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1. Targets for future FF events.
2. Shoe symbols at terror events
3. Biden. Pay attention to what he’s tweeted or blurted out. He is stupid and probably has blurted out things that the DS would like hushed up.
4. Election fraud. Not just voter ID but much more. (This might be divisible into subcategories.
5. Follow the money. (could also be dozens of subcategories. Red Cross. Baltimore. Foreign Aid. Iran deal. specific politicians and derps and their sources - book deals, wives’ jobs, .....)
6. Epstein and his connections
07/28/19 3438-3445 CNN, Squad, Laybourne, DynCorp, and how could we leave out Epstein?, rally, Q Baby, Go ogle influence, 8ch turmoil & Q requests
07/25/19 3436-3437 yet again Epstein, FBI spreadsheet, Coats, border, NXIVM, Omar, divisiveness
07/25/19 3427-3435 Epstein ... still Epstein, McAleenan, BLEXIT, Acosta resignation, Steele, drone footage, G. Maxwell, NYC power outage, Great Awakening, island tunnels/bunkers, Smollett
07/16/19 3421-3426 yet again Epstein, Prince A, Dan Coats, 9th Circuit sanctuary case, A Acosta, NYSPCC, Wheels Up, Mueller hearing delayed, Who went to the Island?, weak fake news
07/15/19 3415-3420 still more Epstein, more on Wexner, 2020 census, Weiner, ICE raids, Michael Hayden, Free Speech Summit, Gorka, PP, 8ch turmoil, AM/RC, NYC/CA, R Kelly, littles retweet, scary kid video
07/13/19 3405-3414 UK ambassador resigns, more JE, Ehud Barak, BJC ditched USSS, JE island photos, Hawking, A. Acosta, Nunes - dossier, graphic content - abortion, DNC not hacked, open borders, voter ID, ICE deportation, PP probe, fake news - psychology - groupthink, stealth bomber, Old Guard, IIED, Q proof, Wheels Up
07/13/19 3385-3404 more Epstein, Wexner, House subpoenas, Steele, Sessions, Barr, NP daughter, POTUS video, Flynn, Rogers, Ed Buck, the Fed, Bidens, EO property confiscation, BC/RC, Maher, LSJ island, 2013, flight logs
07/11/19 3368-3384 Wikipedia comped, Epstein detention, DOZENS of more charges, now playing: pedogate - Panic in DC - FISAgate, MSM con machine, Sessions started JE investigation, NP attempted block, trust Sessions, FLYNN news coming, SC/JS, Hannity, placeholders, 3 ugly vids, Q+, Sherman tank, GV dead, Biden swamp, POTUS's turn, Foreign kickbacks, Steyer
07/10/19 3353-3367 Epstein - tons of Epstein, BJ denies wrongdoing .. knows nothing, Greek election, blackmail failing, derps losing control, liabilities, Horowitz - Comey - DECLAS - indictments, Q re_enters public domain, R Chandler, pedo temple, pedo island changes, investigative journalists, balcony Q - WWG1WGA, HRC & Foundation Crime Against Children, 1st H report was holding back, D5, Epstein claim: co-founded Clinton Foundation, pic of BJ & RC, BJ denials refuted by flight logs, LL cover lost, Q signage, Les Wexner, Laybourne, Disney, Kindercare
07/08/19 pre Q Epstein - tons of Epstein, ICE, Clinton email drop - Bleach Bit, HRC lawyer changes story, Tommy Robinson, QAnon people freaking out, Comey's daughter, 26 trips, island info, Vicky Ward, little black book
07/08/19 no Q Iran will negotiate, mocking congressvermin, ICE ready to deport 1 million illegals, indictments - Epstein and "others?", Blexit, Feds searing Epstein NYC property, Epstein pals, 26 trips, JE indictments unsealed today
07/07/19 no Q Biden has dirt on other candidates, immigration, NK, Kevin Spacey, J Epstein, second defendant
07/06/19 no Q POTUS tweets, FISA investigation, Iran-UK, Barr, CA earthquakes
07/05/19 no Q Amash leaves GOP, low energy Jeb! tweet, MNDude & the Big Q, Flags out for July 4th, POTUS speech, fireworks, parade
07/04/19 no Q internet problems, Assange, American strength, NK followup, sub spoopiness, NXIVM update, Epstein docs to be unsealed
07/03/19 no Q why Q?, Iran crosses nuke threshold, hammer time, Cloudflare outage, FISA investigation complete, VP recalled to WH, Russian subs, Venus91, US subs, Iran tweets, Iran earthquake, FEST, soccer player out,
06/30/19 no Q G20, POTUS in NK! , Trump's 1st 100 days, BE READY, comms decode
06/27/19 #3350-3352 shaking Merkel, POTUS announces candidacy for reelection at FL rally, limpet mine removed from ship, Wm. Barr plays bagpipes, Be ready, triplicate posting, For God and country
05/27/19 #3348-3349 EU elections, more on DECLAS, Coats, silent ones, EyePyramid, Epstein Island, 2012 surveillance, Japan, Q is everywhere, MSM attacks
05/24/19 #3336-3347 Durham, Italian intel, GeorgePapa, IG report, Amash, AUS election, Krassensteins, released transcripts, NP and her loose dentures, UK spy chiefs briefed on dossier before Trump, Barr has DECLAS authority - BOOM, +Cruz, watch pics?, Hannigan, FLYMAYFLY, public FISA - classified FISA, JA - 187, UK/AUS setup, web of players in coup attempt, FISAGATE poster, MAGA movies, Coats
05/13/19 #3332-3335 Barr launches spying probe, media = unregistered foreign agents?, FCC and the media, revoked WH press passes, Biden - Ukraine, Kavalec memo, Ed O'Callaghan, Comey - The Hammer, McCabe, BOOM WEEK AHEAD, interview transcripts, NO SLEEP IN DC, Comey - MOAB
05/03/19 #3331 UK responds to spying allegations, TDS, list of communists, 0vomit involvement in spygate, Sally Yates, RR resignation, Venezuela, Cuba, Pompeo, MB = terror group, GOOG Schmidt to leave board, Assange, criminal referral filed against N. Ohr, Barr hearing, FBI admits spying on Trump campaign, Karate Kid
04/28/19 #3326-3330 Green Bay rally, RM, NRA speech, Ukraine - Soros - HRC, PapaD - Brennan, Poway shooting, Drain the Swamp, Robert Hannigan, DECLAS, C comes before D, AS & Glenn Simpson in Aspen, Pences's CoS's wife
04/26/19 #3324-3325 Russians recorded BJC?, NXIVM, @maggieNYT, WH spy recruiting, POTUS on Hannity, EVERYTHING WILL BE DECLASSIFIED, 0vomit - Ukraine, Renegade
04/25/19 #3317-3323 Cornyn - Romney, scope memo, spygate cover story for massive surveillance, HRC tantrum, HRC is subject of grand jury, PapaD, NXIVM, DiGenova, pain coming, Adm. Rogers, fake news - militia, 4 contractors, Q proof, 0vomit: I SPY
04/19/19 #3316 Patriot's Day, redaction, VP comments, D5, 10 questions, Project Mockingbird, NXIVM, Mueller team leaks, No blockade = game over, "hidden" passage
04/19/19 #3313-3315 NSA Woman of the Year, Assange connected s/w developer arrested at Quito airport, Event Horizon of Truth, PapaD, Notre Dame, HRC crimes, Hussein - Russia, Mueller report, Long Beach Pier, 1st & 10 on the 40, BLOCKADE end, Rod's departure next?
