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FReepers Against Voter Fraud - (Thread 2)
November 29, 2002 | sweetliberty

Posted on 11/29/2002 8:42:21 PM PST by sweetliberty

Since I am renewing this thread a little sooner than planned, I am leaving the original body of the thread in place and just making additions of references at this time. I think it is important to keep the statement of purpose and how we came to it at the forefront for now. Later on, as more people become aware of the thread and how it is set up, I will probably change it some and just give a link back to the original.

"The right of citizens to vote and have their vote count is the cornerstone of our democracy - the necessary precondition of government of the people, by the people and for the people. Enforcing the laws that guarantee voting rights and punish voting fraud is the duty of the Department of Justice. More than mere law enforcement, our responsibility to protect the access to and integrity of elections is the responsibility of upholding freedom itself.

America is a nation whose founding documents and most inspired words uphold the ideal of democratic self-government as a model for the world. The opening phrases of the Declaration of Independence declare that governmental power, if it is to be just, must be derived from the consent of the governed. The Constitution begins, purposefully and deliberately, with these three words: "We the people . . ."

America has failed too often to uphold the right of every citizen's vote, once cast, to be counted fairly and equally. Votes have been bought, voters intimidated and ballot boxes stuffed. The polling process has been disrupted or not completed. Voters have been duped into signing absentee ballots believing they were applications for public relief. And the residents of cemeteries have infamously shown up at the polls on election day.

Today, it is more important than ever before that we embrace the privilege that makes us unique among the peoples, nations and societies of human history. Our way of life is not a given, and our freedom is not an accident. Liberty is a rare gift for which millions have worked and suffered and sacrificed and died. It now falls to us to guard this gift from those who would destroy it. It falls to us, the free, to ensure that the cornerstone of our freedom - government of the people, by the people, and for the people - does not perish from the earth."

(Excerpted from remarks of Attorney General John Ashcroft at the Voting Integrity Symposim - October 8, 2002)


It has been quite a month and overall a victorious one for Republicans. The new year looms bright on the horizon with the promise of much needed changes taking place now that we have the majority in both the House and Senate and with the opportunity to finally have some conservative judges seated who will uphold the Constitution rather than legislating the socialist agenda of the Democrats from the bench and Tiny Tommy Daschle and his obstructionist thugs have been spanked soundly and sent to their rooms.

While we had several days of delirious gloating, drunk on the thrill of a hard earned and well-deserved victory, we know all too well that the election and the events leading up to it were not without incident and once again the deck was stacked against us as the Democrats tried every trick in the book in yet another shameless effort at stealing an election. With the blatant disregard for the law so characteristic of them when it obstructs their designs, they managed to get a liberal kangaroo court to uphold the replacement of Torricelli on the ballot in New Jersey beyond the legal deadline for doing so for no other reason than having determined that the scandal and corruption surrounding Torricelli rendered him incapable of winning. In Minnesota, prior to Paul Wellstone's ill-fated final flight, a plan was uncovered that had Democrats busing in students from out of state to take advantage of Minnesota's same day voter registration to vote illegally for Paul Wellstone. Even as this was being revealed, the campaign was underway to push a similar same day registration legislation in Colorado and California, thereby opening new avenues for illegal voting in those states. In South Dakota Democrat operatives (sorry, I cannot bring myself to use the word "Democratic") paid a field worker in excess of $12,000 over a period of 3 months to register native Americans on the reservations. It was later discovered that many registration cards that had been turned in by that worker had been written in the same handwriting. Among the newly registered was at least one who was known to be recently deceased. This and other irreglarities that were uncovered in South Dakota has led to 1 out of 10 ballots there being under investigation. Fish need water, plants need sunshine, an addict needs a fix and Democrats need power and these three cases are just samples of the extent to which they will go to get it.

