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FReep of Code Pink & Left, July 29 (Heavy graphics, Join us Aug 5!)
DC Chapter ^ | August 1, 2005 | BillF

Posted on 08/01/2005 12:18:55 AM PDT by BillF

FReepers from the DC Chapter and beyond stunned leftists with two counter-protests to their radical left-wing protests in the Washington, DC area on Friday, July 29. The first FReep was in Silver Spring, MD, just over the MD-DC line, as the left protested at an Armed Forces Recruiting Center and went paranoid over their photos being taken.  By the end of the second FReep, after they had been thoroughly trashed by a double amputee Walter Reed patient, demoralized Code Pinkos gathered in a circle to commiserate over FReepers routing them at their weekly blood dance outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center, about a mile south of the Recruiting Center.


DC Anti-War Network (DAWN) and Code Pink had jointly sponsored the anti-war anti-recruitment protest at 5 to 7 pm. This is part of a nationwide effort by the radical left to damage military recruiting.

[CLICK ON A PHOTO TO OPEN A LARGER VERSION IN A NEW WINDOW. Click on another photo and its larger version should open in the same window that the first enlarged photo did. Note that some of the wider photos may open in a window wider than your screen and you can use a horizontal scroll bar to see parts. As it got progressively darker at the second FReep, my telephoto lens shots became less clear requiring software enhancement. You will notice that people look more like cartoon characters in my later telephoto lens photos.]

The honor roll for the first FReep: Albion Wilde, teeman8r, lurker Joan, tgslTakoma, Nina0113, kristinn, BufordP, lurker Sam, 3D-Joy, bmwcyle, daughter of bmw, and BillF.

Special honorable mention goes out to Justanobody who drove more than 100 miles one-way to attend both FReeps, but she arrived just after the first FReep had ended.  The traffic is notoriously bad in the DC area on Friday afternoon or any day when it rains. It rained within a few hours before the 5 pm Friday start such that traffic was still tied in knots. (Incidentally, at least three other FReepers at one or both of the FReeps traveled more than sixty miles one way to get there.)

If Justanobody can drive 100 plus miles one way to the FReep and keep coming week after week, why can't you come at least once for our troops? You'll be glad that you did. You can do it. You'll be doing good and having fun at the same time. Look into the mirror and know that you're a good enough and bold enough person to try this. Try it, you'll like it.

The traffic had been so bad across the area that the leftists had started, albeit with just 8 to 10 people, before we were able to set up our FReep. Shortly after they started on the sidewalk in front of the strip shopping center with the Recruiting Center, we set up our FReep line about 40 to 50 feet down the sidewalk from them.

With one notable exception, the leftists were more well-behaved than a couple months ago when we countered them at this Recruiting Center. None of them tried to block us or get in our faces like last time. Another difference this time was that they pretty much stayed together as a group and did not try to get on both sides of us.

The difference in their behavior was probably due to their dramatically decreased numbers from last time. I counted 22 on their side this time, but they might have had a couple more at peak. This was less than half of their numbers two months ago.

Peacefully opposing them, we had twelve patriots this time, whereas last time we had six and were in danger of being overrun. We had doubled our numbers in two months, whereas their numbers were cut in half.

Early view of the leftists. Mohawk Guy on left provided us with
laughs.  Yellow-shirted Luke, who bikes to many leftist
protests,  is at right.

Early FReep line. (L-R) Lurker Sam, 3D-Joy, Nina0113, lurker Joan, kristinn, and teeman8ater with Recruiting Center sign
above his shoulder at right.

One leftist stopped and chatted with BufordP for a while, but I'm not even sure that he was part of the protestors. Another leftist set up her tripod near us so she could interview us. kristinn talked on camera explaining why we were counter-protesting in response to her questions. She then left to video her side of the event.

Nina0113, kristinn, 3D-Joy, and BufordP wearing one of
the "I (heart) GITMO" ponchos that tgslTakoma made.

tgslTakoma with FReepers, two leftists talking at their location
in far background

When I stepped in the parking lot to take photos of leftists
beyond the parked cars, Pinko Gael Murphy pulled in.

A view of the leftists about 30 minutes after starting time. Green-
shirted guy with back to camera, who appears to be their leader,
was a source of trouble shortly after this picture.

