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  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 12/06/2022 Vol.440, Q Day 1865

    12/07/2022 5:52:59 PM PST · 539 of 2,141
    KittenClaws to numberonepal

    I grow tired of waiting for those who can not see the truth…to see the truth. IMO, if someone does not know what is going on by now, they never will, so why must we wait any longer? Reveal the damn truth and let “them” disbelieve or go crazy if they must. I DONT CARE!

    And teasing does not help. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sick of hearing this “Let the World hear the Truth!!!!” “Let declas BEGIN!!!!!!

    Geez!! DO IT!

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 12/06/2022 Vol.440, Q Day 1865

    12/07/2022 12:23:15 PM PST · 451 of 2,141
    KittenClaws to Cletus.D.Yokel; numberonepal

    :: clean their bum with dry paper. :

    A stop-gap measure, at best.

    Some just don’t know how to use the 3 seashells….

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 11/28/2022 Vol.439, Q Day 1849

    12/04/2022 4:08:55 PM PST · 1,642 of 2,169
    KittenClaws to bitt
    A key element in fighting cancer can be found in the forest.

    A compound called EBC 46 breaks apart tumor blood vessels and ultimately kills cancerous cells. It's had extremely high success rate fighting cancer in dogs, but it can only be found within a single species of tree in an Austrailian rain forest. However, new research published in Nature Chemistry may have finally discovered a way to reproduce this compound in a lab – something scientists had previously thought to be impossible.

    Sounds eerily familiar to the movie “Medicine Man” with Sean Connery.

  • Florida woman sues after claiming Velveeta Shells and Cheese cup takes longer than 'ready time' to prepare

    11/27/2022 2:53:08 PM PST · 41 of 89
    KittenClaws to BenLurkin

    Ramirez, like other consumers, sought to “stretch their money as far as possible when buying groceries,” according to the suit, and “looks to bold statements of value when quickly selecting groceries.”


    Then buy some macaroni and buy some cheese and make yourself about triple the amount of a four pack of the microwave stuff. Someone should ask her what does the time it takes have to do with the money sue saves?

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 11/20/2022 Vol.435, Q Day 1849

    11/25/2022 4:31:05 PM PST · 1,250 of 2,470
    KittenClaws to KittenClaws

    As an addendum, I don’t even trust the inserts anymore. They are all the same, all generic.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 11/20/2022 Vol.435, Q Day 1849

    11/25/2022 4:28:15 PM PST · 1,249 of 2,470
    KittenClaws to nclaurel

    Not directed at anyone in particular but someone on a past thread said to the effect if a baker is responsible to know every ingredient in his product is it not reasonable that a doctor know what is in meds/jabs given. It seems few doctors care to know even when terrible effects occur.

    Way before covid, but after I was hospitalized for respiratory failure, I was given an inhalant. Besides death, one of the side effects was loss of voice or voice changes. I actually had that side effect and brought it to the attention of my doctor.

    After saying I should not read the inserts because they were “confusing”, He said the problem was my throat was sore from intubation. I knew that wasn’t true as I could talk fine after intubation and prior to that stupid inhalant. All things considered, I told him if my life depended on the inhalant, I’d take it, if not, I’d rather not.

    Asshole said” if you don’t want to take it, don’t take it”. So I ask again, “does my life depend on it (I was weighing the choices as we all should) He said the same thing. Take it or not. I chose not. That that was 5 years ago.

    I stopped trusting doctors back then. After covid, I trust them less if that’s possible

  • Elon Musk Brought 2-Year-Old Son to Tense Meetings in Twitter Offices: Report

    11/25/2022 4:00:19 PM PST · 41 of 134
    KittenClaws to SmokingJoe

    LOL Twitter outrage. As if that child knows tense from titty.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 11/20/2022 Vol.435, Q Day 1849

    11/25/2022 3:55:50 PM PST · 1,240 of 2,470
    KittenClaws to little jeremiah

    Music is a great uplifter. I play daily and some fingers are getting weird (long story) and if I can’t play my guitar I won’t want to live any more...


    I have been unable to sing for almost two months. Raspy voice or no voice at all, ever since a huge dust storm. Doctors (harumpf) can’t or won’t identify the problem. It will just “go away on its own”.

    Singing is a big part of my life. I grieve for it’s loss (and also talking), but life moves ahead. I keep thinking the Lord must have a purpose.

    Perhaps I’m not supposed to speak my mind as always…I still enjoy living the life that God allows.

