Since Apr 16, 1999

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I've been a freeper for many years now, and have become addicted to the stimulating and serious discussion of the issues the US faces. Free Republic has made me more confident about expressing my views and defending them, more willing to disagree with other viewpoints, and has kept me informed about current events.

I'm a retired HS Math teacher who sometimes goes nutty over the "reforms" that are actually making education more expensive, less effective, and leave less room for creative teaching solutions to difficult problems. As someone said at a meeting about a decade ago, "It's the discipline, stupids!!

Here, I love following and commenting on global events, economics/stock market, issues involving the government eroding freedoms, the borders/immigration, and anti-abortion. It's amazing to me that people who I discuss things with most deeply wouldn't even be recognized in the non-cyber world.

So, keep those arguments coming. I love it when people express their views but still learn from others. And y'all just forward it to me if you see a discussion that will get my blood pressure up! "grania"