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Defend Our Freedoms Community Network

Defend Our Freedoms Community Network
"Every major political movement starts not in Washington but it starts with the grassroots."
Duncan Lee Hunter, 2007


Thank you airborne!


NIAA - NAIS Conference

These are the presentations from the NIAA - NAIS ID Expo that Sharon in Vermont was able to obtain when she attended.

The presentations are in Power Point format and can be downloaded from here:

http://breederville .com/auction/forumtopic.php?topic=2&boardid=2

If you have any trouble opening a power point, private message me and I will get you and URL to download a plug in.

I will be leaving the files on my server, so don't feel you need to back them all up. They are pretty large files.

Thank you Sharon in Vermont for attending the conference and bringing the information back to us all!

Sharon and Mary Zenoni's overview of the conference can be read here: 08/22/417/

Officially Launched!

Breederville, A Virtual County Fair!

"If we lose freedom here [in America], there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth."
- President Ronald Reagan
October 27, 1984