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BREAKING!!! - Weldon says records were ordered destroyed!! (Able Danger)
Dom Giordano Show - 1210AM Radio "Big Talker" - Philadelphia | 29 AUG 05 | Vanity

Posted on 08/29/2005 6:23:38 PM PDT by Lancey Howard

Congressman Curt Weldon (R - Pennsylvania) gave another exclusive interview to Dom Giordano this evening (Monday) and broke the news that he will be giving a speech on September 8th (next Monday) during which he will present yet another 'Able Danger' witness. This new witness will attest (and will swear under oath when called) that he was "ordered to destroy records" relating to the 'Able Danger' program.

This order to destroy the records occurred prior to 9-11-01. Weldon intimated that it happened during the Clinton Administration.

The witness, who Weldon did not name, says that he was ordered to destroy records and was threatened with jail if he failed to comply. Weldon said that he has the names of the people involved, including the person who gave the order, and HE WILL NAME THEM in his speech.

Congressman Weldon also said that his staff has met with Senator Arlen Specter's (R - Pennsylvania) staff regarding the upcoming Judiciary Committee hearings. Weldon wants to be sure that everybody is on the same page. Weldon also said that he will do whatever he has to do to make sure that ALL the facts come out and that the process "is not manipulated".

Curt Weldon is like a pit bull on a steak. He expressed disgust with the "incompetence" of the 9-11 Commission and said that the victims of the 9-11 terror attacks deserve answers. Weldon is determined to see that they get them.

Weldon did express confidence in Tim Roehmer and John Lehman and speculated that perhaps the poor job done by the Commission was the result of an incompetent staff. Weldon sounded amazed and disappointed that so much important information was either glossed over or swept under the rug by the Commission.

Weldon will give his September 8th speech either to the National Press Club or to a "9-11 families" group which has asked him to speak. He apparently hasn't nailed down the exact venue yet.

(For those unfamiliar with Dom Giordano, he is a very good conservative local talk show host here in the Philadelphia area, an area which includes Curt Weldon's district. Weldon comes on Dom's show often and, like this evening, sometimes breaks news.)

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To: tiki
So did Sandy make notes on something using Able Danger info and then have to go get rid of it?

Man, there had to be some very, very seriously damaging Clinton stuff in those files for Burger to go in and steal or destroy those documents before the 9/11 commission hearings. He must have been afraid the info would come out in the hearings.
What ever he stole, it was to save some pretty heavy butt!!! A person just doesn't walk into the National Archives and start trashing and ripping off documents!!

441 posted on 08/29/2005 8:55:26 PM PDT by concerned about politics ("Get thee behind me, Liberal.")
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To: MarkeyD; Alamo-Girl

It was a less effective version of our own Alamo Girl.

442 posted on 08/29/2005 8:55:47 PM PDT by justshutupandtakeit (Public Enemy #1, the RATmedia.)
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I don't know why, but it seems some dems don't want the Clintons protected.

Some dems? I assume all those aspiring to become President in 2008 are hoping the Xlintoons falter and Kerry is leading the pack.

443 posted on 08/29/2005 8:56:48 PM PDT by StarFan
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To: mercy; Urbane_Guerilla; Siobhan; Marine_Uncle; gov_bean_ counter; nopardons; Prime Choice; ...

1. My experience with staffers is that they sometimes try to "steer" the issue; this could have been the case when those involved in ABLE DANGER came forward to the 9/11 commission. This does not excuse them.

2. There are reports that LTC Schaffer was the subject of fradulent travel claims or phone bills - he may have been, but this would not be in the news if someone wanted him silenced. He was also a reveered case officer from what I have been told; and thoght out of the box.

3. ABLE DANGER used the same technology as CIFA (Counterintelligence Field Activity) and when congressional staffers came into that space, an analyst said "give me a name" for a demonstration. A staffer said "Chu" (to see what would happen) and the the analyst plugged that name in. The result of the name "Chu" was that the technology involved spewed out connections between someone named "Chu" and Pres Clinton. A copy of that report was requested; the analyst stupidly acquieced; the congressional staffer took it to the hill and it was released that Clinton had ties to the Chinese.

That technology was then shut down, to include ABLE DANGER and CIFA (formerly JCAG - which used the same technology). The Clinton administration was incensed and we lost all capability to track foreigners in our homeland.

Then you add Jamie Gorelick to the mix who wanted to preclude any technology or processes to allow those with that technology to provide info on people in America that wanted to destroy us from within to be provided by the U.S. military to law enforcement. Now, what do you all think is wrong with this picture??

Jamie Gorelich was sitting on the wrong side of the table in the Senate 9/11 hearings; and what was Sandy Berger REALLY doing n the archives??

Food for thought. . . . . .

444 posted on 08/29/2005 8:57:05 PM PDT by Ironmajor (Michael Graham 630 WMAL and CAIR)
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To: Lancey Howard
Wonder how many generals, and colonels and other officers and Pentagon officials were wooed with promotions (or maybe blackmailed into going along) via Gorelick's lawyers and the 'wall', by closing down and destroying documents related to Able Danger.

Bet the pentagon has a great big bunch of folks who know their reputations will be shredded if it is discovered that they issued orders, under policy or orders from clinton adm lawyers, the ran counter to their oaths to defend America.

These are the people that failed to BLOW the WHISTLE and now, hopefully, they will pay with their reputations. We don't need cowards and/or betrayers, overseeing our national security OR our military.

