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  • Tim Wise’s Antiracism Deconstructed

    08/27/2016 2:01:47 PM PDT · 18 of 18
    Skywalk to A_perfect_lady

    Good to see you’re still around!

    It’s already happened. Before I knew what the term was, I was already Alt Right, we were just looking for socially acceptable people to advance the cause. Alt Right is basically acknowledging that much of American contemporary politics (and policy) is ONLY coherent if it’s understood to be anti-white as captured by Wise’s sentiments. Another thing we have been noticing is how almost EVERY.DAMN.TIME the most anti-white article or sentiment on twitter, is attributable to people from a certain background, which may or may not be white, depending on one’s view.

    We also reject the market worship of contemporary libertarian-inspired conservative. It often serves as the philosophical rationalization of elites who would have you train your own replacement at your job, so they can either pay him less, no benefits or control him entirely. Certain left (as in old traditional, not SJW type) critiques of society and capitalism, as exemplified by Christopher Lasch, have traction, as well as Chesterton and Belloc.

    The point is, we’re the future because we see that the GOP never intended to do anything other than cooperate with the demographic replacement of White Americans and the high-trust, high-functioning society they created with a lot of death and suffering to shape it. So we’ve latched onto Trump because he represents the last chance for civic nationalists to begin a process of restoration.

    otherwise, the emerging ethnic nationalisms of Black and Latino groups is going to be me with that from Whites. We see what is happening in Europe and it disgusts us. But Europe demographically still has a chance to turn it around much more easily than the US.

  • Updating the Persuasion Stack (National Review’s Trump Cover)

    01/22/2016 11:39:41 AM PST · 17 of 26
    Skywalk to altura

    “Low taxes” is not really a moral principle. Once you concede any, it’s just a matter of debate on what’s onerous or not. But it’s hardly a central pillar.

    For instance, let’s look at Denmark. It has social democratic institutions and policies but has acted to CONSERVE its norms, values and its social culture of high-trust, low corruption, low interpersonal or political violence by limiting immigration.

    Japan is conservative, yet it has many components of what we’d consider leftist policies. It is not the specific policy, necessarily, which renders a country or person conservative, it is the underpinnings of what they articulate and defend. Rendering the planet McWorld is not a conservative ideal. Burke or Kirk are closer than, say, Lowry. It’s a mindset, it’s a stance, it need not hinge on abortion (a kulturkampf distraction) or marginal tax rates.

    Conservatives, Inc. on the other hand have thrown their lot in with rootless cosmopolitan billionaires (Zuckerberg, et al) who would cast out thousands of Americans so they can have a captive, lower-paid workforce, just as countless “job creators” have done since even the 19th century. At no point have conservatives acted to defend a coherent American culture, or to the extent they have, they have been defeated again and again-—MAINLY because they did not strongly oppose the influx of peoples alien to our way of life who will make money and live well but never truly absorb or believe in our values, and by the assertion of “America the Idea” we lost all sight of the things that make a people distinct from others and thus were sapped of our ability to ardently defend the nation and its people.

    Most European nations had more restrictive abortion laws than the US. Did that make them more or less conservative?

  • Philly mayor chides black parents over teen mobs

    08/14/2011 5:09:44 PM PDT · 17 of 18
    Skywalk to Beowulf9

    The problem with asking ‘Black men’ to fix the problem is that the ‘inner city’ culture may seem dominated by the male hoods but ultimately young men respond to the incentives provided by their women. If women will not control themselves and, in fact, select OUT good, decent men in favor of thugs, then more men will act out in a manner conducive to securing female companionship. Also, we are dealing with a sub-culture that is matriarchal in fact but still responds very well to strong patriarchal authority.

    The removal of the safety net would probably prompt a more rapid response than any of the continuing and often failed attempts by groups of noble black men to solve the problem. It’s up to women to be proper gatekeepers to sex and the only way I think that’s really going to happen is by removing the safety net (though it is not the only way that will change)

  • What happened to studying?

    07/05/2010 9:21:53 AM PDT · 57 of 58
    Skywalk to Houghton M.

    Russell Kirk, the great conservative thinker, actually feels it happened immediately after the post-WW II GI Bill group finished their schooling. There was a great wave of entrants, some qualified, some not and then colleges and universities faced a precipitous drop in enrollment and revenue.

    The customer model goes back to the 1950s, though there are also elements of “democratic education” in there as well, as schools wanted to truly open themselves (esp. state institutions) to citizens of that state. Oh, also a focus during WW II of industrializing education, to produce workers who could develop weapons, be part of a ‘collective’ whole that would bring economic development and military superiority to the US.

    Kirk points out, as you do, that grade inflation became a major problem almost immediately, as did the generation of subjects and majors far outside the normal liberal arts education.

    It’s easy to be curmudgeonly about it, but there may have been a benefit to SOMEWHAT increased access to college or an addendum to the purpose of the university but it has surely gotten way out of hand.

