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  • Pfizer very quietly agrees to settle 10,000 cancer lawsuits…

    05/11/2024 12:36:15 PM PDT · 9 of 29
    cyberstoic to Republican Wildcat

    pfizer? found guilty with the biggest fine in the history of business and in the world??? People demonstrated to put profit over people?? People who use regulatory capture to control the CDC/FDA/NIH? What the heck are you talking about?????

    Did I miss something here? Cash your check and enjoy the dividend.

  • The CDC’s Latest Myocarditis Study is a Con Job

    05/11/2024 12:28:28 PM PDT · 31 of 46
    cyberstoic to DugwayDuke

    I don’t like conspiracy tbeories. I understand that the CIA developed the term to discount and discredit those that spoke against them. How can these be conspiracy theories when all of what I wrote was stated three years ago and has come true. The more interesting thing is why,dear sweet duggie do you continue to espouse lies that have been demonstrated to be true and act like you have some sense of truth. Liars gonna lie

  • Pfizer very quietly agrees to settle 10,000 cancer lawsuits…

    05/11/2024 11:54:10 AM PDT · 2 of 29
    cyberstoic to E. Pluribus Unum

    Lies, lies and more lies. DugawayDuke and exDemMom said that this was impossible!!!! Impossible!!!!! That could never happen. I mean, it’s not like pfizer, fraudci and the government would lie!!!! perish the thought. I mean, SCIENCE!!! SCIENCE!!! What I believe could never be wrong!!!Science!!!? I mean it’s not like if they pathetically lie about the cancer causing properties of this that they would lie about the mutatedRNA vaxes, no, that would never ever happen. ever. science!!!!

  • The CDC’s Latest Myocarditis Study is a Con Job

    05/11/2024 10:05:31 AM PDT · 28 of 46
    cyberstoic to DugwayDuke

    What I admid, is that whoever is directing this mess with Fraudci, Daszak, DOD, Gates, used every means available to cause fear, and destruction to doctors in the field.

    I admit that the Obama electronic medical records were a leash to manipulate and control doctors. Everything is monitored and prescribing off script is a path to destruction. Despite I am allergic to PEG, my doctor was ordered to pressure me to take a fake mrna vax that would likely have caused me anaphylaxis and death and could not offer an exemption because the controllers would go after him.

    Controlling people through fear and punishment is not saying all these doctors are complicit in a conspiracy, it says that intellectual enablers and those involved used manipulative force to control and destroy doctors are a powerful controller and manipulator. Duggie dear, why are you not proud of your position. Revel in it dear Duggie, Machiavelli should be your hero.

  • Ed Dowd Identifies Disturbing Problem in Cancer Trends

    05/11/2024 9:55:19 AM PDT · 29 of 30
    cyberstoic to exDemMom

    This is my biggest problem with you. As an amazing scientist and researcher, you know that you are right. Except you don’t understand that you may be right, but in regards to these bio weapons, you are wrong. It is impossible and inconceivable to you that your knowledge is wrong.

    For example, “mrna has a short half life”, except the mutatedRNA,bioweapon has been shown to be able to replicate for 6 months and maybe longer in some people. You are right in every sense thar real mrna has a short half life, but it is inconceivable that the bioweapon lasts longer and you insist on associating the two. You are right in your studies and wisdom, but utterly wrong here. That, but Horatio, there are more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in your philosophy and learning.

  • The CDC’s Latest Myocarditis Study is a Con Job

    05/10/2024 6:05:08 PM PDT · 26 of 46
    cyberstoic to DugwayDuke

    “So, you actually believe hundreds of thousands of health care professionals are engaged in a gigantic conspiracy to hide the truth that vaccines are killing untold numbers?”

    An interesting question. Dr. Fraudci and his pals controlled allocation of research grants and would stop publication and peer review of those challenging the narrative.

    Fauci and Peter Daszak were involved up to their eyeballs in the gain of function development of this and then covered up what they had done and their willing accomplices in the press and government ran cover for them.

