over there in the near future. Let's keep an eye on him.

#1540- Q posts a tweet by the very busy Devin Nunez (MY CONGRESSMAN!!!) who writes, asking if anybody can tell him the name of the DOJ lawyer is who speaks French so his colleagues wont have to waste time asking at the hearing.

Q responds to that tweet with, "See next. Eggshells." List of names in next post. Let's have a look.

#1541- (In response to the last post "who speaks French/DOJ attorney). There is a long list of FBI and DOJ personnel who have been either fired, resigned, or removed from power. (and were posted by Q on 5-4.) There are several DOJ personnel on the list and, if I'm not mistaken, all DOJ people are attorneys. It's hard to pick just one. Eggshells has to be a clue, but for the life of me, I can't make a connection and the Oracle has seen no discussion on the topic. Do any of their names have anything to do with eggs in French? ????

#1542- An interesting one.

Morning sun brings heat.
Full moon coming.
Undiscovered stars learned.
Missions forward.

The Oracle will not attempt to cipher this one, the reason will become apparent soon. Wait for it.

Money NOT security (nuke dev prevention).
Owned politicians.
Returning to the news.

The article talks about EU countries taking steps to prevent their companies in Iran. This hearkens back to a prior Q post where he talked about the Iran deal not being about nukes but about EU companies and their investment in Iran.

Q proof.

#1544- And finally (whew), an anon tries to cipher the post about the sun and the moon and yada yada. Q slaps him down by telling him that message wasn't for anons. A FReeQ can take a hint. Comms betwixt white hats. I'll let you fellas handle your business.

And with that, the Oracle is going home, overtime hand. See ya round the popsicle stand. Same Q time. Same Q channel. Sorry about the typos. The editor (again) went home early. He's in the union and may be filing a grievance against Qanon. Sorry Q.


30 posted on 06/18/2018 4:22:36 AM PDT by bagster ("Even bad men love their mamas.")
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To: bagster

Neon Revolt has a good recent review.
Still purpose of Q posting the Obummer Bilderberger vid is unclear. On the last FRQ thread, the lack of a hand on Obummer was discussed and someone noted that he may have been shaking someone’s hand. This seems to make sense. The vid would have been totally doctored to do this.

If so, who would warrant such treatment for a handshake with Obummer?

Soros? Rothschild? GHWB?

31 posted on 06/18/2018 4:33:00 AM PDT by smileyface (Things looking up in RED PA! I love President Trump!)
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To: No_Doll_i

When I first saw that Q post I thought he was saying this morning it was going to start to get even hotter in the news with more revelations. Full moon is coming up soon and that is when military operations used to happen before night vision gear. Basically time was running out for whoever D is.

32 posted on 06/18/2018 4:49:55 AM PDT by Lady Heron
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To: No_Doll_i
cooperating witnesses

Well they have the senior lieutenants. Sounds like they are going after the capos.

33 posted on 06/18/2018 4:58:43 AM PDT by AndyJackson
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To: smileyface
This from neon revolt;

Okay, Q is claiming the Google photos from the 15th are undeniable proof… but proof of what, exactly? Uh… maybe I’m missing something, but I’m not sure this provided “undeniable proof” of anything. I can think of lots of scenarios where someone could get on to the Google Campus with something that looks like a visitor pass, and take a picture of a bicycle.

Okay, I have read Neon Revolt a few times and he seems pretty sharp. But THIS one he's completely clueless about, and it's so easy.

Listen up, Neon. Q is not saying the Google photos are proof of anything. He is saying the GOOGLE OPERATION that the google pics point to PROVIDED undeniable proofs. Not of Q, but of bad things that bad guys did.

How do you not get that?

Yer slippin', dog. Keep it up, you'll be Neon Misbehaving.

And smiley, I'm not down with the disappearing hand disappeared to X out his shaking hands with somebody. First, there was nobody on the stage (unless they zapped the whole guy) and second, his arm was never extended out in a handshaking gesture.

I think, if in fact the hand disappeared, it was a flaw in a larger piece of fakery that slipped through the faker's fakery.

But that's just my personal theory. I totally have no clue. Something is amiss with that whole video, if you ask me. What it is ain't exactly clear.

I just had to stop reading your Neon Revolt link cause I was so shocked he didn't solve the easy one. I'm gonna finish reading it to see if he matches up with what our glorious FReeQ team came up with. First, we were better than Corsi. Are we better than Neon Revolt?

We might make the semi-finals and go head to head with the anon nerds if we keep this up.

Later dates, smiley. Gonna read a bit then sleep, my fine friend.


34 posted on 06/18/2018 5:01:46 AM PDT by bagster ("Even bad men love their mamas.")
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To: ransomnote
Thank you!


35 posted on 06/18/2018 5:02:18 AM PDT by StormFlag (May the Light shine and darkness remove, MAGA)
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To: ransomnote; No_Doll_i

Thanks to you both!

36 posted on 06/18/2018 5:03:50 AM PDT by StormFlag (May the Light shine and darkness remove, MAGA)
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To: bagster

Why do you insult Jerome Corsi’s weight? What do you look like?

37 posted on 06/18/2018 5:20:07 AM PDT by RealVirginia
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To: No_Doll_i
-- Q needs to lay off the late night coffee drinks or I will never get any sleep! --

Unpredictable, for sure. Mid Sunday afternoon (unusual), then 7:30 to 9pm, then one at mindnight:30, then start again at 2:15:58.

So, the DOJ lawyer who speaks French in text message has the initial s "J C" - yikes! a third JC! Comey, Clapper and ...

38 posted on 06/18/2018 5:22:10 AM PDT by Cboldt
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To: bagster; All
Thanks as always, Bagster and a very good Morning FReeQs!

Big Day - Big Week

Enjoy the show everyone!

39 posted on 06/18/2018 5:30:34 AM PDT by USMC79to83
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To: ransomnote

Thanks Freep
I was worried

40 posted on 06/18/2018 5:32:04 AM PDT by barbarianbabs
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