Per above left photo,  DC Chief Code Pinko Gael Murphy pulled though the parking lot next to me as I stood there to take photos of the leftists visible beyond her car. She blew a kiss to me, but my digital camera was, as usual, too slow to catch the kiss. (Note to myself to tell the Halliburton Counter-Ops people that they must get the bean counters to authorize the higher-resolution faster-response time cameras that we requested months ago. :)

Murphy was arriving at least 40 minutes late, but it was worse than that. After pulling through the full parking lot, it was another 15 minutes before she was parked and had joined her comrades. Then I heard her say about we FReepers, "If it weren't for protesting us, they wouldn't have anything to do." I was far enough away from her that I didn't respond to her, but the irony struck me. Here was a leftist activist, who was born to protest, and she was falsely saying that we were the ones who needed to protest for something to do. Didn't she know that we would rather be shooting bambi with our AK-47s or trolling the Potomac in our gas-guzzling yachts? 

Speaking of gas-guzzling, sure we do it because we want to destroy the ozone layer, but what's Murphy's excuse? This event was easily within walking distance of many parts of upper NorthWest DC. Doctor Raoul's inspired chant to the leftists is apropos: NO OIL FOR PROTESTS! WALK THERE AND WALK HOME! And even if her feet were still too burned and sore from her beach vacation to walk all the way from home or office, this event was an easy walk from a Metro subway stop. But noooo, Murphy can't take the subway. She's too important, she has to add to traffic congestion, pollution, global warming, and the shortage of parking spaces.

The green-shirted guy in the above right photo confronted me. Standing 10 or more feet from from the leftists, I was taking photos of them. Green-shirted guy, henceforth "anti-camera fascist" or just "fascist," walked aggressively toward me as I slowly walked away from him and towards some parked police cars filled with officers at the back of the parking lot.

In an accusatory tone, he demanded, "why are you taking photographs?"
I responded, "I'm allowed to take photos."
Fascist: "Why are you taking photos?"
I: "I'm allowed."
Fascist: "Why are you taking photos?"
I: "Facial recognition software. We need more prisoners at GITMO."

Just then two officers intercepted him and led him back to location in photo at right, just behind his "command post" (electrical utility box where they placed their megaphone and papers). Apparently, he was the leader of the leftists for the event and the police were discussing ground rules with him.

Green-shirted anti-camera fascist with back to camera talks with

Following that first exchange with the fascist, my curiosity was piqued. Why did he care about us taking their photos from a respectable distance, i.e., we were not shoving cameras in their faces? Was he wanted for letting the air out of the tires of Karl Rove's car? I thought that maybe he was just having a bad-hair day, but viewing the photos that seemed quite unlikely, especially to a follically-challenged person like me. (It also occurred to me that we had no problem with their video woman getting us on camera. We cooperated for her interview.)

At any rate, after taking the photo above, I moved to the other side of the fascist, going the long way around so as to avoid walking by him. I started talking photos of the other leftists as the officer was blocking a front photo of the fascist. I was at least 10 feet away, but as soon as the officers walked away, fascist walked quickly toward me. This time I more quickly walked toward the line of police cars. Fascist angrily says: "I told you not to take any more photos!"
I replied: "I'm allowed to take photos."
Fascist: "If you do it again, you'll regret it."

Before I could seek clarification, he walked away as I was now about 8 feet from a police car. The officer rolled down his window. Apparently, he had been paying attention as the guy walked after me. Before I said anything, the officer said, "is that guy harassing you?" I said, "he threatened me for taking photos, even though I'm doing it from 8 or 10 feet away." Officer: "he can't do that. You have a right to take photos of a public event. We've already had trouble with the guy. If he acts up more, he may find himself arrested."

Returning to the assembled FReepers, I reported these events to tgslTakoma, who had her digital camera, and teeman8ater, who had his video camera. I clicked a few more photos of the leftists, including the fascist, from a considerable distance using the telephoto lens and then tgslTakoma walked along the sidewalk to within about 8 feet and started taking photos. At that stage, fascist walked right up to her and touched his paper to her camera, thus assaulting her (admittedly a minor assault, but still technically illegal) per two photos on right below. Of course, this leftist loser, who was the brains of the operation, didn't seem to realize that he could have just turned his back to her. Instead, he gave me the chance to get excellent photos of him, suitable for sending to Interpol, Halliburton, the CIA, and his local library police to help nab him for that overdue copy of "Sixties Nostalgia Handbook."

