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  • ‘When China Attacks’ – and the US goes down to defeat

    03/27/2023 4:06:27 AM PDT · by FarCenter · 47 replies
    “It’s a year or two from now” and here’s what we see: explosions at Pearl Harbor and nearby Hickam Air Force Base, a drone attack at Naval Base San Diego, the collision of a Chinese-crewed fishing vessel with a US oil tanker departing Hawaii for the Western Pacific. Meanwhile, “the People’s Liberation Army is ashore on Taiwan in large numbers.” Its internet and other communications down, Taiwan is cut off from the world. The US government is caught flat-footed. The Marines never make it to Taiwan and US Navy ships on their way from Singapore, Guam and even West Coast...
  • Biden snubs NATO allies; Putin’s ‘friend’ Hungary, Turkey left out of Democracy Summit | Report

    03/26/2023 9:13:44 PM PDT · by Its All Over Except ... · 128 replies
    Hindustan Times ^ | 3/27/23 | Staff
    The U.S. has reportedly decided not to invite two of its allies to the ‘Summit for Democracy,' which is touted as President Biden’s hallmark foreign policy initiative. The U.S. government is inviting around 120 countries to join its 'Summit for Democracy' next week. But two NATO allies, Turkey and Hungary, aren’t going to get a call. The snub is likely to inflame tensions between the U.S. and its two NATO allies even further. ...
  • US bank trouble heralds end of dollar reserve system

    03/25/2023 4:47:43 AM PDT · by FarCenter · 49 replies
    NEW YORK – The US banking system is broken. That doesn’t portend more high-profile failures like Credit Suisse. The central banks will keep moribund institutions on life support. But the era of dollar-based reserves and floating exchange rates that began on August 15, 1971, when the US severed the link between the dollar and gold, is coming to an end. The pain will be transferred from the banks to the real economy, which will starve for credit. And the geopolitical consequences will be enormous. The seize-up of dollar credit will accelerate the shift to a multipolar reserve system, with advantage...
  • Biden’s Nord Stream cover-up enters new slippery phase

    03/23/2023 4:55:29 AM PDT · by FarCenter · 23 replies
    Asia Times ^ | 03 / 23 | By SEYMOUR HERSH
    It’s been six weeks since I published a report, based on anonymous sourcing, naming President Joe Biden as the official who ordered the mysterious destruction last September of Nord Stream 2, a new US$11 billion pipeline that was scheduled to double the volume of natural gas delivered from Russia to Germany. The story gained traction in Germany and Western Europe, but was subject to a near media blackout in the US. Two weeks ago, after a visit by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz to Washington, US and German intelligence agencies attempted to add to the blackout by feeding the New York...

    03/11/2023 9:14:48 PM PST · by Kazan · 24 replies
    Sonar 21 ^ | 11 March 2023 | by Larry Johnson
    The Superman character emerged in a time of innocence in the United States when there was a genuine belief that the “American Way” was understood as a commitment to truth, equal justice under the law and fighting for the little guy. Boy, were we naive.We are now living in an age where lies are presented as “truth” and anyone who dares to speak out against those lies is accused of being either a racist or transphobic or pro-Putin. In short, a conspiracy theorist. I started thinking about this in depth in the wake of Tucker Carlson’s revelations this week about...
  • Nord Stream mystery: the tanker Minerva Julie spent 7 days idling near the attack site

    03/11/2023 6:49:24 PM PST · by Mariner · 76 replies
    Business Insider via Yahoo ^ | March 11th, 2023 | Mattathias Schwartz
    The question of who blew up the Nord Stream pipelines is likely to remain an unsolved mystery for some time.Even as new details surface from European investigators, one of the most intriguing clues to recently emerge comes not from official probes but via a 29-year-old open-source analyst based in Denmark. Oliver Alexander spent months analyzing data from the maritime Automatic Identification System, or AIS, from vessels that passed near the site of three out of the four pipeline ruptures shortly before the damage. He noticed that the Minerva Julie, a 600-foot Greek-flagged tanker, was headed east from Rotterdam when, on...
  • Are We the Baddies? [America Blew Up Nordstream Pipeline]