The idea for this thread was born following the Arkansas Hog Wild FReepers' discovery of organized intimidation tactics on the part of Democrat and NAACP operatives in Jefferson County, Arkansas as relayed by FReeper, stop_the_rats, a Republican poll watcher who gained undesired and unfair national notoriety during early voting, and by a Republican campaign worker who "infiltrated" the Clinton led, pre-election campaign "event" there. The original story was posted as part of the after-FReep report with more detail added in a post-election update. The story generated such outrage that the thread turned into a FReeper brainstorm as we labored over how we might counteract the dishonest methods employed by the Democrats to hijack elections. The effort yielded an abundance of references and it was generally agreed that voter fraud is, or at least should be, of great concern to all of us. There is a strong probability that the South Dakota election was stolen and in Arkansas the fraud machine was spinning out of control and may well have cost Tim Hutchinson his senate seat as well, despite the shadow cast over him in the wake of his divorce and remarriage. Chances are that we'll never know. Thankfully neither of these races ended up being the tie-breaker that would determine the balance of power in the Senate, but either could have been and had that been the case, you can bet it would have gotten really ugly and may have produced an entirely different result.

Even as the Democrats are still licking their wounds and wondering what on Earth happened on November 5, they are already scrambling and scheming and conniving as to ways to prevent our intercepting their next power grab in 2004. This is revealed in their ongoing efforts to block any attempt to validate a voter's legitimacy whether it be by requiring a legal form of ID at the polls, the repeal of motor voter legislation, cracking down on absentee balloting and early voting, doing away with same day registration or by the presence of poll watchers at polling places. In every case they play the race card crying "black voter intimidation" when in reality they are simply thrashing against the net that could trap those guilty of voting illegally thereby inhibiting travel on their familiar roads of voter fraud. Thankfully, Republicans were more diligent this year and undoubtedly made an impact. More questionable ballots were challenged, more questions raised, more accountability called for and more light shed on irregularities. Until recently, prosecution for voter fraud has been virtually unheard of, but that is starting to change. There have been hundreds of stories published over the past several weeks relating to voting irregularities and credible allegations of fraud. Some have led to criminal charges being filed and still others have led to investigations which are ongoing. While it is unlikely that all election fraud can be stopped, it is much harder for it operate under a spotlight, which is exactly why we must each do our part to make sure that the spotlight stays on those "shadowy" recesses where voting machines mysteriously vanish, ballot boxes are obscured from view and the demons of electoral darkness run amok.

It was suggested that the opening remarks of Attorney General John Ashcroft be used as the basis of our mission statement for this thread. In these precarious times when we are at war and we are threatened daily by terrorism, our liberty has become more precious than ever and we must be vigilant to protect it not only from foreign invaders, but also from those who would erode it from within by compromising the integrity of our elections. In order to succeed in a battle it is essential to know the enemy and attack at his greatest point of vulnerability. Included here is a list of links, which while by no means exhaustive, can serve to enlighten the electorate. Many of these stories are from Arkansas only because this was the springboard for this thread and we look forward to other FReepers adding stories from their own areas as well as any based in personal experience. The original thread also produced a wealth of resources as we discussed who we should contact if we became aware of voting irregularities or suspected fraud. Again the list of links is far from comprehensive and additions are welcome. Of course the whole point of this exercise is to get more conservative voters involved in changing the laws to close loopholes which make it easy to cheat, to promote the enforcement of existing election laws and to take part in the election process at the local level all with the goal of intercepting future fraud campaigns. In other words our goal is to STOP THE RATS FROM HIJACKING THE ELECTION PROCESS AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!

Many thanks to all the wonderful FReepers who contributed their time, energy and ideas to produce the foundation for this thread:

For their contributions of information and links, thank you to kcvl; kayak; zeaal; demosthenes the elder; terriergal; Brad's Gramma; Budge; TheLion; backhoe; ForGod'sSake; Congressman Billybob; nicmarlo; Ragtime Cowgirl; to ST.LOUIE1 for his graphics and of course to Jim Robinson who has given us this great forum and sense of purpose. A very special thanks and salute goes out to stop_the_rats for her patriotism and tenacity in facing down the enemy within. She is a warrior of whom we should be proud. What a great screen name AND battle cry for the mission of this thread!