Photo of Fascist
before confrontation.

Fascist contemplates the miserable
turnout for his side in a bluer than
blue Dem anti-Bush area.

As tgslTakoma tried to photograph,
the fascist moved to block her, touching
his paper to her camera lens.

Fascist is apparently unaware of my
flanking maneuver, and me freely
taking photos of him. As I said, he was
the brains of the operation


Leftists from the back as they face Georgia Ave traffic.
American flags in background are at FReepers' position.



Mohawk Guy and Luke had these weird black jagged designs
added to their faces during the event.

I asked Luke what the weird black jagged cheek painting (photo on right above) signified. He told me, "it means that we're not going to f*** around with you right-wingers anymore." I laughed and said, "you're hurting my feelings now."


A front view of the leftists at full strength.

Back view along leftists showing Gael Murphy talking with the
anti-camera fascist, probably arguing over who's more to blame
for their poor showing.

The guy with the "Recruiters Lie" sign above said "we won't be intimidated" as teeman8ater and I took video and photos respectively. Unfortunately, they started chanting before I could give my reply, "we're not here to intimidate you, we're here to laugh at you."

Apparently, the leftists' delusions are so great that at least some of them do fear being arrested and shipped to GITMO if they are photographed at a protest. I can completely reassure any leftists reading this that there are no such operational plans in the near future, at least to the best of my knowledge as a low-level cog in the machine. Of course, they never tell me anything.

The leftists should also know that, just because we pick up their discarded signs and other litter that they so often leave behind, it doesn't mean that we are shipping those to headquarters for fingerprint analysis.


bmwcyle in Club Gitmo shirt, teeman8ater behind him, and
leftists in background.

Mohawk Guy had written his anti-war sign on the back of a
WashPost ad touting Monday Night Foosball. I wonder how
many motorists saw the Foosball side of the sign. At any rate,
the Foosball sign was the most sensible sign that the leftists had.
We broke out laughing when we first saw it.

Considering how liberal this area is, it was amazing how many passing motorists honked in support of us. A few motorists drove by shouting "impeach Bush" and similar things, but it appears that most of them were leftists going to the protest. Unable to find a parking spot right away, they conducted drive-by shoutings several times as they searched.

kristinn shamed the leftists with a great megaphone speech about their opposition to this country after 911 to the present. They chanted "rascist, sexist, anti-gay, right wingers go away!" There were some dueling megaphones for a short time, but most the time we just let the leftists use their megaphones without us using ours. Most of what the leftists say is so ridiculous that it turns people away from them, even some who might otherwise agree with them about the war in Iraq.

Their disappointing turnout, less than half of that from two months ago, had to weigh heavily on the leftists. Our doubling of our turnout was a great sign, especially considering the early start-time and terrible traffic. Mohawk Guy with his pro-foosball sign had provided us with the comic relief after anti-camera fascist had provided the drama.

Both sides broke up at about the designated time of 7 pm. FReepers thanked the Montgomery County police and moved a mile south on Georgia Ave to set up for the FReep of Code Pink at Walter Reed.


As the Code Pinkos continued their 8 to 10 pm weekly anti-war blood dance outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where many of our most seriously war-wounded are being treated, FReepers were out in force and crushed them. For the ninth week in a row, we outnumbered them. For the third week in a row, we set a new attendance record. A severely wounded patient heckled the Pinkos toward the end of the night.

I drove to pick up pizza to share with the FReepers at the Walter Reed FReep. (This was especially important to BufordP, who gets cranky if he doesn't get his thick crust pizza.)

When I got to the Walter Reed site about 20 minutes before the 8 pm official Pinko start time, both FReepers and Pinkos were on site at their respective corners. This was the first time in weeks that the Pinkos actually had started setting up early, as opposed to their usual late starts.

The honor roll for the second FReep included all those from the first FReep: Albion Wilde, teeman8r, lurker Joan, tgslTakoma, Nina0113, kristinn, BufordP, lurker Sam, 3D-Joy, bmwcyle, daughter of bmw, and BillF, and joined by Justanobody, sauropod, hellinahandcart, Jack Deth, Apple Blossom, daughter of Apple Blossom, Coop, and Christopher Lincoln. This was our sixteenth FReep of the Pinkos at Walter Reed.