    Dr. Fraudci amd the CDC developed the tx ptotocols that killed people and set into motion the monetary structure to reimburse hospitals that reinforced it. They set into motion using state agencies to punish doctors that went off script by going after their licenses.

    Alternative medication protocols were forbidden and pharmacies would not fill those prescriptions.

    Google, Fakebook and Twitter censored posts, kicked off others who wrote what went against the narrative, and this was ordered/coordinated with the FedGov.

    The very odd, regulatory captured CDC/FDA in their incestuous relationship with pfizer was curious to watch.

    Most doctors were afraid to go off script for fear of losing their licenses. Most of them seem very unwilling to speak out, but considering how the regulatory acencies have threatened licenses, it is hard to blame them.

    Was this a coordinated conspiracy? Who knows. Of course, covid is the leading cause of coincidences so maybe so.

  • The CDC’s Latest Myocarditis Study is a Con Job

    05/10/2024 11:54:04 AM PDT · 23 of 46
    cyberstoic to DugwayDuke

    Dugie,Dugie,Dugie, seriously my friend. I am claiming precisely that. When your side controls the funding process for research, censors anyone that does not toe the party line, cites research seriously compromised like you do, and destroys those that speak against the official dictum, then YES, my dear friend Duggie, truth is censored and there is no truth in what you offer. What your side offers is a CENSORED FALSE NARRATIVE, lies built upon lies.

  • The CDC’s Latest Myocarditis Study is a Con Job

    05/10/2024 9:52:43 AM PDT · 20 of 46
    cyberstoic to DugwayDuke

    Duggie, my old friend. Are you still using your mantra of “safe and effective” , my dear intellectual enabler?

    That is an interesting take you have as to why the’76 vax was stopped. While you are correct that the swine flu failed to manifest, that is not why it was stopped. The reported deaths, as well as the cases of guillian-barre were omnipresent in the press. Articles daily and the population was concerned and the Ford administration could not pull it fast enough. I lived through that, first hand, and You are clearly just wrong.

    “Do you read any peer reviewed reports/studies that do not support the anti-vaxxer narrative?”

    Peer Reviewed? That USED to be the gold standard until your side took control of the process and censored and defunded any research that did not support endless ineffective mutatedRNA vaxes. Peer review is compromised and is meaningless now. The real question, with you as an intellectual enabler, is do you read any reviews and studies that do not support the endless ineffectual vaccination position that you love? You are so wonderfully dismissive of any researcher that does not support your sides untruths.

  • That mouth-watering aroma of fresh food cooking? It may be degrading air quality

    05/09/2024 1:24:06 PM PDT · 18 of 52
    cyberstoic to CatOwner

    That assumes that they are cooked. WEF says you eat them raw so no problem

  • [Catholic Caucus] German bishop attacks Church teaching for upholding ‘only man and woman,’ demands changes to Catechism

    05/09/2024 10:23:27 AM PDT · 8 of 10
    cyberstoic to ebb tide

    Sex is an amazing thing. Butt sex must really be so amazing since all these people are willing to sacrifice the church and their immortal souls for it. who knew??

  • Ed Dowd Identifies Disturbing Problem in Cancer Trends

    05/07/2024 10:32:22 AM PDT · 27 of 30
    cyberstoic to exDemMom

    “recently by a vaccine whose only effect is to cause the immune system to behave in its natural fashion, by creating antibodies against an infectious disease?”

    That is not how the mutatedRNA vaxes work and you know it. You continue to lie by conflating real vaxes with how the mutatedRNA vaxes work. The mutatedRNA vaxes work by reprogramming your cells to make spike protein. Real vaxes do not reprogram and force your cells to make spike protein. Real vaxes do not force your heart cells, kidney cells , and other cells to be reprogrammed to make spike poison.

    This has never ever been done before in the history of medicine and you have no idea what that actually does to people, in their bodies. It is completely plausible that this is causing cancer and all sorts of other problems. But I could be wrong, it may all be safe and effective, safe and effective, safe and effective.