On thread 2, I also want to thank Saundra Duffy, Mia T and mlmr for their alerting us to a couple more hot spots and also providing some additional information. Thank you to diotima, ffrancone, and Nick Danger for their efforts to move this campaign beyond Free Republic and disseminate information for public consumption. Updates on this effort will be posted regularly as well. Geist Krieger, has provided a very interesting and in depth analysis of methods of voting and their impact on our elections. If anybody has a means of storing a document for public access, please let me know and I will FReepmail it to you so that a link can be posted. It is quite long.


KNOW THY ENEMY! If you're like me, you once had a naive trust in the integrity of our elections in America. All that changed for me though, with the election debacle of 2000 when it became readily apparent that Al Gore was trying to steal the presidency and his operatives were so desperate that they were doing it right in the face of the American people. I was absolutely furious but I believed that now that people could see the Clinton/Gore political machination for the shameless assault on America that it was, they would wake up and demand accountability from those responsible. I really wasn't prepared for seeing how many people would continue to perpetrate the lies the Democrats told even in the face of that fiasco and how many would continue to buy into them. Even after that I believed that surely, now that it was out in the open, something would be done to fix it before the next election. I also was not prepared to discover the extent to which voter fraud had woven its way into our political system like a burrowing parasite with expanding tentacles entwining themselves around the arteries of freedom. The sense of betrayal I have felt has been disheartening, to say the least, but it gave rise to the outrage that made me determined to try to do something about it. If you read even a few of these links, it will change forever the way you look at future elections and will hopefully encourage you to be part of the solution.

If any of these links become outdated many of these articles are posted in their entirity on the original FReep thread. If you let me know via FReepmail, I will make editorial adjustments accordingly before renewing the thread.


The Greatest Cover-up Of All: Vote Fraud In America

ELECTION FRAUD 2002 (Lots of links)

How Some Elections Are Stolen! (Lots of Links)

Controlling Fraud, Corruption and Unfair Practices

Voter Reform: Why Are Democrats Opposed To A Photo ID to Vote?

Should Georgia Adopt Early Voting? (Relates to Problems Associated with Early Voting)

An election scam

The Democrats Lost Ugly

Ghost Precincts

Vote Fraud: Will YOUR Vote Be Stolen This November?

Should We Take Voter Fraud as Seriously as Business Fraud?

Stopping Voter Fraud Made a BIG Difference!

Orgins of Modern Democrat FRAUD

Damn Dirty Democrats

Fraud a Part of Demos' Senate Strategy?

CASTING BALLOTS: GOP to have hundreds of spotters at polling sites

Bond Celebrates President's Signing of Anti-Vote Fraud Bill

Need Vote Fraud articles, stories, and evidence? Here's a source...

It's Voter Fraud Season Again!

The Vote Fraud Archives

The Nagging Problem of Election Fraud

More Is Better?

Democrats want to drop vote fraud plan, Bond says (Election "Reform")

Double Votes in 2000 Election

GOP Uncovers Democrat Vote Fraud

Bond's Debates Schumer Amendment that Undermines His Election Reform Bill

Too Easy to Steal: Why don't liberals want to stop voter fraud?

The Dangers of Voting outside the Booth

Testimony of Dr. Larry J. Sabato, Director University of Virgina Center for Governmental Studies Before The Committee on Rules and Administration United States Senate

The Motor Voter Act and Voter Fraud

Congress to establish voter-fraud task force: Nationwide investigation will 'put people in jail

How Democrats Steal Elections

Can we trust the vote count anywhere? In any race? In any election?

The Greenwood Position (Peggy Noonan)

Stalin-Like Contests

Voter Fraud Again!

