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  • David Perdue Loses 30,000 Votes Live On The Air

    01/06/2021 10:06:31 AM PST · by Enlightened1 · 15 replies
    Twitter ^ | 01/06/21
    Purdue lost 30k votes right on the screen!!!
  • Former CIA Officer and Counterintelligence Expert Uncovers Obama Crime Database Hides BLM and ANTIFA Violence But Inflates White, Right-Wing Violence

    12/13/2020 10:23:06 PM PST · by bitt · 32 replies
    GATEWAY PUNDIT ^ | 12/13/2020 | Joe Hoft
    Former CIA Counterintelligence officer Brad Johnson performed a study on a criminal data base that he found overstates white right wing violence while discounting BLM and Antifa violence. In Johnson’s study of the TEVUS database there were a couple notable findings: "Terrorism and Extremist Violence in the United States (TEVUS) is a US government-funded database that tabulates violent attacks in the United States. Used by the US government and media alike, it is one of the fundamental sources of information about who is conducting violent attacks in the United States. TEVUS reporting appears to set out to cover up Islamic,...
  • Around 200,000 Americans Die Every Year From Air Pollution That Meets EPA Standard

    04/30/2020 5:08:45 PM PDT · by daniel1212 · 50 replies
    Newsweek ^ | 11/21/19 | Rosie McCall
    Air pollution kills around 200,000 Americans each year even when pollution levels remain below the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's current guidelines, a report published in JAMA Network Open has found. A team of scientists identified nine causes of death associated with exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5), including three not previously recognized—chronic kidney disease, hypertension and dementia. Cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, type 2 diabetes, lung cancer, and pneumonia also contributed to the count. PM2.5 are pollution particles (or droplets) equal or smaller to 2.5 microns—a size so minuscule it is roughly 30 times smaller than a...
  • The B-52 Will Fly and Fight for 100 Years

    09/24/2019 1:31:48 PM PDT · by C19fan · 58 replies
    Popular Mechnics ^ | September 24, 2019 | Kyle Mizokami
    The B-52H fleet, already nearly 60 years old, has been the recipient of a steady but slow stream of upgrades to keep the planes useful. The Air Force is now committing to flying the bomber into the 2050s, a feat that will require even more improvements. The U.S. Air Force ordered 102 B-52H bombers during the Cold War, with the first planes delivered in May 1961. The old eight-engined warhorse has been in continuous service ever since, flying combat missions over the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. The Air Force plans to keep flying the remaining 76 B-52Hs through 2050,...
  • Air Force Academy installs thousands of cameras for cadet safety

    02/24/2019 4:27:48 PM PST · by redfog · 51 replies
    Stars and Stripes ^ | February 20, 2019 | Caitlin M. Kenney
    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Air Force Academy has installed several thousand closed-circuit TV cameras on campus over the past year to create a safer environment for cadets and to deter criminal behavior. The cameras were mentioned by Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, the academy’s superintendent, during testimony Feb. 13 before a subcommittee hearing of the House Appropriations Committee about the military service academies. The superintendents of each military service academy testified nearly two weeks after the Pentagon released its annual report on sexual assault and harassment at the academies. The report’s anonymous scientific survey found that 747 students said they experienced...
  • Forget the A-10 Warthog: The Army Wants the F-35

    10/25/2018 9:05:55 AM PDT · by C19fan · 84 replies
    National Interest ^ | October 24, 2018 | Kris Osborn
    The US Army wants the F-35 to support its ground troops. It’s that simple. We hear volumes of information about the Marine Corps vertical-take-off-and-landing F-35B, Navy carrier-launched F-35C and Air Force F-35A - but what does the Army think of the emerging Joint Strike Fighter? Does the Army think the 5th-Gen stealth fighter would bring substantial value to targeting and attacking enemy ground forces in close proximity to advancing infantry? What kind of Close Air Support could it bring to high-risk, high-casualty ground war?
  • How China's New Missile Concept Could Cripple American Air Power

    10/24/2018 7:32:47 AM PDT · by C19fan · 9 replies
    Popular Mechanics ^ | October 23, 2018 | Kyle Mizokami
    The Chinese Air Force is building a mystery missile designed to turn the tables on America's air power advantage. The weapon, tentatively known as PL-XX, is a very-long-range missile designed to strike enemy aircraft loitering just beyond the edge of an air battle. The point is to shoot down the tankers, airborne early warning planes, and other support aircraft that U.S. combat jets rely upon during wartime. Stripped of these forces, U.S. air power would operate at a serious disadvantage, shifting the air battle in China’s favor.
  • Watch: US Air Force's potential A-10 replacements take to the skies from a dirt runway

