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Q Anon: (5/12/18) FRiendly Freeper Collaboration ^ | 5/12/18 | FReepers, vanity

Posted on 05/12/2018 11:01:25 PM PDT by ransomnote

This thread is a friendly collaborative place for FReepers to analyze information and share opinons. FReepers have a wide variety of reasons for investigating Q Anon content; this is not the appropriate place to criticize or badger those who choose to use some of their time in this manner.

If you are new to Q Anon, the three links below provide overviews to help answer the questions, "Who is Q?" and "Why read Q drops?".

Is Trump Staging a Counter-Coup? [Q explained?]>
Note: The above thread has been locked for disruptive comments, but post #1 includes a strong, concise Who/What/Where overview.

Q Anon: A Freeper's post re the "new Parallel Construct that Trump has created"

First post to “Q” ping list. Please read and let me know if you want off or on it

You can locate Q Anon threads by searching the key word "Qanon" using the search window in the upper right of Free Republic's forum page.

If you haven't seen it yet, President John F. Kennedy's excellent speech regarding secret societies, as well as comments about the press, is located at the following link:

A helpful FReeper passed along the following Youtube link to a good source for concise reviewes of Q drops, Praying Medic:

Praying Medic also has a a Twitter account:

Q "drops" (i.e., posts) can be read with their original formatting on various websites. Sometimes the Q drop websites come under cyber attack or stop updating. This week, I've been using the following link:

Q drops (i.e., posts) often use unfamiliar acronyms. Swordmaker maintains a list of acronymsto help FReepers understand Q drop text. The master list of acronyms is stored on Swordmaker's profile page. It's really great to have a convenient place to find definitions and explanations of terms used in the drops. Here is the link:

Within our threads, Swordmaker posts updates featuring the latest terms added to the lexicon - you can find his updates on threads by looking for this silver Q graphic:

SkyPilot has been collecting Q Anon information into one interesting, detailed, "story of Q" post which I'll place here:

Here's a handy link for those who would like to read what people on Twitter are Tweeting about Q Anon:
Click to read what Tweeters are saying about Q Anon

For those who want a little uplifting video which outlines the big picture that we are now striving for, here's a video from 2016 in which candidate Donald Trump outlines what he wants for Americans and America and his promises if elected.
This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

If you'd like to communicate your support for President Trump's efforts to "red-pill" Americans, you may want to use the link Hoosiermama posted which provides you with and email page - you can send the president an email. Here's the link:
Email support for President Trump

TOPICS: Miscellaneous
KEYWORDS: 99dchess; larp; nonsense; q; qanon; qclique; qersunite; qtards; trustsessions
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To: greeneyes

Have faith greeneyes, we are finally winning. Sleep well.

81 posted on 05/13/2018 2:35:30 AM PDT by No_Doll_i
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To: greeneyes

This is no time to be discouraged. Draw your shades and sleep.

America is about to wake up!

82 posted on 05/13/2018 2:36:27 AM PDT by eyedigress ((Old storm chaser from the west))
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To: No_Doll_i

Too much adrenaline. I’m going to go mop the floor, and put it to good use. I’ll be back in a few - having feet problems, so can’t stay standing for long.

83 posted on 05/13/2018 2:38:16 AM PDT by greeneyes
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To: Red Badger; MNDude; Jim Robinson; All


84 posted on 05/13/2018 2:47:25 AM PDT by LiveFreeOrDie2001 ( Thank GOD Hillary didn't get elected!)
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To: LiveFreeOrDie2001

I wonder, can they just be defunded?

85 posted on 05/13/2018 2:52:37 AM PDT by No_Doll_i
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To: No_Doll_i
I wonder, can they just be defunded?

Not unless this country stops letting media become an increasingly concentrated poison and gets a handle on "charitable trusts"/guys like Soros and Steyer, so...

