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  • Les Paul Hiss Fix

    12/23/2018 8:49:47 PM PST · 90 of 90
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Free in Texas

    No charge, and no problem.

    i had the same problem with my Telecaster after i had some customisation work done on it. The “functional(?) alcoholic” who did the work neglected to ground the new bridge. i knew there was a problem just as soon as the noise went away as i touched the strings. (My body became the new ground point. Not a good position to be in if you’re concerned about your safety.)

    As for the wireless connection on the OP’s first post, that can also cause problems if there is an impedance mismatch. i’ve actually heard police and fire department communications come over the wireless transmitter to a guitar and wireless microphones. It is an issue to consider.

  • Les Paul Hiss Fix

    12/22/2018 7:55:14 PM PST · 79 of 90
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Free in Texas
    You have a ground problem. Since you never played with a cable you didn’t notice it. The fact that you can eliminate the noise with your hand confirms what the problem is. Here’s what’s going on. Your ground wire under your bridge is not making good contact with the bridge. It has probably been pressed into the finish...

    Excellent! i reached the same conclusion earlier in this thread based on my own experience.

    My conclusion was that the bridge (and therefore the strings) was isolated from ground and were functioning as an antenna pulling in white noise induced into the pickups. Ground the strings through the bridge and the "antenna" effect is eliminated.

    Power supply hum is a distinctly different sound than "hiss", and can be eliminated by replacing the power supply filter caps on the amp. It is a common problem with older amplifiers, and can actually damage the main transformer of the amp if not corrected. Get good American-made capacitors because the Chinese stuff is junk that can be up to 50% off the stated value of capacitance.

    Another poster has already pointed out that it might be worth the guitar owner's while to go over the solder joints of the repair that he or she had done to the guitar. Bad solder joints can make for a bad ground connection.

  • Les Paul Hiss Fix

    12/22/2018 1:49:21 PM PST · 64 of 90
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Eddie01
    Wish I could help, but this doesn’t apply to me since I play a Tele. ;)

    Think so? See my post #36 on this thread.

    From one Tele owner to another.

  • Les Paul Hiss Fix

    12/22/2018 11:19:26 AM PST · 53 of 90
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Rebelbase; left that other site

    Ping to Post 52. A useful “#MeToo”, unlike that other one.

    Go ahead and add me as well as left that other site to the list.

  • Les Paul Hiss Fix

    12/22/2018 11:15:49 AM PST · 52 of 90
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to left that other site
    Since the Idea is Irresistable, I will Persevere and announce that anyone wanting to be on the Guitar Ping List which I will maintain by FReepmailing me.

    Of course the list may end up being Limited by my ability to keep up with it, but being on the list will Unconditional, no matter what brand you play.

    We’ll try to keep the posts clean so as not to descend into Total Depravity, but since we are all adults, there will be no need to tiptoe through the Tulips either.

    In that case, lest we descend into musical Pelagianism, Let me be the first to exercise my Non-existent Libertarian Free Will, and request that i be added to the ping list. FReepmail will follow.

  • Les Paul Hiss Fix

    12/22/2018 10:51:10 AM PST · 48 of 90
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to left that other site


  • Les Paul Hiss Fix

    12/22/2018 10:46:42 AM PST · 45 of 90
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to left that other site
    s there a guitar ping list somewhere? I would love to be on it.

    There is if you make one (hint, hint).

  • Les Paul Hiss Fix

    12/22/2018 10:11:01 AM PST · 36 of 90
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to kjam22

    i don’t use wireless, but i ran into a similar problem with my Telecaster after i had customization work done on it. It seems that the “functional alcoholic” who did the work neglected to place the ground wire from the new bridge to the ground in the control cavity.

    i never liked the idea of a direct ground from the strings to the amp, so i added my own feature. Using a small alligator clip connected to one of the intonation screws on the strat non-tremmello bridge i had put in, i ran a small wire to an axial lead 10WV 100 micro-Farad capacitor and using a small ring terminal, mounted the other end to a mounting screw on the selector switch. That gave me an AC ground, but not a direct DC ground path. If i run into a problem grabbing a mike that is grounded to the opposite polarity, it would blow the cap, breaking the connection and saving my life.

