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  • Kerry Denounced U.S. As The "Real Criminal In Vietnam"

    02/18/2004 6:42:58 PM PST · 1 of 8
  • How To Survive A Heart Attack When Alone:

    01/25/2004 5:03:17 PM PST · 1 of 3
  • Defend Paul Harvey Against Attacks!!

    01/03/2004 12:49:02 PM PST · 81 of 81
    webber to chebkhaledfan1
    Your name suggests that you are of Middle East extraction. Would you also be a terrorist simpathizer?
  • Prince Of Peace

    12/24/2003 4:52:44 PM PST · 1 of 3
  • Defend Paul Harvey Against Attacks!!

    12/24/2003 3:21:34 PM PST · 17 of 81
    webber to Alouette
    Could they have waited until Christmas to have the Baby? The baby would have made an excellent Christmas gift for your daughter and son-in-law. By the by, CONGRATULATIONS GRANDMA!
  • A Political Look At Hollywood

    12/24/2003 3:14:01 PM PST · 1 of 19
  • The Media, God And Government

    12/24/2003 2:42:38 PM PST · 8 of 9
    webber to Texas Eagle
    And he said "So help me God" ON THE BIBLE!!!
  • Christmas Under Attack Nationwide

    12/24/2003 2:39:01 PM PST · 62 of 66
    webber to Eccl 10:2
    the content of your response to my post is not worth responding to. Your arrogance is so stuck to you, nothing could get through to you that EVEN YOU, YES, EVEN YOU dear sir need Salvation through the Cross of Jesus Christ. You've already stated silently in your post,"Don't confuse me with facts, I already believe MY INTERPRETATION of the Bible". So be it. Continue on your merry deceived way. To me, Salvation comes ONLY through receiving Jesus Christ as Savior, Lord and God the Father's Sacrificial Lamb for the sin of mankind. You can't earn it through observances, works, wishful thinking. It is a "FREE GIFT" from the Heavenly Father to mankind, and received through FAITH.
  • Defend Paul Harvey Against Attacks!!

    12/24/2003 2:30:51 PM PST · 1 of 81
  • Christmas Under Attack Nationwide

    12/23/2003 11:58:35 AM PST · 57 of 66
    webber to Eccl 10:2
    You really love that book don't Eccl. These laws were given to a people who rejected God for FOREIGN Gods, but retained the "festivals" of Judaism as "ritual only". If you had bothered to read the meaning of the words in the Bible, you would not have written that ridiculous reply to my post. By your response though, it kinda tells me that you may qualify as one of the people whom God is "rebuking" for their "idolitrous" and rebellious living.
  • The Media, God And Government

    12/23/2003 11:34:26 AM PST · 1 of 9
    Human Events newspaper has run two special photo sections on "God in the Temples of Government," asking, "Will all of these images eventually be removed by the order of unrestrained federal judges?"

    Photos show Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments inside the Supreme Court as well as on the doors of the court. Other photos show Moses with the Ten Commandments in the rotunda of the Library of Congress and the Ten Commandments embedded in the floor of the National Archives.

    David Lowenthal, professor emeritus of political science at Boston College and author of Present Dangers, says that the First Amendment was never designed to prohibit states from displaying the Ten Commandments. He notes that when the First Amendment was ratified about half the states had their own official churches or religion.

    My home state of Maryland was an officially declared Christian state. The Declaration of Rights of the Maryland Constitution of 1776 provided that "all persons professing the Christian religion, are equally entitled to Protection in their religious liberty; wherefore no person ought by any law to be molested . . . on account of his religious persuasion or profession, or for his religious practice…" It authorized the legislature to "lay a general and equal tax, for the support of the Christian religion" and one article required "a declaration of a belief in the Christian religion" for all state officers.

    A public school second-grader in Louisiana recently had his Bible confiscated by his teacher when he was caught reading it during the daily 10 minutes of "quiet reading time" in which children are allowed to bring books from home. But Vaughn Shatzer, author of the "History of American Education," notes that, throughout much of our history, the Bible was read to students by teachers and scripture was memorized. Students and teachers prayed together and the Ten Commandments were displayed in the schools. The New England primer, the first school textbook that was used until 1900, highlighted biblical references to teach the alphabet.

    Congress authorized the printing of Bibles for use in the schools and mandated that new states teach religion and morality in the schools. Dr. Benjamin Rush, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, wrote a paper entitled, "A Defense of the Use of the Bible in Schools," and said all young people should be educated in the principles of Christianity.