04/12/19 #3312 Assange arrested, new charges against Avenatti, SUDAN, Greg Craig indicted, Nunes sends criminal referral to Barr, Nunes on Hannity, 8ch BO retirement, MSM attacks on Q
04/11/19 #3311 NETANYAHU WINS!, Nadler, the Wall, Barr testimony, 'spying did occur'
03/27/19 #3186-3195 Avenatti arrested, Geragos, Barr - last resort, Brennan, fake news Gambino mob, Huber CF investigation, Gorka - MAGA Coalition, Fake news election impact, blockade/shied removed, TREASON, 0vomitcare invalid, Coulter, #FlagsOut, Fake news: no wall, RBG state of health
03/26/19 #3176-3185 Barr letter, limerick guy, L. Graham, R Chandler, tv memo, handpicked talking points, RR, transparency, Hannity, POTUS video, blind justice, MAGA coalition - Gorka, Epstein judge, porn guy extradited
03/24/19 #3170-3175 Mueller time, no name, ISIS, 0vomit in NZ, MAYday x 3, Demorcrat meme, Fire at will, attack run, [D] party con
03/23/19 #3161-3169 Cohen prosecutor retired, Chalbin, Mueller report, blockade removed, NK sanctions lifted, rule of law, DECLAS is a comin', FF ammo spent, Nunes, political scandal unraveling, fake news attack on Q, MSM freakout over Mueller report, propaganda collapse
03/22/19 #3147-3160 WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES and DESCRIPTIONS, RR letter, R Chandler, lots of creepy pictures, chid abuse, celebrities, Prince Andrew, worse than Allison Mack, Standard Hotel, Hilton-Rothschild, F_I tip line
03/22/19 #3133-3146 WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES and DESCRIPTIONS, ISIS, R Chandler, peso pool party, zero delta, Prince Andrew, celebrities, lots of creepy pictures
03/21/19 #3112-3132 WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES and DESCRIPTIONS, Cohen, Prissier, Paul Ryan, AUS censorship, Sandy Hook shrink in NZ, reed13k's event summary, {+21][+2][+4], Ukrainian probes, 'coup', Brian Cates thread, learning Russian, [AB[C]]DEFGHIJKLM……., fake news, Italy bus attack, Krueger "suicide", pedo pool party, Nick Lewin
03/19/19 #3111-3123 NXIVM, espionage, AS, Nunes, effort to Kill a LARP, countdown, FF, NZ, hall of derps, more Nunes
03/18/19 #3097-3110 Steele dossier, 12 bombshells, voter fraud, PLACEMARKS, NZ shooting, Qth of March, POTUS retweets, WRWY, NZ shooter therapist, Podesta, FIGHT, good vs. evil, 1775 & flag, Twitter battle, @Jack shows his hand
03/17/19 #3088-3096 veto, saving humanity, coordinated, SEC_TEST, Barr & border emergency, watches, Marker 1, no name aide, espionage plea
03/17/19 #3080-3087 [-4], Strzok testimony, NZ shooter, FB insider action, Freedom and Justice, Delete Facebook, GOOG, sick & evil, 25th Amendment, 12 Rs join the Ds, CM stay alert, Q & Anon callsigns
03/17/19 #3067-3079 PapaD tweet, Halper, FBI withheld proof, Insider trades FB, Q humor, cookies, Hackers, Zerocool, prep to steal 2020 elections, "server configuration change", Germany controlling UK, US is WITH YOU, Hannity, be vigilant, NZ shooting, CF emails blocked access
03/16/19 #3054-3066 Epstein, Lynn Forester, LP testimony, Barlow/Assange/Snowden, GOOG, servers, Strzok transcript, Mueller, Thank you patriots, traitor's justice, RR debrief, Barr, bogus indictments, PapaD, Mifsud, A Schiff, cooperating witnesses, Ohr, FB execs stock sales
03/16/19 #3047-3053 Flynn, LP, trolling, @Jack, outages, LifeLog, census, Epstein island, FB problems, Garbage File, FB data deals
03/15/19 #3034-3046 Gaeta, Tulane, NOLA house, Barlow, Hannity & Sara Carter, Midyear org chart, Barr, LP transcripts, Think for yourself, Jordan, AS, 0vomit campaign slogans, jailhouse photo, unsealing, 12 video links, Hannity horizon, 0vomit & Spygate, covering up for HRC, org chart again
03/14/19 #3026-3033 PapaD, countdown log, Flynn, SecureDrop, John Perry Barlow, March Madness, NP, DECLAS, dumps, sealed indictments, brainwashing, memes, Gaeta, Nate Cain, whistleblowers
03/14/19 #3019-3025 FISA denials, Mary Jacoby, Ohr testimony, Q trolling DS, NSA puzzle, March Madness brackets, Snowden, 0vomit, Brennan
03/13/19 #3004-3018 Smollet, Ohr, Corsi, NOLA house, McCabe, Sessions, RR, Huber, Whitaker, Barr, Horowitz, 0vomit, MZ, clowns in Congress, panic chute, Sara Carter, Zero Delta, BE VIGILANT, Sealed > Unsealed, FISA coup, U1, Illegals 1st, Blexit, Hispanic patriots
03/12/19 #2998-3003 Nadler, optics, Epstein, Venezuela, derp anti-semites, Vault 7, caravans, tracking influencers, countdown, Barr - Huber - OIG, Lindsey Graham, Carter Page, Barr, Q WW, FB 1-2 [3-9 coming soon]
