Since Nov 26, 1998

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My Dad was a Naval Officer, so we got to move quite frequently. Lived mainly in the DC area but had two duty trips to the San Francisco area (Pleasant Hill and Walnut Creek).

I ended up at a Military Academy, where I graduated in the top half of my class.

Later I went into Financial Sales and had my own business after a time, specializing in Retirement Plans.

Have always been a conservative but never really understood it until I stumbled onto Freerepublic one day. Been hooked since. My strength has always been one-on-one and verbal communication. I have never been a writer. FR is teaching me to express myself better with the written word. Freerepublic will also teach you to think before you react, read between the lines, and introduce you to some of the most wonderful people in the world, whom you will have the pleasure of exchanging views with daily.