(L-R) Albion Wilde (behind the sign), hellinahandcart (behind the bush), lurker Sam, sauropod, BufordP, kristinn, Nina0113,
tgslTakoma, Justanobody, 3D-Joy
, and teeman8ater along the brilliant MOAB (Mother of all banners) designed and built by
. This was taken at the beginning of the FReep.

In addition to the record twenty FReepers, we were honored to have a Vietnam vet and his two family members join us for some time and hold some Club GITMO air conditioners (orange paper hand fans) skillfully made by 3D-Joy (who also brought pro-GITMO bracelets that she made to give to people). Counting those three, our total number was twenty-three.

Opposed to our 20 (23 counting the vet and family) patriots, the Pinkos were only able to get 17, but peaking at 16 at a particular time. This, after they and their DAWN allies had at least twenty-two at the event that ended an hour earlier, one mile away. We could not confirm our speculation that Mohawk Guy  had invited others at their first event to a foosball tournament, thus siphoning off their numbers.

Early photo of the leftists.

Although the Pinkos started early, Gael Murphy showed up at least twenty minutes late.  Clearly Murphy didn't care much about the protests of the day. She was arriving quite late for the second time in the day. She could have walked from the first protest and arrived in time for the second protest. Instead, she drove, but only after going somewhere. Foosball or a meal? We don't know.

Not only was Murphy late, but most of the leftists stayed for only a short period. They had 16 for less than fifteen minutes, than 10 of them left within about a 5 minute period. Another one of them showed up after the others had left. Thus, for more than an hour and a half of the two-hour event they only had 7 against our 20.


hellinahandcart holds one end of a banner about the real
peacemakers as a counter to a Pinko sign that just says
"Blessed are the Peacemakers." The Pinkos flatter themselves,
they foolishly think that they are the peacemakers.

BufordP and Jack Deth


sauropod, tgslTakoma, Sam, and Albion Wilde directly
across Georgia Ave from Code Pink's main location

Apple Blossom, hellinahandcart, 3D-Joy, teeman8ater,
and bmwcyle


kristinn, Nina0113, and Justanobody

Christopher Lincoln and Coop


An early side view of the leftists.


Chief DC Pinko Gael Murphy (4th from left in pink shirt) joins the group late


Pinkos at near full strength, but most of the time they only had 7.

Notice the Pinko candles. At one stage, FReepers chanted "STOP GLOBAL WARMING, PUT OUT YOUR CANDLES!"

One of the leftists came over to our side momentarily with a box of pastries and was asking FReepers to take one out of the box. I cautioned others against taking them and the following conversation (paraphrasing here) occurred:
tgslTakoma to another FReeper: "They believe in dumpster diving you know."

leftist guy offering pastries: "What's wrong with dumpster diving?"

I said to the leftist: "Why are you doing this?"

Leftist: "I believe in peace between us because we're all human beings."

I: "You're not a decent human being! No decent human being would hold an anti-war protest at a hospital where war-wounded are trying to recover. It's just rubbing salt in their wounds when you do your obscene blood dance here!"

He slinked back to the Pink side as another FReeper noted that they were French pastries.


Pinkos hauled out the "Bush Lied, Innocents Died" banner for
a few minutes. It was yet another demonstration that they are
lying in their justification for demonstrating at Walter Reed.



Three of the leftists occupied the corner directly across from our
main position. Of course, that only left four on the other corner,
thus spreading out their sparse ranks even thinner.


Tall leftist would walk into the crosswalk and hold up his sign
in front of the cars whenever the light was red.

 Crazy Backpack Guy (we've dealt with him before) on right
has poster of Bush as an Imam.

Late in the FReep, and as often happens when we are there, a busload of Walter Reed patients, return on a large bus from a night out. The bus driver turned on the interior light of the bus as it turned into the gate and various patients waved at us through the windows.

Later on, a young soldier in a wheelchair rolled out the gate and talked to the Pinkos on the corner, before coming over to talk with us.

I'll paraphrase what this brave young soldier said:

Four months ago, both of my legs were blown off upon the knees. I had other injuries. I ended up at Walter Reed, but doctors weren't sure that I would live.

