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Pasting RaceBannon's "You Might Be a Liberal If..." list.
Paste on top because it is THAT good.

Odd, uncharacteristic and one-off items surrounding the Biden presidency.

1. Biden sworn in 14 minutes early..
2. Trump leaves on AF1, Biden flies small private jet.
3. Cloudy day on the 20th, live inauguration bright and sunny. Shown in Europe 12 hours early live.
4. Kamala living in some other house other than the VP residence.
5. Bogus CGI extravagant fireworks display that never happened, clearly fake.
6. Roy Blunt with his hands behind his back while being escorted out of the Capitol. [Can be construed as normal]
7. Pelosi being told not to talk to anyone by some strange woman with a badge on the 20th.
8. 30k troops for a non violent virtual inauguration. 5k there in DC until mid March, still no violence.
9. White House pitch black each night with a strange structure being built directly in front of it.
10. Oval office that Biden appears in has been compeltely remodeled in 6 hours.
11. No secret service snipers on the White House roof.
12. No secret service call box on his Biden’s desk.
13. Biden locked out of the White House on the first day. [Only on arrival. Allowed in within a few minutes.]
14. Joe Biden’s executive order signatures don’t match his actual signature. [Normal differences between “casual” and “legal” signatures.]
15. A 2nd set of nuclear codes left with Trump on his way out. [Codes expired at Noon, per protocol]
16. The military gave him some funeral type salute instead of the normal 21-gun for incoming presidents.
17. Trump says he’ll be back in some form, then files for a new political party several days later. [Fake supporters. Not Trump.]
18. White House is pitch black each night since inauguration. [Current info is that WH lights have always been out by 11:00]
19. The military turned their backs on him during his motorcade. They also didn’t salute him.

Additional items were added by me as odd things noted afterwards. The original list stopped at 17 because.
Some things I’ve observed…

* The media is recycling stock photos to make Biden appear like he’s POTUS.
* The White House voice mail says “we’re closed”?
* Joe Biden STILL does not wear a mask with the Presidential Seal on it. You can buy them on Amazon, BTW.
* Why haven't the Hollywood heroes "spiked the ball" of a Biden win? Milano, Reiner, MMoore, Streisand; no public reaction.
* During televised press briefings, Biden’s staff, not Biden, are choosing who will ask the questions.
* Biden is presented with an EO for his signature and states, "I don't know what I'm signing." A background voice says, "Just sign it Joe."
* Biden completes his signature on an EO, slides it across the desk and says, "Take this to the President."
* Biden has not utilized Air Force 1.
* There is no record, of any type, of the Biden receiving a 21 gun salute when he was sworn in.
* Biden is seen photographed in several rooms of the White house, except the residence.
* The Executive Orders Biden is signing appear to be blank. This /could/ be explained by camera angles and glare.
* Biden has yet to be taken anywhere in “The Beast” limo.
* Biden was taken to Walter-Reed by helicopter. There is no record of a "Marine 1" sqwak; there is no photo of Biden boarding or disembarking the helicopter, only photos of him outside the helicopter.
* Roberts says, “Nope. I won’t preside.” and then mums-up the entire SCOTUS
* National Guard troops that were withdrawn by Florida, Texas and others were actually replenished.
* Biden schedules GITMO detainees to be vaxxed before U.S. citizens. Military halts the order. Biden is CiC, right?

Lastly, The Department of State published that President Trump and VP Pence “resigned” on January 11, 2021.
Then retracted it, saying the website was altered by a disgruntled employee.

And, of course, we know about the thousands of NatGuard troops STILL in DC and all the fencing STILL in place…with the razor-wire installed on the INSIDE.

One last caveat: The Executive Orders being signed by Biden appear to have the force of law as thousands of American workers have already lost their jobs and ordinary Americans are being priced-out of life saving insulin and epinephrine.

Everything is normal.
Nothing to see here.

More recent oddities:
* Biden admin has yet to mention, discuss or schedule the State of the Union address. The media has not even asked about it.
* The Myanmar national election The vote count was administered by SmartMatic using Dominion tabulation machines. The military has taken over and Dominion fact checks itself.
* Joe continues to legislate by EO. Congress is not voting on any legislation. No legislation has crossed Joe’s desk for him to sign; everything is by EO. Joe has said next-to-nothing about /signing/ any pending legislation. He has signaled agreement with the concepts but never a leader’s statement of “I will sign it as soon as it is on my desk.”
* Elon Musk steps away from his "public presence" after one of his rockets fails on launch and Jeff Bezos steps away from Amazon CEO position.
* United States "colors" [flag] at Superbowl LV were presented by a "Joint Forces Color Guard from **The Military District of Washington**"
* Although Biden has apparently used one of the 4 planes assigned to the Office of the President, we have not yet seen any reports from the press traveling with Biden. I assume he has re-invited the press onto AF1.
* Watch this video for more oddities involving what appears to be "a secure Suburban-not the Beast-", AF1 and Biden's return for Delaware:
* Russia calls out the US for acting so communist! Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova delivered a scathing assessment of the human rights situation in the United States under President Joe Biden.
* Jen "Orange Gal Bad" Psaki avoids answering whether the absence of a Marine Protective Detail at the WH means that Biden is not in the oval office.
* On 25FEB2021, US armed forces bombed targets in Syria reported to be Iranian rebel strongholds. There has been no official statement from the Biden White House on the bombings 24 hours later.
* Biden White House has stopped publishing a daily schedule, visitor logs.
* Biden has yet to attend a press Q&A.
* The administration has also deleted both the comments and petitions pages.
* The most popular President in US history! His signature won't be on the stimulus checks.
* On the morning of 21MAR2021, a Gulfstream 5 jet was noted as flying under the sqwak of "AF2". At the same time, Kamala Harris was verified as being on the ground in Washington DC.
* Biden issues and EO declaring a national emergency regarding the Russian Federation unsigned and NOT on White House letterhead paper. The closing statement says a COPY of the EO is enclosed.
* During the press conference of 4/16/21, the noise of a jet can be heard as the Secy Psaki is speaking. The sound is loud, indicting that the jet is flying low. Psaki is surprised. CNN tries to run cover saying military jets are involved.
* On a recent video-meeting of 17 world leaders, the only person who hid their face with a mask is Joe Biden. Also, unlike the other national leaders, there was no US flag in the background of his feed.
* It is 100 days into the Biden administration and he has NOT YET delivered a State of The Union report/address to Congress. All official reports from Washington and the Legacy Media consistently use the phrase "Address to Joint Session of Congress".
*Joe Biden and Kamala Harris simultaneously released their tax recent tax filings to the public.