  • "Come, Let Us Go Up to the Mountain of the Lord" (Sermon for the First Sunday in Advent, on Isaiah 2:1-5)

    11/25/2022 3:49:24 PM PST · 3 of 3
    KittenClaws to Charles Henrickson

    One of the few songs in acapella that I recall from high school. Though it is not identical to scripture. Sometimes I just sing it by myself for the joy of it.

    And it shall come to pass In the latter days
    That the Lords house shall be established In the top of the mountain
    And many shall go and say Come ye and let us go into the house of the Lord

    And He shall teach us His way, and we shall walk inHis path
    And He shall judge
    And He shall judge between the nations
    And shall reprove many nations

    And they shall beat their swords into plow shares
    Nation shall not lift sword against nation
    Neither shall they learn war anymore.

    Back in the day when God could be mentioned in schools.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 11/20/2022 Vol.435, Q Day 1849

    11/25/2022 3:09:43 PM PST · 1,230 of 2,470
    KittenClaws to Bigg Red

    Now, she is a dedicated, caring person, and seems to be very intelligent. My only explanation for her behavior is this. She is quite busy taking care of patients, so she must rely on agencies such as the CDC and the NIH and on the drug companies for information. She trusts these sources, so she sees no need to go in a different direction for information. I suspect there are many, many physicians who could be described this way.


    Physicians are not the only people who are “busy” taking care of things. IMO, any physician who is not up on the side effects of an experimental vax…is not taking care of anything and no one should make excuses for them.

    I used to think my physician cared about my health, but he still masks and think others should as well. I was 6 days out from a regular appointment when I got sick and asked to go in earlier. His office said I’d have to take a covid test before coming in. Excuse me? Is this office so afraid of covid, that they won’t even test me themselves? Are you not my damn doctor?

    This moron will now be relegated to a visit just to fill my BP pills, if that. I have 60 days left to decide. Think I’ll give my business to the physician that actually helped me.

    And here is another thing these little gods don’t seem to understand. You may be a doctor and had a bunch of schoolin’….but you are my EMPLOYEE. I PAY for your services. So get off your high horse.

    None of this is directed at you Big Redd, sorry about the cusses

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 11/11/2022 Vol.433, Q Day 1840

    11/15/2022 1:10:29 PM PST · 1,491 of 1,901
    KittenClaws to bitt

    The deep state wants a war so bad that they will do or say anything to start one in the region. I’m not convinced those missiles came from Russia- I could be wrong, just seems so convenient that it lands in a NATO state

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 11/11/2022 Vol.433, Q Day 1840

    11/14/2022 4:34:32 AM PST · 807 of 1,901
    KittenClaws to Larry - Moe and Curly; little jeremiah

    “To everyone on TS - how can I put a bee by my name?”

    Copy the bee below. Then edit your TS profile and paste it at the end of your name or wherever.


    I used the bee emoji for mine.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 11/11/2022 Vol.433, Q Day 1840

    11/13/2022 6:22:52 AM PST · 478 of 1,901
    KittenClaws to Gasshog

    Okay we Know all About this Ratfinkstink Wash Cycle

    When do we Take Out the Dirty Stinking Laundry



  • B-17 bomber and a smaller plane collide at Dallas airshow

    11/12/2022 1:03:54 PM PST · 70 of 187
    KittenClaws to the OlLine Rebel

    Confederate AF! LOL Sure wish it still was.

    Someone else tagged it as some Texas thing.


    The CAF used to have its home in Between Midland and Odessa Texas. The political correct folks decided to change “ Confederate” to “Commemorative”,.

    The scumbags who started running the place ignored the deal they made with the powers that be (all kinds of perks given for them to be in Midland), and just had to move it to Dallas.

  • ‘Thicker, curvy’ women denied entry to bar; rant goes viral on social media

    11/12/2022 12:50:51 PM PST · 32 of 106
    KittenClaws to rod5591

    Ella Halikas said a bouncer told her and fellow “curvy model” Alexa Jay they couldn’t follow their friends into The Highlight Room in Hollywood.

    “One of my plus-sized friends went to a club in New York City and they said, ‘Everyone else can come in,’” said Halikas. “They let in all her thin friends, got to her and said, ‘You can’t get in.’

    What kind of “friends” do these women have? A true friend doesn’t leave another behind regardless of the reason. If my chubby friend couldn’t go into a club with me, I’d suggest we both leave.

    That’s about all I got out of this..these girls have lousy friends or there is something else wrong with them beside girth.