  • Google has removed this Trump ad. They claim it violates their "guidelines." (Illegal immigrants)

    05/04/2024 1:11:53 PM PDT · 36 of 44
    cyberstoic to janetjanet998

    google, the evilest company in the history of the universe. Darpa/cia company designed at inception to control the flow of information and what you see, read, hear and are allowed to know. The company run by non Americans, using H1B to remove American thought in algorithms. If lightning was to shatter google servers,I would cheer like palestinians watching the space shuttle.

  • DeSantis signs bill banning lab-grown meat

    05/03/2024 6:08:36 PM PDT · 25 of 25
    cyberstoic to JSM_Liberty

    Fake meat is scary. Immortalized cell lines,used to “grow” this “meat” are precancerous at worst, cancerous at best. No one has deliberately eaten such things before.

    Of course immortal cell lines like HEK 293 were used to develop and/or test covid vaxes, so lots of people were already injected with them but that is another issue.

  • US man returns from Europe to $143,000 T-Mobile bill for using phone overseas

    04/19/2024 5:06:28 AM PDT · 15 of 19
    cyberstoic to srmanuel

    When my son, who is on my account, went to Italy for two weeks we called T-Mobile and I explained what We wanted the phone to do while there. There was an add on international plan that had talk,txt and 15GB data for $35 and it was active for 30 days. He used Wi-Fi a lot in hotels and other places, and used about 9 GB of the data plan. If you are about to go over on the plan for the data you bought, it would prompt you to buy another 15GB for another $35 so there are no surprises (which he did not need to do).

    This was easy and cheap and worth it, in my opinion. it worked seamlessly with no surprises.

    I don’t know who was advising this poor man at the t-mo store but they did him wrong.

  • Transgender inclusion? World’s major religions take varying stances on policies toward trans people

    04/13/2024 5:43:38 PM PDT · 16 of 16
    cyberstoic to JimRed

    Yes they need God’s Grace. They also need the leftist evil people to stop supporting their delusions. If a man tells you he is Napoleon, you don’t fly him to Paris and crown him emperor, you get them help, you don’t embrace the delusion with them

  • Chasten Buttigieg: Republicans Want Suicidal LGBT People to ‘Pull The Trigger’ (VIDEO)

    04/13/2024 2:28:37 PM PDT · 26 of 44
    cyberstoic to Macho MAGA Man

    Wait, so because some mentally ill people may chose to harm themselves, we are supposed to surrender our values and religious convictions in emotional blackmail. “Do what I want or I will kill myself?”. Hard pass

  • Seattle: Dance Team Told to Remove Their American Flag Shirts “Or Leave” Because Some Competitors Felt “Triggered and Unsafe”

    04/11/2024 11:59:23 AM PDT · 35 of 39
    cyberstoic to Red Badger

    The correct response is, “we are so sorry that the America flag offends you. If you feel that you cannot go on in the competition, you should feel free to withdraw to a safer space and leave the competition. Thanks so much for coming. Perhaps try again next year”

  • Scrabble: Mattel launches new version of game which is 'less competitive'

    04/10/2024 2:27:19 PM PDT · 8 of 26
    cyberstoic to nickcarraway

    Gynocentrism at it’s best. Collaborative. Same problem in education for boys

  • Is New York Water Really The Secret To The Best Bagels and Pizza?

    04/09/2024 8:33:38 AM PDT · 27 of 44
    cyberstoic to DallasBiff

    Obviously they have never visited Chicago. UNO’s, Lou Malnatti’s,Giordano’s,Aurelio’s. Chicago deep dish. New York water can’t make up the difference

  • The alarming truth about Wuhan coronavirus research and 15 federal agencies.

    04/09/2024 8:01:15 AM PDT · 32 of 53
    cyberstoic to rdcbn1

    As well you should question our DemMom (for some reason the autocorrect keeps trying to change that to demon). He/She/bot is the smartest, bestest lab genius ever!!!!! It is a gift to be able to use information about real vaccines and then try to substitute that for knowledge about the mRNA vaxes to misdirect from the truth. That kind of disinformation takes real skill to deny that there is actual gain of function or that this was designed on purpose.