Knock and Drag: Ryan Lizza reveals how Dems. got out the black vote

Voter Fraud! It Doesn’t Get Any More Blatant Than This !

American Apartheid




Vote Fraud Alleged in Alabama

Voter Fraud in Alabama Is a Proven Fact

Alabama Primary Challenge Goes Down in Flames


Grand jury requested to delve into elections (Excerpt)

Arkansan pleads guilty in vote fraud

Looking Back On Tuesday's Election Problems

Arkansas - Democratic Party seeking injuction to keep polls open until 10:00 p.m. tonight

GOP to ask for probe of Phillips Co. voting

Scandal: Postal Exec Caught Using USPS Budget to Unseat GOP Senator

1,000 Republican Students Denied Right to Vote

Arkansas GOP charges vote fraud

FRAUD in Arkansas!!! Voters Illegally Casting Ballots 2 Weeks Early in Organized Effort by Dems

Voter Fraud in Arkansas


Elections Officials Hand Over Voter Info

State Assembly Race Still Too Close to Call and What's Up With Those MILITARY ballots?

Provisional ballots are questioned

Fresno judge halts counting of provisional ballots in close assembly race

United States Attorney Northern District of California

California Govervor's Race: A Democratic Party Art Form - Inventing Voters

Election fraud in Arvin, Ca -all who committed voter fraud got away with it in 2000 election"




Voters Accused of Double-Voting Attempt

Florida Saga Continues- Broward County "Finds" 104,000 Votes, Oliphant, "Only A Small Problem"

Voter fraud that's legal

Fears of Massive Illegal Ballots in Fla. - Again!

State attorney probes ballots

McBride Campaigns In Black Church -- IRS Violation?

165 Broward precincts lacked GOP staff, review finds

18 new voting machines go missing in Broward

Could It Be That Florida Democrats Are Too Stupid To Vote?

Black Republicans Suffered Worst in Florida Vote Count

Non-Voted Ballots and Discrimination in Florida

2,000 Floridians voted illegally Nov. 7

The Dimples Prove Fraud

"Explicit statistical evidence of massive ballot tampering in Palm Beach, Fl"

Democrats: Party Without a Conscience

Broward County Can't Count!!!

Voting Irregularities in Duval County

Downside Legacy on THE RECOUNT to 12/2/00 (More links to articles on 2000 election)

Felon For Gore: 2,000 Felons Voted for Gore in Florida alone

Exclusive: Recount Observers Tell of Democrat Fraud

Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart: eye-witness account of Miami-Dade ballot fraud

Unstatesmanlike Conduct

How Gore and Chris Sautter Are Stealing Our Election and Our Country


Palm Beach County "massive voter fraud is now evident"

Absentee Ballot Fraud among Democrats in Florida an Old Story

Missing Voting Mechanism Recovered

Evidence shows HOW the Palm Beach Democrats voided 15,000 Bush ballots, 3,400 Buchanan Ballots

Open Letter To Mark Levin - Statistical Proof Of Election Fraud

Al Gore's Class-Action : Trial lawyers try to litigate their man into the White House


The law can be such a hassle sometimes: Or another example of how Rats steal elections

Absentee ballot requests seized; probe launched


Democrats Urge Kansans to Vote Illegally


Investigators monitor 17 counties across state


Landrieu Redux ~ WSJ. '97

Two convicted of voter fraud get probation

They're Stealing the Election

Citizens For A Better America


RATS Stealing State Elections In Maine -- A Measured and Thoughtful Response

Hall Named Provisional Winner in Dist. 16 -- Fossel Withdraws Appeal -- New Strategy Revealed

Overt Disenfrancisement Condemned



Maryland: 10,000 Republican Absentee Ballot ApplicationsTossed Out

Maryland Gov. Race: Polls Good for Ehrlich, Dem. Party Disenfranchises GOP Absentee Voters


Howie Carr - Photos and Video of RAT Voter Fraud in Massachusetts!