I talked with the people on the other side of the street and asked them why they were here, but they really couldn't explain why they were protesting here. They told me things, but they didn't make sense.

It's just disrespectful what they are doing here at the hospital. I don't want to get into the politics. They just shouldn't do this here. They should do it elsewhere if that's what they want to do. This is not the place for them to do what they're doing.

Code Pink say that they are here to support the troops, but we know better. When the bus driver turns on the inside light as we turn into the gate returning from our night out, many of the patients on that side of the bus give them the finger. 

We thanked him profusely for his service, as if words can ever repay someone who has sacrificed so much for our freedom, for our country.

One of our signs, says "LEAVE OUR WOUNDED ALONE." If you agree that the Pinkos are trying to demoralize the troops and rub salt in their wounds, don't get mad. Do something! Come join us. If we get enough people for enough Fridays in a row, we can peacefully break the back of the Pinkos blood dance. We believe that, when the depth of their failure sinks in, when they realize that Walter Reed has become a quagmire for them, the Pinkos will declare victory and cease the obscene blood dance.

When that happens, when the Pinkos start "leaving our wounded alone" and stop tormenting them at their hospital, don't you want to be able to say that you helped? If you do, come next Friday per details below.

 After the young soldier finished talking with us, he rode his wheelchair across the street and turned to face the Pinkos when he got near the gate and about 30 feet from the Pinkos. He then shouted at them about the indecency of what they were doing. His tirade continued for a couple minutes and then he rolled his wheelchair past the gate back to the hospital.

A short time later, the Pinkos packed up at their 10 pm quitting time.

As they packed, kristinn launched a verbal barrage across the street straight at Gael Murphy.  I'll let him elaborate on it if he is so inclined. Basically, he told her that she was a terrible organizer when she gets so few people to turn out in a city that voted 90 percent against President Bush.  He pointed out that she claims to be a great women's organizer, but she had very few women show up that night (it was 4 men and only 3 women including Murphy through most of the event).

Murphy and the leftists gathered in a huddle at the end, apparently trying to figure how things were going so badly for them.  I would have felt sorry for Gael Murphy if she weren't a leader in a group that endorsed "the Iraqi resistance" (their phrase, see here and here), that gave money to the other side in Fallujah, and that calls our troops "killers."

Despondent leftists start packing up.

Do you think that the Pinkos are sicko to have an anti-war demonstration at a hospital holding war-wounded? Then please help us by showing next Friday night per details below.

We absolutely must keep the pressure on Code Pink and keep showing the wounded soldiers at Walter Reed that Code Pink doesn't speak for the nation. If you live in the DC area and haven't yet come out for one of these FReeps, please do so this next Friday. Injured Walter Reed patients, including amputees, have repeatedly told us how important it is for us to be there to counter Code Pink.

If we can sufficiently outnumber the leftists often enough, embarrassment may cause the leftists to stop these outrageous morale-damaging ("Maimed for a lie" is one of their commonly-used signs) demonstrations at the hospital. What about you? Can you spare a few hours on a Friday night?  

Can you give up next Friday night at the movies to support troops who've given up limbs for your freedoms? Will you?

This FReep is rewarding, fun and important for our troops and our nation.

These are my recollections of the events. Other FReepers who were there are encouraged to add their own recollections.

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For those of you in the DC area, we need some additional FReepers to join us for FReeping Code Pink every Friday night, until further notice, starting at 7:30 pm and until about 10 pm. How about coming out this Friday?

Can you sacrifice an evening to honor the much greater sacrifice that the troops are making for our freedom?

DC Chapter co-leader kristinn has confirmed that we shall continue FReeping the Code Pinkos every Friday night until they stop their obscene blood dance outside the hospital of our war-wounded. If you agree with me that it is outrageous for Code Pinkos to demonstrate at a hospital with war-wounded troops inside, please come out and join us in a peaceful counter-protest.

One of the amputees told me weeks back that he doesn't want other wounded troops coming into Walter Reed and seeing only the Code Pinkos at the gates. He explained that the FReeper presence there was extremely important to counter the Pinkos. Please join us and be a part of our peaceful counter-protest to Code Pink.

Please don't let the troops think that regular Americans are too busy with TV, ballgames, movies and other recreation to peacefully counter America-hating leftists.