    The media tell us that Thomas Jefferson believed in a wall of separation of church and state because he used the phrase in a letter. It doesn't appear in the Constitution. The phrase reflects the view of the founders that the federal government shouldn't establish a national church like they had in England. That was the separation they envisioned. As president, Jefferson became chairman of the school board for the District of Columbia and approved the use of the Bible and the Watts hymnal as textbooks. Clergymen were the teachers.

    Jefferson founded the University of Virginia, whose official motto, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free," came from Jesus. Jefferson had this scripture inscribed on the walls inside the university rotunda, part of which he set aside for church services.

    William Blackstone, an English jurist and a Christian, was a major influence on the development of American law. His "Blackstone commentaries" were law books used for 160 years by American lawyers. One section outlined penalties for murder, rape and "the crime against nature," now described by the media as gay rights.

    Instead of using Bibles and hymnals, some schools today depict homosexuality as a legitimate alternative lifestyle and "gay" student clubs are encouraged. But this is not a scandal for journalists who would prefer to write about the so-called "separation of church and state."


    12/14/2003 4:17:53 PM PST · 228 of 229
    webber to Robert_Paulson2

    That's what the Jews in Germany thought when rumors went around that the Nazi's were rounding up Jews because they were Jews, except they probably said, "Bratwurst".

  • Christmas Under Attack Nationwide

    12/14/2003 4:04:39 PM PST · 55 of 66
    webber to Eccl 10:2
    ....and the heart of the stupid causes them to spew all kinds of garbage as though it were gospel Ecl 6:66.
  • Christmas Under Attack Nationwide

    12/14/2003 3:57:47 PM PST · 54 of 66
    webber to Eccl 10:2
    "Don't be addin' stuff like Holidays not prescribed by Him!!"

    God commanded us to work 6 days, and then on the seventh day rest. You are not to do any work on the Sabbath, nor travel no more than a stones throw from your home on the Sabbath. So, because God mandated these things to you, you observe these things strictly, don't you?

    By the way, God didn't prescribe driving a car, having a refrigerator, watching tv, going to movies, etc. either.

    God said that "Thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all, your hear, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and love thy neighbor as yourself. He also said that if someone strikes you on one cheek, turn to him the other also, and if a person forces you to walk a mile with him, walk an additional mile with him also, and if some one takes your shirt, offer him your jacket as well. And since you would not want to do something that God did not propose, YOU would definitely NOT want to offend God by NOT OBEYING ALL OF HIS COMMANDMENTS WOULD YOU?

  • Christmas Under Attack Nationwide

    12/14/2003 3:48:56 PM PST · 53 of 66
    webber to Eccl 10:2
    "Can someone show where in the Bible where it says we are to celebrate Christmas annually as a lasting ordnance? Or Easter while we're at it?"

    Can someone show me where God forbids the celebration of His Son's birth, death, burial, resurrection, and ascension into Heaven or where we cannot worship him or practice our faith on government property, or to have a government based on Judeo/Christian Ethics?

  • Capture may not end unrest

    12/14/2003 3:39:25 PM PST · 1 of 12

    12/13/2003 3:36:34 PM PST · 225 of 229
    webber to Eris

    I've had quite enough government meddling, thank you very much."

    So of course you protested vehemently when the Gov't intruded and passed the sodomy advocacy law, the gay marriage law, the abortion rights law, the removal of the 10 commandments from Federal property, the interpretation of the 1st Amendment to mean "a wall of separation between church and state"......RIGHT?


    12/13/2003 3:32:06 PM PST · 224 of 229
    webber to Robert_Paulson2
    "... and there you have it dan.... using the F word caused 9-11..."

    No. The "F" word became prevelant because immorality became prevalent, and so God's hand of protection on this nation was lifted temporarily and allowed Satan to use his forces to attack us on 9-11. If we continue down the road of immorality, then God's Hand of blessing and protection will be completely and permanently removed, and then Satan and his minions will have free reign in America, and what happened on 9-11 will be a picnic in comparison to what will follow.


    12/13/2003 3:11:46 PM PST · 222 of 229
    webber to Publius6961
    "First of all, the best way to deal with behavior we don't like is to ignore it. The worst way to give something undesireable validity, and to call atention to it is to make a big deal out of it. Most normal, well-adjusted and mature adults know this instinctively."

    So if everbody just ignored the Jews beings murdered by the millions, it would just go away? If America paid no attention to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the war would just go away? If the U.S. just ignored the Terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the Capital Building (which failed), the Terrorists would stop their terrorism? What world do you live in anyway? Candy Land?


    12/13/2003 3:05:14 PM PST · 221 of 229
    webber to independentmind
    "did someone petition a change?"

    No. The head of the FCC just decided to MAKE law rather than enforcing the law (just like liberal judges) and said what HE wanted to enforce and no enforce.