03/12/19 #2980-2997 Cates, Magic Sword, Death Blossom, border, Freedom, term limits, Facebook, Lifelog, pen picture with reflection, DARPA, GOOG, Snowden, AWAKE, MZ, no privacy, Denver airport
03/10/19 #2970-2978 trolling, Wikileaks, motion to dismiss (fake DNC hack), Corsi, DJT letter to NP, Pompeo to do list, meet IG, Derp Nadler, London IEDs, stringers, Huber, bombs vs. packages, apple / core, Ghidra, logos, Thundercats, humor, Kansas
03/09/19 #2955-2969 Whitaker, SDNY, Spygate starts with 0vomit, POTUS video, game theory, stringers, MGL, symbols = downfall, LL
03/08/19 #2945-2954 P-A-N-I-C, Cuck Todd, Zero Delta, Wer are the news now, HRC meme, Nunes, Levin & Straka, POTUS to Levin to Straka to #Walkaway video
03/07/19 #2935-2944 praying medic, 0vomit firsts, Nadler, TRUMP card, WW government corruption, back channel, Huber, 82324 sealed indictments, scope memo, HRC crisis, March Madness, [D] party con
03/03/19 #2913-2934 CPAC, Free Speech EO, TX taxes, Captain Kirk, clock ticking, insurance policy?, sentence formation, bye Hillary, Zero delta, HRC racist, roast, Papadopoulos, FVEY, Spygate, DECLASS COMING, March Madness Incoming, Bringing down the (W) House, 2015 pic/ops, fake dossier, Huber, optics, Freedom Caucus, corrections, BHO/CIA spying on everyone, WWG1WGA
03/02/19 #2912 Stand united, mustard seed, Veritas/FB, Cohen hearing, troll tactics, thought control, GPS jamming, countdown, T -18
02/28/19 #2899-2911 India-Paki, Merkel to HRC, Veritas/FB, MK Ultra, Krassensteins, puppet & puppetmaster, Spike Lee, F+D, U1, POTUS & Kim in Hanoi, Armor of God, photos from Hanoi, testing devices
02/27/19 #2888-2898 Venezuela, Weiner laptop, McCabe, Kraft/Childs sex sting, Gowdy, P. Oswalt, advice to Barr, Zero Delta, rain in Hanoi, MAP, Cardinal Pell, RGB in Hanoi, abortion legislation, EO to save babies, testing comms
02/27/19 #2885-2887 Gowdy, Krassenstein, Mueller phone, dead judges vote, learn to code, Alva, Schiff/Soros, trolls, never thought she'd lose, Maher, ISIS
02/26/19 #2862-2884 MoD, LL & BJC, POTUS tweets Q drop link, the Wall, memes, Q0 call sign, honk, Bernie & Castro, NFL Kraft, sedition, treason, crimes against humanity, Weiner laptop, fake news, Alex Acosta & Epstein plea deal, PP, HRC attacks Q, typos, ICANN, 200 targeted Twitter accounts, Krassensteins
02/24/19 #2844-2861 SCIF, We are the news, ready for the Q, poison, Epstein, Smollett, hate crime hoaxes, memes, intolerance, #WWG1WGA, CA unsustainable, voter ID law, new blockades, thank yous, ANTIFA, Q WW, LL & BJC
02/24/19 #2826-2834 3d dossier, CA money, Sandman sues WaPoo, Fakewood attacks Q, Dan Coats, Haberman & Collins, POTUS tweets, Reagan, We are the news, Ohr, HRC emails
02/23/19 #2816-2825 McCabe, DECLAS, justice, Russia hoax, FISAgate, Review Time, Q supports Anons WWG1WGA, Garrison cartoon, Q in NCIS
02/23/19 #2807-2815 FBI scandal, taxpayer theft, Q video, homosexuality, patriots in control, military power, We are Q!, McCabe, unmasking requests
02/22/19 #2795-2806 Google, newsguardtech, Corinthia Hotel, original photos, MSM Q coverage, timeline/calendar, placeholder, Comey, prison meme
02/22/19 #2783-2794 McCabe, mobs, Venezuela, excellent video about Q, media bias, size of Q movement, We are the news now, coup attempt, biggest scandal in history, transparency, something BIG, Dan Coats, leak, big tech censorship, Corinthia Hotel
02/19/19 #2768-2782 Nxivm, Smollett FF + K. Harris + C. Booker, the real racists, history of lynching, Ds married to fake news, Q's reach, expect fake news attacks to increase, Zero delta drops, something BIG coming, RM and RR, Barr, 17th Zero Delta Drop, Nothing Can Stop This, memes, Families running CA
02/19/19 #2754-2767 RR, FF in NOLA, commies in Congress, Sinaloa & Bush, El Chapo, Barr, Priebus & Spicer via Mad Maxine, illegal votes, maps, Blexit, typo, Q & POTUS tweets, We are the news now, more Q & POTUS, 17th Zero Delta coming?, more maps, McCabe, Whitaker, Snowden
02/18/19 #2745-2753 Cabinet coup of 2, DS is Deep, POTUS statement on border, Scaramucci and Whitaker, Priebus and Spicer?, more POTUS statements, Good v Evil, WE are the news now, Thaddeus Dionne Alexander
02/17/19 #2738-2744 Q proofs, Smollet, the Wall, National Emergencies, Q in the media, Russia, Russia, Russia, Veselnitskaya, WWG1WGA, Q is everywhere, Q/V, 2202 minutes to cover Collusion Hoax, God is with us
02/16/19 #2726-2737 FReeQ photos, MK Ultra, Soros, POTUS speech, National Emergency, possible FFs, actual FFs, lynching, McCabe & 25th amendment, 7 people, Assassination attempt, brave patriot, McCabe & RR, BORDER OPEN, McCabe & BHO, THAAD, F-15, RBG, border security bill, be careful who you follow
