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UFO's (Bloggers & Personal)

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  • UFO shows up during Queen's jubilee celebrations

    06/07/2022 7:29:38 PM PDT · by Macho MAGA Man · 62 replies
    Unexplained Mysteries ^ | June 6, 2022 | Unexplained Mysteries
    An unidentified object was picked up on camera during this weekend's celebrations of the platinum jubilee. As the UK united in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's 70 years on the throne, eagle-eyed viewers of the jubilee celebrations spotted something unusual in the TV coverage of the event. The anomalous sighting occurred following a flypast of several historic aircraft, just as the Red Arrows came into view leaving a trail of red, white and blue smoke behind them. Televised footage shows a white object, which first appears to the right of the jets, moving at considerable speed across the smoke towards...
  • UFO hearings reveal a disturbing discrepancy

    05/18/2022 6:48:57 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    American ^ | Robert Arvay
    A rather peculiar moment occurred during the Congressional hearings on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenal (UAPs, aka, UFOs) Tuesday (May 17). Congressman Mike Gallagher (R-Wis) asked a question about the 1967 Malmstrom Air Force Base incident, and got a rather astonishing, shall we call it, non-reply. Scott Bray, the deputy director of Naval Intelligence, responded that he knew nothing of the event, other than that it has received some publicity outside of official channels. Of course, we cannot expect that the foremost people leading the UAP investigations, especially at this initial stage, will know everything about every reported incident going back decades....
  • Star Trek Crew Beats Up ICE Agents, Frees Bus of Illegal Immigrants

    04/10/2022 12:19:03 PM PDT · by Macho MAGA Man · 99 replies
    Newsbusters ^ | April 9, 2022 | Kyle Drennen
    A couple recent episodes of the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Picard featured Starfleet crew members traveling back in time to present day to beat up U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, free a busload of illegal immigrants on their way to be deported, and lecture that racism just “took off a hood and put on a suit” in the early 21st Century. Traveling back to 2024 Earth to help save the future of humanity in season two, episode four of the show, titled The Watcher, the crew specifically heads to downtown Los Angeles to achieve their mission. After Captain...
  • Watch: New Official Trailer For ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ + New First Look Images Too

    04/05/2022 5:46:01 PM PDT · by Macho MAGA Man · 76 replies ^ | April 3, 2022 | Trekmovie Staff
    Paramount+ has provided the following synopsis: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is based on the years Captain Christopher Pike manned the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The all-new series will feature fan favorites from season two of Star Trek: Discovery, Anson Mount as Captain Christopher Pike, Rebecca Romijn as Number One and Ethan Peck as Science Officer Spock. The series will follow Captain Pike, Science Officer Spock and Number One in the years before Captain Kirk boarded the U.S.S. Enterprise, as they explore new worlds around the galaxy.
  • Nasa Scientist Describes Hunt For Alien Megastructures "[it’s] Essentially Any Artificial Structure Built By An Intelligent Civilization Perhaps For Energy Harvesting Purposes."

    02/02/2022 7:02:34 PM PST · by Roman_War_Criminal · 33 replies ^ | 1/10/22 | Troy Tran
    The truth is out there — or at least that’s what researchers at NASA and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) Institute are hoping. While much of the SETI Institute’s research involves scanning space for light and radio signals as indicators of extraterrestrial life, it’s also looking for bigger objects — and specifically alien megastructures. “[It’s] essentially any artificial structure built by an intelligent civilization perhaps for energy harvesting purposes,” Ann Marie Cody, a researcher scientist at NASA Ames and the SETI Institute, told Vice in a fascinating new interview. The method that Cody and her colleagues employ to try...
  • Uri Geller Says Aliens Will Eradicate Disease And Boost Human Life Span

    02/02/2022 6:45:23 PM PST · by Roman_War_Criminal · 49 replies ^ | 1/31/22 | Cameron Frew
    Aliens are coming to Earth, and they're going to eradicate all of our diseases and increase our lifespan, according to Uri Geller. The truth is out there, they say. Let's be real: it's naive to think we're the only intelligent life across the whole universe. Somewhere, across 10 billion lightyears and countless galaxies, there has to be... someone, something, right? Don't take my word for it: Geller, a self-proclaimed physicist most-famous for bending a spoon and clearly a reputable authority on extra-terrestrials, believes an alien invasion is 'imminent', and these 'superior' beings will share their knowledge with us lowly humans....
  • It Could Be Anything But It’s Probably Nothing

