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  • Astronomers shocked to 'discover the impossible' from James Webb Space Telescope images: 'I nearly spit out my coffee'

    02/25/2023 11:25:03 AM PST · by Twotone · 90 replies
    The Blaze ^ | February 23, 2023 | Carlos Garcia
    Scientists say that images from the James Webb Space Telescope may change how they understand the origins of the universe after they discovered "the impossible." The findings were published in the journal "Nature" on Wednesday. Astronomers expected to find "tiny, young, baby galaxies" from the cosmic history documented in the images, but they found something else entirely. The study's lead author, Ivo Labbé, explained how shocked he was when he realized what the images meant. "Little did I know that among the pictures is a small red dot that will shake up our understanding of how the first galaxies formed...
  • Good News! Webb is Fully Operational Again

    02/05/2023 12:20:32 AM PST · by LibWhacker · 16 replies
    Universe Today ^ | 2/02/2023 | Nancy Atkinson
    The James Webb Space Telescope is back to full science operations. One of the telescope’s instruments, the Near Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph (NIRISS) had been offline since January 15 due to a communications error. But engineers worked through the problem and were able to return the instrument to full operations. “NASA and CSA [Canadian Space Agency] partnered to approach the problem as technically possible, using a detailed consideration of all areas of operation of the instrument,” said Julie Van Campen, Webb Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM) systems engineer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, in a blog post update....
  • Scientists Reveal The Most Distant Galaxy We've Ever Found

    01/30/2023 10:51:14 AM PST · by Red Badger · 49 replies
    Science Alert ^ | 28 January 2023 | By MICHELLE STARR
    Distant Galaxy The image of the most distant galaxy, GHZ2/GLASS-z12. (NASA/ESA/CSA/T. Treu, UCLA/NAOJ/T. Bakx, Nagoya U) A galaxy whose light has traveled nearly 13.5 billion years to reach us has just been confirmed as the earliest galaxy found to date. By studying the oxygen content of the galaxy with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), astronomers have precisely dated it to just 367 million years after the Big Bang, a time when the first lights in the Universe were still switching on and starting to propagate freely through space. The result confirms observations made by JWST, and offers new information...
  • New Video of Ray Epps on Jan 6 Uncovered by Jason Goodman at “Crowdsource the Truth” – Epps Brushes Past Another Man Making Hand Signals

    11/24/2022 5:46:48 PM PST · by bitt · 23 replies
    GATEWAY PUNDIT ^ | 11/24/2022 | larry johnson
    Jason Goodman at Crowdsource the Truth was in D.C. on January 6, 2021 and inadvertently filmed Ray Epps, who is widely suspected of being an FBI informant. Jason’s new video material and photos appear below. Why is Epps believed to be an FBI informant? Epps appeared on video inciting Trump supporters to storm the Capitol and assaulting a police officer, yet he was never arrested and charged. Quite a contrast with more than a hundred Trump supporters who were arrested for merely walking into the Capitol. For readers outside the United States, I want to ensure you understand the expression,...
  • How a conspiracy theory closed part of a major US seaport

    06/19/2017 1:28:06 AM PDT · by blueplum · 31 replies
    CNN Money ^ | 16 June 2017 | Donie O'Sullivan  
    The theory: a cargo ship with a "dirty bomb" was just outside of Charleston, South Carolina. The notion came to life during a live YouTube broadcast Wednesday evening. During the broadcast, conspiracy theorist George Webb initially claimed a "source" had told him that there was "a dirty bomb planned for a major city." Based on the information from the "source," Webb said he believed Memphis might be the target. The Coast Guard said in a further statement provided to CNN that the source of the threat had been detained by authorities for further questioning. The statement did not mention Webb's...
  • Feds investigate possible dirty bomb in Charleston

    06/14/2017 10:02:33 PM PDT · by Texas Colonel · 184 replies ^ | 14 June 2017 | Texas Colonel
    MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Officials with the Coast Guard say federal and state authorities are continuing to investigate a potential threat which was reported at the Wando Terminal Wednesday night. Coast Guard officials say the FBI is investigating a report of a "dirty bomb" aboard a vessel.