02/15/19 #2706-2725 bagster still trying to make Nips happen, election fraud, Bronfman/Rothschild, spending bill, national emergency, the Wall, McCabe sings, 25th amendment, Derp Dance, surveillance photos, tracking, Nat Sec compliant, targets know, memes important, WaPoo + Amazon = Bezos + CIA, RM, Barr, 3:14, Great (Re)Awakening, pain, traitors, DOJ conspired, Phase 3, Panic, Clinton "public" health will deteriorate
02/14/19 #2697-2705 House of Chan, MSM, El Chapo, cartels, Weiner laptop - FBI - HRC, HRC emails, never again, Q & POTUS synch, spelling errors - NOT
02/12/19 #2689-2696 El Paso rally, PP, Russia, Bergdahl story, blue counties correlate with illegals, election fraud, voter ID, fake news, AS leaking and lying, FBI corruption - spy gate - Clinton email "investigation", AS gets pwned by Q - bigtime, more on AS leaks - FISA, Q towel lady, POTUS talks Q, here to the end, never alone
02/11/19 #2682-2688 War summary, 5:5, LA raid, Joy Villa, projection, prosecution, transparency, MSM control of population, YellowVests, reason for border wall fight, Reagan speech on limited government, PP, anti-Q propaganda
02/10/19 #2676-2681 SOTU, stealth bombers, Whitaker, optics, "We never left", more fake news, mission countdown, blockade end, RBG?
02/02/19 #2674-2675 DECLAS update, homobama, Northam, PP-Dems-late term abortion
01/14/19 #2672-2673 cows, Syria, Mockingbird, crying wolf, World Bank, Kim to China, dossier death, Skripal, Russians, legal removal of Congressvermin, fake news and nonthinkers
01/11/19 #2668-2671 call your congressvermin, fund the Wall, Scott Israel suspended, Flynn, RR, billboards (thanks Wneighbor), FEMA funds, POTUS at presser, LP transcripts, Q proof, BOOMs, Senior US Official in China, RBG, next SCOTUS nominee
01/08/19 #2664-2667 RBG, MK Ultra, Fake News, Trump tweets, FAKEWOOD, RBG again
01/07/19 #2653-2662 Congress back, Benghazi, Camp David, foreign aid, RBG, Flexible Acting Cabinet Heads, Active FISA warrants, national emergency, illegal surveillance, Fake news, FAKEWOOD, Dershowitz, Haberman comms, Comey, MKUltra
01/06/19 #2647-2652 2018, U1, Steele dossier, POTUS presser, Flynn, Brennan and Clapper, Schiff leaks, Mueller, 2 days ahead of schedule, Fake News Media not covering Yellow Vests, globalism vs. sovereignty, Posse Comitatus, Follow the Watch, Haberman, outmaneuver, WW corruption
12/23/18 #2641-2642 ISIS, 16 year plan, Mairdie productions - FLOTUS, Russian bots, latest EO, UK ship to Black Sea, border security speeches by Dems, hypocrisy
12/22/18 #2639-2640 Thank you, Jim Robinson!, US gov closed, Senate dithers, the Wall, WH Christmas, Grand Rapids sealed warrants, NXIVM, Yellow Vest Portugal, fake news traitors to US, ISIS, Hussein military purge
12/21/18 #2630-2638 no trolls!, POTUS & FLOTUS, WW, GoFundMe Wall, Mattis, Weiner, Borat, Yellow Vest Canada, Flynn, the *dossier*, Ryan, Oval Office flags, Wray 56 FBI Field Offices, No Name, Whitaker will not recuse, fake Russian bots, Alice & MH, key departures, Syria
12/20/18 #2626-2629 Flynn, McSally, Kavanaugh, South Pole, military will build the WALL, gilets jaune et bleu, ticking clock, fake news attacks Q, mission statement, [D] Day
12/13/18 #2590-2615 Q Q&A, caravan extortion, 221K on, Cohen sentenced to 36 months, wall, the Chuck & Nancy show, Flynn, Cardinal Pell, Gingerbread Elevator, T&Q, Red Castle Green Castle, odds, Elf on the Shelf, Trump may Trump May or May may trump Trump, taped stocking, Santa hammer, Pepe, Whistleblowers, CF hearing, another Huber?, Seth dead, JFK jr dead, envelope contents, post-Trump plan, voter ID, Snowden, JA, stress test fails, Black Eye, Melania Interview, gold, GOOG, CA fraud, Breaking News: Earth is not flat, 3 detention centers, Wizards & Warlocks
12/12/18 #2579-2589 person of the year, Stormy, the Wall, border security, Nate Cain, red castle green castle, unexpectedly open to reporters WH meeting, military tribunals, impeachment rules, Levin, FF in France, CF - fake dossier - FISA - U1 - sealed indictments, Google - Dragonfly, GOOG execs dumped shares
12/11/18 #2567-2578 100th Edition, Adam Schiff, Yellow Vests, Brexit, Flynn, Hannity/Sara Carter, FReeQville, backchannel comms, Podesta, MEGA, Treason/Brennan, Q proofs, Dark to Light, the Fed, Samantha Power, Whistleblower raid
12/10/18 #2566 Comey transcript, anti-Trump trolls, yellow vests, South Pole, WW Q!
