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  • The Democrats are Running out of Time on Their Hidin’ Biden Farce

    08/03/2020 12:03:43 PM PDT · 39 of 39
    enumerated to EyesOfTX

    I agree that the Democrats face some serious political challenges...

    For one thing, they are morally bankrupt, and have nothing to offer but death and destruction.

    Nobody wants the Marxist tyranny, the corruption, the fear-mongering, the hate-driven anti-Americanism that they are really peddling. So their entire political model is built around lies, and doubling down on the previous lies they have been telling their own constituents for decades.

    But having said that, I worry about us pinning our hopes on this “Biden has Dementia” narrative. I think it is true enough, but we are mostly preaching to the choir.

    We make daily sport of his latest embarrassing episode on Fox or here on FR - but most voters won’t see any of that. Most voters believe the fake news - they know ABCNNBCBS gets it wrong sometimes, just like they know the weather forecast is often wrong - but they still take an umbrella when it is “supposed to rain”.

    Certainly, the voters Biden is appealing to - the Democrats - are not the most discerning of voters. Don’t expect them to be appalled by Biden’s impairment. Don’t even expect them to notice.

    There is a lot wrong with the Democrat agenda that is more important, and more of a threat to the Republic, than the fact that the man at the top of the Democrat ticket happens to be going senile.

    Let’s focus on the real stuff - the liberty-killing Marxism, the job-killing regulation, the baby-killing, the gun-grabbing, the anti-Americanism.

    Let’s not make the mistake of assuming that Biden’s senility will give us a free ride to victory in the Fall.

    Believe me, any voters who are even considering voting for a Democrat (about half the country last I heard) are not buying the idea that Biden is senile. They think it’s all a big right-wing fake news smear.

    They are not buying that, any more than we are buying their depiction of Trump.

    Be careful folks.
    Biden looks so weak.
    The entire DNC seems so retarded.

    Then why are my spidey senses tingling?
    This seems TOO easy.
    Maybe Biden is just the bait....

  • Rasmusen-Trump at 51% Approval

    08/03/2020 9:28:49 AM PDT · 59 of 61
    enumerated to Buckeye McFrog

    “...and this outreach to the mushy middle, much as I hate it, seems to have pushed him over 50%.”

    Don’t hate it FRiend.

    The “mushy middle“ is the only target rich portion of the bell curve - can’t win a majority without it.

  • Rasmusen-Trump at 51% Approval

    08/03/2020 8:50:18 AM PDT · 57 of 61
    enumerated to Buckeye McFrog

    “It kills me to have to say this....but it seems Operation Schmooze the Karens is having its desired effect.“

    I feel your pain, but he needs to schmooze the sheeple - there are never enough true patriots to win an election by running on Truth, Liberty and Common Sense.

    I wish there were enough of us, but unfortunately that’s not how the bell curve works.

  • Former Clinton Admin Official: Biden Should Not Debate Trump Because It Will Help Trump

    08/02/2020 5:35:23 PM PDT · 76 of 80
    enumerated to Pollster1


    If Biden chooses not to debate, President Trump should NOT argue the point or try to pressure or taunt him into changing his mind.

    The President is the reigning champ - he should be willing to defend his title, but he should not appear to eager.

    He should accept Biden’s decision graciously, and just take a victory lap - after all, when your opponent withdraws from a contest, that counts as a win by forfeit.

    He should wait for Biden to officially decline to debate, and then tweet something like “The voters really deserved an opportunity to see how Joe Biden would hold up in a debate situation, but that’s OK, if he chooses to concede the debate - voters can draw their own conclusions.”

    President Trump does not need the debate. He holds the title of President. It is up to challengers to challenge him - and as with a heavyweight boxing champ, if there are no challengers, the title remains his, by default.

    That is the way most people all look at it. They will figure it’s pretty obvious Biden was afraid he would lose.

  • Sunday News Roundup: Chicago Killings, Covid-19 Fraud and Biden Will Never Debate Trump

    08/02/2020 9:29:14 AM PDT · 16 of 16
    enumerated to EyesOfTX

    “This campaign to cancel the debates being jointly mounted by the Democrats and their media toadies will only intensify in the weeks to come.“

    This is a win/win for President Trump:

    If there is a debate, it is a win because he can mop the floor with Joe Biden.

    If there is no debate, it is a win because incumbents don’t need debates - it is the challenger who needs debates.

