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  • Mitch McConnell's Retirement Announcement has Neutered Him Politically and He Must Go Away Now

    02/28/2024 11:46:03 AM PST · by wildcard_redneck · 42 replies
    Free Republic ^ | Feb. 28, 2024 | Wildcard_redneck
    Sen. Mitch McConnell's retirement announcement has rendered him into a lame duck that cannot effectively fight for America and stop the totalitarian "Democratic" Party. Who is going to try to make a deal with Mitch McConnell unless the deal entails McConnells preemptive surrender? This act of unnecessary self-castration by McConnell is emblematic of the disease epitomized by the Bush, Romney, and Cheney crime families. Only someone who wanted to lose would come up with a stupid stunt like this. The dirty fingerprints of the quisling wing of the Uniparty are all over this mess. As useless as McConnell already was...
  • Blue Jeans

    05/24/2022 5:28:27 AM PDT · by foundedonpurpose · 81 replies
    Self ^ | May 24, 2022 | Founded on Purpose
    Just a thought on blue jeans. Out of curiosity, a guy went and bought some blue genes online. I have a challenge with box stores as they fail to carry my size. The Inseam is the most challenging, that would be a 29", not the tallest guy but can get it online in a couple days. Waist is a 31", again not found in my local stores. I want to shop local to support my businesses, 30 X 32"s was all that was available. It's all available online and in stock. The local businesses have no answer. Bought Levi's and...
  • Liberal Women are like a box of chocolates.

    07/26/2021 4:50:48 AM PDT · by Jonty30 · 15 replies
    You never know what you're going to get. Bad attitude, hairy armpits, or Bruce!
  • No little Indian girl on the Land O Lakes butter I bought today.

    12/09/2020 6:22:47 PM PST · by LouAvul · 69 replies
    "Cultural appropriation", and all. So, if I'm forced to abide by their rules, then I want all non white races to immediately cease and desist using any and all things invented, created and produced by white men. I wonder what all that would be?
  • SOS Dish TV and T-shirts

    06/14/2020 10:57:32 AM PDT · by Auslander154 · 57 replies
    I am in great need of advice although the problems are not earth-shattering. I am about to toss AT&T U=Verse to the four winds. U-Verse is the absolute Verst! I liked AT&T Direct TV ok, but rates really skyrocketed after my contract ran out. I have never tried DISH TV and was hoping I could get reactions from Freepers who have tried it and be good enough to let me know what they think of it. How was the DISH service in particular? I don't have any neighbors who have DISH TV or know of anyone who does which makes...
  • Swamp

    11/26/2019 7:32:23 AM PST · by elpadre · 12 replies
  • Theory: Someone on the left will attempt to remove DJT and Pence from office within the next week

    01/10/2019 9:26:43 PM PST · by fightin kentuckian · 99 replies
    vanity | 01/10/2019 | Fightin Kentuckian
    First off, the Why. The left has wanted DJT gone since election night. The hatred and contempt for DJT and his supporters is psychotic. But more importantly, the reason they MUST remove him now is because of the story about RGB that surfaced today.
  • Vanity - Where, Oh Where is Barack Hussein Obama on the 2018 campaign trail?

    07/06/2018 7:40:25 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 34 replies
    The American people/voters have been told openly by none other then the Democrat leaders in the House & Senate, Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer that Barack Hussein Obama will be the Democrat active political campaign Leader for the Mid-Term Election of 2018. It is now near the middle of July, 2018 and, the supposed great Democrat leader, Obama appears to be hiding out in his "Walled In", Washington, DC Mansion, rather then actively campaigning out on the political hustings. I suspect that Obama and his "Hate/Destroy" the American Republic allies are busy at work planning their evil goals. However, history...
  • Any Freepers To Recommend For The New Trump Administration?

    11/11/2016 9:24:05 AM PST · by Hostage · 34 replies
    Vanity ^ | November 11, 2016 | Hostage
    President Trump stated on the campaign trail that he is not going to hire those with the perfumed 'elite' resumes. He is going to hire those that are in tune with the American people, from the people, and one of the people. I think there are plenty of Freepers to recommend. LIST THEM HERE!
  • Obama... where is the Birth Certificate? (vanity)

    08/29/2010 8:27:40 PM PDT · by Ancient Drive · 31 replies · 2+ views
    come on... let us see it just a bit. long enough to see which middle eastern country saw your birth.
  • O'Reilly appears to think (only) 75,000 attended the September 12th rally. Does he read the papers?