More Dem Fraud

Romney (R) Complains Of Voter Irregularities In Boston


Detroit's voter rolls in question (too many registered)


Scores use strip club as voter registration address

VOTE 2002: Taxpayers League says group backs voter fraud


Voter Fraud: Can It Be Stopped?

Democratic officials challenge rule on provisional voting (Missouri)

Most (Almost All) of the 3,000 registration cards turned in for next month's primary were fraudulent

St. Louis city voting extension raises questions


Don't use students to abuse elections


Hillary: Why I Oppose Stopping Election Fraud



Martin County elections board to discuss alleged vote buying


More allegations of vote fraud surface

Investigators Look Into Another Vote Fraud Case

Arrests made in voter fraud case (Oklahoma Dems Runoff)


Penn Researchers Document Large-Scale Voter Registration Problem


Citizens Group Alleges Elections Fraud Group Says Non-Citizens, Immigrants Can Vote


The Oglala Sioux's Senator

Let’s Hear It for Fraud – And REAL Soon

The Oglala Sioux's Democrat Vote Fraud Scheme Has A Familiar Ring


South Dakota Suspicions

Dead Men Voting

Arrest Expected in Voter Fraud Investigation

The New Democrat Plantation: A FR Roundup of Vote Fraud In South Dakota (Multiple Links)

Absentee forms found burned

Vote Fraud South Dakota Style - by the numbers

Dem Ethics? South Dakota Dems don’t acknowledge the importance of their voter-fraud problem

Daschle accuses Republicans of voter harassment

South Dakota Dem Hit with Vote Fraud Indictment

15 false absentee ballot applications found(in SD)and more may be coming


A Poll Watchers Tale - Vote Fraud in Houston, Texas

Official raises concerns of voter fraud in Hidalgo County (Heart of DemocratCounrty in Texas).




Democratic Vote Fraud in Wisconsin Gov. Race


In order to effect changes it is important to have channels through which we can make our voice heard. One reason the Democrats get away with as much as they do is because they make a lot of noise. It is time WE make some noise of our own. There are a number of individuals, organizations and media sources who support our Constitution and seek to protect the integrity of our elections. Here are a few of them. Rather than clutter the body of this thread with a long list of email addresses, I will post the websites. Most of these have contacts and email addresses on them. While I have not listed any here, it is important to keep in mind that just because a source is on the opposing side doesn't mean that they can't still be used to our advantage. Consider this parable of Jesus.

"In a certain city there was a judge who did not fear God and did not respect man. "There was a widow in that city, and she kept coming to him, saying, 'Give me legal protection from my opponent.' "For a while he was unwilling; but afterward he said to himself, 'Even though I do not fear God nor respect man, yet because this widow bothers me, I will give her legal protection, otherwise by continually coming she will wear me out.'" (Luke 18: 2-5)



Department of Justice Voting Rights Home Page


American Conservative Union

Eagle Forum

Eagle Forum of Arkansas

The Heritage Foundation


Fox News

Drudge Report

Rush Limbaugh

Hugh Hewitt



Election laws and practices vary widely from state to state, and therein lies part of the problem. In order to address the issues we need first to know what the law, as it currently exists is and work within it and where applicable work to see that it is enforced. Second, you will come to discover that many of the opportunities for fraud are born from flaws in the laws themselves, in which case we need to work on getting those laws changed. Below is a very brief list of some election laws and guidelines which we have referenced recently. I am sure this section will grow considerably as others add their contributions.


