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Q Anon: 12/04/18 Trust Trump's Plan ^ | 12/04/2018 | FReepers, vanity

Posted on 12/04/2018 8:00:27 PM PST by ransomnote

“Trust The Plan”
YouTube President Trump This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected (The Plan) - 6 min
YouTube Storm Is Upon Us Q - We Are The Plan - 6 min
YouTube Dan Duval Discovering the Truth With Dan Duval-Part 3 - Excellent orientation to Q by Praying Medic
YouTube Joe Masepoes Q - The Plan To Save The World - 13 min - popular introduction Also, Stormisuponus on Bitchute
Threadreader Jason Wright Q Anon Is Real - Oct, Nov 2017 Q drops + commentary
Twitter Paul Serran What is Q? - 31 point introduction
Medium Martin Geddes WWG1WGA: The greatest communications event in history - 4 min - quick overview
“Pay Attention”
Thread Q drops - created by Q, searchable by date or drop number, many additional features
Thread Q drops - copied from Q’s 8chan board
Thread Q drops - copied from Q’s 8chan board
Website Q drops and research - includes extensive resources and links
Website Q drops - copied from Q’s 8chan board
“The Truth Is Spreading”
Thread Anonymous QProofs - compiled “proofs” that Q has trusted insider access to President Trump
Oracles Bagster Oracle - warm and witty summaries of each day's thread
Lexicon Swordmaker LexiQon - immense list of expanded acronyms and terms used by Q; invaluable reference
Website Whitehouse - President Trump's Executive Orders, Proclamations, Nominations, WH press briefings and news
Website FBI - new FOIA Library, containing 6,700 documents and other media
Website State Dept. - Virtual Reading Room Documents Search
Table FReeQs Q Threads - Our prior Q threads on Free Republic
“Power to the People”
Website Saul Montes-Bradley Non Q Commentary also hosting Rex , Brian Cates and Thomas Wictor
Vimeo Praying Medic Series of videos explaining Q-drops. Also, his own website, ITunes and
Twitter Praying Medic Immediate reactions to Q-drop. Also, his own website
YouTube Dustin Nemos Series of videos identifying Q content - Well reasoned; excellent. Also, @NemoV on GAB.AI
Twitter Neonrevolt Includes highly detailed, investigative Q-drop reactionsAlso,@NeonRevolt on GAB.AI
GAB.AI Thomas_Wictor Includes excellent analysis of the Swamp
Twitter Lisa Mei Crowley Includes Q-drop reactions. Also, @lisamei62 on GAB.AI
Thread SkyPilot Story of Q - collection of Q information
“Silent Majority No More”
Website White House Email the White House with your support and suggestions
Website Congress Email Congress with your support and suggestions
Website Q Cards
Thread Little Jeremiah Memes
“Fight, Fight, Fight!”
YouTube President Reagan A Time for Choosing - 3 min - 1964 speech set to Matthew Worth’s images
YouTube President Kennedy The President and the Press - 20 min - 1961 speech on secret societies

TOPICS: Conspiracy
KEYWORDS: cult; d5; larp; larpers; maga; q; qanon; qisds; quaptwap; qult; sessionswasfired; trump; wishfulthinking
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To: mo

>>hijack the state government in California

And as far as I can see, there’s nothing being done about it before it snowballs in 2020, just in time for them to hijack Trump’s reelection.

1,261 posted on 12/06/2018 9:08:51 AM PST by mairdie (Christmas music videos -
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To: Wneighbor; bagster

YOU mastered Common Sense and live to report about it. An elegant point well made and worth repeating. It’s the glue to more winning. What you said needs to be a theme for the future. It worked for us in 2016 with Trump, enough by the grace of God, to prove your point. We lost a lot of standard issue Freepers, but by God and country, we’re seeing the world changed for the price we paid. Can you even imagine where we’d be with standard-issue Cruz?

Same with Q, incidentally. Some can get there, but some can’t go to the front lines. “There’s a place for everyone.”