    11/27/2021 5:03:25 AM PST · by NOBO2012 · 36 replies
    MOTUS A.D. ^ | 11-27-21 | MOTUS
    With everything else on the planet to worry about I don’t know if this is worth keeping you up at night or not. But I pass it on so you can decide for yourself: Inexplicable Phenomena Spur Pentagon to Launch New UFO Investigation Force. It could be anything…The order came five months after a classified US intelligence report on possible alien UFOs came up inconclusive: it could explain some reported incidents but was unable to account for other phenomena, some filmed by pilots near military testing areas.Honestly, they are far more likely to be from, oh I don’t know, China...
  • SpaceX astronauts talk about Shatner’s rocket trip, potential Moon mission

    10/08/2021 5:08:18 PM PDT · by White Lives Matter · 50 replies
    Mystery Wire ^ | October 8, 2021 | Mystery Wire
    MYSTERY WIRE — NASA is preparing to launch its fourth crew of astronauts to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX Dragon capsule on October 30. The four crew members – three American and one German – have given their blessings to actor William Shatner, who will rocket into space next week — boldly going where no other sci-fi stars have gone before. Speaking ahead of their launch, the crew gave their best Vulcan salutes to space-bound actor William Shatner. Earlier this week, Jeff Bezos’ space travel company, Blue Origin, announced Captain Kirk himself will be rocketing into space from...
  • UAP Task Force directives passed by U.S. House Intelligence Committe

    10/05/2021 5:28:21 PM PDT · by White Lives Matter · 3 replies
    Mystery Wire ^ | October 5, 2021 | Duncan Phenix
    The U.S. House Intelligence Committee has approved the 2022 Intelligence Authorization Act that includes directives on the government and UAPs. In a news release put out by committee Chairman Adam Schiff, he writes “the bill is carrying a bicameral provision mandating intelligence sharing with the Department of Defense’s UAP task force.” Persistent Pursuit of Unexplained Aerial Phenomena. Following a bipartisan oversight hearing on Unexplained Aerial Phenomena, the bill is carrying a bicameral provision mandating intelligence sharing with the Department of Defense’s UAP task force. The provision will ensure that the task force will be able to fully draw on all...
  • Unearthed Recording Alleges that Einstein Was Enlisted to Examine Roswell Wreckage

    10/05/2021 1:08:30 PM PDT · by White Lives Matter · 90 replies
    Coast to Coast AM ^ | October 5, 2021 | Tim Binnall
    In a recently unearthed recording of an interview conducted nearly 30 years ago, a former assistant to Albert Einstein alleges that the famed scientist was enlisted to examine the Roswell wreckage, including the ET occupants of the downed craft. UFO researcher Anthony Bragalia uncovered the remarkable revelation when he tracked down ufologist Sheila Franklin, who interviewed Dr. Shirley Wright in 1993 about her time working with Einstein in the summer of 1947. As luck would have it, Franklin still had the tapes from her conversation with the former assistant and what she told the researcher was nothing short of stunning....
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind Parody Covid 19

    09/24/2021 7:01:58 PM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 8 replies
    A Parody of the Covid 19. Cover for something else.
  • Boom-like sounds associated with fireball over northern Virginia and eastern West Virginia, U.S.

    09/20/2021 5:16:39 AM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 11 replies ^ | 9/18/21 | TW
    There are many reports of 'boom-like' sounds associated with a couple of fireball sightings from northern Virginia around 14:30 UTC on September 17 (10:30 EDT). It's possible this event produced meteorites in the northern Virginia/eastern West Virginia area. The currently available data are insufficient to determine a trajectory, but a strong fireball-like signature shows up at 14:24 UTC in the GOES 16 Geostationary Lightning Mapper (GLM) data, permitting an estimation of the energy of this event.1 A comparison to a previous fireball with good ground and GLM data puts the brightness of this morning's meteor at magnitude -12, the same...
  • Metropolitan Diary: “A T-Bone Rides the 1” (FReeper Silly's latest NYT piece)

    09/05/2021 12:08:25 AM PDT · by Silly · 21 replies
    The New York Times ^ | August 22, 2021 | Paul Klenk
    Dear Diary: A T-bone steak was riding the uptown 1 train on the evening of July 5. I noticed this oddity when I boarded at 34th Street. The steak sat alone at the end of a row of orange seats: fresh, bright red and grocery-wrapped in plastic on a white, plastic foam tray. Passengers were fully distancing themselves, almost shunning this conspicuous item. (It looked fine, actually.) I broke the ice. “Look, a T-bone.” --snip--
  • Mystery Unidentified Aerial Vehicle Photographed In Daylight Flying Over The Philippines As Local Air Force Issues ‘scramble Order’ But Cannot Catch

    09/04/2021 11:31:53 AM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 43 replies
    nteb ^ | 9/4/21 | Geoffrey Grider
    We have had a lot of talk this year about UFOs, with sightings popping up all over the place, so much so that the United States created a task force to deal with it all. What was spotted today flying over the Philippines certainly could be a UFO from beyond earth, but it’s just as likely to be a trial run of a super-secret and very powerful stealth plane of the United States, Russia or China. Watching Joe Biden handle the Afghanistan situation is no doubt emboldening our enemies to a very high degree. “And he spake a parable unto...
  • From Corona to aliens… Can mankind be unified by an extra-terrestrial threat?