    Challengers need to be vetted, incumbents are already vetted.
    Challengers need exposure, incumbents already have it.
    Challengers need the “pomp and circumstance“ of debates, conventions, massive audiences, Greek columns and historic national monuments as a backdrop - incumbents have all that every single day.

    President Trump should push for a debate to show he’s not afraid, but if there is no debate - that’s even better.

  • Trump challenges Fauci over comments on coronavirus surges: 'Wrong!'

    08/02/2020 8:57:46 AM PDT · 27 of 30
    enumerated to SmokingJoe

    “Meanwhile, attention whore Fauci has had no problems at all condemning churches, bars , restaurants, barber shops etc who opened up again to save their businesses and feed their families.”

    One effect of such closings that is being overlooked:

    These public venues - churches, diners, taverns, restaurants, gyms, pool halls, barbershops, town halls, etc. - are all the places that NORMAL working class patriots have always gathered to loudly express their opinions.

    Riots, protests, and “marches” are for unemployed Leftists and sexual deviants - normal people like to gather at churches, diners, coffee shops, deli’s, sports bars, gyms, stadiums, barbershops, barbecues, pool halls, VFW clubs, Trump rallies - even the retiree’s fast food breakfast clubs - to “solve the problems of the world” over a pint of beer, a cup of coffee or an egg-a-muffin.

    The Democrats have purposely targeted all of the traditional ways that normal working class patriots tend to gather and pass judgment on political leaders - AS IS OUR OBLIGATION - in a self-governing Constitutional Republic.

    William Penn, Benjamin Franklin and many other early city planners insisted that there should be a “public house” (a pub) on every street corner, for this very purpose:

    Free and lively public discourse is essential to the cause of preserving Liberty in a self-governing Republic.

    The Democrats are obviously using the China virus to muzzle patriots, while encouraging violent mobs of anti-American deviants and malcontents to riot and terrorize as they please.

    How can we stand by and let this happen?

  • 'Nobody likes me,' Trump complains, as even his allies fade

    08/02/2020 8:06:10 AM PDT · 81 of 83
    enumerated to deport

    So, I don’t get my wish, just because someone else makes a grammar error?

    Seams two bee knot vary fare.

  • Reward offered for information on who put 'Trump 2020' sticker on bear

    08/02/2020 7:51:31 AM PDT · 56 of 78
    enumerated to bort

    A bear? Isn’t this proof of Russia collusion?

  • Pennsylvania to Pay Mail-In Ballot Postage for November General Election

    08/02/2020 7:43:50 AM PDT · 38 of 46
    enumerated to Shadow44

    “Whatever happens, nobody is going to accept the legitimacy of this election now.“

    What about the winning majority? Won’t they accept it?

  • 'Nobody likes me,' Trump complains, as even his allies fade

    08/02/2020 7:07:48 AM PDT · 77 of 83
    enumerated to Big Red Badger

    If I’d known my wish would be granted that fast, I would have wished for...

    Sixteen more years of Trump.
    California secedes and and NY & NJ turn red.
    Republicans win house & Senate in red wave.
    Romney gets recalled.
    Mark Levine and Lou Dobbs on the Supreme Court.
    Tesla stock goes up to $7000.
    Dissolve Federal reserve and go back on the gold standard.
    Obama and minions in jail.
    $1,000,000 fine for hiring illegals.

  • 'Nobody likes me,' Trump complains, as even his allies fade

    08/01/2020 11:22:47 AM PDT · 65 of 83
    enumerated to MeneMeneTekelUpharsin

    “Nobody likes me,”

    I heard the President say that - but unlike SOME people, I have a sense of humor - so it cracked me up.

    It’s great having a President who regularly cracks me up. Reminds me of the ‘80s. Everything Ronald Reagan said put a smile on my face one way or another - sometimes because the truth of it uplifted my spirits, and sometimes because he could see the humor in things and knew how to spread the joy.

    Reagan’s timing, his lightening quickness, his surgical sharpness - the dumbfounded look on Democrat and fake news faces when they were the brunt of his jokes. Priceless.

    It’s nice to have another President with a sense of humor. Some people don’t see it, but I sure do. In some ways Trump’s humor is more subtle than Reagan’s - apparently Democrats and fake news talking heads don’t get it at all.

    Certainly, Trump’s humor is less refined and polished than Reagan’s - but, to me, that’s not at all a bad thing. It is also more familiar and more like the humor that pervades my every day life - like the humor that my children and I share in nearly every interaction.