Arkansas Election Code

Arkansas Election Faqs

State Requirements For Voter ID

Texas Pollwatcher's Guide

Vote Fraud and Election Issues (Lots of Links)

Limitations On Lawyers

Reporting Unlicensed Lawyers

2002 Florida Statutes

Florida Voter Fraud Issues

Proposition 52 Dealing With Voter Fraud in California



List of U.S. Counties

National Association of Counties

Online Newspapers



What can FReepers do? For starters we can identify states that will have key races in the 2004 election. Is your state one of them? Are there known problem precincts in YOUR county? Let's start getting important information about the race, the candidates, the electoral history of the state, the laws in that state and how open they may leave the process to tampering, history of voter fraud in the state, conservative media outlets there, and whatever else you can think of that might be relevant to equip the electorate to head off problems in advance.

Democrats LIE! Their biggest and most effective lie is that Republicans are deliberately trying to prevent blacks and/or other minorities from voting. In effect, they're calling us racists. The truth is that it is them who seem to consider blacks and other minorities so inferior and ignorant and lacking in initiative that they are incapable of voting without the benefit of THEIR (the Democrats') "guidance" and "protection". They squeal "intimidation" at every opportunity and intimidation certainly comes into play. The real question is "who is doing the intimidating?" Their greatest fear is that blacks will recognize how badly they've been duped and insulted by these people and leave the party in droves. That can work in our favor if we work with it. Black conservatives have perhaps the greatest responsibility for telling other black voters the truth about the Democrat party, although it is certainly something we should all work on. Independent thought is the enemy of the Democrats.

Talk about election fraud. Bring it up whenever an opportunity presents itself. Keep a notebook at all times and if someone tells you anything pointing to vote fraud, get more details. Write down such things as county, precinct, candidates in the race, name of the witness and whatever else you can think of. If it seems credible, report it to someone, then follow it up and find out what, if anything, was done with the information.

Have your elected officials, city attorneys, election officers and judges in your email address book, your regular address book and on speed dial. When you become aware of a credible allegation of voter fraud, get busy and push for them to prosecute offenders very publicly and to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW! If a few people are seen to be doing time for their electoral indiscretions, observers may be less willing to follow suit.

Rally others and spend election day in parking areas of and near problem polling places at ready with notebook and camera. A favorite technique of Democrats is to load up buses full of paid voters and haul them from precinct to precinct to cast multiple votes. Getting license numbers of these buses and observing them closely could yield enough evidence to prove fraud. Note or photograph anything "out of the ordinary".

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." (Josef Stalin)

Take part in the process. Here is a list of suggestions that stop_the_rats posted on another thread:

1. Plan to take election day off in 2004.
2. Be a poll worker. You get paid for this.
3. Be a poll watcher. Call your local Republican headquarters or the campaign office of one of your Republican candidates and volunteer to be a poll watcher.
4. Count absentee ballots. You get paid for this also.
5. Be a poll closer. It's a long day. Some people who can't poll watch because of work, could agree to come after work for 2 hours and close the polls to give poll watchers a break. Get final counts and make sure no "late" voters turn up.
6. Take lunches to poll workers and poll watchers.
7. Man the headquarters so if problems arise, poll workers or watchers have a place to call for help. Have a list of numbers: local election officals, state officals.
8. Find a person who will agree to "be in charge"of all the rules poll watchers and poll workers need to follow. Each state has rules and in some cases, state election representatives will come to your city and give a presentation.
9. Encourage others to get involved.
10. Smile; we have them worried!

Some might want to take it a step furthur, if that is an option in your area, and be an election judge. Or you may have specific talents and training that you could donate to the cause, such as legal assistance and advice.

Finally; ask questions. FReepers have an uncanny ability to ask the right questions in most any situation AND to find answers and we have an inexhaustable resource right here on Free Republic. Here are just a few questions to start with.

"If fraud is suspected, how do we find out who is behind it?"

"How do we work to get cooperation between poll watchers and workers and clarify expectations on all sides BEFORE an election?"

"How can you prove fraud? What is legal in a given state (photos, tape recording, witness statements, compiling a list of names, video taping) and how can these techniques be implemented in a non-obtrusive way?"