    07/12/2021 5:02:05 PM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 53 replies
    SS ^ | 7/12/21 | SS
    The reaction to Covid has shown that the ‘unity through crises’ model of the global ruling class has backfired. As talk of UFOs intensifies, are they now hoping that mankind can be unified by an extra-terrestrial threat? When enforced narratives fail, abrupt U-turns are inevitable. The global Ministry of Truth is now openly promoting the Wuhan lab leak theory when not savaging the darlings of yesteryear’s ‘coronapocalypse’. The ‘unity through crises’ model One such fall guy is the British mathematical epidemiologist Professor Neil Ferguson, whose Covid-19 contagion model paralleled the 3.5-hour pandemic simulation exercise called Event 201 in October 2019....
  • The UAP Report and the UAP Issue: (post by Chris Mellon, former Deputy Assistant Sec. of Def. for Intel)

    07/08/2021 10:58:27 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 12 replies ^ | Christopher Mellon
    As the person who lobbied Congress to request the recently released UAP report, I have for the most part been thrilled by the results. It has validated the UAP threat, forced myriad stove-piped agencies to share information, and has garnered the attention of policymakers and the public. Furthermore, it did all this without a penny of appropriation funding. What has been disappointing, however, is much of the subsequent coverage and discussion of the issue. What did the much-anticipated report conclude? Here are the key findings: No evidence that UAPs are secret U.S. aircraft. Surely our government can account for its...
  • Fleet Of 10 UFOs Spotted Flying In Formation Over The International Space Station Captured On Nasa Live Stream Over The Atlantic Ocean

    07/08/2021 8:53:16 AM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 45 replies
    nteb ^ | 7/7/21 | Geoffrey Grider
    Two weeks ago, the long-awaited report by the Pentagon on 144 instances of UFOs, or as they say Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, concludes that 143 of the cases looked at defied any sort of earthly explanation. They could not be connected to any military or technology program to any government of any nation on the face of the Earth. In short, the Pentagon has just admitted that UFOs existing outside of human technology do in fact exist. And boy, do they ever. Objects have been flying over the International Space Station, or ISS, for many years now, and many times that...
  • New International UFO Group Says UFOs And ETs Are Coming From Underwater Bases

    07/06/2021 5:58:20 PM PDT · by Roman_War_Criminal · 43 replies
    HAF ^ | 7/1/21 | HAF
    Should UAP be changed from Unidentified Aerial Phenomena to Unidentified ‘Aquatic’ Phenomena? Or should underwater UFOs and their bases get their own name, abbreviation, and task force? UFO expert Gary Heseltine might support the latter. He’s the vice president of the new International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research (ICER) – a group of UFO researchers and scientist from 27 countries whose mission is “Preparing for Contact” – and he believes that contact preparation should involve wetsuits and submarines. “UFOs are often seen coming in and out of water so suspect that in our deepest oceans and trenches we may well have...
  • News Summary Intelligence Report Friday 6/25/2021 Newsdump Friday Knife Attack Kills 3 Schumer Intervenes

    06/25/2021 7:41:57 PM PDT · by Nextrush · 8 replies
    Nextrush Free ^ | 6/25/2021 | Nextrush/Self
    The massive federal coronavirus bailout will help fuel an unprecedented 40.8 billion dollars of spending by Pennsylvania's state government in the new budget year... The Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York writing the British Ambassador to the US this week regarding the case of Alta Fixler (Fixsler)... Four portions of Australia's largest city where some 450-thousand people live going into COVID lockdown... At Noon today local time (5 AM Eastern US Time) the indoor mask order in effect for Israel again... In Germany today a knife attack in the southern city of Wurzburg. Three dead, five seriously wounded......
  • UFO Religion Is About To Go Mainstream. Get Ready.

    06/24/2021 2:31:07 PM PDT · by White Lives Matter · 121 replies
    National Pulse ^ | June 24, 2021 | Joe Allen
    The upcoming Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force report, due to arrive in Congress on Friday, signals a religious sea change in America. Meanwhile, the media’s campaign to normalize UFOs is seeding our minds with alien life forms. ..... Snip..... On June 8, the former director of the U.S. government’s latest, no-longer-secret UFO program, Luis Elizondo, told the Washington Post he’s convinced these aerial phenomena are “beyond next generation technology…50 to 1,000 years ahead of us.” Naturally, he postulated extraterrestrials. But it only got weirder from there. “This could be something that is extra hyper dimensional,” he speculated, “in a quantum...