1,262 posted on 12/06/2018 9:11:29 AM PST by RitaOK (Viva Christo Rey! Public Ed & Academia are the FARM TEAM for more Marxists coming, infinitum.)
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To: little jeremiah
There were other things that kept it all murky - Rosenweasel meeting with Trump on plane - Rosenweasel exiting looking all chipper and chirpy, and then Q saying something about Rosenweasel reporting to handlers...that made me doubt my grey/leveraged theory. So I could be wrong and RR is bad, but then Mueller be, Rosenweasel could have handlers (bad ones) who THINK they are handling him. Real doublecrossing going on possibly. Likely.

We have pretty much taken the Q post that if Mueller is bad RR is bad to heart. A couple of times in all these months it's also been mentioned in connection with Mulehead and RR that the bad/bad or good/good could be part of Q disinformation. I've been of the mind to hold Q's equating of Mueller and RR to be true but have begun questioning that this week.

I think you make an excellent point. The equating of black/white with the two men could have been a great troll of the DS. If they've confidently had Rosenweasel in their Derp camp all along BUT Muellar has been leveraged to light light gray, pretending to be black, it opens the door to the Derps keeping Muellar in close confidence. If that were the case, I can totally get over taking Q to be true about Muellar and RR being same/same.

Make sense? (I mean me trying to explain my theory, not married to the idea and trying to sell it)

1,263 posted on 12/06/2018 9:13:35 AM PST by Wneighbor (Weaponize your cell phone! Call your legislators every week.q)
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To: StormFlag

1,264 posted on 12/06/2018 9:15:14 AM PST by bitt ("Let justice be done though the heavens fall".)
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To: Grimmy

What do we think was on there?

1,265 posted on 12/06/2018 9:19:12 AM PST by defconw ("The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose and it will defend itself.")
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To: bitt

good column by Imperator_Rex, now known as “Rex”

1,266 posted on 12/06/2018 9:19:54 AM PST by bitt ("Let justice be done though the heavens fall".)
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To: little jeremiah

Where is everyone this morning? Is something important happening that I don’t know about? The last buncha posts are practically all mine....

I was here! Busy catching up from a day in real life yesterday. I did not want to listen to the extolling of a dead bush. I abhor planticide in my garden, but those bushes need to go!

1,267 posted on 12/06/2018 9:21:32 AM PST by Wneighbor (Weaponize your cell phone! Call your legislators every week.q)
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To: bitt

also this one by Rex,

“Mueller’s Capitulation & General Flynn’s Ambush - The Tide Has Turned”

Drunk on power, Obama’s arrogant goons thought they could ambush Lt General Michael Flynn. As Rex explains, they never realized that they were General Flynn’s quarry, the entire time. And they’re about to learn the hard way what happens, when you try to frame a genius in military intelligence...

1,268 posted on 12/06/2018 9:22:23 AM PST by bitt ("Let justice be done though the heavens fall".)
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To: mairdie
There are presidents and there are PRESIDENTS. America Should Know The Difference

And one would think that was obvious to people with either a heart or a mind. Hugs Mairdie,


I have roots growing nicely AND made a small cool geneological find at the cemetery yesterday :) Good things in life.

1,269 posted on 12/06/2018 9:29:43 AM PST by Wneighbor (Weaponize your cell phone! Call your legislators every week.q)
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To: ssschev

Here’s my contribution...

(Hummed to ‘Here comes Santa Claus’)
What do you want for XMAS?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


1,270 posted on 12/06/2018 9:30:00 AM PST by TEXOKIE
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Good catch! Thanks, TO!

1,271 posted on 12/06/2018 9:35:41 AM PST by Darnright (We live in interesting times.)
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To: bitt

1,272 posted on 12/06/2018 9:36:18 AM PST by bitt ("Let justice be done though the heavens fall".)
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To: RitaOK
Same with Q, incidentally. Some can get there, but some can’t go to the front lines. “There’s a place for everyone.”

Absolutely Rita!