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 11/08/2022 Vol.432, Q Day 1837

    11/11/2022 4:05:35 PM PST · 2,045 of 2,151
    KittenClaws to RitaOK

    Methinks it’s presently the Republican Ringleaders exposing themselves, vying with one another for placement and influence, using DeSantis, who sells well, and Pious Pence who did their dirty work.

    In their eyes, they will like to develop a Pence-DeSantis ticket.

    I can’t be convinced the b@$+@^¿$ aren’t already talking to DeSantis.

    We will see how loyal DeSantis is to his MIL oath, sooner or later. A splendid Sting if it goes where it should.

    DeSantis is the Governor of a highly successful and very red state. If he is a man that loves the country and can foresee good changes in the long term, the there is only one choice for him.

    A President Trump and Governor DeSantis could lend mutual support to each other and show the way for other governors. It can only help DeSantis to support a Trump Presidency, then run after Trumps second term.

    If I can see the mutual benefits for them and for the country, so can Trump and DeSantis.

    The deep state KNOWS this would be bad for them, so of course they are pressing DeSantis to run.

    Just my two cents

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 11/08/2022 Vol.432, Q Day 1837

    11/11/2022 3:35:25 PM PST · 2,031 of 2,151
    KittenClaws to CheshireTheCat

    I don’t agree. All these recent “Truths” make Trump look immature, unstable and petty. I don’t think he would make them without some ulterior motive. He is not an idiot. Neither is Melania, who surely has influence over him and would explain to him why he needs to back off because of how his posting makes him look. So too would his sons. So he is willing to risk looking immature, unstable and petty for some reason.


    Why should we care how it looks? We know he gets the job done. I’m with the thought that he is weeding out those who won’t stand with him.

    “Be who you are and say what you feel. Those that mind don’t matter, those that matter don’t mind”. Dr. Seuss

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 11/02/2022 Vol.431, Q Day 1831

    11/04/2022 5:32:42 PM PDT · 918 of 2,148
    KittenClaws to little jeremiah

    Kiev has basically no electricity; I haven’t checked Intel Slava today, but Russians are knocking out power all over the place. Interesting about the silence of the amen corner; maybe they could be replied to/baited to see whathappens?

    Didn’t Elon say he was gonna stop their free starLink?

  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 10/26/2022 Vol.430, Q Day 1823

    10/27/2022 4:32:13 PM PDT · 491 of 2,065
    KittenClaws to SheepWhisperer

    And to make the statement complete I should add that feeling sorry or regretful, is not the same as repenting. I can be sorry that I threw a ball, but repenting would mean that with Gods help, I’ll never throw it again.


  • Q ~ Trust Trump's Plan ~ 10/26/2022 Vol.430, Q Day 1823

    10/27/2022 4:03:21 PM PDT · 487 of 2,065
    KittenClaws to LittleLinda; numberonepal

    There are 5 little words you want to hear from them:
    “You were right. I’m sorry.”

    That’s truly all it would take. I don’t need them to flay themselves. Just look into my eyes and say those words. Some can even leave off the last two.

    I did something I’ve never done before and will probably never do again when I learned the vaccines were coming out. I prepared an email about why I thought the jabs were dangerous. I attached Archbishop Vigano’s letter referencing the long-term plan, and a letter from Dr. Michael Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer, saying how dangerous the jabs were likely to be. I tried to persuade everyone in my contacts list not to take them. Even the staff at my two car dealerships got it. Only two people responded and both asked me if the lockdowns had affected my mental health. *sigh*

    I did my best to help everyone I knew, even superficially, and damaged my reputation in doing so. I was willing to do that to try to save people. I hope that will turn out to be temporary. Only the two people who questioned my mental health need to say they’re sorry. I’d like to hear the first three words from some of the others though.

    I’m just using ya’lls post in order to make a query.

    I am puzzled when I read of so many lost friends and broken families over the death jab. How did this happen? What happened to friendships and civility and love of family?

    I have not personally experienced this. Early on, several friends and family knew exactly why I am against the death shot. I absolutely refused when my twice stabbed boss suggested I get the vac to keep my job.

    But, most just gave me the pity smile and shook their heads, continuing to do so as the hysteria increased. I never lost a friend or family member over my choice. And I was never barred from their company indoors or out.

    Many have since expressed their regrets at having received the vax, one has developed blood clots and is now living in fear. I try as best I can to help them emotionally.

    What happened in the rest of the world? I feel so badly for the loss many have experienced, maybe even a bit guilty.

    Anyway, no need to answer, it was just on my mind for the thousands time.