How limiting is jurisdiction on working in some capacity at the polls? This may vary from state to state. For example, during the training for counting absentee ballots in Pulaski County, Arkansas, I was told that to be a poll worker or to count ballots, you had to be a resident of the county in which you served, but that a poll watcher could be from anywhere as long as he or she was authorized by the candidate or party. This could be very useful to pursue. In the 2002 election, in spite of all the Rat hype, there was still a shortage of Republican poll watchers in a number of "problem" locations. There were also quite a few FReepers who expressed a desire to do something, but there were no particular problems in their own areas. If we can, in fact, be poll watchers anywhere, that may have great potential for wider coverage of historically fraud prone precincts in future elections.

And last, but certainly not least, pray!

"If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin and will heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)

"Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord" (Psalm 33:12a)

FReepers; your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get out there and STOP THE RATS!


As information has been posted, I have been keeping track of counties that have a history of voting "irregularities" and/or blatant fraud or in which there is legal action currently pending. From that information I have generated a county "watch list". This is not only to alert those seeking to combat the voter fraud travesty, but also to put those responsible for it on notice that the game is up and the heat is on. This list will no doubt grow as more cases come to light, and by all means, if you know of such concerns in your local areas, alert this thread and have the offending county "hot listed". It is the contributions of FReepers that will make this effort work!




Greene County
Hale County


Clark County
Jefferson County
Phillips County
Pulaski County


Fresno County
Kern County

Conneticut -

New Haven County


Broward County
Duvall County
Lake County
Miami-Dade County
Orange County
Osceola County
Palm Beach County
Seminole County
Volusia County


Marion County


East Baton Rouge Parish
Orleans Parish


Cumberland County
Lincoln County


Baltimore County
Montgomery County
Prince George's County


Suffolk County


Wayne County


Dakota County


St. Louis - city


Stafford County


Martin County


Haskell County


Bennett County
Codington County
Dewey County
Minnehaha County
Pennington County
Shannon County
Ziebach County


Harris County
Hidalgo County


Kenosha County
Milwaukee County
Washington County
Waukesha County

The following states have been pinged, which means if your state's flag isn't flying, then FReepers in your state have not yet been alerted! The flags are posted in the order the states were pinged. It would be nice to have a representative FReeper from each state, particularly those states that are "fraud zones". If anyone would be willing to represent your state on this thread on a regular basis, please let me know and I will begin a list of FReeper contacts for each state.

TOPICS: Activism/Chapters; Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Extended News; Foreign Affairs; Free Republic; Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: Alabama; US: Arkansas; US: California; US: Connecticut; US: District of Columbia; US: Florida; US: Georgia; US: Indiana; US: Kansas; US: Kentucky; US: Louisiana; US: Maine; US: Maryland; US: Massachusetts; US: Michigan; US: Minnesota; US: Missouri; US: New Hampshire; US: New York; US: North Carolina; US: Oklahoma; US: Oregon; US: Pennsylvania; US: Rhode Island; US: South Dakota; US: Texas; US: Vermont; US: Virginia; US: Wisconsin
KEYWORDS: campaigns; cheatingdemocrats; corruption; elections; exposureouting; vote; votefraud; voterfraud
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If you have read the main body of the thread before, you might want to skim over it because there are a few changes and variations, and of course the list of links has grown considerably.
1 posted on 11/29/2002 8:42:21 PM PST by sweetliberty
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To: Fish out of Water; hellinahandcart; Interesting Times; CPT Clay; Dog Gone; The Shrew; MeeknMing; ...

If you want on or off my voter fraud ping list, just ask.

2 posted on 11/29/2002 8:46:19 PM PST by sweetliberty
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To: 1tin_soldier; a-whole-nother-box-of-pandoras; Ahban; Arkansawyer; Arkinsaw; Asphodel; ...

Alert to new thread.

