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  • Öko-fanatiker! German climate change zealots glue themselves to DINOSAUR skeleton at Berlin's Natural History Museum in latest stunt

    10/31/2022 4:08:02 AM PDT · by C19fan · 28 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | October 30, 2022 | Elizabeth Haigh
    Two environmental activists glued themselves to an exhibition of a dinosaur skeleton at Berlin's Natural History Museum on Sunday to protest against the German government's climate policies. In Berlin, two women wearing orange vests stuck themselves to metal poles supporting a dinosaur skeleton that was over 60 million years old, holding a banner that read: 'What if the government doesn't have it under control?' They did not touch or do any damage to the skeleton itself.
  • Drought uncovers dinosaur tracks in US park (Dinosaur Valley State Park, near Dallas)

    08/23/2022 2:34:06 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 27 replies ^ | 8/23/2022
    A handout image obtained on August 23, 2022 courtesy of the Dinosaur Valley State Park shows dinosaur tracks from around 113 million years ago. A drought in Texas dried up a river flowing through Dinosaur Valley State Park, exposing tracks from giant reptiles that lived some 113 million years ago, an official said Tuesday. Photos posted on Facebook show three-toed footprints leading down a dry tree-lined riverbed in the southern US state. It is "one of the longest dinosaur trackways in the world," a caption accompanying the images says. Stephanie Salinas Garcia of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department...
  • Joe Rogan Podcast: Michio Kaku Explains Evidence For Intelligent Life In The Universe

    08/16/2022 7:51:13 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 93 replies
    YouTube ^ | August 9, 2022 | Michio Kaku interviewed by Joe Rogan
    Joe Rogan Podcast: Michio Kaku Explains Evidence For Intelligent Life In The Universe| August 9, 2022 | Joe Rogan Clips
  • Scientists Discover Fossil of Massive Flying 'Dragon of Death'

    Scientists have uncovered the remains of one of the largest pterosaurs on record, researchers announced in a study published Tuesday in the scientific journal Cretaceous Research. The fossils are from the largest-ever pterosaur found in South America, and one of the largest flying vertebrates in the world, according to researchers. The discovery of two separate animals was made in an outcrop in Argentina's Mendoza province and published in April. The Thanatosdrakon amaru is a new azhdarchid, a member of the pterosaur family of large, flying predators, predominantly from the Late Cretaceous Period. The name is a combination of Thanatos, the...
  • Tanis: 'First dinosaur fossil linked to asteroid strike'

    04/06/2022 5:16:53 PM PDT · by ApplegateRanch · 22 replies
    Yahoo-BBC Science ^ | 4-6-2022 | Jonathan Amos
    The limb, complete with skin, is just one of a series of remarkable finds emerging from the Tanis fossil site in the US State of North Dakota. But it's not just their exquisite condition that's turning heads - it's what these ancient specimens purport to represent. The claim is the Tanis creatures were killed and entombed on the actual day a giant asteroid struck Earth. The day 66 million years ago when the reign of the dinosaurs ended and the rise of mammals began. The BBC has spent three years filming at Tanis for a show to be broadcast on...
  • (Many photos!) Scientists find fossil from THE DAY the dinosaurs died 66m years ago: Leg of Thescelosaurus was 'ripped off in aftermath' of huge asteroid strike

    04/07/2022 7:40:41 AM PDT · by dennisw · 73 replies
    Scientists find fossil from THE DAY the dinosaurs died 66m years ago: Leg of Thescelosaurus was 'ripped off in aftermath' of huge asteroid strike that wiped out most species on Earth Dinosaurs were wiped out by the Chicxulub event - a plummeting asteroid that hit Earth 66 million years ago The asteroid more than six miles in diameter slammed into what is now Mexico, leaving a 93-mile wide crater Experts found the fossilised leg of a dinosaur killed and what appears to be a fragment of the asteroid itself Findings were made at Tanis, a renowned paleontological site in North...
  • The oldest dinosaur precursor from South America is discovered in Brazil

    03/04/2022 8:57:39 AM PST · by LibWhacker · 18 replies ^ | 3/4/2022 | by Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
    Credit: skeleton by Maurício Silva Garcia; photo and composition by Rodrigo Temp MüllerPaleontologists from the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (UFSM) published a study in the scientific periodic Gondwana Research describing the new fossilized specimen.The oldest dinosaurs have been excavated from fossiliferous layers with approximately 233 million years from Brazil and Argentina. Furthermore, some older Argentinean deposits revealed remains of dinosaur precursors, which provide crucial data on the origin of "true" dinosaurs. These creatures lived approximately 236 million years ago and were small, with no more than 1 meter in length.Whereas the fossil record of dinosaur precursors is relatively...
  • Utah Officials Accused Of Driving Over Precious Dinosaur Footprints In Heavy Machinery [BLM]