    The Tele still hums and buzzes, but it’s a TELECASTER, they do that. i could clean things up a bit and eliminate some of that with shielding and better solder joints, but it seems to work fine without it.

    As for your situation, cables can be a problem. USUALLY you end up losing higher frequency response (hiss) due to the cumulative capacitance of the cable. Cheaper cables have higher capacitance/unit length. The longer the cable, the greater the higher frequency loss. i have a cheap 25’ cable that makes the tone control in my Tele useless. It is that bad. Some manufactures do make “active” cables to compensate cable capacitance. How are the connections to the plugs of the cable?

    More to the point, if you’re getting hum or hiss that goes away when you touch the strings, there is a connection problem somewhere in the guitar. The strings are acting as an antenna picking up white noise. The strings should be grounded to the bridge, which is in turn grounded to the guitar. i do not know where that connection would be on a Les Paul, since i’ve never owned one.

    The capacitor i use can be mounted internally so that you don’t mar the look of a very beautiful instrument. i kinda like the way the fix looks on my Tele, so it isn’t an issue to me. However, that’s only if you’re worried about a direct DC connection between your body and the guitar. Most people don’t worry about it.

  • Parkland student David Hogg Ivy League-bound ... going to Harvard

    12/21/2018 10:45:49 PM PST · 43 of 106
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to 1L
    I wouldn’t hire an Ivy League grad for anything.

    Ah, but you probably did....

    It's all what one makes of it.

  • Pastor John Gray defends decision to buy wife Lamborghini for anniversary

    12/16/2018 3:09:50 PM PST · 80 of 99
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Gamecock
    From the article:

    "What should concern people who are actually genuinely concerned is 'did this man use any money from the church to do this?' And the answer is no, absolutely not," he said.

    He reiterated that no money from the church was used to pay for the vehicle.

    If true...and at this time i have no reason to suspect's his business, and none of ours.

    i have no knowledge of this man, or the particulars of his income, and so i'll reserve judgement for lack of information.

  • John Dingell: to fix Congress, abolish the Senate

    12/06/2018 4:22:01 PM PST · 32 of 39
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to HenpeckedCon
    Nope, the US Senate isn’t an amendment. It’s in the Constitution itself. It requires 50 states.

    Actually, it requires 3/4 of the states as i mentioned above. To remove the US Senate from the legislative branch requires constitutional amendment since it is established by the Constitution. It can not be done by legislative fiat.

    Dingle is an idiot.

  • John Dingell: to fix Congress, abolish the Senate

    12/06/2018 3:31:58 PM PST · 30 of 39
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to HenpeckedCon
    It can be done. You just need 2/3’s of both houses of Congress and it must be ratified by only 50 states.


    It must be ratified by 3/4 of the states. Currently 38 states are required.

  • A Middle-Aged Career Woman on the Lies of Feminism She Learned Too Late

    11/29/2018 7:16:02 PM PST · 115 of 154
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Windflier
    And here I thought I was robbing the cradle because my wife and I are 19 years apart!

    Tell you brother, you would not BELIEVE the grief i caught from women my own age when my wife and i were dating...she looks 10 years younger than her actual age. One woman actually asked me...What's the matter, can't handle a woman your own age?" To which i had to reply No, i can't handle Post-menopausal drama queens who need to b!+ch about something.

    That was when i learned for certain what "Well, Bless your heart" really means when uttered by a Southern woman, LOL.

    i am so happy that my wife and i now live in Central Pennsylvania.

  • Paul Ryan - Romney Sees Himself as GOP ‘Standard-Bearer’

    11/29/2018 5:57:13 PM PST · 2 of 86
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to dennisw

    That standard is a big red flag with the word LOSER written across it.

  • A Middle-Aged Career Woman on the Lies of Feminism She Learned Too Late

    11/29/2018 5:42:59 PM PST · 101 of 154
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Jeff Chandler
    Yes, they can be difficult to train at that age.

    Respectfully Jeff, we both want to stay married. It's not really a joking matter.

    This is going to if not become the norm, at least challenge the norm.

