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Latest Trump H-2B Increase Again Betrays American Workers
Center for Immigration Studies ^ | 29 March 2019 | Preston Huennekens

Posted on 03/29/2019 1:58:41 PM PDT by zeestephen

Today's decision increases the H-2B cap by "only" 30,000, rather than the full 67,000 Congress authorized, but this surge nonetheless increases the cap to 96,000. Not even under President Obama did H-2B visas rise to such high levels....President Trump continues to increase the number of H-2B guestworkers every time he has the opportunity. This is entirely his own administration's fault. He could, at any time, direct Secretary Nielsen to not increase the cap.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

TOPICS: News/Current Events
KEYWORDS: aliens; amnesty; h1b; h2b; immigration
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To: old-ager

Trump’s problem is that without building the wall, many Americans will NOT be better off in 2020 than they were in 2016 - and that is the performance metric.

41 posted on 03/29/2019 5:49:05 PM PDT by kearnyirish2 (Affirmative action is economic warfare against white males (and therefore white families).)
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To: VietVet876

Americans did every job in this country before foreigners did; the foreigners have always just been a cheaper alternative.

42 posted on 03/29/2019 5:50:11 PM PDT by kearnyirish2 (Affirmative action is economic warfare against white males (and therefore white families).)
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To: RinaseaofDs

A good friend recently attended a cybersecurity conference in the Bay Area. During one of the sessions, they were listening to government representative describe the current Cybersecurity shortage & how bad things are.

There are US citizens sitting on the bench that have a good background on how IT stuff works. What is Fedzilla or state government doing to recruit these folks into the security field? I think the answer will surprise you.

43 posted on 03/29/2019 5:51:42 PM PDT by bobcat62
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To: posterchild

Right. Those used to be plum jobs for teens and young adults.

44 posted on 03/29/2019 5:53:59 PM PDT by 9YearLurker
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To: DoughtyOne


45 posted on 03/29/2019 6:59:01 PM PDT by Flaming Conservative ((Pray without ceasing))
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To: Hugin; SoFloFreeper
Re: “How about a little perspective? Trump’s policies have added more new jobs to the economy every month than all the H2B visas combined.”

Trump's economic policies are a mixed bag.

Business regulations and environmental rules have been relaxed - Good

Pro-business President - Good

Pressure on Mexico and Canada - Good

Pressure on China - Neutral, since our trade deficit with China continues to set new records

Massive LEGAL immigration - 1.1 million last fiscal year - Destructive

Skilled work visas - H-1B and OPT now at 1.3 million, higher than Obama - Destructive

Massive Work Visas + Massive Legal Immigration - allow USA employers to postpone capital investment in productivity software and labor saving devices, and to postpone modifying their outdated business plans - Destructive

Trump's Budget Deficits - Trump had to borrow almost $800 billion in FY 2018, in spite of high employment, low interest rates, and no wars. Trump's FY 2019 budget is on track for a $1 trillion deficit! - Destructive

46 posted on 03/29/2019 7:41:41 PM PDT by zeestephen
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To: dp0622
There’s no dearth of good tech workers here.
There’s an abundance of companies, however, who don’t watn to pay good salaries.

Your view on this is totally correct, according to my views from experience since 1961 to 1993 in academic and corporate hard science practical research and innovation ; B. S. Eng., M. S., Ph. D., and post-doctoral; in corporate life as a member of the technical staff.

One of the great points if the downfall is entertaining foreign graduate students that displace potential U. S.-born students in low-paid assistant roles to boost the PoP paradigm for faculty reputations, then not sending them back to countries of origin ("brain drain" of the home countries), and finally displacing U. S.-born and trained faculty members for the same reason.

This "invader" mentality is not just at the border re menial workers, it is the seducing of foreigners and giving over the universities, and eventually our country, to them.

My perception for years.

47 posted on 03/29/2019 8:14:39 PM PDT by imardmd1 (Fiat Lux)
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To: imardmd1

I see the background and accomplishments of some on this board and I really feel like I should be on a lower IQ board! :)

Maybe a sister board called “Not so Bright or Accomplished Republic!!” :)

But I agree with what you said.

After reading it four times to understand it. It’s not aimed at the 5th grade reading level :)

48 posted on 03/29/2019 8:24:27 PM PDT by dp0622 (The Left should know if.. Trump is kicked out of office, it is WAR)
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To: SaxxonWoods

> low-level workers

I’m talking about software engineers.

49 posted on 03/29/2019 9:09:41 PM PDT by old-ager (anti-new-ager)
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To: zeestephen

Gosh he,a only fixed half of our problems in two years with almost no help from his own party and constant attacks from the Democrats and media. What a dissapointment.

50 posted on 03/29/2019 11:07:02 PM PDT by Hugin ("Not one step from his weapons should a traveler take"...Havamal 38)
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To: Hugin
Re: Gosh, he only fixed half of our problems in two years with almost no help from his own party and constant attacks from the Democrats and media. What a disappointment.

We only have two problems:

(1) Massive LEGAL Immigration - because when you get out voted in a democracy, nothing else matters.

(2) Insane Government Spending - because when you're broke, nothing else matters.

Trump has only reduced LEGAL immigration - currently 1.1 million per year - about 5% since Obama.

Trump has actually increased foreign work visas by about 100,000 since Obama.

Trump's FY 2018 budget was $800 billion in debt. His FY 2019 budget is on track for $1 trillion in debt.

51 posted on 03/29/2019 11:54:56 PM PDT by zeestephen
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To: zeestephen

Obama’s third term.