12/08/18 #2562-2565 POTUS tweets, DS, Comey, Q proof, CF investigation complete, MDA analytics, Q+, Operators are ACTIVE, MSM still asleep?
12/07/18 #2560-2561 Swordy/LexiQon is back!, passing notes at funerals, borders and boarders, UN migration pact, Q proofs, ballot harvesting, Huawei, Flynn/Mueller, CF investigation
12/06/18 #2552-2559 Barbara Flynn, dog stories/comms, first DOJ indictments unsealed, PGE / fires, Mueller memo, Priestap, POTUS/FLOTUS not participating in evil, D13, SCIF meetings, loss of control, XMAS DECLAS, hollow brass, Russia / projection
12/05/18 #2548-2551 NRCC emails hacked, Priestap, Flynn, Barbara Flynn, trolls
12/04/18 #2537-2547 move countermove: D5 Dead Prez, yellow vests, Trump/Bannon, D5 Odds, leaks, transparency, Cancelled Hearings, Great Awakening, Watch Hannity, canceled guests, White Squall, Florida Deputy Broward County
12/03/18 #2523-2536 GHWB still dead, Guantanamo, Huber FISA(S), RR/POTUS AF1 meeting, Berlin, yellow vests, 11.11.18, new CLAS tech [online], WWG1WGA, France, MSM lack of EU riot reporting, dark to light, Nothing can stop what is coming, Fake news, WW Q, patriot singer
12/01/18 #2505-2522 GHWB dead, Huber leak, Hannity, Comey, [y], Mueller, U1, Pence pic with Q, Players: 8, China, WaPoo continues to attack Q, also CNN, Comey's dead dog
11/30/18 #2503-2504 GM, Ukraine, nukes, Mississippi rally, laser dots, HRC lobby, lock-lock-locked and loaded, sentences
11/26/18 #2499-2502 EU, JA, Ukraine, Title IX, Sally Quinn, BORDER, CF-D%-Huber-email-Haberman-Panic, Corsi-fake patriots, Whitaker DECLAS, Christmas schedule, BORDER - POTUS authority - House
11/21/18 #2494-2498 Can't stop what's coming, D5, Flynn, Grassley, Whitaker, Panic in DC, FBI -3, DOJ - 1, Ivanka email
11/13/18 #2477-2493 11.11, USSS 'stay' alerts, DECAS DECLAS, election fraud, God bless our Vets, placeholder, Fake blue wave news, Trump and Q top 2 attacks by fake news, AZ corruption, 53-47
11/11/18 #2467-2476 Corsi, Kashoggi, Macron, CA fires, Scaramucci, election fraud, WH leaks, Broward County derp activity, USMC, Veteran's Day, sheep, Q trolls the trolls, derp comms
11/10/18 #2461-2466 post-election, recounts, CA fires, refugees, Palantir, attacks on Q, PAIN, shadow players, leaks, voter ID, Patriot vs. Traitor
11/09/18 #2444-2460 Sessions out, Acosta out, Maddow still a psycho, success holding the Senate - what we wanted, Senate investigations, brave new world, Gowdy and Goodlatte, Sessions, trolls and shills, Whitaker, Cohen-Watnick, Red October, DECLAS, martial law and posse comitatus
11/06/18 #2418-2436 VOTE! FIGHT!, Election Day, black voters, Reagan landslide, assorted links, caravan, Missouri rally, Amazing Grace, fake news - rigged polls, POTUS dial-in telecon, POTUS points 3 times - BOOM!, POTUS makes 'Air Q', VOTE!, Podesta brothers indictment, fake news attacks on Q, Papadopoulos and death threats, California Q Patriots, Patriots have no skin color, Amen Patriot, Hoseranon in Canada, VOTE! and MEME!, VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!
11/05/18 #2401-2416 midterms, clown comms, Papadopoulos, Tennessee rally, info warfare, Eyes On VIP Patriots, VOTE! FIGHT!, GA Dems investigated for cyber crimes, Q sees Q people - lots of them, election fraud
11/04/18 #2396-2400 FL rally, Dem Panic, DJT treasure, Mairdie Meme Extravaganza!, Soros - State Department, communism, POTUS - Putin, midterms, stealth bomber, tax theft by Dems via Planned Parenthood, racism, VIP Patriot
11/03/18 #2386-2395 TWO (2!) rallies, immigration, MSM attacks on Q, memes, Hatch Act, The TRUTH will set you FREE, voting patterns, false accusations, MS-13/ISIS
11/02/18 #2382-2385 Q returns!, red screens, voting, caravan, Project Veritas, Missouri rally, Stay Together, reread drops, Hatch Act, bypass the media, Power Shall Be Returned to the People, Q proof
10/10/18 #2376-2380 Iowa rally, corn, K wrap-up, Haley, Yates, RR, DiFiChiSpy, ethanol, 3 Chinese cities, RR, slow justice
10/09/18 #2366-2375 Walmart, NWO, [RR], baiting POTUS fails, D playbook, already calls for K impeachment, DECLAS, Soros dirty money from taxpayers, Nunes, DiFiChiSpy, Social media hackery and lies, more DECLAS, more on Google data breach, [Yates]
10/08/18 #2361-2365 K, echo chamber, Twitter Purge, street brawl, DS hit job on helicopter pilot, wet pants, Reagan quote, Nunes, ValJar, Clinton Foundation [ ], Pompeo - NK
10/07/18 #2353-2360 K confirmed!, Death threats, Issa, #Walkaway - homophobia is ok if you're a liberal, New Narrative, Congrats Justice K!, Celebrate Patriots!, D Midterm Playbook, NP smear, Fake News
10/06/18 #2344-2351 anti-Q nuts, K vote today!, critical path, China, DiFiChiSpy phone present, DECLAS coming, the Q will be answered, RED OCTOBER, new Russian sub, Russia Russia Russia, sub sub sub, Pence speech, 4 BOOMs
10/01/18 #2299-2300 K, New NAFTA deal, tribunals, Red October, R - D - meaning?
