Since Nov 22, 2014

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owned vending route at 22. candy, soda, video games :)

went to pace in manhattan.

engaged twice.

did graphics in manhattan for 20 years.

got head injury, had to work on Staten ISland after that.

part of big Italian family.

remember when Reagan was shot. I was 12 in doctor’s office for strep throat.

favorite music is glam rock. Freestyle back when I was a quido.

love the country very much. Love Italy too.

half my friends speak fluent Italian, half speak almost none.

all second language.

love atlantic city and vegas but only go four or five times a year.

pop died when I was 15 but was a good man and taught me conservative ways

even though he HATED Carter he still made me stand when the president appeared on TV. Cuomo he didn’t make me stand for!!

he and his brothers fought in WWII, even in Italy where they still had family.

Grandma Rose made the BEST Naples meatballs ever. :)