86 posted on 05/13/2018 3:00:10 AM PDT by niteowl77
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To: ransomnote; bagster; grey_whiskers; TEXOKIE; TXnMA; stylin19a; bitt; RoosterRedux; No_Doll_i; ...


May 13, 2018
3:00 AM PDT

To explore the Qomplete up-to-date LexiQon, Qlick on the Q iQon above.

Link to List of Notable Resignations Q Says We Should Watch

Today’s revisions and additions:

87 posted on 05/13/2018 3:00:34 AM PDT by Swordmaker (My pistol self-identifies as an iPad, so you must accept it in gun-free zones, you hoplaphobe bigot!)
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To: ransomnote; StormFlag; Wingy; TN4Liberty; weston; BlissinNC; grey_whiskers; SheepWhisperer; ...

Today, the sparks flew in FReeQerville. A couple of Q posts, along with the anons sparked controversy regarding a one Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones, and brought out the crazy. It was a ballroom blitz. Simmering issues were brought to the fore and this publication learned that there is a secret FReeQ society, rather similar to the Illuminati or the FReeQ State; a sort of shadow government at work behind the scenes.

This nefarious and clandestine group is known as the B clique. The B clique, so it's being reported, is responsible for all manner of bullying tactics, running people off the thread, stifling of 1st amendment rights, and all manner of oppression of the weak, downtrodden, innocent, and most especially, the fat.

What can be done to stop this organization and save the free peoples of the world? There are no answers as yet. But some brave American patriots are on the case. Perhaps they will save us all. Now, on to other news. More on the Corsi drama later.

~~~ Investigative reporter TEXOKIE dug deep, and against advice, delved into the Q crumb "D5". She came back with reportage of an organization of so called "charitable foundations" spanning many countries. At the time she reported on this, there didn't seem to be a Q connection other than a general Deep State one. Wait for it.

~~~ It has been reported that the Islamic Republic of [Iran] is threatening to expose the people they bribed to ensure the passage of the so called "Iran deal." And we wonder why Merkel and Macron visited The Donald a while back to try to save the Iran deal. This has BOOM written all over it.

On to Q. There are many, so I will be brief in my descriptions. Some came so late that they haven't been fully discussed as the Oracle goes to press. We will provide a brief description and what this reporter has sussed out so far. For more detail, refer to the thread.

#1339 - An anon writes that "Alex Jones (of Infowars) is NOT alt media, he is a traitor. He makes us all look crazy. F him." Q responds with "Time to move on. Big week ahead" with a link to an Alex Jones child custody story. This reporter unabashedly concurs with the anon's assessment of Alex Jones, and adds that Alex Jones is fat, but not as fat as some. More on that later.

#1340 - A link to a story on a class action lawsuit against Facebook, accusing them of saving texts and "call logs (?)" of users.

1341 - A long post explaining and justifying why Q has mentioned other Q media outlets. He talks about misinformation, re-routing traffic to other platforms and that some are profiting off this (Q) movement. He has yet to name any names, but says that some of those have revealed themselves. He repeats, be careful who you follow.

It should be noted that Jerome Corsi (very fat) has "revealed himself" and gone full Anti-Q, along with Alex Jones. Discussion of this drop is what triggered certain elements of the FReeQ nation to lose their minds.

The Corsi defenders were few, but rabid. One in particular, whose name we don't say, laid out an illogical case for Corsi which morphed into personal attacks against the Mother of Dragons and caused her to "out" the B clique and accuse it of all manner of dastardly deeds. Fat shaming the least of those vile sins.

This publication has learned that Jerome Corsi, in all fairness, has served useful purpose in the past, but that perhaps that was at least 200 pounds ago.

These days, he tips the scale at at least a cool 400 and this may have affected his propensity for book hawking under the pretense of Q interpretation.

It is this reporter's belief that Corsi, in his never ending pursuit of food to maintain his girth, has abandoned all principle and is motivated by self interest and dollars. But to each their own opinon on Corsi, but he will be irrelevant by next week as Q nation abandons him in droves and with much scorn.