    01/07/2018 9:31:23 PM PST · by Kartographer · 71 replies ^ | 1/7/18 | Shubham Sharma
    In order to test potential A-10 Warthog replacements in rugged conditions, the US Air Force has flown Sierra Nevada A-29 Super Tucano and Hawker Beechcraft AT-6 Wolverine light attack planes from a dirt runway. The planes took off and landed on the uneven dirt airstrip located in the Melrose Air Force Range training area, a part of Cannon Air Force Base, in New Mexico. The whole event, the takeoff as well as the dusty landing, was captured and shared on YouTube by AiirSource on Wednesday, 3 January.
  • The Air Force Wants to Install New Engines on the B-52 Bomber

    12/27/2017 6:31:47 AM PST · by C19fan · 79 replies
    Popular Mechanics ^ | December 26, 2017 | Kyle Mizokami
    America’s fleet of B-52H Stratofortress nuclear bombers are on track to outlast their engines, and the planes need new ones to remain viable past 2030. The U.S. Air Force, which received its first B-52H during the Kennedy administration, wants to replace existing engines with cheaper, more power ones to keep the lumbering jets flying into all the way into the 2040s.
  • The F-35 Can Now Fight a Ground War

    12/04/2017 5:40:45 AM PST · by C19fan · 26 replies
    National Interest ^ | December 3, 2017 | Dave Majumdar
    The United States Air Force is adding the ability to attack moving targets to its new Lockheed Martin F-35A Joint Strike Fighter with the addition of the 500lbs Raytheon GBU-49 Enhanced Paveway II laser-guided bomb. "Fielding the GBU-49 for use on the F-35A is a key milestone in delivering combat capability to the warfighter," Brig. Gen. Todd Canterbury, director of the Air Force F-35 Integration Office, said in a statement.
  • Note to the EPA: What America Needs is Safe and Healthy (Not Pristine) Air

    01/14/2017 7:09:52 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 15 replies
    Townhall ^ | 01/14/2017 | Paul Driessen
    It’s called the Clean Air Act, but it was never intended to ensure pure, pristine air. Congress wanted America to have safe, healthy air, and regulations based on solid scientific and medical studies.The law says costs cannot be considered where human health and safety are actually at stake. But legislators also understood that efforts to bring emissions to zero are unnecessary, technologically impossible, extremely expensive, harmful to electricity generation, factory output, job creation and retention, and living standards – and thus likely to reduce human health, wellbeing and longevity.The Obama Environmental Protection Agency ignored these facts and employed highly dubious...
  • Arrogant U.S. Generals Made the P-51 Mustang a Necessity: With better leadership, [tr]

    12/01/2016 11:19:51 AM PST · by C19fan · 36 replies
    War is Boring ^ | December 1, 2016 | James Perry Stevenson and Pierre Sprey
    The benefits the P-51 Mustang brought to aerial battles in World War II, particularly over Germany, are reasonably well known. The iconic fighter plane could fly higher, faster, farther and generate more kills per sortie than the U.S. Army Air Force’s aviation bureaucracy’s preferred P-47s or P-38s. However, the real P-51 Mustang story is just as much about the difficult gestation of a great new fighter as it is about the quashing of the drop tanks urgently needed to extend the range of existing fighters. Then there’s the guerilla tactics some officials unleashed in the corridors of power to overcome...
  • The developing world wants natural gas and electricity, Hillary Clinton sends cookstoves

    03/28/2016 5:48:16 PM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 03/28/16 | Marita Noon
    While at best, Clinton’s clean cookstove campaign seems slimy, and may be illegal, one might cast a blind eye if the program achieved its aggrandizing goals. Hillary Clinton’s “trustworthiness” problem is fed by a long history of “varying credibility,” as a recent Politico story delineated, including cattle-futures trading, law firm billing records, muddled sniper fire recollections and e-mail use. While providing pertinent points, the Politico list is just a sampling. One missing item on the “mistrust” litany is a project she reportedly cooked up as Secretary of State, but that was shaped by her family foundation. State Department staff sent...
  • EgyptAir black boxes badly damaged, likely to prolong probe