    02/08/2022 12:46:18 PM PST · by Red Badger · 28 replies ^ | February 8, 2022 | Jack Dunhill
    Palaeontologists are claiming Utah officials have driven over a precious fossil site after dismantling a boardwalk nearby, possibly irreparably damaging preserved dinosaur footprints and animal tracks. These ancient remnants are extremely delicate and cannot be easily seen, according to sources speaking to Gizmodo, but contain more than 200 dinosaur tracks left by 10 distinct species. The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) has since filed a cease-and-desist letter against the US Bureau of Land Management Utah office, calling for the immediate halt of the destruction of Mill Canyon Dinosaur Tracksite near Moab. The alleged destruction comes as a result of the...
  • A Dinosaur Skeleton Goes to Auction

    11/28/2021 6:33:04 PM PST · by bitt · 11 replies ^ | November 22, 2021 |
    Meet Henry, the dinosaur that will go to auction during the prestigious sale of Modern and Contemporary Art at Cambi on December 14 in Milan, Italy. Henry is a Hypacrosaurus skeleton, an ornithopod dinosaur belonging to the hadrosaurid family, dating back to the Upper Cretaceous, Campanian era (75-67 million years ago). Due to the more moderate size of its skeleton compared to Tyrannosaurus, its name means "near the highest lizard" and is distinguished by the high curve of its spine and the characteristic shape of the tall and rounded crest. Henry measures 13 feet long and was collected in a...
  • Walmart Online Site is Broken

    11/11/2021 8:38:30 PM PST · by Chad C. Mulligan · 55 replies
    Vanity | Nov 11 2021 | Chad C. Mulligan
    About a month ago the Walmart site went haywire. Can't see half of it at all, can't order anything. Admittedly I'm a dinosaur, running XT-Pro, but no other sites I order from are broken like this. Being mobility handicapped, online ordering is very important for me. Not to mention that the nearest store is an hour away, and last time I was there it was OOS on over half the items on my list. Anybody know anything?
  • Organic molecule remnants found in nuclei of ancient dinosaur cells

    09/24/2021 6:06:50 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 35 replies ^ | 9/24/2021 | by Chinese Academy of Sciences
    Reconstruction of the Jehol Biota and the well-preserved specimen of Caudipteryx.A team of scientists from the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and from the Shandong Tianyu Museum of Nature (STM) has isolated exquisitely preserved cartilage cells in a 125-million-year-old dinosaur from Northeast China that contain nuclei with remnants of organic molecules and chromatin. The study was published in Communications Biology on Sept. 24.The dinosaur, called Caudipteryx, was a small peacock-sized omnivore with long tail feathers. It roamed the shores of the shallow lakes of the Jehol Biota in Liaoning province during...
  • Spectacular Fossil Shows a 120-Million-Year-Old Bird With a Highly Impractical Tail

    09/17/2021 12:25:28 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 28 replies ^ | 17 September 2021 | CARLY CASSELLA
    Nothing quite says 'look at me!' like an extravagant set of tail feathers. Plenty of modern birds sacrifice agility for a chance to grab attention, but examples among relatives in the fossil record have been harder to come by. Scientists have now described the remains of a 120-million-year-old feathered dinosaur roughly the size of a bluejay, with an extremely long and extravagant behind. The remarkably-detailed fossil was found in northeastern China and named Yuanchuavis (Yuanchuavis kompsosoura) after a phoenix-like bird in Chinese mythology. It's the first time a bird-like fossil from the Mesozoic era has been discovered with such a...
  • Cracking the Mystery (Cretaceous, Great Dying, Chicxulub)

    12/29/2005 8:32:11 AM PST · by SunkenCiv · 8 replies · 484+ views
    Time Magazine ^ | May 5 1997 | Anthony Spaeth with Maseeh Rahman/Dahod
    The Shiva Crater is discussed in a recent article in Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, an Australian scientific journal, by the two scientists. In the early 1990s, based on new geological evidence, Chatterjee surmised that a crater extending from the seabed off the city of Bombay into the state of Gujarat was created by a meteor fall. He named it after Shiva. He also argued that the Shiva Crater was actually one-half of a larger crater; the other part lay undersea near the Seychelle Islands, 2,800 km southeast of India. When pieced together, the original crater (split by continental shifting)...
  • Mass-extinction controversy flares again (Chicxulub crater kills dinosaurs, or not?)

