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  • Paul burned by Tea Party blowback

    02/28/2010 8:27:07 PM PST · 85 of 126
    Harry Wurzbach to AmishDude

    I give you a C for defending the GOP establishment. Or, at least, for believing their bullshit. Wake the F up.

  • Paul burned by Tea Party blowback

    02/28/2010 8:23:21 PM PST · 84 of 126
    Harry Wurzbach to darkwing104

    Sure. Perhaps we’ll end up with another Bush big government Republican to replace him. Conservatism is about nothing more than killing Arabs at this point. And spare me the tears about Barack socializing the country. Those were sparse when Bush pushed the Medicare drug benefit through.

  • Paul burned by Tea Party blowback

    02/27/2010 7:35:08 PM PST · 57 of 126
    Harry Wurzbach to darkwing104

    How many times have the people in his district selected him as their representative?

    What exactly is the “problem”, again?


  • Paul burned by Tea Party blowback

    02/27/2010 7:02:04 PM PST · 45 of 126
    Harry Wurzbach to SZonian

    Sure it won’t, as it’s the truth. When’s the last time he GOP rolled back the scale or scope of the state? When has it ever moved this country closer to being a “Free Republic” again?

  • Republican against Sheila Jackson Lee (CD 18)

    01/18/2010 9:27:51 PM PST · 8 of 20
    Harry Wurzbach to Tex Revere

    Unfortunately, I live in that district. It’s a mix of yuppies (I guess i’m technically one of those) and urban working class. A very safe Dem seat. I wish Faulk well but I don’t see any Scott Brown-esque effort working here.

  • Is this legal?

    09/28/2009 3:03:37 PM PDT · 4 of 91
    Harry Wurzbach to MNDude

    in what state does your nephew attend school?

  • Repentance for a misspent youth

    08/25/2009 8:31:57 PM PDT · 2 of 3
    Harry Wurzbach to TopQuark

    really liked this. thanks for posting.

  • It's the Big Government, Stupid

    08/23/2009 9:40:39 PM PDT · 2 of 3
    Harry Wurzbach to fiscon1

    One of the big problems for the left is that everyone over 30 years of age grew up in the age of Reagan and remembers most of the 1980s and the 1990s. That taste of economic expansion and (relatively) limited government is hard for the left to overcome. We remember what it was like to live in a two superpower world and the jubilation we saw when heaven on earth socialist states imploded. We saw what can happen when entrepreneurs are free to pursue wealth. That genie is out of the bottle.

    And yes, while we faced plenty of leftist nonsense in the schools we attended and in the media, it’s nothing like today. Who can escape it? It’s everywhere, and the internet makes sure nobody ever escapes it. I think it’s grown by leaps and bounds over the last 20 years. Children today are exposed to it all the time.

    If you’re over 30, there’s a good chance your parents and your grandparents, if not your great-grandparents too were around to make clear to you the importance of faith, family, freedom, and personal responsibility. When you heard how they made it through hard times by themselves. Even then you sensed that something had changed, that the great federal leviathan and the pall of left-liberalism had started to suck the life out of a vibrant and free society.

    It’s hopeless for many under 30. Maybe a few will eventually discover the truth and figure out why so many of us older bastards are up at arms about this expansionist government. But there are plenty others who will march on through life and vote as they have been programmed to do so during their school days.

  • Paul Rahe: Obama to Seniors Drop Dead

    08/23/2009 9:14:29 PM PDT · 5 of 9
    Harry Wurzbach to fiscon1

    While concerns about changes in Medicare and Social Security are benefiting the GOP and opponents of ObamaCare in the near term, the reaction of seniors to potential changes in these programs provide a clear reason for why the left is pushing this nonsense at a time when the federal government is in dire fiscal’s political !@#$ing gold. It will increase the number of dependents on the federal government and the left by tens of millions of citizens.

    And through the control of your health care (which is really control of your body, but that only is a matter if you want an abortion) the left can implement all of its wonderful environut agenda (and dare I say eugenics inspired agenda) on you as well.