    06/17/2016 1:18:08 PM PDT · by BenLurkin · 34 replies
    cbs ^ | 06/17/2016
    AIRO (AP) - The voice and data recorders from the EgyptAir plane that crashed into the Mediterranean nearly a month ago are "extensively damaged" and will need repairs before they can be analyzed, an Egyptian official said Friday, dampening hopes for quick answers as to what caused the disaster. The official didn't elaborate on how long the repairs would take but said if this cannot be done in Egypt, the so-called "black boxes" would be sent abroad. The official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to speak to the media. With the wreckage of the Airbus...
  • BREAKING - EgyptAir plane's voice recorder found

    06/16/2016 6:23:30 AM PDT · by tcrlaf · 43 replies
    BBC ^ | 6-16-2016 | BBC
    Cockpit voice recorder of crashed EgyptAir flight found in Mediterranean, Egyptian investigators say
  • Obama to pick first female four-star commander

    03/18/2016 8:11:34 AM PDT · by C19fan · 57 replies
    Politico ^ | March 18, 2016 | Austin Wright and Connor O'Brien
    President Barack Obama plans to nominate Air Force Gen. Lori Robinson to be the head of U.S. Northern Command — which would make her the first female combatant commander, Defense Secretary Ash Carter announced Friday. Robinson is now the head of Pacific Air Forces. If confirmed by the Senate, she would replace Adm. Bill Gortney, who’s been in the post since 2014.
  • Why Is America Using These Antique Planes to Fight ISIS? (Vietnam Era OV-10 Broncos)

    03/09/2016 8:45:21 AM PST · by C19fan · 54 replies
    Daily Beast ^ | March 9, 2016 | David Axe
    The U.S. military is testing out a dependable, rugged little vintage bomber as it battles elusive ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq. War was just an experiment for two of the U.S. military’s oldest and most unusual warplanes. A pair of OV-10 Broncos—small, Vietnam War-vintage, propeller-driven attack planes—recently spent three months flying top cover for ground troops battling ISIS militants in the Middle East. The OV-10s’ deployment is one of the latest examples of a remarkable phenomenon. The United States—and, to a lesser extent, Russia—has seized the opportunity afforded it by the aerial free-for-all over Iraq and Syria and other...
  • 340% ‘Miscalculation’ Is Basis for The CA Air Resources Board’s Diesel Regs

    02/24/2016 9:36:27 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 14 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/24/16 | Katy Grimes
    espite a California Construction Trucking Association lawsuit attempting to halt the regulations, the CARB brought in big federal guns The metastasis of statewide diesel truck regulations created by the California Air Resources Board has forced many large and small truckers out of business. The truckers still in business have had to spend $20,000 to $50,000 per truck retrofit with the CARB’s expensive, mandated Diesel Particulate Filter, or they have had to buy newer model trucks to meet the new regulations. New trucks are hugely expensive. By the stroke of a pen from unelected career bureaucrats hiding behind layers of government,...
  • CA Air Resources Board Ignoring Deadly Truck Fires

    02/16/2016 5:28:15 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 4 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/16/16 | Katy Grimes & Megan Barth
    Diesel Particulate Filter is expensive to install and maintain, mechanically unreliable, and the warranties are inadequate both as to time, mileage and scope of coverage California truck and business owners initiated a lawsuit against the California Air Resources Board because of exploding trucks and roadside fires, due to the CARB’s mandatory, faulty diesel particulate filters, they say. Ironically, the filters even fail at cleaning the air. The Alliance for California Business, a voluntary group whose purpose is to protect and promote business interests throughout California, says Diesel Particulate Filters have started more than 31 fires in the last two years,...
  • The Pentagon Is Building the "Arsenal Plane," a Giant Flying Battlewagon

    02/03/2016 7:00:59 AM PST · by C19fan · 33 replies
    Popular Mechanics ^ | February 2, 2016 | Kyle Mizokami
    U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has revealed the existence of a program to develop a so-called "Arsenal Plane." Designed to back up fifth generation fighters such as the F-35 with a large number of conventional weapons, backing up the high-tech fighters with tried-and-true ordinance. The Arsenal Plane actually has its roots at sea. During the 1990s, there was an effort to create so-called "Arsenal Ships"— large boats packed with hundreds of missile silos that would rely on the targeting data of the rest of the fleet. The Arsenal Ship was never built, but four Ohio-class submarines were converted to...