    03/06/2023 9:53:34 AM PST · by Angelino97 · 56 replies
    Chronicles ^ | March 1, 2023 | Edward Welsch
    “How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline,” by renowned investigative journalist Seymour Hersh ... reports that President Joe Biden, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Tony Blinken, and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland devised a covert plan to destroy the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline, a project that would have delivered Russian natural gas to Germany and the rest of Europe. According to Hersh’s sources, the U.S. Navy’s deep-sea divers planted explosives on the pipeline in June near the Danish Island of Bornholm, using the cover of a joint NATO exercise to...
  • The New Superman Has a Boyfriend and Will Battle Climate Change

    10/12/2021 10:45:14 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 72 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 10/12/2021 | Rick Moran
    DC Comics announced on Monday that the new Superman — the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane — will have a boyfriend and will let other superheroes battle evildoers while he battles climate change.If ever there were a more perfect representation of the liberal culture’s idea of a superhero, Jonathan Kent will be it.Jonathan, who will be known by his metrosexual nom de guerre “Jon,” is not your daddy’s Man of Steel. No doubt because making steel causes pollution and other evils. Perhaps DC Comics could rename Superman “Man of Jello,” which would be much more appropriate and far...
  • Tokyo Olympics: I am Not wishing the U.S. woman's soccer team well; Winning the gold would only give a high visibility platform to America-haters

    07/23/2021 7:31:45 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 59 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 07/23/2021 | Peter Skurkiss
    The heavily favorite U,S. women's soccer team was humiliated in its 3-0 loss to Sweden in the first round of the 2020 Summer Olympics. Many people, even conservatives, lamented that and hope the team can recover and go on to win a medal if not the gold. Not me. Winning the gold would only give a high visibility platform to America-haters like the team's captain, the woke Megan Rapinoe. The corporate media would make hay out of that like you wouldn't believe. This is the last thing the America needs. But what about team members who do not ascribe to...
  • The America-Haters

    03/06/2021 5:10:28 PM PST · by Runaround Sue2 · 11 replies ^ | 9/6/2020 | Charles Konia M.D.
    It's just a matter of the America-Haters convincingly repeating their Hate-America litany as the truth often enough before the masses of American people start buying into it. The reasoning they use to express and justify their hatred of America and Americans is secondary. It could be through their contempt - Americans are crass and boorish people, not sophisticated like Europeans, or through their criticalness - their Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School which is aimed at discrediting America and the American way of life, or through their envy - Americans are greedy, rich and dishonest people, therefore their wealth must...
  • NBA requiring teams to play national anthem after Mark Cuban axed song for Mavs games

    02/10/2021 4:38:42 PM PST · by conservative98 · 30 replies
    Fox News ^ | 2/10/21 | Paulina Dedaj
    The NBA is requiring that all teams play the national anthem before games "in keeping with longstanding league policy," just one day after Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban told The Athletic the team decided not to play it at home games. NBA Chief Communications Officer Mike Bass released a statement on Wednesday, just a day after Cuban said he had no plans to play the national anthem at any future home games. Fox Bet "With NBA teams now in the process of welcoming back fans into their arenas, all teams will play the national anthem in keeping with longstanding league...
  • 1,000 American flags in Kailua back up after it was removed, vandalized

    07/04/2020 12:53:10 PM PDT · by kaehurowing · 12 replies
    KHON2 ^ | July 3, 2020 | Jenn Boneza
    KAILUA, Hawaii (KHON2) — More than a thousand American flags are back on display in Kailua after being removed earlier this week. Fields of red, white, and blue were seen down Kailua Road. That’s what Kailua Chamber of Commerce President Michael Fry envisioned when he and other community members created the “It’s a 1000 Flag Celebration” project in Kailua in lieu of the parade and fireworks show that was canceled. “We were racking our brains thinking what can we do to lift everybody’s spirits and bring the community together and show our patriotism? And if we can bring people to...
  • Sunday night America-hating socialist-democrat leftist/globalist revolutionary riot show LIVE thread.