    09/14/2009 8:04:55 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 57 replies · 1,796+ views
    September 14, 2009
    Did I hear O'Reilly says on the Fox news Factor that 75,000 attended the September 12 rally in DC? This guy is a fool.
  • One of the big reasons Obama won is the latino vote

    11/09/2008 6:02:51 PM PST · by mathwhizz · 87 replies · 429+ views
    The demographics are frankly killing us. Kerry won the latino vote 53%-44% four years ago. Obama won the latino vote 67%-31%. Obama won the latino vote in Florida for the first time ever. Obama vastly increased his share of the latino vote in Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. If McCain wasn't on the ticket, Arizona would have been very competitive as well. And we probably got another decade before Texas becomes a purple state unless we reverse the trends here. Bush won Texas by 23% with Kerry getting 50% of the latino vote. McCain won it by 11% with Obama...
  • I would Like to Personally than G.W.Bush

    11/05/2008 6:02:10 AM PST · by FreeLuna · 67 replies · 2,623+ views
    me | Today | FreeLuna in Ohio
    Thank you Pres. Bush for being a wholly inarticulate educator of and a hypocritical example of conservatism. Thank you for creating more Rinos than the Serengeti plains. Thank you for the greatest increase in government spending since ever and thank you for ignoring the obvious lack of troops in Iraq for so long that America turned against a fully winnable and incredibly justified war. Thank you for Pres. Obama. really....thanks.
  • Gibson: Which Poster Here has Never had a Racist or Anti-Semitic Thought?

    08/03/2006 4:46:43 AM PDT · by pinochet · 127 replies · 2,024+ views
    Aug 3, 2006 | Pinochet
    We can all agree that Mel Gibson diplayed extreme stupidity, in making anti-semitic comments infront of a stranger. But the intense campaign in the mass media and on this forum to denounce Gibson, is, frankly, ridiculous. Even many on this forum who defended Trent Lott, have been hysterical in their denunciation of Gibson. Thinking or saying racist or anti-semitic things is a sin. So is engaging in, or thinking about, extra-marital sex. But given man's fallen nature, such things are common. People normally express their prejudices to close friends or to family members, not to total strangers. Remember Rev. Billy...
  • Mr. President: FR knew Specter would betray you!

    01/09/2006 12:39:28 PM PST · by fishtank · 19 replies · 625+ views
    Saving Arlen Specter Bush tries to save Arlen Specter GEORGE SOROS FUNDING ARLEN SPECTER!!!!! A Challenger Haunts Specter (Toomey) Why Bush Backs Specter Specter Wins 51-49 Republican Senatorial Primary: live thread
  • Sleep well Harriet

    10/27/2005 8:03:55 PM PDT · by BS69 · 13 replies · 398+ views
    Before I start. I am a conservative and have been once since I was a little kid in 1960. I haven’t changed. So, here goes. Poor Harriet! Doesn’t it just make you angry? It sure does me. The idiot conservative elite made a stand just to prove they could. These bunch of hypocrites who go on and on about appointees not getting the right to be voted up or down are now so proud of themselves for doing the same thing. What a group they are: Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Crystal and the rest of...
  • Is it live...or is it memorex?

    10/22/2005 12:14:00 PM PDT · by pickrell · 3 replies · 703+ views
    The miracle of selectronics | 22-October-2005 | Ron Pickrell
    In Columbus, Ohio, Mayor Coleman has apparently spent a bit too much time proving Glen Beck wrong, by searching for his manhood. His wife has, meanwhile, been charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol and failing to control her vehicle, which, though it failed to go off of a bridge in Chappaquidick, nonetheless did instead inflict grievous damage to a parked truck. Since Tom Harkin's staff have proven that you can illegally tape people and get away with it... and Wilson & Plame have proven that you can fabricate facts and become celebrated instead of excoriated, we at...
  • Open challenge to the "Conservative" punditry.

    10/10/2005 2:18:19 PM PDT · by MNJohnnie · 83 replies · 1,225+ views
    Open Challenge to the "Conservative" Punditry. Stand and Deliver time boys and girls. OK. Let's forget about your inexcusable conduct towards Miers and deal. The LIBERALS are LAUGHING at you. They cannot believe you are all THIS stupid. They are watching, in stunned disbelief, as YOU do THEIR job in destroying the 1st Republican Majority in 50 years. All you "Conservatives" are all telling us "You can't trust Bush" and "We can win this fight". Well guess what. We have NO proof we can trust you. WHERE is YOUR paper trail? NONE of you were able to convince the Senate...
  • Write to White House Now!(Let President Bush know what you think)

    10/03/2005 4:58:35 AM PDT · by stocksthatgoup · 38 replies · 1,401+ views
    vanity | 10/02/2005 | Stocksthatgoup
    Contact White House Now
  • Bush will talk on Iraq -- when he should talk about eminent domain (that's more threat to freedom)

    06/27/2005 1:58:30 PM PDT · by churchillbuff · 159 replies · 2,204+ views
    Do I feel safer because we've spent $300,000 ousting a tinpot dictator from a country that didn't threaten American freedom? No --- but I feel a h-ll of a lot less safe in my home because the Supreme Court says it's ok for government to seize it and give it to some politically connected friends of politicians. Has Bush said ANYTHING about the Supreme Court's outrageous eminent domain decision last week? I want to hear about THAT, not another speech about the mess in Iraq.