Few people realize the difference to be made by phone calls. And on our state level the local reps are always speaking at something. Attending and asking pertinent questions or making important talking points in a group setting helps get others "woke." Those little things on the local sphere do get attention.

1,273 posted on 12/06/2018 9:38:11 AM PST by Wneighbor (Weaponize your cell phone! Call your legislators every week.q)
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To: mairdie

This is pretty scary.

I saw what happened in California first hand. They have set up a perfect system for harvesting every last vote. They can check voter rolls to see who voted and then vote for them if they haven’t already. The can pick up stacks of votes from illegals in every precinct and no one is there to stop it. It is total fraud that the state sanctions.

The only way to stop it is if Congress passed laws to provide for federal standards for federal elections. But the fraud gave us a Democrat House, and there is no chance for any new law protecting our elections. So, in 2020, what happened in California (and was tried in Florida) may happen in enough other states controlled by Democrats (Michigan, PA, for example) that Trump will go down to defeat and the Senate will be steamrolled, since the seats that are up are favorable to Democrats next time.

It is a very real prospect. To prevent it there will have to be a serious plan using whatever means we have left to end this new system of voting. It is not democratic, it is like the south after the Civil War, doing everything possible to jigger the results. Not sure what can be done yet, whether it involves courts, executive action, military involvement, but it will have to be countered or we will have what happened in 2018 time 5 in 2020.

1,274 posted on 12/06/2018 9:41:31 AM PST by Defiant (I may be deplorable, but I'm not getting in that basket.)
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To: Defiant

Before this is over, they will be hauling a number of California legislators away for trial.

1,275 posted on 12/06/2018 9:43:05 AM PST by RinaseaofDs
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To: little jeremiah

Where is everyone this morning?
Ssssshhhhhhh. Don’t wake everyone up LJ. I’m so very far behind this post is probably last week’s news. Running though.

1,276 posted on 12/06/2018 9:43:42 AM PST by John4.11 (WWG1WGA)
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To: mairdie

:: Democratic legislatures in states that went all blue in the last midterm...were watching California very closely. ::

Interesting turn of a phrase, that.

1,277 posted on 12/06/2018 9:48:25 AM PST by Cletus.D.Yokel (Catastrophic, Anthropogenic Climate Alterations: The acronym explains the science.)
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To: defconw
Alas, it was not so :(

TXBubba did what I (and good reporters) should have done: check the source. To recap:

From TXBubba (post #1000): Except those words are NOT capitalized in Trumps tweet. I can’t copy it over since I’m on my phone. But this is how bad info gets passed around. I know Compu didn’t start it. But whoever did capped those words on their own. Perhaps someone can copy over actual tweet.

The OCD in me says track down where it started; but the kinder, gentler side of me (see what I did there?) says 'let it go'.

1,278 posted on 12/06/2018 9:48:59 AM PST by compuguru (De Oppresso Liber)
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To: ransomnote; StormFlag; TEXOKIE; CPT Clay; buffaloguy; grey_whiskers; Wingy; bitt; Shady; ...


The Dead Bush circus took place today, and the Oracle refuses to cover it. It's enough that Poopy represented derp interests his entire political (and CIA) career, but then he went out disrupting D5, a final F you to America.

No. All Bushes must burn, is Oracle editorial policy.

And now, let's see what other stories the Oracle is following.


Out: Bill Priestap - a Key FBI Decision Maker on Hillary Email Probe and Russia Investigation
"After Mr. Priestap’s departure, none of the high-ranking bureau officials involved in the two investigations will remain with the bureau."
Follow the names on the list provided [update].
Nothing To See Here.

Priestap was Peter Strzok's supervisor. It looks like he was allowed to make his 20 years and get retirement, perhaps in exchange for some cooperation? Didn't Q hint that he was cooperating?

This is likely the "list provided [update]" that Q wants us to follow with regard to Priestap and the purging of the derps from the upper echelon of the FBI.