  • Thomas Jefferson made slip in Declaration (not slip, a decision)

    07/02/2010 5:31:39 PM PDT · 26 of 67
    Skywalk to Artemis Webb

    I think some conservatives see some of Jefferson’s personal failings and project backwards in an attempt to make him the first proto-limousine liberal. In fact, I think it was Clemenza who said that.

    I think it’s kind of an absurd accusation. For one, Jefferson was actually a man of accomplishment and talents, most limousine liberals are good at pretending they are good and brilliant without actually being so.

    Jefferson had too much affection for France and the Revolution but his mistake was projecting his experience in America with what was going on in France. I think he eventually was cured of this obsession with France and it must be pointed out that he was against the abhorrent Alien and Sedition Acts.

  • 'Acrobatic and mean-spirited' raccoon knocks out power in downtown Memphis

    06/26/2010 3:04:35 PM PDT · 14 of 16
    Skywalk to chuck_the_tv_out

    The ‘Coon was only knocking out power to prevent the rapist conspiracy (led by the mayor, natch) from coming to fruition.

  • Why [Penn Jillette] Won't Call Out Islam or Scientology ("... because we have families.")

    06/26/2010 3:01:20 PM PDT · 28 of 46
    Skywalk to STD

    From the interview, makes them sound a bit better than what you would say (they also have debunked Walmart bashers, enemas, new age, chiropractic medicine, etc) It’s just because they gore your particular ox that you get upset with them.

    But as I said:

    Teller and I have been brutal to Christians, and their response shows that they’re good fucking Americans who believe in freedom of speech. We attack them all the time, and we still get letters that say, “We appreciate your passion. Sincerely yours, in Christ.” Christians come to our show at the Rio and give us Bibles all the time. They’re incredibly kind to us. Sure, there are a couple of them who live in garages, give themselves titles and send out death threats to me and Bill Maher and Trey Parker. But the vast majority are polite, open-minded people, and I respect them for that.

  • John Stossel / FOX Business Channel Doing VERY Pro-Concealed Carry Gun Story

    06/24/2010 7:35:31 AM PDT · 19 of 28
    Skywalk to libs_kma

    That’s because statists always have their pet issues where they are willing to abrogate their own principles. First of all, marijuana doesn’t destroy many people’s lives, alcohol probably wrecks more (again, why are we holding substances or objects rather than PEOPLE accountable) than almost any substance out there, even if the proportion is somewhat smaller than other drugs.

    It is also interesting to note that most of the same concerns and psychological projection involved in the War on Guns is the same as that employed in the War on Drugs. Both are about freedom and in this country we had far less of a problem when both were extremely legal than we do now that they are regulated (guns) or illegal (drugs.)

    Families are also destroyed by other things, ignorance, sadism, psychopathy, overeating and morbid obesity, the death of a child from an accident or illness, etc. Let’s ban and arrest millions of people to make it right!

  • South Carolina Votes First, Asks Questions (Who’s Alvin Greene?) Later

    06/11/2010 9:00:09 PM PDT · 19 of 34
    Skywalk to allmost

    Can you believe it’s a felony to show an adult pornographic materials?

    That’s why libertarians still have a great deal of distrust of ‘so-cons’ and their motives and the ensuing results.

  • Cyclists want right to ride in middle of road like cars, will fight bike-lane law

    06/10/2010 11:07:11 PM PDT · 26 of 35
    Skywalk to calex59

    I forgot about the fees and taxes that pay for the roads argument.

    I know that some localities ban bikes on sidewalks or have certain regulations but I think that’s dumb too. Sure, bikes on the sidewalks can hurt people but there usually just aren’t enough people doing it to worry and I did it for years as an adult, but I limited my total travel distance.

    But I think bicyclists should be on the sidewalk and in bike lanes. Anything else, other than a very few roads is unfair to those of us who allegedly pay for the upkeep of the roads and literally robs us of our lives as we wait for these bicyclists to struggle up a steep incline going 25 MPH under the speed limit or take an extra 15 seconds to just get back on the back and get accelerated to the proper rate of speed.

  • Cyclists want right to ride in middle of road like cars, will fight bike-lane law

    06/10/2010 11:03:48 PM PDT · 25 of 35
    Skywalk to historyrepeatz

    I have no issue with bicycles themselves, before I had a car, it was a timesaver and a good workout.

    The issue is I’ve seen bikes on the 50 MPH HWY (where there is ample space to do some nice bike work on the SIDE) and though that was an exception, I’ve seen cyclists struggling to get up a steep hill, holding up traffic on a road with a 35 MPH SPEED LIMIT! You are allowed to go slightly lower but going 20 in a 35 (or 10 MPH really) isn’t legal and I don’t get how bike riders are allowed to break laws that the rest of us have to follow. It’s why people hate bikes on the roads, it’s not the bike lanes people generally have an issue with it’s these moron bicyclists who think they OWN the road and don’t understand that their 17 MPH pace is not sufficient for someone who CHOSE to use a car because their time is more valuable. If you want to use the roads, get on a scooter, a motorbike or something CAPABLE of it.

