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Trump pokes fun at Carson's pyramid theory
The Hill ^ | 11/5/15 | Jesse Byrnes

Posted on 11/05/2015 8:35:01 AM PST by jimbo123

White House hopeful Donald Trump on Thursday poked fun at GOP presidential rival Ben Carson for his theory that the Egyptian pyramids were used to store grain, not serve as tombs for pharaohs.

"I think I'll have to put that into my repertoire when I talk about Ben," the real estate tycoon said on MSNBC's "Morning Joe."

"That was a strange ... that was a strange deal," Trump added.

BuzzFeed on Wednesday published a video of Carson's 1998 commencement address at Andrews University, which was founded by Sevenths-day Adventists, during which he said he believed the biblical figure Joseph built the pyramids.

"My own personal theory is that Joseph built the pyramids in order to store grain," Carson said during the speech.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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1 posted on 11/05/2015 8:35:01 AM PST by jimbo123
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To: jimbo123

WOW...just WOW....

Ben Carson: Black, Brilliant, and Intolerable

By: Jeffrey Lord | May 6th, 2015

This is a circus. It’s a national disgrace. And from my standpoint, as a black American, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas, and it is a message that unless you kowtow to an old order, this is what will happen to you. You will be lynched, destroyed, caricatured by a committee of the U.S. Senate rather than hung from a tree. - Federal Judge Clarence Thomas on the events surrounding his confirmation hearings to the U.S. Supreme Court (1991)

Here we go again. The rope is out. The word is out. It’s official.

Ben Carson is set to become the new Clarence Thomas. Don’t believe me? Check it out here at the Washington Post, where the headline reads:

As Ben Carson bashes Obama, many blacks see a hero’s legacy fade

This liberal media’s Carson takedown begins like this:

The black man courting crowds of white conservatives doesn’t seem like the same guy that H. Westley Phillips once idolized. Phillips still relishes the day he heard Ben Carson inspire minority students at Yale University with his story of persistence. He can still feel the nervous anticipation he had while waiting in line to shake Carson’s hand. ...For many young African Americans who grew up seeing Carson as the embodiment of black achievement — a poor inner-city boy who became one of the world’s most accomplished neurosurgeons — his emergence as a conservative hero and unabashed critic of the United States’ first black president has been jarring.

Over in the New York Times, the Carson presidential candidacy story was portrayed as follows:

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Ben Carson?

Dr. Carson is no longer a serious man; he’s a problem, said the Times:

In 2011, Carson’s politics took a strident turn, mirroring that of many in his party during the Obama years. America the Beautiful, his sixth book, which he wrote with Candy Carson, his wife of 39 years, included a get-tough-on-illegal-immigration message and offered anti-establishment praise for the Tea Party. It suggested that blacks who voted for Obama only because he was black were themselves practicing a form of racism. (Earlier this year he admitted to Buzzfeed that portions of the book were lifted directly from several sources without proper attribution.) His prayer-breakfast performance in 2013, and the extremity of his remarks in the months afterward (Obamacare is the worst thing since slavery; the United States is very much like Nazi Germany; allowing same-sex marriage could lead to allowing bestiality), left some of his old friends bewildered

Got that? So now the one-time icon of many African-Americans is nothing but an Obama-bashing, strident nut job. But wait! The New Yorker, that bastion of liberal elitism, has its own take. Their headline:

Ben Carson, Paranoid

This jewel of elitist thought, after labeling Carson guilty of crackpottery declared:

Carson is a black representative and standard-bearer, not for conservatives but for paranoid Americans.

By now this is the kind of treatment of conservatives who happen to be black – or female or Hispanics or any other minority escapee from the liberal plantation – that has become tiresomely familiar. Justice Thomas was, in retrospect, merely the first and most celebrated to get this treatment. African-Americans, you see, are supposed to be liberals. They are the field hands of the liberal plantation. If they’re not? If they have the audacity to escape the conceptual plantation and think for themselves? Then the deluge of personal insults and racial slurs begins. As is happening right now with Dr. Carson, who has as of this week officially declared his candidacy for president.

Imagine if Ben Carson were a liberal. It takes no imagination to realize the accolades that would be coming his way.