(Old Q Post)

1316 More Deep Cleaning at FBI and DOJ

4 May 2018 - 6:47:29 PM

[Updated] James Baker - FIRED [reported today - resigned [false]] / removed Jan/FIRED 4.21
Lisa Page - FIRED [reported today - resigned [false]]
Testimony received.
Mike Kortan, FBI Assistant Director for Public Affairs - FIRED [cooperating under 'resigned' title]
Josh Campbell, Special Assistant to James Comey - FIRED [DOJ]
David Laufman, Chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section [NAT SEC - HRC email invest] - FIRED/FORCE
John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General – Head of DOJ’s National Security Division - FIRED/FORCE
Sally Yates, Deputy Attorney General & Acting Attorney General - FIRED
Mary McCord, Acting Assistant Attorney General – Acting Head of DOJ’s National Security Division - FIRED/FORCE
Bruce Ohr, Associate Deputy Attorney General – Demoted 2x - cooperating witness [power removed]
Rachel Brand, Associate Attorney General – No. 3 official behind Deputy AG Rosenstein - FIRED/FORCE
Cross against House/Senate resignations/final term announcements + CEO departures.

We can now add Bill Priestap to the list. Please page Jackie Derp so he can adjust his ridiculous chart.

Here is Q's first mention of Priestap, brought to us by USMC79to83

Notice he is listed as [POWER REMOVED] [COOPERATING].

This may be why he was allowed to make his 20 and get retirement.

Q says this completes the purge of those dirty FBIs involved in the coup attempt. And that this development will affect the Clinton Foundation investigation and is causing PANIC IN DC.


President Trump Risked Everything to Fight For & Defend We, the PEOPLE

Anon posts this;

POTUS FLOTUS not participating in this evil.

Q writes;

One man, who gave up everything, risking his life (himself/family), to fight for & defend, We, the PEOPLE.
Bait expends ammunition.
EVIL has no place here.

The photo shows the real Americans not singing from the same page as the derp fake Americans.

Q recognizes the Donald Trump gave up his mogul life to risk it and his family's for the people and America.

The derps are down one dead President. How many bullets do they have left? Stay tuned.


Be On Lookout for Another Deep State Stunt to Delay Dec-13 Hearing on Clinton Foundation

Will another attempt to 'delay' be made?
Delay > > > D's control House?
Move and countermoves.
See something.
Say something.

D5 has been rescheduled for D13. Q asks if the derps will pull another stunt to delay it until the Derps control the House in January. I think you can count on that. This is going to get very interesting (as if it isn't already).

And what of Comey and Lynch's (JC/LL) testimony? Buckle up, sportsfans. The derps are desperate and they think the Derp House will save them.


DOJ/FBI Seniors Long Meetings in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility

Q reposts his previous "moves countermoves" post, then this;

Long meetings held within a SCIF [unusual] usually indicate something 'highly important' was discussed [planned]?

The acting Attorney General, the FBI Inspector General, The Sessions assigned special US Attorney, and the head of the FBI met in a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). This is unusual, per Q, and would indicate they are coordinating some imminent action [planned].



Fake News "Blue Checkmark" Flunkies Trying Desperately to Discredit Q

The 'blue checkmark' FAKE NEWS Twitter personalities are out in full-force today attempting to push another FALSE narrative that arrests were supposed to occur today.
Controlled Narrative?
How much attention does "Q" receive from the FAKE NEWS MEDIA?
Why are they working so hard to try and discredit something they label as a "FAKE CONSPIRACY."
People awake are what they FEAR THE MOST.

Q points out the "false narrative" being pushed by the fake news "blue checked" twitter derps, that D5 was designated for "arrests", which is, of course, fake news. They set a false premise then use it to "debunk" what they have already labeled the Q "conspiracy theory".

While not a blue check twitter fake newser, here is an example from the non-twitter fake news.

enigo54-Qanon says Dec 5 Will Be Banner Day For Conspiracy Theory.

For more examples, see our fake news dependant troll community.


House R's ask POTUS to DECLAS FBI Email Thread with Damning Evidence of FISA Abuse

What do you want for XMAS?