Corsi will learn that this movement is about more than Jerome Corsi.

#1342 - A short post he called IMPORTANT. No private comms. No comms made outside this forum (8chan). Anything else is fake news.

#1343 - A long post about Iran. Q says the Iran deal was never about nuclear arms, but about opening new markets. He talks about U1 and "the exchange" Uranium for access? Securing a black site. Like North Korea? Money to the Clinton Foundation?

This is where TEXOKIE's foundation research might come into play. Q asks us to find out which companies started doing business with Iran upon completion of the deal and to cross check companies against donations to politicians and foundations. TEXOKIES list may provide assistance in that research. Bribes, kickbacks. They never thought she would lose. Now they panic.

#1344 - Q reposts the previous Iran post and says again to check which CEOs have resigned post Trump election and to cross check against companies in Iran post deal.

#1345 - An anon posts that "they" are freaking out about Iran threatening to reveal those they bribed to get Iran deal. Q reponds that the news is beginning to leak and that this is old news anons had long ago. Eyes on.

#1346 - Anon posts about the UN nuclear inspector that resigned. Q says "Coincidence days after Iran deal? Corruption everywhere."

#1347 - An anon posts that "We are not divided. Don't let the concernfags tell you otherwise" and more morale boosting stuff. Q rsponds, "Godspeed, patriot." FReeQville should heed this message. We saw an uprising of concernfags tonight and we must not let them divide us. Stay the course, patriots, and Godspeed

#1348 - An uplifting message. If America falls, the world falls. Ended with "Now comes the pain."

#1349 - Q reposted two of his previous posts that mentioned all the FBI and DOJ personnel that have been removed from office. He follows up with a long post about indictments. He mentions Sessions and Huber. He asks what departments must be cleaned in order to ensure justice. It's obvious he means DOJ and FBI. He may also be referring to the Federal bench.

FBI, DOJ first. C_A, State next? Again with the, "Now comes the pain." This reporter takes this last to mean that FBI and DOJ are already or are in the process of being "cleaned" and that CIA and State is next. Remember,they both have new heads, or will when the CIA lady is confirmed.

#1350 - Q posts a link to National Security

#1351 - Anon posts a graphic of the link and Q responds "Well done anon." Word around the campfire is this organization is the "shadow government" The list of members includes such awful people as Tom Daschle, Samantha Powers, and Susan Rice. And more.

#1352 - Q reposts the National Security Action link and follow with the word, "LOOP." As of this writing, it is unclear to this reporter as to the meaning of this one.

#1353 - An anon posts that FBI and DOJ once cleaned, there will be huge implications. He then mentions Judges. Q responds, "Why are Dems slow walking POTUS' Fed J nominations. Watch what happens [30]. 30 is a mystery. No solution yet.

#1354 - Just an anon post that links the National Security Action again with the words "Shadow Government."

#1355 - An anon posts a question about how long will it take to clear out the justice system. Q responds with 11-11-19 as a strategic marker. Remember, that is the proposed date of the military parade. He says that is post election then says "Red wave coming?" is that the date the pain comes?

#1356 - An inspirational message of unity from Q+. Mispelled "signal" as "sigle." Significant? Q+ significant?

#1357 - Q mentions German investment in Iran. Also a French oil company's investment in Iran. Then mentions Merkel and Macron in U.S. to save deal. Hello? He mentions John Kerry and why he was in Europe. He asks if Iran will expose names of corrupt officials. Will U.S. expose them? Pickle. We await your answer [48]. Unclear on 48.

That wrapped up the Q posts for the evening. Unless he dropped while this was going to press. It was an eventful day, full of lots of good Q information to suss out. The big story, though was more local. The Jerome Corsi intercine wars and the rift that might bring us all down.