    08/30/2022 3:45:27 PM PDT · by aimhigh · 153 replies
    The Byte ^ | 08/30/2022 | MAGGIE HARRISON
    Over the past several weeks, NASA's ultra-powerful James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has allowed humankind some unprecedented glimpses into the farthest reaches of our universe. And unsurprisingly, some of these dazzling new observations have raised more questions than they've answered.For a long time, for instance, scientists believed the universe's earliest, oldest galaxies to be small, slightly chaotic, and misshapen systems. But according to the Washington Post, JWST-captured imagery has revealed those galaxies to be shockingly massive, not to mention balanced and well-formed — a finding that challenges, and will likely rewrite, long-held understandings about the origins of our universe. "The...
  • James Webb telescope appears to picture wormhole in 'Phantom Galaxy'

    07/23/2022 1:35:21 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 29 replies
    UPI ^ | 7/22/2022 | Pedro Oliveira Jr.
    July 22 (UPI) -- NASA's latest deep-space telescope continues to shock astronomers and amateurs with jaw-dropping new images captured from the outer reaches of the cosmos. The James Webb Space Telescope appears to have pictured a wormhole spinning in the "Phantom Galaxy," a place whose very center scientists believe may contain a black hole. "I've been doing this for 10 years now, and [Webb] data is new, different and exciting," Judy Schmidt, who processed raw data from NASA into a stunning photo of the Phantom Galaxy, told "Of course I'm going to make something with it." The latest images...
  • Can I process the JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) data better than NASA?

    07/20/2022 5:05:17 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 6 replies
    YouTube ^ | 7/13/2022 | Nebula Photos
    Hey, Freepers, tired of waiting for the next official release of a scanty few number of official Webb Telescope images from NASA? You don't have to wait. You can learn how to do it yourself; that is, how to create finished images from the raw data that are pouring out of NASA, hour by hour, as we speak. Then you, and we, won't have to wait another week for a paltry few number of official jaw-dropping images. Here's a comment I found on Reddit that'll help you understand what is going on so you can get started. "It's complicated, because...
  • NASA: Micrometeoroid Causes Significant Uncorrectable Damage To James Webb Space Telescope.

    07/20/2022 9:26:50 AM PDT · by C210N · 72 replies
    THE STANDEFORD JOURNAL ^ | 7/20/22 | Donald Standeford
  • Senior Project Scientist John Mather Reflects on Journey to Webb’s First Images

    07/15/2022 8:21:32 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 5 replies
    NASA ^ | 7/15/2022 | Thaddeus Cesari
    Senior Project Scientist John Mather Reflects on Journey to Webb’s First ImagesPeople around the world joined together in excitement as the first color scientific images and spectra from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope were revealed this week. Webb is fully commissioned and already embarked on its first year of peer-reviewed science programs. We asked Webb senior project scientist John Mather to reflect on reaching this moment after 25 years, taking Webb from an initial spark of an idea to the world’s premier space observatory.Credit: NASA/Taylor Mickal “It was worth the wait! Our immense golden telescope is seeing where none have...
  • James Webb Space Telescope is about to beam us monster amounts of cosmic data

    07/15/2022 12:31:45 AM PDT · by LibWhacker · 41 replies
    Popular Science ^ | 7/13/2022 | TATYANA WOODALL
    Expect JWST to release more information faster than its predecessor telescopes.Our tiny corner of the cosmos has just gotten bigger, brighter, and bolder, and it’s all thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST). NASA just dropped some of the most high-definition images of the universe ever taken. Although the telescope began science operations merely six months ago, its first batch—including five neighboring galaxies called Stephan’s Quintet and the Carina Nebula, a gaseous expanse where stars are born—are among the most stunning celestial pictures yet made. Inspiring wonder in space-lovers around the world is harder than it looks. A lot...
  • Webb begins hunt for the first stars and habitable worlds

    07/14/2022 4:05:41 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 55 replies ^ | 7/14/2022 | Issam Ahmed, Lucie Aubourg
    Graphic on the different types of "exoplanets" which the new James Webb telescope will be investigating to determine the composition of their atmospheres and the presence of water. The first stunning images from the James Webb Space Telescope were revealed this week, but its journey of cosmic discovery has only just begun. Here is a look at two early projects that will take advantage of the orbiting observatory's powerful instruments. The first stars and galaxiesOne of the great promises of the telescope is its ability to study the earliest phase of cosmic history, shortly after the Big Bang 13.8...
  • The Webb Team Just Stealthily Dropped a Picture of Jupiter, And We Can't Stop Staring

    07/13/2022 9:00:43 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 77 replies ^ | SCIENCE ALERT STAFF - 13 JULY 2022
    (NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI) This morning we were in a frenzy over a sneaky side-glimpse of a galaxy revealed in the first full-color James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) images. But if you thought that was wild, then wait for this: it turns out JWST has also dropped some stealthy images of Jupiter! And they're ridiculously beautiful. These images, taken while JWST was being tested, were provided in the JWST commissioning report. umm who else saw this in the commissioning report document?? 😍😍😍😍🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 — Erin M. May, PhD (@_astronomay) July 12, 2022 The images, which you can see in...
  • Biden to unveil first photo from James Webb Space Telescope