3 posted on 11/29/2002 8:49:33 PM PST by sweetliberty
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To: sweetliberty
Congrats on an excellent posting job! We know what you did on your day off! I will spend many hours in the next few days trying to get up to speed and read read read!
4 posted on 11/29/2002 8:57:24 PM PST by TheLion
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To: sweetliberty
Put me on your vote fraud ping list. Great job.

5 posted on 11/29/2002 9:11:44 PM PST by Snerdley
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To: TheLion
Took me longer than I anticipated. Fotki went down on me twice so I was having trouble doing the graphics.
6 posted on 11/29/2002 9:14:48 PM PST by sweetliberty
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To: sweetliberty; kristinn; Angelwood; LiberteeBell; 1 Olgoat; 103198; 11Bush; 1234; a6intruder; ...
Virgina FReepers Pinged!

The 2nd Vote Fraud thread is up and running. You are strongly urged to get involved with this issue. We know that Democrats steal elections. We can win many elections by learning how vote fraud works and what to do to help stop it.

We also need to make Democrats aware that we know their game and will be monitoring elections in the future. Most vote fraud occurs when no one is looking. We need to start looking and help bring these law breakers to justice.
7 posted on 11/29/2002 9:19:18 PM PST by TheLion
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To: sweetliberty
This is great! Easy access to information and resources. Information on Democrat Vote Fraud is like sunlight on fungus.... fungus spreads in the dark.
8 posted on 11/29/2002 9:30:42 PM PST by TheLion
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To: TheLion
ROTFL! Well put.
9 posted on 11/29/2002 9:33:11 PM PST by sweetliberty
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To: sweetliberty
great googly moogly! you have been burning the midnight oil on this, haven't you? bookmarked and bumped! for later perusal. thanks for pinging me.
10 posted on 11/29/2002 9:41:31 PM PST by demosthenes the elder
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To: sweetliberty
Oh how I admire you. Please put me on the list and I'll pray that I'll follow through with action because I feel so strongly about this.
11 posted on 11/29/2002 9:42:48 PM PST by maranatha
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To: sweetliberty
As December 7 looms near here in Louisiana, we all need to be doubly vigilant of the....

...Landrieu Constituency.

12 posted on 11/29/2002 9:55:30 PM PST by Joe 6-pack
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To: maranatha

Drop in anytime. Glad to have you here.

13 posted on 11/29/2002 10:01:48 PM PST by sweetliberty
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To: sweetliberty
Holy Moly you sure do have alot of info there to read .. I'll have to bookmark this one
14 posted on 11/29/2002 10:05:27 PM PST by Mo1
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To: Joe 6-pack

Y'all do have your work cut out for you. I watched that "debate" between Landrieu and Terrell. Mary Landrieu seems like a real brown-nosing Rat b*tch.

15 posted on 11/29/2002 10:08:27 PM PST by sweetliberty
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To: sweetliberty
Great thread, but a little slow on crappy dial-up. Worth it though. I think the media attention (limited as is was) on fraud in the recent election may have stifled some from the error of their ways. Stay vigilant and good work sweetliberty!
16 posted on 11/29/2002 10:15:22 PM PST by chnsmok
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To: chnsmok
Thank you. I'm on dial-up too. It's not too bad though. After the first page there won't be as many graphics so the pages should load faster.
17 posted on 11/29/2002 10:26:58 PM PST by sweetliberty
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To: sweetliberty

So much fraud; so little time...


18 posted on 11/29/2002 11:03:51 PM PST by ForGod'sSake
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To: ForGod'sSake
And it's less than a month after the 2002 election. I can't imagine what this thread will look like in October of 2004!
19 posted on 11/29/2002 11:11:41 PM PST by sweetliberty
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To: sweetliberty; Madame Dufarge; metesky; ozone1; pkmaine; Atomic Vomit; ROCKLOBSTER; mlmr; ...
Maine Ping!
20 posted on 11/29/2002 11:33:25 PM PST by SheLion
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