    I find the humor that I share with friends and family to be a lot more than just telling jokes - it is a way of enforcing open-mindedness - putting things in grand perspective - showing how small we are - demonstrating how easily things can be misunderstood. In short, I think humor makes us better, more forgiving people.

    I think that fact alone will be enough to cause the Democrats to lose in November. The fact that they have no sense of humor. The fact that they have a dismal outlook and a bleak vision of the future. The fact that they take no pride in America - and no joy in telling the truth.

    Their attempts at humor always fall flat, because real humor stems from wisdom and truth. As Homer Simpson famously said: “It’s funny because it’s true!” (which, come to think of it, is both funny and it’s true).

    I don’t want to spend the few years I have left in a humorless world listening to Democrat “woke” lectures and platitudes.

    Please Lord, give me another four years of President Trump!

    Please, please, please.

  • Freeper help: A list of "Now we got Orange Man" incidents

    08/01/2020 10:26:46 AM PDT · 16 of 18
    enumerated to LS

    Great idea! I can’t wait to see this list.

    I am pretty sure that every time a story gets posted on FR suggesting that it’s all over for Trump - he’s gone too far - a tweet has crossed the line - that THIS time, surely, he is doomed - there were always certain FReepers who would say “Not good.”

    Have you tried searching Free Republic for the phrase “Not good“?

  • Orange Man Bad? Democrats Worse (Is there anything Trump could do to lose your support?)

    08/01/2020 10:02:22 AM PDT · 57 of 67
    enumerated to definitelynotaliberal

    Trump is on par with Reagan - a different style, but equal in greatness.

    Both are head and shoulders above Lincoln in greatness. Lincoln gave some stirring addresses, but his supposed greatness is loaded with mythology and symbolism.

    I know it is heresy to say so, but I doubt history would have given either Lincoln or Kennedy even a small fraction of the attention they have received, had they not been tragically martyred.

  • Orange Man Bad? Democrats Worse (Is there anything Trump could do to lose your support?)

    08/01/2020 9:41:37 AM PDT · 56 of 67
    enumerated to Moseley

    “Is there anything that Trump could do that would cause you to stop supporting him?”

    Yes. He could stop being pro life. He could stop putting American interests first. He could stop fighting the fake news. He could sell out to China. He could stop getting rid of job killing regulations. He could stop telling the truth. He could stop having a backbone. He could stop keeping his campaign promises. He could stop being Trump.

    I’d stop supporting him in a heartbeat.

  • Portland Protesters Burn Bibles, American Flags in the Streets

    08/01/2020 9:17:37 AM PDT · 69 of 110
    enumerated to marktwain

    “Burning Bibles and American Flags.
    That will gain them a lot of points with the American electorate...NOT!”

    If the media, academia and government bureaucracies were ever to report the truth instead of lies, or to give an honest, unfiltered accounting of world events, socio-economic causes and effects, or political agendas - no Democrat would ever come close to winning another election.

    The deliberate and widespread dissemination of lies and misinformation by our institutions, and the unfortunate propensity of good-hearted people to accept lies as gospel, is the tragedy of our time.

    I am reminded of the saying “With freedom comes responsibility.”

    Specifically, with Freedom of Speech comes the responsibility of patriots to remain vigilant in sensing the difference between truth and lies - between liberty and tyranny - and to educate future generations to do the same.

    We have failed.

    Perhaps it is true that the tree of Liberty must occasionally be watered by the blood of patriots.

  • Pa. will provide postage-paid envelopes for mail-in and absentee ballots for November election

    07/31/2020 4:33:42 PM PDT · 57 of 102
    enumerated to lightman

    I’m voting in person - but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to mail in a ballot or two as well, just to make sure.

  • Trump Maneuvers To Protect Robert E. Lee's Name In Secretly Recorded Phone Call

    07/31/2020 3:52:50 PM PDT · 58 of 64
    enumerated to Bubba Ho-Tep

    “His brilliance as a general is based on his record of killing men wearing the uniform of the United States and fighting under the Stars and Stripes.“


    It all depends on who wins the war. The losing side are called “rebels” or “traitors” - but if they had won, they would be called “patriots”, “revolutionaries“ or “Founding Fathers”.

    What do you think the American revolutionaries were called by the British? What would they still be called today if they had lost and we were still British subjects? Murderous Traitors.