    There are a lot of us out there who for one reason or another put off marriage, yet never wanted to put off marriage. We're going to screw up a lot of things. We're going to screw up marriage counseling in both churches and secular institutions because we weren't what the counselors were trained to deal with. Our problems and trouble areas are a bit different than the hormonal 20 somethings that they were trained to deal with.

    My wife and i are just the tip of the ice berg.

  • A Middle-Aged Career Woman on the Lies of Feminism She Learned Too Late

    11/29/2018 4:26:26 PM PST · 89 of 154
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Jeff Chandler; scottinoc
    That’s when you’re still amiable to working out problems with someone.

    Obviously English wasn't one of her degrees.

    i know the English wasn't correct, but we all know what she was trying to say.

    Having married for the only time in my life at age 60 to a woman who was 35 (her only marriage too), i can identify with this statement.

    Both my wife and i struggle with this every day. It's probably much harder for us than it would be for those in their 20's who can still bend a bit, because we are both at an age where we know what works, and what doesn't work for each of us.

    Hint: What works for her doesn't work for me, and visa versa.

  • Comey challenges House GOP subpoena in federal court

    11/29/2018 4:12:10 PM PST · 50 of 75
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Wonder Warthog
    Uh, Congress and the Court system are two independent branches of government. I don’t think a federal court can “quash” a Congressional subpoena.

    They can also immediately close the court in question.

    The judges know this and aren't that stupid.

  • Senator Murray Reiterates Call to Send Troops at Southern U.S. Border Home Immediately

    11/26/2018 6:31:26 PM PST · 17 of 37
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Rashputin
    How long before someone takes a case the the 9th Circuit and they order Trump to send the troops back to their bases?

    Probably about the time that Trump sends those troops to arrest and jail the entire 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

  • Ex-CIA, NSA chief Hayden suffers stroke

    11/24/2018 2:48:14 PM PST · 44 of 45
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Capt. Tom

    The first stroke happened in my sleep. We later determined that something had happened, but couldn’t figure out what.

    A bit later, i was taking a shower when my right arm stopped responding to my brain’s commands. It also felt as if it didn’t belong to me. i got out of the shower and was toweling off left handed —no big deal, i’m a lefty— and leaned over going off balance. Tried to catch myself with a right arm that wasn’t responding to my orders and hit the floor.

    Fortunately i landed against the bathroom door forcing it open. My wife was on me like white on rice. When i tried to explain that my right arm wasn’t working all that came out was word salad and i remember noticing that i was drooling. THEN i realised what was happening to me. Apparently i was able to tell my wife to “shut up”...she was crying and screaming in my ear, which was very distracting. After about 20 minutes, i felt a “switch” turn on in my head, and i could talk better way to describe it. i turned to her and said, “i’m coming back”. We managed to get me dressed and to hospital. It did take a while to regain the use of my arm. However it is today, 2 1/2 years later, as if i never had a stroke. No physical challenges at all. In hospital, i slept maybe 20 of the first 24 hours away.

    In the midst of the testing the first stroke was detected with an MRI. i had no idea that it had been a stroke. It was on the opposite side of my brain from the second stroke.

    My biggest worry is having another stroke hit while i’m driving. It is something i think about every time i get into my vehicle. So i’ve a plan that i’ve rehearsed in the event that ever happens. Assuming of course i don’t run into something i haven’t planned for, i should be ok, or at least be able to get the vehicle off the road and stopped.

    Nobody could explain why. Heart rate excellent for a man over 60, blood pressure low normal, cholesterol levels good, etc. The working theory is that i had a minor aneurysm in my brain. A small capillary let loose.

    Capt. Tom, i would not wish that to happen to my worst enemy. i am VERY glad to hear you tell of your recovery, and wish you at least another 20 years of FReeping. You have my prayers in that respect.


  • Office of Special Counsel Opens Investigation on Acting AG Whitaker Over Hatch Act Violation

    11/23/2018 5:26:30 PM PST · 47 of 87
    Calvinist_Dark_Lord to Proud White Trump Supporter

    Trying to get Whitaker to recuse himself and set us back to status quo ante.

    i have a feeling that he’ll tell Mueller to p!$$ off and exercise some oversight on this farce.