09/30/18 #2296-2298 Hatch to Wray, 2 front doors, Grassley, HPSCI, K, Trump WV rally, conspiracy theory, RED OCTOBER, social media blackout, who's on (the plane) first?
09/29/18 #2295 lexiQon, committee vote on K, Ds Midterm Playbook, BAIT
09/28/18 #2275-2294 K, doxxing Rs, [DiFi], Ds, DiFi-Murkowski, SCOTUS security, Trump tweets - lying liars and their lies, photog or attorney, Red October, Red Tsunami, 11.11, warning from a teeny tiny resistance, D5 45, Graham on fire, Panic in DC, Hive Mind, Ryan - DECLAS, Graham - K - tribunals
09/25/18 #2274 K, RR, 0vomits both campaigning - PANIC
09/24/18 #2272-2273 K, font issues, FISA, Notables, baiting POTUS: fail, Trust Grassley
09/22/18 #2226-2246 LV rally, Project Veritas video 3, Mueller, EOs, Nominations, cyber security, Flynn, Downer, SCOTUS - Ohr - Brennan - Clapper, planned protests, the Nasty Woman, Baker-Comey-panic, Q proofs, Baker turned, more Q visibility, 10s of millions in the Q army, USMC, K first then RR, the Greatest MI Op of All Time, Sara Carter - FBI memos, Rally - Be vigilant, Allies don't want FISA DECLAS!, VIP anon, DS panic intensifies
09/19/18 #2205-2209 troll infestation, unrecusal?, McCabe & Strzok, Project Veritas, strangeness regarding Kavanaugh accuser, more panic in DC, memes are uncensored, Holder and Swalwell, Schiff, 0vomit EO, Horowitz, Goodbye Mr. Rosenstein
09/18/18 #2187-2204 September Qth, the PANIC edition, POTUS orders Declassificaton, Launch the Memes, Anons are smart, Cooperating Witnesses, WWG1WGA, stick to the Q threads, Goodbye RR and RM, Activate ]Sessions[, Q traffic stats, D's trying to negotiate - Bwahahahaha, Blackmail, Attacks on POTUS, Lynch talking, Sessions and Huber meetings, Unrecused!
09/17/18 #2177-2186 Kavanaugh, Adm. Rogers and NSA, Flynn, Renegade, Russia hoax, Nunes, Q proof, 911 Q proof, FB AI meme screen, John Solomon no proof, FB lacks NSA tech, EBS test on Thursday
09/16/18 #2171-2176 legal stuff, audits, O'Keefe, fires in MA, Podesta, LOCK THEM ALL UP, Presidential Alert, Q people, Flynn, Panic in DC, DECLAS
09/14/18 #2164-2170 Kavanaugh, NYPD corruption, DS panic, Reddit ban on Q, Fager fired, 8ch comms, POTUS draining swamp, Big Tech Antitrust
09/07/18 #2096-2104 Kavanaugh hearing, Sarah Sanders vs. NYT (Sarah wins), DECLAS pressure, NWO, Montana rally, Fed prosecutors have been using GJ for months, 1/Billion, NEAS test, attacks on Q, AJ, Corsi subpoena, Panic on the left, VIP patriots
09/06/18 #2086-2095 Q aggregator sites down, paid protestors, NYT "op-ed", sleeper cells, Microchip - Posobiec, Fox crash, S&B, plane quarantine, Dorsey testimony, Clinton Cash, Kasich freudian slip?, Mad Max and Uranium 1, sHitlery + tweet storm = ?, Corsi subpoena, bagster out of fat jokes, DECLAS, LOAC, Graham/Kavanaugh primer on criminal/military law, TREASON?, Trust the Plan
09/05/18 #2076-2085 Alex Podesta, Huma - Graham, Kyl, HRC ghostwritten twitter - talking points - Kavanaugh, Rahm, Sarsour - no name - terrorism, satanic cross - Clintoons, @Jack, shadow banning, DECLAS, HRC and DJT play football
09/04/18 #2066-2075 H in Hanoi, POTUS cancels Labor Day Trip, funeralpalooza, LexiQon on NR, DECLAS - House and Senate in SESSION, Pepe - Here it Comes - Sessions, blasts in Syria, DOJ scorecard, FF? - bad news about to break for (them), Clickbait vs. the Plan, news: Trump blasts Sessions, FB outage, NP: Nick Pickles, compromised home email
09/03/18 #2056-2065 JA and associate, Iran - Soros ties, Derps and apps, more on white rabbits, HA - LG incident at funeral with a sideshow of HK - Mattis and Kelly aware, Ezra Cohen-Watnick, Derp Lieu, DARPA, DARPA and tech, DARPA and control, Operation Specialists, ST6, Magic Sword
09/02/18 #2052-2055 no name week, Syria, white rabbit, POTUS - National Preparedness Month, C_A is EVERYWHERE, Derps - Cone of Silence
09/01/18 #2026-2051 satellite takedown, Utah, fake polls in the fake news, Trust Sessions, Mueller team, Huber, Congress in session on Tuesday, bullet train, CA budget and corruption, VOTE, the world, no FISA hearings on C. Page, Judge Collier, Justice Roberts, LL, Special Approval, Derps running for Congress, Sessions - watching and waiting, Hatter, Marty Torrey, pervs, wonderful military video