    07/10/2022 11:21:42 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 38 replies
    NBC News ^ | 7/10/2022 | Denise Chow
    President Joe Biden will unveil the much-anticipated first full-color image from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope on Monday, agency officials confirmed. The image, known as “Webb’s First Deep Field,” will be the deepest and highest-resolution view of the universe ever captured. Biden is scheduled to release it on Monday. President Joe Biden will unveil the much-anticipated first full-color image from NASA's James Webb Space Telescope on Monday, agency officials confirmed. The image, known as "Webb's First Deep Field," will be the deepest and highest-resolution view of the universe ever captured, showing myriad galaxies as they appeared up to 13 billion...
  • NASA Shares the 5 Cosmic Targets of James Webb’s First Photos

    07/08/2022 1:18:14 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 27 replies ^ | JULY 8, 2022 | JARON SCHNEIDER
    NASA Shares the 5 Cosmic Targets of James Webb’s First Photos JUL 08, 2022 JARON SCHNEIDER James Webb Space Telescope NASA as revealed the cosmic objects that will be shown when it releases the first full-color photos captured by the James Webb Space Telescope on July 12. The space agency says that the five targets listed below represent the first wave of full-color scientific images and spectra that the James Webb Space Telescope has gathered and will mark the official beginning of the observatory’s general science operations. The James Webb Space Telescope is the world’s premier space science observatory. Webb...
  • NASA Updates Coverage for Webb Telescope’s First Images Reveal

    07/08/2022 10:41:56 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 20 replies
    NASA ^ | Jul 7, 2022 | NASA - MEDIA ADVISORY M22-096
    This illustration depicts NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope – the largest, most powerful, and most complex space science telescope ever built – fully unfolded in space. This illustration depicts NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope – the largest, most powerful, and most complex space science telescope ever built – fully unfolded in space. The telescope’s first full-color images and spectroscopic data will demonstrate Webb at its full power, ready to begin its mission to unfold the infrared universe. Credits: NASA/Adriana Manrique Gutierrez NASA, in partnership with ESA (European Space Agency) and CSA (Canadian Space Agency), will release the James Webb Space...
  • Next Week, Webb Will Make History. The Teaser Image Is Already Breaking Our Brains

    07/08/2022 7:05:23 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 36 replies ^ | 8 JULY 2022 | Staff & NASA
    NASA has a provided a tantalizing teaser photo ahead of the highly-anticipated release next week of the first deep-space images from the James Webb Telescope – an instrument so powerful it can peer back into the origins of the Universe. An engineering test image. (NASA, CSA, and FGS team) The US$10 billion observatory – launched in December last year and now orbiting the Sun a million miles (1.5 million kilometers) away from Earth – can look where no telescope has looked before thanks to its enormous primary mirror and instruments that focus on infrared, allowing it to peer through dust...
  • Webb’s Fine Guidance Sensor Provides a Preview

    07/07/2022 1:01:20 AM PDT · by LibWhacker · 1 replies
    James Webb Space Telescope ^ | 7/6/2022 | Thaddeus Cesari, Patrick Lynch, Goddard
    Webb’s Fine Guidance Sensor Provides a PreviewWe are less than one week away from the release of the first full-color images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, but how does the observatory find and lock onto its targets? Webb’s Fine Guidance Sensor (FGS) – developed by the Canadian Space Agency – was designed with this particular question in mind. Recently it captured a view of stars and galaxies that provides a tantalizing glimpse at what the telescope’s science instruments will reveal in the coming weeks, months, and years. FGS has always been capable of capturing imagery, but its primary...
  • Evidence of farming on exoplanets should be visible to James Webb Space Telescope

    07/04/2022 2:52:16 AM PDT · by LibWhacker · 33 replies
    The Physics arXiv Blog ^ | 4/20/2022 |
    Industrial-scale agriculture has changed the make up of our atmosphere. So "exofarms" ought to be visible on Earth-like planets orbiting other stars. One of the key developments separating modern civilization from the hunter gatherer societies of the past is the invention of farming, which took place about 10,000 years ago. This began with the cultivation of wild plants and the domestication of various animals for dairy products and meat. The big advantage of farming is that it sustains a much larger population than hunting and gathering. This led to the emergence of cities, the sharing of natural resources and of...