Since Jul 28, 2001

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How did I get the name "SheLion?"  Well, I was born on August 6th, and Leo the Lion is the sign for August.  Since I am definitely not a male...hence...........SHElion. I sweep the bones out of my cave every morning. 

My hubby was a Viet Nam Vet.  He passed away unexpectedly on January 3, 2003. He is one of Free Republic's Finest.   He was registered in Free Republic as Maine Rebel and served 26 years for our Country!

I love Maine, but it's a damn BLUE state.  We just can't get RID of these people!!!

Thanks to Mama_Bear, DaisyScarlett and the gals for honoring Ralph.

I am a staunch Republican. I am an Air Force Dependant. Worked as a SATO Travel Agent at Loring Air Force Base before the government closed it in September of 94. I miss it so much.

I also fight for the rights of the business owner's to allow smoking sections or not.  This should be left up to the business owner and NOT the state government.  Look for me in the smoking threads and at Free Republic Smoking Lounge.

I've met a lot of wonderful people in Free Republic!  I hope we never lose our Free Republic!!!

My buddy, my cat......Bloomen


I have raised all kinds of pets over the years.  Mostly cats.  But I even had a female red Doberman.  She lived to be 15 year's old.

I have raised green Iguanas (here is one.....:)


I have had a rabbit, box turtles, parakeets and I also raised mice.  Mice multiply faster then rabbits!  Never again. Although they are sweet and you can have a hundred, each one has their own little personality.

I have handled Pythons.  And even kissed one on the mouth. hehe! (Before I knew they have RAZAR SHARP TEETH!!! 

If I can't cuddle, hug and kiss an animal, I don't want it.  Can we say BEARS?  They scare me more then anything and I'm not afraid of anything!!!


My front yard in the winters.  The road is beyond that tree!


I love NASCAR and Dale Earnhardt Jr is my Idol.

  I never miss a race.  I loved his father as well.  Dale Sr. inspired me.  When he passed away, I hung my hopes on his son, Dale. So far, Dale hasn't let me down! (Except this year.  :( It's been rough for him.....)

I have a huge CD collection and LOVE music!!!!

Computers and Free Republic are my love as well.

Fast becoming my favorite show!!!

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I love men who love cats.  They say any man who loves cats is a GOOD man!!


I'M VOTING FOR FRED!!!! Senator Thompson was a good Tennessee Senator for 8 years!  (Sorry, but I never watch Law and Order, so my decision is not based on his acting!)