    The left doesn’t care about personal freedom. It cares about political power. This has been the way of leftists for centuries. Conservatives view life as one of individual responsibility, good manners, voluntary cooperation, faith, and family. Many fail to understand that for many leftists, politics is their religion. They will lie, cheat, steal, and beg to accumulate more power and destroy civil society.

    The left has thrown everything at conservatives in order to secure their holy grail of American left politics: nationalized health insurance. They’ve called us Nazis, “un-American”, and extremists. The funny thing is, none of it is working because conservatives are actually standing up to them. They’re not used to that. They’re used to the Doles and McCains of the GOP bending over any time they throw a political punch. Fortunately, the opposition to this leftist power play hasn’t come from the top but from the bottom, from the actual people who will have to pay dearly for this stupidity. Once it became clear the people weren’t on board was when the entire health care “debate” changed and the rats were thrown off track. They believe the people are sitting out here in the sticks with their hands out just waiting for left wing politicians to give them crumbs of yummy government cheese.

    Now moderate Dems from red states are scared sh~tless. This opposition has driven a wedge inside the Democrat party.

    The left has engaged in a classic overreach. The country is far more conservative than they are and roughly half of the votes they received in the last election didn’t come from “progressives”. There are more Democrats than progressives in the US and there are more conservatives than Republicans in this country. It took the Dow dropping by 25% six weeks before an election along with the entire media-government complex trumpeting the Great Depression II to get their guy elected, and even then the election result was not that impressive.

    I think we are going to see a beatdown of epic proportions in the midterm elections next year. The only concern now is that the GOP not screw this up.

  • Senate Democrats Consider Tactic to Push Through Government Health Plan

    08/23/2009 8:53:14 PM PDT · 39 of 77
    Harry Wurzbach to reaganaut1

    Is there any doubt left that the primary purpose of nationalized health care insurance is to increase the power of the left in this country? The sad thing is the extent to which individuals do not see the power grab for what it is. Also, before I forget, this should make clear to the GOP once and for all that “big business” is not a constituency for them (ie the pharma companies striking a deal with the White House to promote this nationalization, GE, etc...)

    There’s a term for a political movement which becomes a secular religion of the state and which drags in large private interests to its web. But of course it’s the pissed off retiree who castigates a congressman who’s the true fascist.

    The left is comprised of those of limited means who expect something for nothing and those of means who don’t expect to have to use the crappy state run programs they want to foist on the people.

    I don’t get it. Has this country not learned from recent history? Ten years ago a leftist president was proclaiming the end of the “era of big government” and yet here we are in the 21st century with idiots clamoring for the creation of a 1960s-ish bureaucratic monstrosity to control one-fifth of the nation’s economy.

    This nonsense has been played out again and again in human history. It doesn’t work. It stagnates economies, destroys liberty, and pits group against group.

    Leftists don’t understand a thing about economic growth and wealth and job creation. They think job creation is about taking the money of the character in the Monopoly board game and dispensing it through the federal department of job creation. They want to kill the economic goose which has provided so many golden eggs (and jobs) to this country over the years and resulted in a large and independent middle class. They hate this. It may seem quaint, but these knuckleheads live and breathe Marx. They believe they are fighting the great class war and their enemy is the American bourgeois, as well as those entrepreneurs who risk their money and time to pursue their dream and create plenty of jobs and opportunities along the way for others.

    The results of nationalizing health care and some kind of cap and trade nonsense passing will be felt swiftly and severly in this country. It will absolutely kill any chance of regaining the robust economic and job growth Americans have come to take for granted. Investment will go elsewhere.

    This seems rather obvious. So why is it happening? Simple. It’s a political power grab, which happens to fit the ideology of the left. These moves will increase the political power of the left in this country by making Americans yet more dependent upon the federal government. Just take a look at how older Americans react to any proposed changes in Medicare and Social Security (nevermind the looming financial cluster both of those represent or the $2 trillion deficit the federal government faces this fiscal year).