445 posted on 08/29/2005 8:57:17 PM PDT by Republic (Michael Schiavo comes to mind...ulitimate control is never relinquished with ease)
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To: Enchante
My guess is that some patriotic AD contractor thought (quite plausibly) "Gee, this powerful software might help turn up espionage or losses of sensitive technologies

Was it called "magic lantern" or some such thing?

446 posted on 08/29/2005 8:57:49 PM PDT by GOPJ
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To: Enchante

"That is what freaked out the DOD lawyers, and they pulled the plug (but I don't necessarily think the Clinton White House was even informed -- if you were a Jamie Gorelick clone in the Pentagon in May 2000 you would know, without needing to be told, what your 'duty' was for the Clinton administration)."

I like your progression. To much was to incriminating concerning China whether it was connected to the election monies or in what they allowed the Chicoms to walk off with.
The terrorist stuff was collateral damage in that it was buried in the 2.4 tera bytes of files. They purged the whole works, close down the operation and that is that.
Case solved. And in so doing, this may really hamper Weldon's ability to open up a real investigation. Specter's gang will dilly dally around a bit, then perhaps make some half hearted statements to the effect, yes there where some problems with info that was not presented to the 9/11 commission in the right format etc., and they will say without the full body of raw data being available for analysis, the investigation is at a standstill. Case closed.

447 posted on 08/29/2005 8:59:42 PM PDT by Marine_Uncle (Honor must be earned)
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To: YaYa123

Who in the chain of command could order the documents destroyed?.....Cohen, Clinton,....a general in charge. The army doesn't take orders from the likes of Gorelick. Who else?

448 posted on 08/29/2005 8:59:55 PM PDT by Texas Songwriter
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To: ButThreeLeftsDo
And you are utterly and completely damned dead wrong!

The cable channels have been awash with the Holloway girl, Crazy Cindy, and the hurricane.

The MSM? Nada, zilch, zero, bupkiss on Able Danger, except for articles in the N.Y. Post and a very few other papers.

Even talk radio, which not everyone listens to, hasn't hammered away at this story...yet.

And instead of spin, some of the naysayers are now giving this a bit of credence.

WATERGATE took YEARS to fully erupt and back then, just about EVERYONE read newspapers and watched the evening news; unlike today.

So, just how old are you? And yes, it DOES matter.

449 posted on 08/29/2005 9:00:05 PM PDT by nopardons
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"The contractor puts on the show and rather than getting praise, he gets horrified looks and... and what? Is he asked to destroy the software? Or the information? Who was he?"

We're far from having all the details, but we are told that a contractor named James Smith says not only was the contract abruptly terminated but he was fired from his company because of the DOD's frenzied response to the chart on loss of sensitive technologies to China:

-------------------------------------------------- Sources said the private contractors, using sophisticated computer software that sifts through massive amounts of raw data to establish patterns, came up with a chart of Chinese strategic and business connections in the U.S. -snip- The China chart was put together by James Smith, who confirmed yesterday that his contract with the military was canceled and he was fired from his company because the military brass became concerned about the focus on U.S. citizens. -snip- "It was shut down in a matter of hours. The colonel said our service was no longer needed and told me: 'You just ended my career.' "
450 posted on 08/29/2005 9:00:07 PM PDT by Enchante
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To: Ironmajor
Gorelick and Burgler are genuine traitors.

They should be dealt with as such under the appropriate code.

451 posted on 08/29/2005 9:02:00 PM PDT by Siobhan (Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.)
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To: BluH2o

September 8th is THREE DAYS before before September 11th, so you've gotten your wish. :-)

452 posted on 08/29/2005 9:02:12 PM PDT by nopardons
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To: Enchante

I've book marked your link. The Captains Quarters site is really keeping tabs on this story. I'm glad they are !!!! Today, the bloggers are a necessary source for real news.

453 posted on 08/29/2005 9:02:26 PM PDT by concerned about politics ("Get thee behind me, Liberal.")
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To: Prime Choice
Catwoman No 9.
454 posted on 08/29/2005 9:03:09 PM PDT by ThePythonicCow (To err is human; to moo is bovine.)
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To: Crazieman
"Why would they be ordered destroyed prior to 9/11? "

The first World Trade Towers Attack during Clintons Administration and probably links were discovered between the Chinese and campaign corruption in the Clinton Administration.
455 posted on 08/29/2005 9:05:24 PM PDT by cpdiii (Oil Field Trash, Rough Neck, Geologist, Pilot, Pharmacist, Iconoclast (Oil Field Trash was FUN))
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You're now thinking about HUAC, which was the purview of the HOUSE; not the SENATE and McCarthy was a SENATOR!

And the Hollywood Ten, were all stinking Commies, FYI.

456 posted on 08/29/2005 9:05:32 PM PDT by nopardons
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To: DoughtyOne

You're a riot a regular riot, my friend.

457 posted on 08/29/2005 9:05:42 PM PDT by justshutupandtakeit (Public Enemy #1, the RATmedia.)
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To: dalight
Yes, and only to some; the rest of us knew he was a hero long ago. :-)
458 posted on 08/29/2005 9:07:00 PM PDT by nopardons
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To: Enchante


459 posted on 08/29/2005 9:08:16 PM PDT by nopardons
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To: Quix


460 posted on 08/29/2005 9:08:35 PM PDT by nopardons
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