We shall see how that plays out. Beware of providing outside agitators a crack within our ranks that they can exploit to disrupt us, O my brothers and sisters.

Until next time, see ya round the popsicle stand. Same Q time. Same Q channel.


The Lesser Oracle

88 posted on 05/13/2018 3:11:13 AM PDT by bagster (The Bagster Alliance is insidous. The B clique is mighty.)
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To: niteowl77

That’s the problem, so many bad people with so much money.

Well with that crowd you know there have to be all kinds of crime that would at least slow them down if enough of them were in prison I suppose.

Dunno what to do about them, but I am sure there is someone somewhere working on it.

89 posted on 05/13/2018 3:12:05 AM PDT by No_Doll_i
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To: bagster

Wow that was a long one. I wondered what you were doing for the last hour+.

90 posted on 05/13/2018 3:21:05 AM PDT by No_Doll_i
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To: niteowl77

the problem is that Obama, Kerry and HRC have already accepted from Iran their “cut” -and the Mullahs expect them to deliver.

The problem for all of us and PDJT is if “something happens” to one of them -it will be blamed on this administration

91 posted on 05/13/2018 3:21:53 AM PDT by mo (If you understand, no explanation is needed. If you don't understand, no explanation is possible.)
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To: Swordmaker

Thanks for the pings and informative updates in the Lexicon. So much work goes into it and all the improvements.

I love that silver “Q”. Considering it’s associated with a Swordmaker, I envision Q’s tail as a gold sword :)

92 posted on 05/13/2018 3:21:54 AM PDT by 1_Rain_Drop
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To: mo

mo, the money is gone.

93 posted on 05/13/2018 3:26:37 AM PDT by eyedigress ((Old storm chaser from the west))
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To: No_Doll_i

Depends on where the funds are coming from. If from Soros et al - nah. However, the IRS can revoke their non-profit status if they are 501C3 or whatever other code they are under, if they aren’t living up to the terms, or if they are seditious etc. That’s my understanding anyway.

94 posted on 05/13/2018 3:30:03 AM PDT by greeneyes
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To: humblegunner
Hahahahaha. Thank you, HG. You have restored my faith in humanity.

Do you know how much we could get off the pay-per-view gate for the Bagster v. Humblegunner showdown? More than McGregor vs. Merryweahter I bet.

I'm sad that I didn't think of the word "backfat" when I was ripping on Corsi. I'm slipping and you have shown me the way.

Also, your sig line is nothing short of spectacular. Your gung fu has much improved since last we faced each other.



The Lesser Oracle

95 posted on 05/13/2018 3:31:16 AM PDT by bagster (The Bagster Alliance is insidous. The B clique is mighty.)
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To: NIKK; ransomnote

America Prayer Vigil

96 posted on 05/13/2018 3:31:58 AM PDT by hoosiermama (When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice.DJT)
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To: greeneyes

I would think that out of those 30 sealed indictments there could be at least 15K for sedition alone.

97 posted on 05/13/2018 3:32:19 AM PDT by No_Doll_i
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To: Jack Black; RitaOK

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi actually met with a number of ‘players’ back in May 2013, and Senator John McCain. The theme of this meeting? It was to meet with all anti-Assad rebels (to include Daesh members), and discuss a no-fly zone and how to arm the rebels. The White House reaction when this came up in spokesperson brief at the WH...the President was fully aware that McCain was there and conducting foreign affairs in the name of the US.

Several pictures exist with McCain and Al-Baghdadi.

The odd twist to the Al-Baghdadi story is that the US actually held this guy in an Iraqi prison (Camp Bucca), from 2005 to 2009. Then, at some invitation of the Iraqi government. Why? No one from the government has ever said why.

What was this area around Camp Bucca prior to the US operating its prison camp? was a training center for jihad-members. Al-Baghdadi was defined prior to the US arrival in Iraq, as a cleric....nothing more and nothing less. Rumors exist that he held status, but none of these rumors ever show substance.