    04/11/2003 2:34:46 PM PDT · by SteveH · 29 replies · 1,280+ views
    Nature ^ | 10 April 2003 | Rex Dalton
    EGS-AGU-EUG Joint Assembly, Nice, April 2003 Mass-extinction controversy flares again Core from asteroid crater fuels debate on what wiped out the dinosaurs. 10 April 2003 REX DALTON [photo] The dinosaurs were wiped out 65 million years ago. © A claim that the asteroid that struck Mexico 65 million years ago did not cause the mass extinction that wiped out dinosaurs triggered heated debate at a meeting this week. The announcement is based on preliminary analysis of the first core drilled into the 185-kilometre Chicxulub asteroid crater near the Yucatan Peninsula. Gerta Keller of Princeton University in New Jersey says...
  • Dinosaur killer may have struck oil

    05/08/2008 12:11:16 PM PDT · by Berlin_Freeper · 45 replies · 177+ views
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation ^ | May 07, 2008 | Larry O'Hanlon
    The dinosaur-killing Chicxulub meteor might have ignited an oilfield rather than forests when it slammed into the Gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago, say geologists. Smoke-related particles found in sediments formed at the time of the impact are strikingly similar to those created by modern high-temperature coal and oil burning, as opposed to forest fires, says Professor Simon Brassell of Indiana University. He and colleagues from Italy and the UK publish their report on the discovery in the May issue of the journal Geology. ...What he and his colleagues have found instead are particles called cenospheres, which resemble the...
  • Origin of dinosaur-ending asteroid possibly found. And it's dark.

    08/09/2021 12:17:03 PM PDT · by Red Badger · 65 replies ^ | AUGUST 9, 2021 | By Mara Johnson-Groh
    About 66 million years ago, an estimated 6-mile-wide (9.6 kilometers) object slammed into Earth, triggering a cataclysmic series of events that resulted in the demise of non-avian dinosaurs. Now, scientists think they know where that object came from. According to new research, the impact was caused by a giant dark primitive asteroid from the outer reaches of the solar system's main asteroid belt, situated between Mars and Jupiter. This region is home to many dark asteroids — space rocks with a chemical makeup that makes them appear darker (reflecting very little light) compared with other types of asteroids. "I had...
  • “Fearsome Dragon” Discovered That Soared Over Australian Outback

    08/09/2021 5:56:16 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 44 replies ^ | AUGUST 9, 2021 | By UNIVERSITY OF QUEENSLAND
    Artist’s impression of the fearsome Thapunngaka shawi. Credit: Adobe stock ============================================================================================================= Australia’s largest flying reptile has been uncovered, a pterosaur with an estimated seven-meter wingspan that soared like a dragon above the ancient, vast inland sea once covering much of outback Queensland. University of Queensland PhD candidate Tim Richards, from the Dinosaur Lab in UQ’s School of Biological Sciences, led a research team that analyzed a fossil of the creature’s jaw, discovered on Wanamara Country, near Richmond in North West Queensland. “It’s the closest thing we have to a real life dragon,” Mr. Richards said. “The new pterosaur, which we...
  • More Original Dinosaur Molecules Found

    07/06/2021 9:49:22 AM PDT · by fishtank · 197 replies
    Creation evolution headlines ^ | 7-5-2021 | David F. Coppedge
    More Original Dinosaur Molecules Found July 5, 2021 | David F. Coppedge This time, eggshell fossils were analyzed by experts at the American Chemical Society Dinosaur soft tissue is so common now, it’s hard to make a splash in the media about it. But a funny thing happened on the way to falsifying the evolutionary timescale: the Darwinists decided to accept cognitive dissonance as a strategy. There’s no way the material could be over 60 million years old, but since the evolutionary timescale is true, it is. Watch how the moyboy strategy is performed in this June 30 press release...
  • A Florida woman says a 'baby dinosaur' was caught on surveillance video running through her yard [video]

    04/19/2021 4:55:04 PM PDT · by simpson96 · 47 replies
    WYFF4 ^ | 4/19/2021 | Staff
    A Florida woman might have proof of that. Cristina Ryan told WOFL-TV that she caught a glimpse of a "baby dinosaur" running through her yard on a home security camera. Advertisement "Maybe I've watched 'Jurassic Park' too many times, but I see a raptor or other small dinosaur!" she told the TV station. People who have seen the video have various theories about what the animal may be — perhaps a bird, a lizard or a dog dragging a leash? It's more likely that whatever it was will remain a mystery.
  • Perfect 215-million-year-old dinosaur print found by girl, 4, on Welsh beach

    01/29/2021 9:40:27 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 33 replies
    WalesOnline ^ | 29 JAN 2021 | Owen Wakefield
    “The finest impression of a 215-million-year-old dinosaur print found in Britain in a decade”A four-year-old girl has stunned paelontologists after finding an “internationally important” dinosaur footprint on a trip to the supermarket. Lily Wilder, from Llandough, was walking along the coast between Barry and Sully with her father Richard when she spotted what experts from Archaeology Cymru are calling “the finest impression of a 215 million-year-old dinosaur print found in Britain in a decade”. The perfect print, which her family initially thought may have been created by an artist, was left by a small bipedal dinosaur. Experts call this type...