    05/31/2020 12:39:26 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 370 replies
    The nightly democrat riots are starting again now from sea to smoking sea. I find it ironic that most of these riots are taking place in democrat-run cities. And that they're blaming it on systemic racism in these same cities. The same cities where democrats control local government and local police departments. Especially ironic that democrat AG Keith Ellison was crying to Chris Wallace today about systemic racism in the Minneapolis police department where this all started. Hell, isn't he the chief law enforcement officer in Minnesota? Appears most of this systemic racism, police brutality, race rioting, etc, is taking...
  • Saturday night America-hating democrat leftist/globalist revolutionary riot show LIVE thread.

    05/30/2020 3:19:35 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 682 replies
    The nightly democrat riots are starting sea to smoking sea.
  • Racist trope, my white 8th generation Scots-Irish immigrant arse!

    07/22/2019 5:41:40 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 57 replies
    I don't care if Constitution-hating, open borders pushing, capitalism-hating, useful idiot democrats, talking point parroting talking heads or even weak-kneed, spineless, balless, TDS suffering GOP-e RINO Republicans accuse me of hurling "racist tropes." It's only commonsense that if you have foreign born, foreigner reared or otherwise brainwashed radicals in our congress who have openly admitted their hatred for our country, our borders, our national sovereignty and our constitution, and they are working in concert with others in congress who wish to subvert our constitution by introducing radical policies, ie, the so-called green new deal, and other anti-America, anti-freedom socialist/totalitarian policies...
  • Scares for Bill Maher, Michael Moore in wake of mail bomb threats

    10/31/2018 12:06:24 PM PDT · by seanmerc · 10 replies
    Page Six ^ | 30 Oct 18 | Ian Mohr
    There was a scare in Hollywood on Monday when a suspicious package addressed to Bill Maher was reported to authorities — and the powerhouse management firm that reps the comic had to evacuate its offices. Sources told Page Six that Brillstein Entertainment — which reps Maher, as well as Brad Pitt, Rob Lowe and Courteney Cox — had been warned by authorities that Maher’s name was on a list of potential targets by alleged mail bomber Cesar Sayoc, as was Brillstein’s Wilshire Blvd. address.
  • Nike Plummets 6.2% as Dow Jones Sinks 800+ Points [Silver Lining]

    10/10/2018 1:16:11 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 74 replies
    10/10/18 | sff
    Watching the Fox biz hour via, and they have shown some graphics on the Dow losers of the day. Looks like the biggest loser of the Dow 30 so far is the America hating NIKE. Down more than 6%.
  • Mother of Slain Daughter by MS 13 Speaks Out at Democrat Critics.

    02/01/2018 8:02:54 PM PST · by hapnHal · 9 replies
    1 Feb 18 | hapnHal
    The mother of a teenager who was killed by MS-13 gang members is speaking out against Democrats who say she was exploited at the State of the Union address. It's quite clear that illegals have more rights in this country then the blacks. Schumer and Pelosi are out of touch with the AMERICAN people.
  • THIS is a holy crap moment’! REPORT: Michael Flynn preparing to take Trump down

    12/01/2017 10:10:45 AM PST · by C19fan · 103 replies
    Twitchy ^ | December 1, 2017 | Sarah D.
    Welp, sounds like Michael Flynn may not be going gently into that good night: Joy Lin ✔ @joyindc ABC News’ @BrianRoss reports that Flynn is prepared to testify President Trump directed him to make contact with Russians …
  • Retired Police Officer Reportedly Told to Remove Flag Honoring Victims of 9/11

    11/22/2011 11:59:01 AM PST · by lbryce · 22 replies
    Fox News ^ | November 22, 2011 | Staff
    Video A retired New York City police officer living in Florida has been ordered to take down his flag commemorating September 11 by his homeowners’ association, WPLG reports. Richard Wentz, who helped victims out of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, has been told he has just days to take down his flag or face possible legal action. "That flag means the world to me. Other than my children, that flag means the world to me," said Wentz. A letter from the Fairways at Heron Bay association said the flag detracts from the aesthetic harmony of the surrounding...