This, from the link Q provided.

Just before Thanksgiving, House Republicans amended the list of documents they’d like President Trump to declassify in the Russia investigation. With little fanfare or explanation, the lawmakers, led by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), added a string of emails between the FBI and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to their wish list.

Sources tell me the targeted documents may provide the most damning evidence to date of potential abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), evidence that has been kept from the majority of members of Congress for more than two years.

That seems like a pretty good Chritmas present.

The most excellent ssschev provides the backgound music.

Here comes Trump & Q
Here comes Trump & Q
Right down FISA lane

Here comes Trump & Q
Here comes Trump & Q
Bringing in the pain

The Derps are lying
Trolls are crying
Down on FISA lane

MSM is in a spin
Dems can’t seem to win
Trump & Q have open Season
Derps tried for their Treason

Here comes Trump & Q
Here comes Trump & Q
Building out Guantanamo

The trolls have no show
Derps in a boat they can’t row
For the crimes they do sew
Now have no place to hide or go

Here comes Trump & Q
Here comes Trump & Q
To Make America Great Again…
Trolls standing in the rain
Derps feeling all the pain

Here comes Trump & Q
Here comes Trump & Q
Right down FISA lane

~~~ ssschev


Obama's FBI Brass Hollowed out, after Latest Resignation of Key Official (Bill Priestap)


It's all just a CONSPIRACY.
Nothing To See Here.
Nothing is happening.

From the linked FOX News article;

Another top FBI official who helped oversee the Trump-Russia and Clinton email investigations is retiring, as the last traces of the bureau's embattled leadership team that once stood under Barack Obama's presidency disappear.

Another smackdown of the "NOTHING'S HAPPENING" crowd.

Will they hear?


Deep State and Fake News Guilty of the Real Russia Conspiracy

What happens when they lose control and the TRUTH is exposed?

See you in the funny papers.

D13 is the new D5. The white hats huddle, preparing to strike, as the derps plot their next countermove. Movie 2 is very exciting, right? Stay tuned.

We are the Mouth of America.
Not all can hear our voice, but more do every day.
Can you hear us?

Will you join in our crusade?

The adventure continues tomorrow, sportsfans. See ya ‘round the popsicle stand. Same Q time. Same Q channel.


1,279 posted on 12/06/2018 9:49:36 AM PST by bagster ("Even bad men love their mamas".)
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To: ssschev; ransomnote; Cats Pajamas; greeneyes; bagster; generally; Wneighbor; mairdie; Swordmaker; ..

ssschev has been lying near the top of the current dig watching TEXOKIE dig away and finding all kinds of good bonez to Qnaw on. Happy to see she has safety made it back to the Qanteen (to share the bonez) and warm by the fire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thanks for the kind words of welcome and encouragement, ssschev!

*texokie adjusts her trifocals and peers at ssschev closely. Those lovely pleading hound eyes get to her every time, and she heads toward the Qitchen.*

Are you hungry boy? I found some bones, and I think they might be just the thing for a good Dawg just like you to gnaw on. I was headed to the fridge, but you can have one now!

*ssschev jumps up and down, does a four-legged dance, and whines with a big dawgy smile. It’s not selfish to have wanted Texokie back in the Qanteen. She really WAS cold down there.... but it is, after all, enlightened self interest to want to have one of those bones! NOW!!!*

Here you go, boy! OH THAT’s a GOOD DAWG!! I’m so glad to SEE you after that deep dark dig!

*texokie gives a big hug to the large dawg who has been one of the faithful Qanteen Guard dogs over the past year. She also gives him one of the biggest bones from the sack, and scratches him behind the ears while he accepts it. Ssschev takes the bone and has found the particular warm spot on the rug in front of the fireplace and contentedly begins gnawing. Texokie puts the rest of the bag of bones into the fridge for the other dawgs to share when they return*

1,280 posted on 12/06/2018 9:50:57 AM PST by TEXOKIE
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