Imagine if Ben Carson were a liberal. It takes no imagination to realize the accolades that would be coming his way. If Carson was saying that to use the word thug is the same as using the n-word? If he wanted a huge stimulus like the Obama 2009 stimulus? If he believed in same-sex marriage? If, like Jay Z, he was a friend and supporter of Obama? If all that were added to his sterling career credentials he would be a lock for the 2016 Democratic ticket, either at the top or as Hillary’s running mate if he didn’t defeat her outright.

But Carson is a conservative. He believes in traditional marriage. He wants to cut the corporate tax rate. He is deeply opposed to political correctness. He asks whether we are Judeo-Christian or not? He mocks socialism. And stands for more – much more.

This from a Yale educated black neuro-surgeon? Ben Carson hasn’t just betrayed his race – he’s betrayed his class. And don’t think class has nothing to do with this.

Back in the 1930s, liberals of the day loved to say the reason the wealthy, Harvard-educated Franklin Roosevelt was so despised in some quarters was because he had betrayed his class. Notes historian H.W. Brands: The wealthy denounced him for having betrayed the class of his birth. Time magazine devoted a lead article to the burning bitterness the better-off felt for Roosevelt.

This type of sentiment has never vanished – except that now the shoe is on the other foot. If you are wealthy in America today, not to mention if you have benefitted from an Ivy League education, you are expected to be a liberal. Without question a reason for the fierce, bitter resentment the American Left has for George W. Bush is because he is from a deeply Eastern Establishment family of wealth and is a graduate not just of Yale but of Harvard as well. Had Bush been a liberal he would today be right up there in Bill Clinton territory with his popularity in the media and with liberal elites. But Bush went in the opposite direction – and when he ran for president in 2000 out tumbled tales of his contempt for the liberal elites who populated Yale when he was a student there. In short – like fellow Yalie Ben Carson – George Bush was a traitor to his class – the class of liberal elitism. And the betrayed Left would make it a point to see that he got what was coming to him.

Another factor in the Carson entry is that the media elites in the New York-Washington axis spend so much time talking and socializing with each other. Over at National Review, Jim Geraghty captured the problem exactly. Reporting from Nashville where he was covering the recent NRA convention that was attended by a flock of prospective GOP presidential candidates, Geraghty wrote:

A lot of members of the media who are covering the GOP presidential candidates have exceptionally little in common with the voters who will select the Republican nominee. Thus, when the Republican candidates make their pitch to grassroots conservatives, the hot-take instant analysis from the big media voices usually concludes that the pitch was a belly flop. But the GOP candidates aren’t trying to win votes in the New York and D.C. newsrooms, and in a spectacular failure of empathy and understanding, a lot of reporters simply can’t grasp the hopes, fears, and priorities of GOP-leaning voters in places like Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina . . . and Tennessee.

Geraghty is right. And his description helps explain the hostile media reaction to Carson’s announcement.

Decades ago, in the aftermath of the 1972 election in which Richard Nixon carried 49 states against uber-liberal Senator George McGovern, studies showed that 80% of the media had voted for McGovern while 60% of the country had voted for Nixon. Famously in the day was the story of the New Yorker’s powerful and celebrated film critic, the liberal Pauline Kael. Kael who, according to the New Yorker itself, said of those Nixon voters that were a distinct majority of her fellow Americans:

I live in a rather special world. I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are I don’t know. They’re outside my ken. But sometimes when I’m in a theater I can feel them.

Ben Carson, to these people, is not a candidate but an affront. A personal insult. After all, an educated black man is supposed to think like, well, Barack Obama.

A lot of the people writing these Carson stories are, in one form or another, precisely of the snot-nosed urban progressive type of which Geraghty speaks. They look at Carson and see what they know – black, Yale, professional superstar – then hear what he’s saying and are utterly unable to relate.

What Ben Carson sounds like to them is their imagined version of the eternal liberal bogeyman: the basic white, all-too-often Southern bigoted ignoramus. Ben Carson, to these people, is not a candidate but an affront. A personal insult. After all, an educated black man is supposed to think like, well, Barack Obama.

