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Heads Up - Multiple COLBS Warning [someone swapped out the Kenya BC AFTER it was posted]
Various ^ | August 3, 2009 | Various

Posted on 08/03/2009 2:12:53 PM PDT by Calpernia

There are now modified photos of the COLB that broke here yesterday. The changes are so slight, that no one is noticing them.

The original one posted in breaking news:

One of the modified ones:

The changes are so subtle, you can barely tell which one you are looking at.

This modified one is showing jokes like: The Font of the Certificate=Schmutz (A Schmutz is a chump, as in you are a chump) #5733=The number of the Certificate, is code for : "Problem with Windows REGISTRY", a sly reference to your claim that Obama does not appear on the Hawaii Live Birth Registry. 47O44=Easiest of all. BOH's age=47 0=O (if you look close you can tell that that is a Schmutz Font "Oh" not "Zero") EF Lavender is ORGANIC DISH SOAP

The original one does not say EF Lavender, it says KF Lavender. The original one shows the number is: 47,644.

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To: Calpernia

This cert has a format and language very similar to the language of docs from Australia, (possibly a common british format) particularly New South Wales. Anyone have anyway to view docs from Aust during this time?
Chrisitan name is a big hint.

281 posted on 08/03/2009 4:06:23 PM PDT by imagephreak
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To: Paine in the Neck

I saved the image to my computer at 9:58:39 a.m. CDT on 8/02/09. It clearly says E. F. Lavender and 47044.

282 posted on 08/03/2009 4:06:47 PM PDT by Jedidah ("Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana)
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To: carcraft

nice attempt at misdirection, but that boat doesn’t float.

283 posted on 08/03/2009 4:06:48 PM PDT by stockpirate (The movement to take back America has already started, Sarah is her name.)
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To: MrDem

What about vans from “Flowers By Irene?” :D

284 posted on 08/03/2009 4:07:09 PM PDT by musicbymuzak
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To: Calpernia

What I have been asking myself for the last 48 hours is: There is no way Dr. Keyes and Dr. Orly are going to ruin their reputations with something false. Therefore, I trust what they are doing.

285 posted on 08/03/2009 4:07:31 PM PDT by GatĂșn(CraigIsaMangoTreeLawyer)
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To: Adammon
You’re seeing what you want to see, not what’s actually there.

With all due respect sir, the E is darker and plainly obvious.....

286 posted on 08/03/2009 4:08:39 PM PDT by ScreamingFist
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To: Jim Robinson

I also have one saved and it is clearly K. F. Lavender (or Lavonder).

287 posted on 08/03/2009 4:08:41 PM PDT by Heart of Georgia
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I remember logging on that morning and realizing you guys had been up all night. This is all very strange and until we hear something from WND or Dr. Orly, I am not sure what to make of it other than someone is trying to hide something or confuse everyone yet again.

288 posted on 08/03/2009 4:08:43 PM PDT by penelopesire ("The only CHANGE you will get with the Democrats is the CHANGE left in your pocket")
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To: imagephreak
Chrisitan name is a big hint

Not really. Common term (not used so much in this country now due to PC BS) in English speaking nations where the practice of giving a first and middle name in addition to the father's or tribal name was adopted.

289 posted on 08/03/2009 4:09:02 PM PDT by GVnana (Sarah for America)
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To: Jedidah

Mine was saved at 403 am Pacific time and has the EF on it... It happened VERY soon after the news broke. 2 hours maybe.

290 posted on 08/03/2009 4:09:23 PM PDT by Danae (- Conservative does not equal Republican. Conservative does not compromise.)
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To: Calpernia

Looks like the “original” may be a fake, too.


Someone posted this elsewhere:

I wanted to see if I could find any images of similar documents from Kenya around the same time period that could be compared to the certificate on the web. I spent several hours with Google image search on that before I decided to broaden my search outside of Kenya-specific documents.

It was some time later that I finally spotted a thumbnail on one of the results pages that looked very much like the Kenyan certificate. I pulled up the full size image and found that it was virtually EXACTLY the same type of document.

It was a scanned image of a “Certified Copy of Registration of Birth” dated in 1964 for a David Jeffrey Bomford on a genealogy website for the Bomford family. Except that David Jeffrey Bomford wasn’t born in Kenya, he was born in South Australia. But what was even more interesting was certain other features of the document as compared to the Kenya certificate.

The names of the registrar and the district registrar were the SAME NAMES as given in the Kenya certificate save for the first initials, i.e. G.H. Lavender and J.H. Miller in the Bomford document versus E.H. Lavender and M.H. Miller in the Kenya document.

Also, the book number (44B) and page number (5733) were the exactly the same on both documents.

The image of the Bomford certificate seems to prove beyond any doubt that not only is the Kenya certificate a fake, but that whomever faked it used the Bomford certificate as the template.

291 posted on 08/03/2009 4:09:52 PM PDT by Technical Editor
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To: Adammon; All
In addition to the comparison, I've also done a proof of concept to see how quickly artifacting makes numbers change: On the left is the original EF Lavender and 47044 doc, as posted at Orly and here earlier. On the right is a simple JPEG-low compressed version of the same document. As you can see, the 0 easily becomes a 6, especially if we WANT to see a 6. Photobucket
292 posted on 08/03/2009 4:10:02 PM PDT by Adammon
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To: Adammon

Your mistake was to zoom the ‘real’ one to the point of illegibility. Try again, ace. Use windows picture and fax viewer. Hit the + zoom icon five or six times. It is as clear as the nose on your face.

293 posted on 08/03/2009 4:10:44 PM PDT by pissant (THE Conservative party:
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To: Kells

Someone should post a warning over at Scribd that viewers are being had.

294 posted on 08/03/2009 4:11:01 PM PDT by GVnana (Sarah for America)
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To: paulycy

Gee what an stunning coincidence. The seal and a coin both have a similar coat of arms pattern. And I thought they just picked random patterns. /sarcasm

295 posted on 08/03/2009 4:11:23 PM PDT by MrDem (From Morning in America to Mourning in America...)
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To: 9YearLurker
"Am I misremembering, or was the document at this web page earlier without ‘fake’ in its title or the title in the URL at all?"

Correct. Take a look at the original link posted on the other thread:

You can clearly see that the link has a URL of
Which means the original was without a document title:

296 posted on 08/03/2009 4:11:41 PM PDT by rxsid
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To: outlawjake

Look at the ‘E’ in STATES right above that line in the top copy.

They are definitely different.

Artifacts or not. There is too much difference between the two.

297 posted on 08/03/2009 4:11:41 PM PDT by Bigh4u2 (Denial is the first requirement to be a liberal)
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To: Calpernia

Good grief. I come back after taking a kayak paddle and walking the dogs, and now this.

I wonder if there’s any connection with the google warnings some people have been getting who visit Orly’s site?

298 posted on 08/03/2009 4:12:09 PM PDT by Cicero (Marcus Tullius)
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To: Aquabird

In this case the paper copy is the only item that matters. If the judge doesn’t dodge it, then it is open to scrutiny by official experts. I just hope those experts don’t already work for DoJ.

299 posted on 08/03/2009 4:12:29 PM PDT by arthurus ("If you don't believe in shooting abortionists, don't shoot an abortionist." -Ann C.)
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To: Brytani

In the inrerview with Savage, she said she was in Tel Aviv and soon departing to Russia for hre parents’ anniversary.

300 posted on 08/03/2009 4:12:29 PM PDT by don-o (My son, Ben - Marine PFC- 1/16/09 - Parris Island - LC -6/4/09 - 29 Palms - Camp Pendleton 6/18)
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