    This crap absolutely has to be defeated. Or else we are going to be telling our children and grandchildren what living in a free and prosperous America used to be like.

  • Feds swarming garage sales and church bazaars?

    08/21/2009 2:17:18 PM PDT · 19 of 27
    Harry Wurzbach to Free ThinkerNY

    If the GOP had it in them, they’d be all over this. Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if a majority of the GOP in the Congress voted for the law.

    This is a perfect issue to highlight the stupidity of the nanny state which we have now in DC. Feds regulating yard sales and church this the America you want? Also, how does this affect eBay?

  • Cronkite Was a Leftist, Not a Liberal

    07/21/2009 8:24:56 PM PDT · 6 of 20
    Harry Wurzbach to liesel2000

    Modern left-liberalism is generally warm and fuzzy. It’s a Disney-esque view of the world. All we have to do is wish that we want something and it is so. Forget about responsibility. Give everyone everything they need...and want.

    It’s the warmth and fuzziness which attracts many. Of course, it’s illusory, but as a political reality, and one which threatens what shreds of our liberty remain, it is oh so real.

    Though there is an undercurrent of guilt, of angst. While strawmen serve as enemies for the left, ultimately a fair amount of their angst is turned inward. You must feel bad about what you worked for because someone else may not have as much. You must atone for your environmental impact. You must apologize for actions of others of your same race, gender, faith, etc...though that is all you share with them.

    The only thing that makes me wonder is why the population isn’t more leftist. Mass media, public education, and entertainment all spew this nutty public religion 24/7/365 to a stupified populace. I guess there remains some flicker of hope for liberty in this country.

  • Texas Gov. Perry: Texans Tired of Federal Government Trying to "Tell Us How to Run Texas" - Video

    04/14/2009 6:54:18 AM PDT · 10 of 44
    Harry Wurzbach to Federalist Patriot

    Whoa. Governor Goodhair found his sack.

  • Kenya Lions 60 minutes

    03/29/2009 7:47:19 PM PDT · 15 of 22
    Harry Wurzbach to Kansas58

    That was a rather pointless piece. But it follows the same logical path that our society uses to place the blame for crimes on everyone except for the individual who actually committed the crime.

  • Top GOP senator losing confidence in Geithner (Sen. Richard Shelby)

    03/22/2009 5:14:22 PM PDT · 3 of 24
    Harry Wurzbach to Maelstorm

    Because we know why we’re Republicans.

  • Will Part of Professional Class Be Wiped Out by the Downturn?

    03/02/2009 10:05:49 PM PST · 28 of 80
    Harry Wurzbach to sinanju

    No doubt. It’s amusing how many expensive rides I’ve seen with Obama stickers. I wonder how many owners are regretting those purchases.

  • Barack Obama's push: Make Rush Limbaugh appear to be the face of the GOP

    03/02/2009 9:46:27 PM PST · 25 of 223
    Harry Wurzbach to BookmanTheJanitor

    Hey I want Obama’s far left crap to fail. Dissent is patriotic. We will take this country back from Obamusslini.

  • Barack Obama's push: Make Rush Limbaugh appear to be the face of the GOP

    03/02/2009 9:39:43 PM PST · 16 of 223
    Harry Wurzbach to STARWISE

    White House is trying to delegitimize their opposition and interfere with the message. Meanwhile many Americans wonder WTF is the White House engaged in these games with the country in such a precarious spot.

  • Will Part of Professional Class Be Wiped Out by the Downturn?

    03/02/2009 9:30:59 PM PST · 6 of 80
    Harry Wurzbach to Chet 99

    This article is talking about a profession in which 25 year old fresh law school grads are pulling $150K+ per year here in Houston. Give me a break.

  • VIDEO: Fox and Friends Deep Frys Obama's Budget; Literally!

    03/01/2009 6:43:53 PM PST · 5 of 10
    Harry Wurzbach to DrGop0821

    Remember...dissent is patriotic.