This problem is not limited to Ben Carson either. At the root of liberal criticisms of Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Donald Trump – just as it was with Ronald Reagan – is that each in their own fashion have offended the liberal notion of who these people should be. Fiorina is betraying the idea that all women are liberals. Cruz and Rubio are betraying their Hispanic heritage. And then there’s the Trump, he the TV celebrity Manhattan-ite billionaire with the degree from Wharton, who says everything conservative anybody from the heart of the elitist beast must never, ever say, much less believe. Each in their own way, like Ben Carson, is seen as a traitor to their gender, race and, as mentioned, their class.

There is a long way to go in the 2016 campaign. But even as the starting gun sounds and the candidates begin their long runs, the media is determined to paint portraits of these people – and the black Ben Carson is at the top of this list – as extremist wackos well outside the mainstream of America.

In the words of Justice Clarence Thomas, what lies in store for Ben Carson is nothing less than another high-tech lynching for an uppity black man who has the audacity to disagree with the masters and mistresses of the liberal plantation.

2 posted on 11/05/2015 8:38:16 AM PST by HarleyLady27 (I have such happy days, and hope you do too!!!)
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To: jimbo123
I'll just leave this here...

3 posted on 11/05/2015 8:42:12 AM PST by frankenMonkey
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To: frankenMonkey


4 posted on 11/05/2015 8:43:36 AM PST by jimbo123
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To: jimbo123

Big surprise. Left winger (pretending to be a “conservative”) Donald Trump uses Left Wing smear on Carson.

5 posted on 11/05/2015 8:43:39 AM PST by Above My Pay Grade (Donald Trump: New York City Liberal)
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To: jimbo123
Trump needs to be very careful if he is now joining the pseudo-intellectuals of the Left in denigrating the opinions attributed to a brain surgeon.

Surely, Trump understands that those "intellectuals" consider themselves to be intellectually superior to him also.

Such "progressives" portray themselves as the "intellectual" elite, although they are totally bereft of any real knowledge or understanding of the great ideas which were the seedbed of Ameria's successful 200-year experiment in liberty.

Today's liberals, especially the so-called "progressives," with all of their domination of academia and Far Left politics, seem to fit into a category described in an essay by T.S. Eliot on Virgil:

"In our time, when men seem more than ever to confuse wisdom with knowledge and knowledge with information and to try to solve the problems of life in terms of engineering, there is coming into existence a new kind of provincialism which perhaps deserves a new name. It is a provincialism not of space but of time--one for which history is merely a chronicle of human devices which have served their turn and have been scrapped, one for which the world is the property solely of the living, a property in which the dead hold no share."(Bold added for emphasis)

Without intellectual anchoring in the enduring ideas which provided the philosophical foundation of America's Declaration of Independence and Constitution, their vain imaginations of superiority only expose their limited world view.

Yet, the America which rose from obscurity to greatness, from crude hoes and axes to putting a man on the moon, and from oppression by King George to a symbol of liberty for millions all over the world--that America provides shelter for them, even as they attempt to "change" her into something unimagined by the Founders.

If they are allowed to succeed in their own little provincial experiment, their posterity never will know the "blessings of Liberty" proclaimed by the Preamble to America's Constitution.

Now would be a good time for conservatives to read Dr. Russell Kirk's "The Conservative Mind, which can be read online, by the way.

In Kirk's last chapter he reviews the works of poets and writers, quoting lines which now seem to bear a strikinig resemblance to the players on the stage in American politics today.

For instance, in Robert Frost's "A Case for Jefferson," Frost writes of the character Harrison:

"Harrison loves my country too
But wants it all made over new.
. . . .
He dotes on Saturday pork and beans.
But his mind is hardly out of his teens.
With him the love of country means
Blowing it all to smithereens
And having it made over new."

Yes, the pseudointellectuals who occupy the White House, the media, and much of Congress fancy themselves "intellectuals."

By their words and actions, however, they display that provinciality Dr. Kirk recalls as having been described by T. S. Eliot (see above) as being one of time and place, having no intellectual grounding in ideas older than their own little experience in dabbling and discussing Mao, Marx, and other theoreticians--even those "experts" who attempt to denigrate a man whose understanding of their brains exceeds anything they ever have comprehended.