    The one reasonable exception are bikes in much more crowded areas and on slower roads, but even on 25 MPH, a bike can be struggling to get up to 15-17 MPH with an incline. Why should public buses, cars, people going to work or to the hospital or with appointments now have to take into account the array of idiots who think they have a right to the road in a non-motorized vehicle?

  • Stop of a man in a hoodie for carrying a weapon lacked reasonable suspicion

    06/08/2010 6:35:15 PM PDT · 13 of 56
    Skywalk to boycott

    I don’t like collectivist reasoning about “contribution to society” because it treats human beings as means to an end or based on how their life profits another.

  • Red & Black cafe shows Portland officer the door, won't sell him coffee again (Oregon)

    06/05/2010 3:39:29 PM PDT · 136 of 138
    Skywalk to erod

    I appreciate you hearing me out with an open mind. So often it just invites a stream of invectives these days. So I thank you, FRiend!

  • Red & Black cafe shows Portland officer the door, won't sell him coffee again (Oregon)

    06/04/2010 1:52:44 PM PDT · 81 of 138
    Skywalk to erod

    While I’m not a fan of the political vegans, there are people who survive as adults on vegan meals, there are TONS of substitutes for meat and dairy products now, and even meat-eaters like myself take vitamins to supplement our requirements.

    Also, there are people called vegetarians who eat dairy and eggs and you would NOT have to eat meat to get the proteins and other nutrients you can get from dairy and eggs.

    Again, I don’t like a lot of the radical leftist vegan types but I think it would be wrong to totally exclude her from the menu. Would you exclude a Jew by putting pork in everything or someone with food allergies with whatever made them react? Some people are against cruelty and exploitation of animals and though I think it is carried to an absurd extreme, I don’t think it’s a particularly evil ideology either (if separated from the leftist garbage.) Keep in mind that the Jainists of India, at least the most devout, are themselves vegan or vegetarian, so it need not be political.

  • Red & Black cafe shows Portland officer the door, won't sell him coffee again (Oregon)

    06/04/2010 1:46:13 PM PDT · 77 of 138
    Skywalk to radiohead

    Ping for your vegan compatriots!

    Red and Black Cafe? I know what the Red and Black colors are for (communism, anarcho-socialism at best.)

  • The End of Empathy

    06/01/2010 6:31:44 PM PDT · 33 of 39
    Skywalk to Countyline

    Psychopathy is marked by several behaviors or traits, including extreme narcissism, rage as the result of thwarted personal goals, duplicity, treating individuals as means to ends, deadened response to normal stimuli and a distinct and utter lack of empathy.

    BTW, evolution is accurate, much of our own human behavior finds a more primitive analog in chimpanzee societies. The difference is that human beings are beings of reason as well as instinct. If we weren’t a part of everything else, how is it that we are sexually dimorphic creatures like others of that type and have the urge to mate in such a similar fashion, that we excrete waste and eat just as other species do. Only reason separates us, and with very low-IQ people (or babies and small children) even that faculty is much weaker and the individual resembles an intelligent animal to a great extent.

    One need only sit down to read the great philosophers to know that we are different from animals and how, yet not forsaking the truth that we ARE related to them.

  • The End of Empathy

    06/01/2010 6:27:35 PM PDT · 32 of 39
    Skywalk to Flying Circus

    Yeah, I think too many here are willing to celebrate as if empathy and lefty progressivism MUST go hand in hand. But if you have empathy, it opens the door to morality itself. If you have morality, you can begin to have a code of individual human beings as inviolable, a sort of Kantian conception of refusing to treat people as means to ends. What Leftist politics invariably has done is led to a decline in the empathy necessary to fight off collectivism or authoritarian actions on the part of government. The only question many ask themselves is what is “effective” not what is just or the action of the government of a free people.

    Remember, no empathy at all= psychopathy. That is NOT a good thing.

    Also, when you hear of cases where people walk by someone hurt, callously join in with the murder of a human being simply because it seemed like something to do (or because a friend asked them to help, relationship overriding empathy for the stranger they are killing) or basically wish to use force against those they disagree with in order to impose themselves on that person (or group) that is the decline of empathy.

  • “For It”: MSA Student Confesses She Wants a Second Holocaust

    05/11/2010 1:30:43 PM PDT · 15 of 30
    Skywalk to DemonDeac

    They’re engaging in sophistry. They KNOW the HOlocaust happened, they just like to divert the energy of their opponents into the rhetorical morass so that they can advance their cause even further. It’s not about what’s true, it’s about refusing to acknowledge the truth that benefits your enemy. In that, they are very much like the political Left.

  • South Park "200" Episode To Be Continued....Real Original Title: "201"

    04/21/2010 7:28:24 PM PDT · 47 of 61
    Skywalk to CharlesWayneCT

    So, was the beeping part of the show and there was no “moral of the story” or is it something Viacom forced on them? Hmm.

  • Muslim group issues "warning" to "South Park" show

    04/21/2010 7:08:01 PM PDT · 91 of 109
    Skywalk to mnehring

    Yeah but why not do it last week?