    My great grandfather was a Confederate Captain and after the war he moved to PA with his family and was a beloved and highly respected pillar of the community for 50 years until his death at the age of 95. Nobody ever called him a traitor or accused him of defending slavery.

    He was honored as a war veteran alongside the Union veterans in Memorial Day parades and after his death, his grave was decorated with a confederate flag to honor him - right here in Pennsylvania!

    And he was not the only one. Memorial Day was established in 1868 for that very purpose, and war veterans of the North and South were honored side by side to heal the nation and remind future generations that we have more in common than we have that sets us apart.

    This recent attempt to stir racial divisions over the Civil war after 150 years of healing is a tragic manifestation of Leftist race-baiting and hate-mongering. What a shame that the people who fought were able to reconcile, and all that healing and mutual respect is being squandered for political advantage.

    I do not understand why Conservatives allow the Left to recast American history as being founded on systemic racism. That is a lie. Are we really this gullible?

    Isn’t it obvious who benefits from this racial division?

    Yet every time the subject of the Civil War comes up, certain FReepers pile on with Southern-bashing.

    The veterans of that war - on BOTH sides - must be rolling in their graves...

  • AMAZING! Rasmussen Poll Shows Trump at 50% Approval Rating — Three Points Higher than Obama at Same Point in His Presidency

    07/31/2020 10:56:30 AM PDT · 54 of 54
    enumerated to catnipman

    It is frustrating often it can be proved that polls are worthless, but then, ten minutes later, people go right back to believing them.

    I guess it’s because polls are all we have - the “better than nothing” fallacy.

    I’ve seen this over and over again with the Corona virus statistics.

    I say to my friend: “the statistics being reported are not trustworthy - the virus is real, but because of the unscientific way data is being collected and reported, we can draw no useful conclusions. For example, they report that the number of new daily “positives” increased by 20% without admitting that the total number of tests increased by 50%. Without that context, the data is meaningless.”

    My friend says: “Then how do you explain the surge in cases?”

    My jaw drops, because I thought I just answered that. The fact is, a lot of people will believe official reported statistics, no matter how flawed, unless you can give them a different official reported statistic to believe. It is not enough to discredit an official report, you must provide an alternative.

    This is how brainwashing works - people desperately want to believe SOMETHING.

  • AMAZING! Rasmussen Poll Shows Trump at 50% Approval Rating — Three Points Higher than Obama at Same Point in His Presidency

    07/31/2020 10:12:16 AM PDT · 46 of 54
    enumerated to Pollard

    Tucker Carlson may be the most courageous defender of Liberty and honesty in journalism today.

    Because of that, he regularly comes down on the side of fellow truth-teller President Trump, and against the lies and hypocrisy of the Left.

    But Tucker is a bit of an erudite - an ivory tower gentleman conservative in the mold of William Buckley.

    No shame in that, except he seems to have a blind spot when it comes to politics - he just doesn’t get the visceral connection between Donald Trump, the street fighter, and the common man.

    I suspect that if this was the 1980s, Tucker Carlson would be a staunch defender of Ronald Reagan but at the same time he would be one of the pearl clutchers constantly second guessing Reagan, fearing his agenda was being coopted, fearing the President was weak and overpowered by those around him. He would have whined “let Reagan be Reagan!”.

    Don’t get me wrong. I never miss Tucker Carlson’s show - that’s how good I think he is. We are very fortunate to have him.

    But once every two weeks or so, he embarrasses himself as he did last night, by joining the Leftist and RINO chorus of people saying Trump should stop tweeting, be more “Presidential”, be smarter and play by the Queen’s rules.

    I’m sorry, but a big part of President Trump’s appeal is precisely what Tucker Carlson and others complain about. The same things that are “reckless” and “dumb” to Tucker are exactly what I find refreshing.

    I love it that he is coarse, reckless and disrespectful in his tweets and press conferences - it is a way of verbally giving his enemies the finger. Some people are too genteel to understand this, but a huge part of middle America has been waiting for a leader that tells liars to go to hell and flips them the bird.

  • Trump officially suggests delaying the election

    07/30/2020 11:46:01 PM PDT · 361 of 392
    enumerated to Leaning Right

    I guess it depends where you are

    The union guys I know still like Trump and they know none of this is his fault - they felt betrayed by the Democrats and that has not changed.

    I don’t know what is going to happen - but being weak and pandering is the last thing anyone wants from Trump - people like the way he speaks his mind.

    I know what you mean about the older guys - but they didn’t vote for Trump anyway