America's written Constitution deserves protectors whose minds are out of their "teens" in terms of their understanding of civilization's long struggle for liberty.

It certainly deserves protectors who do not consider it a "flawed" document because that Constitution does not permit the government it structures to run rough shod over the rights of its "KEEPERS, the People" (Justice Story).

Blasting it "all to smithereens" seems to be the goal of the Far Left which currently has control of the Executive branch of the government and wishes to carry it "forward" (see HRC's logo).

6 posted on 11/05/2015 8:45:17 AM PST by loveliberty2
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To: Above My Pay Grade

Is Carson right about the pyramids?

7 posted on 11/05/2015 8:45:29 AM PST by jimbo123
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To: HarleyLady27

Presidential politics is a high stake game. Carson should be more careful in what he says. It is not a terrible thing to have a religious belief that the pyramids were used for storing grain, but it is certainly something your opponents are going to ridicule. Hopefully, Dr. Carson will learn something from this, and be more watchful in the future. I don’t think think this is really very damaging. Clearly, Dr. Carson is an educated man. Anyway, who knows, the scriptures tell us that there 7 years of extreme abundance before the famine so storage may have been a problem; maybe some grain was stored in the pyramids. How can we know? Joseph was a practical man after all.

8 posted on 11/05/2015 8:45:55 AM PST by erkelly
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To: HarleyLady27


This is absurd ...

Ben Carson was placed (persuaded, funded) into the 2016 presidential race by the RINO-GOPe wing of the republican party ...

Ben Carson is brilliant, but not ready to be POTUS.


If he’s “intolrerable” it’s because he’s soft on the second amendment, illegal amnesty, and NOT very good at foreign policy.

In fact, he’s better at debating than foreign policy.

Sorry to break the newz.


9 posted on 11/05/2015 8:48:02 AM PST by Patton@Bastogne
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To: loveliberty2

Those are a lot of words and they doen’t say anything about whether Carson is right or wrong about the pyramids being grain storage facilities.

10 posted on 11/05/2015 8:48:24 AM PST by jimbo123
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To: Above My Pay Grade

It’s not a left wing attack. Carson said something incredibly strange and Trump mentioned it. Carson is not presidential material.

11 posted on 11/05/2015 8:50:33 AM PST by bjcoop
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To: Patton@Bastogne

This day to day stuff is meaningless in the grand scheme of the election. Concern trolls aside.

Carson is not ready for the job. Period. Trump is. Cruz is. The others are part of the establishment and not worthy of consideration.

It’s a two man race IMO. Either one is acceptable to me.

12 posted on 11/05/2015 8:50:50 AM PST by jimbo807
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To: jimbo123

No, but who really cares?

13 posted on 11/05/2015 8:51:36 AM PST by Above My Pay Grade (Donald Trump: New York City Liberal)
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To: Above My Pay Grade

Carson is a strange one. Pyramids as grain storage facilities? Threatening his mom with a hammer over clothing? Very weird.

14 posted on 11/05/2015 8:53:45 AM PST by jimbo123
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To: jimbo123

Jesus saves and Joseph builds.

15 posted on 11/05/2015 8:54:36 AM PST by jimbo807
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To: jimbo123

Do you have anything on him from the 21st Century?

16 posted on 11/05/2015 8:56:21 AM PST by Above My Pay Grade (Donald Trump: New York City Liberal)
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To: jimbo123

No, the pyramids were built well before the time of Joesph and are pretty much filled with large stone blocks. There’s not much room in them for grain storage.

17 posted on 11/05/2015 8:57:00 AM PST by bagman
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To: frankenMonkey


18 posted on 11/05/2015 8:57:31 AM PST by Sacajaweau
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To: Above My Pay Grade

He stood by his wacky Pyramid comments just today. As I said, he’s a weird one.

19 posted on 11/05/2015 8:59:17 AM PST by jimbo123
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To: jimbo123

Anyone who would even wonder if they are is an idiot.

20 posted on 11/05/2015 9:01:22 AM PST by RedStateRocker (Nuke Mecca, deport all illegal We make it clear- abolish the IRS, DEA and ATF.)
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