So you go back to 2009, and this release. Within a one-year period...Al-Baghdadi has emerged as the leader of a minor-league group entitled the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI)...aka al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). Who is the head guy?
Well....the older guy has passed on and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi now serves as the boss.

His status? He’s the Caleb of the group...the religious figurehead. Who in the Iraqi government back in the spring of 2009 got the idea to release him? Unknown, and it’s odd that the government made it a priority to release him, and then in short-time, he becomes a major threat.

Go forward 17 months, the same US government that released Abu Bakr offers $10-million for his capture. No one from the Administration ever connects the dots and asks about who signed off on releasing him. The picture that came out with the $10-million offer? That’s another odd thing that comes’s a totally different guy than the original picture of al-Baghdadi when he was first released from the US-run prison camp. A screw-up? Maybe.

So why is McCain figuring into this group meeting of anti-Assad players (to include Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi)? McCain is a figure within a particular institute called the International Republican Institute (IRI). It’s a foundation that was started in the Reagan era, and proclaimed that they could be shadowy figures to promote democracy, freedom, and revolution to dictatorships.

Looking back into the summer of 2014, al-Baghdadi does an amazing thing...he sells ISIS into the idea of a worldwide caliph, which he will himself manage (more or less, the religious director of warfare). This is a year after the McCain meeting where they were discussing how to arm all of the anti-Assad folks.

What happened in the Middle East after this caliph announcement was made? Everyone went hostile because the general rule is that you can’t create caliphs out of thin air....there has to be a group by group or nation by nation agreement on this, and al-Baghdadi had bypassed everyone on this (to include a vast number of Sunni Muslims).

A month passes after this announcement, then the caliph have their first on-line magazine to sell the whole conception across the globe. Dabiq is the name of the publication.

I wouldn’t use the word ‘top five’ with al-Baghdadi. He’s a self-starter type of thug. He knows how to reach out to McCain’s IRA to get funding from Islamic war supporters....recruitment....and how to publicize the theme/message. He could step out tomorrow and reorganize an entire army in just a year. The ‘five’ thing means nothing...if you can hold him, you are effectively preventing another war-front.

Why did Iraq request his release from the US camp in 2009? His group has one particular tendency that you tend to notice being repeated...they kidnap family members and establish control over a situation. I suspect someone in the Iraqi government had to request the release to gain the release of al-Baghdadi. In the case of today? There’s some element of al-Baghdadi’s team who are busy evaluating who to kidnap to gain the release from US control. Maybe it’ll be in the Middle East, Europe, or maybe even the US...but they’ve repeated so often that they probably are absolutely sure in getting al-Baghdadi’s release.

98 posted on 05/13/2018 3:40:04 AM PDT by pepsionice
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To: niteowl77; No_Doll_i
-- Not unless this country stops letting media become an increasingly concentrated poison and gets a handle on "charitable trusts"/guys like Soros and Steyer --

Hit the trusts and foundataions with "material support for terrorism" and other criminal actions. I realize sedition is going to be a hard sell, we've allowed it for decades under the rubric of an expansive view of freedom of the press.

Did I miss anything in the last thread, between post 1100 and the end (I read the last 100 or so posts) besides a mediocre flame war and the new Q-drops?

99 posted on 05/13/2018 3:40:32 AM PDT by Cboldt
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To: greeneyes
-- ... However, the IRS can revoke their non-profit status if they are 501C3 or whatever other code they are under, if they aren't living up to the terms --

Good point. Congress uses tax code for social engineering. That can cut both ways. Not that Congress is about to undo decades of globe-building at America's expense, just that in principle it could. The IRS too, as you point out, could interpret existing law and implement regulations in a sort of mirror image to what Lerner did. Choose priorities with the goal of taking down the trans-nationalsists and the left.

100 posted on 05/13/2018 3:45:33 AM PDT by Cboldt
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