08/31/18 #1996-2025 Trump rally, fake polls, spooks are spooked, N. Ohr, Gohmert - Huber, Snowden2, 7 Dwarves, Austria, CORONA, BIG BIRD-9, DDoS, GCHQ Bude, Horizon, lack of charts on Q thread
08/30/18 #1981-1995 secret pardons, HRC server - China access, QAnon search results, testimony pattern, Kortan and Priestap, Huber - Ohr, Ugoretz, #StopTheBias, Gohmert press release, wedding music
08/30/18 #1961-1980 Seattle missile - ordnance, Rouhani, NM terror camp, China - CIA - HRC, China - Feinstein, Barsoomian, Payseur, military plane crashes, treason, Hannity - Ohr, Huber, Trump tweets, Huma Weiner, mathematics of justice, PDB
08/30/18 #1941-1960 FISA, Iran, PEOC, treason, QAnon deemed hate speech, GOOG, Rouhani, Iran payments, Pope, We the People, Iron Eagle, Antifa, history changes, China access to HRC server, We are part of history - Never before attempted
08/29/18 #1933-1940 funeralpalooza, Swordmaker's winning chart, HRC server China access, leaks and whistleblowers, Ohr and Ohr, clickbait, sheep no more, witch hunt, Mark Meadows tweet, treason pipeline and firewalls, HOOAH, Nazims & Antifa
08/27/18 #1932
*** NO NAME is DEAD ***
08/22/18 #1931 dossier, PDJT says "Q", CF conspiracy explained
08/21/18 #1930 the FED, Brennan, Jenny Moore aka "Task Force", Bowser and Brazille at hospital with Seth Rich, Comey untethered
08/20/18 #1925-1929 LiveFreeOrDie2001 gets engaged. Congrats!, SR & hospital visits by Brazile & Bowser, Derp State psych impairment, prison plan, 3 movies, AG Sessions video
08/16/18 #1905-1924 Xbox, Snowden, INSCOM, Comey, Derp State MSM attacks on Q, pervs in religion, Andrew Kauder, planes/bombs/emergency landings, BBC mocks Q, parade delay/timelines/budget
08/16/18 #1884-1904 Brennan clearance yanked, Bill Nelson (D-Liar), islands, WW trafficking shut down, Ephesians 6:10-18, Somalia, Yemen, Sara Carter, Combetta Gmail, JAIL, Firewall, HAM comms, other comms, NBC nothing but crap, CNN Cooper Zucker, G. Vanderbilt necklace, Podesta travel, pools
08/15/18 #1865-1883 AJ & InfoWars, NBC, Q has the ball - offense the whole time, Derps in full blown panic mode, DOJ plane in Arkansas, Seattle plane, billionaire islands, probabilities, [GEO-T], WL Podesta dump, 5000+/day, MOS, setups, Gmail drafts, Snowden, XKeyscore, PRISM, [SIRI]/FB/GOOG/Twitter/DARPA, Judge Backus, pedo priests, Haiti, Tim Ballard, NBC+BBC, inspirational vids
08/14/18 #1862-1864 PS fired, Netflix, Uma Thurman, defense bill, Kerry whines, Jenny Moore aka "Task Force" RIP dear warrior, FBI vs. Antifa, unmasking law, Hannity/FoxNews/Roseanne, real collusion in TT meeting setup
08/13/18 #1855-1861 BOOM - NBC - tweets, Omarosa, the Streisand effect, threats against POTUS, WARNING: creepy stuff & satanic stuff, more Haiti
08/12/18 #1839-1854 stolen planes, MSM, JA, the humor of Bill Maher, BC & media consolidation, more plane stuff, missiles, IRON EAGLE, resignations, Maher going down, NBC panicked, Comet Ping Pong basement
08/11/18 link repair ORACLE SUPPLEMENTAL EDITION: update to fix broken link
08/11/18 #1831-1838 planes in Little Rock, HRC & Haiti, Nunes & voter ID, Cyber-kerfuffle attack on Q: Q lays trap - DS takes bait - Q catches Derpie - all is well in Qville
08/10/18 #1826-1830 coordinated MSM attack on Nunes, Comfy? SHOWTIME!, lots and lots of initials in a wiring diagram, plants, Clinton Foundation and human trafficking - BOOM
08/08/18 #1825 battling MSM propaganda, drama in FReeQville, the many loves of Bagster, a nod from JR
08/07/18 #1821-1824 FISA, DS propaganda, Ministry of Truth, US economic power
08/06/18 #1818-1820 Clinton uses/hates blacks, trip code update.
08/05/18 #1816-1817 Bagster eats crow on RR stance, FISA, FISA, FISA, "See something. Say something.", It's coming......
08/04/18 #1806-1815 MSM attack on Q, Amazon, WaPoo, FBI MYE personnel, FBI coverup, FBI/media graphic, so many sealed indictments!, decodes needed on DOJ info, reddit, successor server
08/03/18 #1795-1805 Q goes mainstream, PA rally, Crazy "Q lady", assassination attempt, DS/lib attempts to portray Q supporters as not just kooky but violent, election integrity
08/02/18 #1785-1794 Q is trending, Sarah Sanders Question, Reddit breach, FISA! : Pay attention to it!