52 posted on 03/29/2019 11:57:33 PM PDT by Dagnabitt (Secure the border Mr. President!)
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To: Dagnabitt

Obama’s third term on immigration numerically.

On other things, obviously, Trump is far better than Obama.

But he was elected to stop our nation from becoming Mexico. His being in office for over two years unfortunately has had no effect on that process. The numbers are actually worse.

53 posted on 03/30/2019 12:01:06 AM PDT by Dagnabitt (Secure the border Mr. President!)
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To: zeestephen

Was just on the road for a couple weeks - noticed a lot of restaurants and hotels with severe shortages of workers...the entitlement psychology seems to be winning and there really are a LOT of jobs Americans just aren’t willing to do these days...need to put strong restrictions on the “free” stuff and make them either just subsist or get a job to have some freedom to do what they want...until then, jobs need to be filled if one wants the economy to grow.

54 posted on 03/30/2019 3:54:00 AM PDT by trebb (Don't howl about illegal leeches while not donating to FR - it's hypocritical.)
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To: King Moonracer
That’s what we need, more Asian techs. Damn it!

Wrong program, though they are increasing those as well.

55 posted on 03/30/2019 4:24:30 AM PDT by DoodleDawg
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To: dp0622
Let me restate:

o What I saw going on was that the foreign studen gets the bachelor's degree in his/her country, under somewhat different standards, often not meeting US engineering/science criteria.

o Then the degree is used as a basis for applying to a US graduate school, is accepted, and a student visa is issued, (I am not sure, but IIRC he does not need a sponsor as in a regular long-term visa.)

o The person enters the graduate school where he is offered an income through working on some grant or contract. The lower the pay, the more the school keeps of the fixed grant amount. It wouldn't be enough to support a US graduate student. This person will work for next to nothing just to exist while going to school and concurrently executing simple tasks for the grant or contact work.

o After finishing the degree work, the student has become accustomed to US living standards even at a low level. He does not want to go home to bring and share his advanced knowledge to the people there, esp where his advanced skill set is not immediately applicable until he helps to diffuse and uplift the standards there. He does not want to go back to a lower standard.

o After obtaining advanced degree, the student visa is going to run out. In anticipation of this, he markets his availability to a US company, maybe even to one sponsoring the work to take the results and experience there.

o So one or more companies offer work based on a H1B pewrmit, and he willingly will take lower entry salary, thus displacing a native-born US candidate who would expect a higher salary after all the expense.

o Seeing this competition, the US person selects to seek a more rewarding business degree rather than compete with foreigners in the applied technology realm.

To me, the foreign student should be sent home and required to stay there for a number of years before being allowed to reapply from there for reentry into the US in entry-level jobs, not just get another worker visa/permit to avoid costs of travel back home after graduation and establishing a residence and work involvement there. Usually, this person never really intended to repatriate anyway. The want to come and harvest US residency, and universities comply, with companies getting cheap technical laborers afterward.

o In the company, the entry student is given to the program or project engineer to teach/train the new guy in the technology that took the old guy years to create and develop. The the old guy is then given his pink slip or his walking papers or an early retirement, robbing of him the lasting rewards of his creativity.

What I learned is that the wise and clever inventor never gives away all he knows to these young foreigners orto the patent attorneys, and introduces his novelties in stages that maximize the time that his inventions will bring him ongoing income through his closely held experience.

You get the gist.

(BTW, PoP is shorthand for the "Publish or Perish" stipulation for a faculty member to get/keep tenure and bring in research money during his career to pay his salary and that of student assistants.)

Sorry for making the note so hard to grasp, but thanks for your patience.

56 posted on 03/30/2019 5:29:57 AM PDT by imardmd1 (Fiat Lux)
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To: dp0622
There's no dearth of good tech workers here

If companies and public school guidance offices were so inclined, there's an answer to two problems. These STEM programs are turning a healthy percentage of HS students with lots of advanced level math, lots of Physics and even engineering. Those students and companies that need tech hires should realize this is excellent Vocational Training (dirty words for elitists, I know). The students could take the job route instead of massive college debt. The companies could pay a little more and provide training as needed.

One has to wonder if it's only the low salaries that those corporations want. Is part of it having employees that are less likely to speak up and/or move on when they can do better somewhere else?

57 posted on 03/30/2019 5:37:33 AM PDT by grania ("We're all just pawns in their game")
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To: grania

Well speaking as someone who hired folks for a graphics dept, or at least had a say in it, people moving on is a big pain.

means training new ones etc.

But having seen indian and American workers in action, I’d roll the dice with Americans EVERY time

58 posted on 03/30/2019 7:37:53 AM PDT by dp0622 (The Left should know if.. Trump is kicked out of office, it is WAR)
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To: imardmd1

They want to come and harvest US residency...


And you’re right. A senior American giving away all knowledge and basically giving away his job is awful.

And I did not want to ask about POP :) So thanks!

You wrote the other one at your intelligence level. Can’t apologize for that.

Thank YOU for breaking it down.

59 posted on 03/30/2019 7:41:48 AM PDT by dp0622 (The Left should know if.. Trump is kicked out of office, it is WAR)
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To: All

Systemically, we need fine tuning of our capable technology workers.

It should be a national priority to get highly skilled workers fine tuned for the jobs that are available.

At the lower levels, there is a lack of math and technology equipped high school students. The numbers were recently reported in DeVoss’ testimony before Congress.

That is a long term crisis and a short term gap builder, giving corporations and excuse to increase the H1-B Visas on a consistent basis.

60 posted on 03/30/2019 7:51:56 AM PDT by rbmillerjr
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