07/31/18 #1774-1784 CNN sucks, Manafort/Mueller/[RR], #AskTheQ, **1776**, the Pen, #3000 breads, T. Podesta, what are fbi/cia hiding?, Q at rally / pic request, Q VIPs, pedo Steyer - post removal request, THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO CHANGE
07/31/18 #1762-1773 JA & Wikileaks, Schulte, Yay Autists/Anons/Patriots!, MSM & Q, pedos, more Avenatti, U-access, NCTC, CA fires
07/30/18 #1748-1761 Huber, reddit cheerleading, banning Q apps, Avenatti, buckle up!, FISA, [MSM], missile
07/28/18 #1741-1747 Antifa, P Srzok's wife MH/FB, list of progress, something BIG
07/27/18 #1719-1740 still more FB, Twitter, missiles, CBS, Trump jr. and Mueller, UK spy stuff, device tests
07/27/18 #1711-1718 more FB, Trust Sessions, RR?, optics, steganography, Colossians 3:5
07/24/18 #1693-1710 FB, BIG drop, RR, UK sabotage, EU deal, the Fed, PRAY
07/24/18 #1682-1692 DS PANIC, Q encouragement to patriots
07/13/18 NO Q Drops Strzok testimony, POTUS NATO visit, UK visit, Bagster freed
07/08/18 NO Q Drops Imperator Rex thread unroll
07/07/18 NO Q Drops new Oracle look; House supoena date passes; jobs report
07/05/18 #1681 July 4th; walking man; disinformation necessary
07/04/18 NO Q Drops errata: HK street address
07/04/18 NO Q Drops new look to top of thread
07/03/18 #1671-1680 Scott Schools resigns; Awan plea deal; AF1 distorted lamp;
07/03/18 #1670 Cohen/Daniels tie-in
07/03/18 #1666-1670 Michael Cohen; Five Eye; Nunes calling more testimony; "We have the server"; SS clearance
07/02/18 #1651-1665 Dems logo/1933 Germany; ICE; Gowdy; NSA deleting calls; Q being attacked; sealed indictments; Huber; investigation stages; Manchurian candidate
07/01/18 #1645-1650 POTUS_Schedule; Reagan speech; Trump speech; DOJ/FBI gone; No Name; Gowdy
06/29/18 #1617-1644 RR; newspaper shooting; MK ultra; Q coming out; House supoena; ND rally Q shirt; Obamas join Netflex; JA; MZ; CIA Mockingbird; Freemasons; General Kelly; Jason Bourne; security test; violence against Trump supporters; forcing the question
06/28/18 NO Q Drops SA/Germany/Iran
06/28/18 #1602-1616 Justice Kennedy retiring; SC on union dues; Bolton/Putin; Iran revolution; Peter Strzok transcript; Dems for impeachment; ND Trump rally; Hillary associate arrested
06/27/18 #1588-1601 Travel ban upheld; Curt Schilling for Q; Jet Blue wrong code; DOJ texts undisclosed; threats; SA; JA; plane photo seen from car; Wikileaks; chatter
06/26/18 #1587 The Red Hen; Jim Jordan; Rainere/Nxyum; SC Trump rally; Forthcoming
06/23/18 #1587 MN Trump rally; Melania coat; Tom Arnold anti-Trump; Charles Krauthamer dies; George Will anti-Republican; separated children; No Name associate joins Mueller
06/21/18 #1570-1586 Peter Fonda; False flag prevented; child separation; IDEN; Sheila Jackson-Lee; 302s; FBI whistleblowers; Russia standdown; promises proofs' EE; Q tshirt; future riots
06/19/18 #1545-1556 Horowitz/Wray Senate hearing; Comey; Eric Schmidt; Clapper; Obama/Kim phone; Amanda Renteria; Russia start date; Huber/Sessions; No Name; tarmac meeting
06/18/18 #1520-1544 Peter Strzok; House/DOJ/FBI docs; Google photos; Obama's couch friend; Congress asks IG drafts; Q spreading; pushback coming; Snopes; Ezra Cohen-Watnick; EU/Iran about money
06/16/18 #1500-1519 Trump/Doocy interview; Manafort imprisoned; Google photos; Gmails; Trump strolls; proofs coming; Obama couch friend; IG/CF children; reporters/DNC; resignations
06/15/18 #1499 Trump Foundation lawsuit; plane and people in car; Q Clock; Trump tweet on IG; Vacancies Reform Act
06/14/18 #1490-1497 Chelsea Clinton; castle; missile; Iranian resistance; Dems hacking voting; Declaration; IG variants; plane and people in car
06/13/18 #1465-1489 NK; Rodman/NK; Obama/Kim no call; Eric Schmidt; info release/RR; Jim Acosta; plane; blue metal; possible missile; submarine; Kashyap Patel; Paul Ryan; Q proofs; MSM attacks coming
06/12/18 #1449-1464 NK Summit; Kim at hotel previously pictured by Q; declassifying EO put on ice; Iran deal about money; earlier S/P texts; London pictures; RR; not Q setting dates for things to happen; JA
06/11/18 #1441-1448 debunked Paul Ryan/tarmac story; original Singapore pictures; Blackwater; RR; track suicides
06/09/18 NO Q Drops 3 suicides; Tucson camp; IG Report
06/04/18 #1440 Goodlette hearing for June 11th; human trafficking possible in Tucson; week to remember
05/30/18 NO Q Drops Gowdy praises FBI spies; Roseanne Barr tweet
05/29/18 NO Q Drops SA cancels German contracts; Ted Cruz
05/28/18 NO Q Drops NK Peace planning
05/27/18 NO Q Drops EO re terminating employees; SES; President can initiate surveillance; prior Q post modification
05/25/18 NO Q Drops Trump cancels NK meet; Trump pardons boxer Johnson; Congress wants DOJ docs; Priestap to testify
05/17/18 #1380-1396 IG Report being reviewed; Follow the Pen; PS in London Operation Hurricane; SIS; EO release must be requested; Huber; Reagan speech; sealed indictments; Schneiderman; pickle factory; gun smuggling
05/14/18 [#1360] Money to Iran; Huma Abedin
05/13/18 #1339-1357 Bribes to get Iran deal; Q profiteers; resignations/Iran deal; National Security; Fed judges
05/12/18 #1337-1338 SpaceX rocket; Stefan Halper/Brennan; profiteering
05/07/18 NO Q Drops DOJ documents; No Name; RBG; Iran; Sessions
05/05/18 NO Q Drops analysis of Q photos
05/03/18 #1308-1310 Trump reimbursed Cohen; Syria; Nobel Prize; Kanye West; Jet Blue plane; Hong Kong building; wrapped pallet
05/01/18 #1298
Syrian missile strikes; Operation Iron Eagle18; U1; Q tweaking Mueller's group; Middle East event; No Name; Lindsey now with Trump; EU pressure for Iran
04/29/18 [#1292-1294] Mueller/Comey; NK Peace; Moonchild; MI Trump rally; No Name phone poker; Q acknowledges troll; ND rally Q shirt
04/28/18 #1285-1291 #1284-1280 Flynn; Mueller; JA; Sessions/!G/Huber; white hats or black hats? Cohen/Daniels; resignations; NK MOAB