Being there with us in spirit is great, but we need people to hold the MOAB (Mother of all banners), other signs, and flags. Maybe you can't come every week, but please make it your patriotic duty to join us at least once in the near future.

As always, the DC Chapter's rules for protesting will be in effect.

Briefly, they are: No violence. No profanity. No racism. No provocations. Obey the law. Treat all law enforcement officers with respect.

Start at 7:30 pm and go to about 10 pm.

Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 7200 Georgia Ave., at Elder St., NW

Code Pinkos have been setting up on the southwest corner of the Georgia Ave/Elder St intersection. We've been setting up on the northeast corner across the street from Walter Reed's entrance gate.

1 posted on 08/01/2005 12:18:56 AM PDT by BillF
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To: 1 Olgoat; 103198; 10Ring; 11Bush; 1stbn27; 2SterlingConservatives; 2yearlurker; 3D-JOY; ...
DC Chapter ping!

FReepmail me or post a reply to get on or off the list.

Injured Walter Reed patients, including amputees, have repeatedly told us how important it is for us to be there to counter Code Pink.

Please read the quotes from the double amputee Walter Reed patient in red in the report above and decide if you want to help counter the Pinkos.

If we can sufficiently outnumber the leftists often enough, embarrassment may cause the leftists to stop these outrageous morale-damaging ("Maimed for a lie" is one of their signs) demonstrations at the hospital.

The same FReepers are doing almost all of the these FReeps. We do so gladly as a labor of love for our brave troops fighting terrorists over there, instead of waiting for the terrorists to come here. We FReep especially for those wounded in combat. However, some FReepers' family vacations or other obligations may prevent some of them from coming this next Friday.

Our troops are bold enough to face bullets, mortars, IEDs, and suicide bombers. Are you bold enough to get out from behind the keyboard, FReep in person, and stand up for the wounded troops at Walter Reed?

If you're in the DC area and don't have family or work considerations that keep you from FReeping, can you spare a few hours on a Friday night? Will you?

2 posted on 08/01/2005 12:26:43 AM PDT by BillF (Fight terrorists in Iraq & elsewhere, instead of waiting for them to come to America!)
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To: BillF

These posts are some of the best reads in FR lately.

What kind of car was Gael Murphy driving? Was it economical? Was it made from recycled 2-liter bottles?

3 posted on 08/01/2005 12:45:04 AM PDT by nerdwithamachinegun (All generalizations are wrong.)
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To: BillF
Great post: and great pics.

But surely there must be aa way to offer some sort of bounty for information leading to the identifation of the Facist leader...and perhaps find his funding source.

If he's a staffer for some liberal congress man, it would sure be embarrasing. That shirt is too well pressed for this to be some college punk.

4 posted on 08/01/2005 12:57:49 AM PDT by konaice
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To: BillF
God Bless you Bill for that wonderful report. I so enjoyed FReeping with all of you last month.

I thank all of you for your dedication and perseverance in spending every Friday night outside of WRMC supporting our brave troops.

5 posted on 08/01/2005 1:11:17 AM PDT by jan in Colorado ("My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge." Hosea 4:6)
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To: BillF
Nice report Bill, and fast too! Good thing cause I've been going nuts with curiosity about what went down without me.
Too bad I couldn't make it, my camera really would have scared green-shirt guy.
All vehicles are once again operating properly . I plan to be there this Friday with at least two family members and the EOS 20D.
Great ploy by you and tgslTakoma to get green-shirt closeup.
6 posted on 08/01/2005 1:59:36 AM PDT by Gadsdenman (What is best in life? To crush the Code Pinkos,and to hear the lamentation of the womyn!)
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To: BillF
I: "Facial recognition software. We need more prisoners at GITMO."

OMG! That is so funny! Way to go!

Did the green shirt fascist talk with an accent? He looks middle eastern. Why would he be so paranoid of having his picture taken? I'm sure the FBI was getting some good shots.
7 posted on 08/01/2005 2:28:36 AM PDT by MagnoliaB
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To: BillF
In an accusatory tone, he demanded, "why are you taking photographs?"
I responded, "I'm allowed to take photos."
Fascist: "Why are you taking photos?"
I: "I'm allowed."
Fascist: "Why are you taking photos?"
I: "Facial recognition software. We need more prisoners at GITMO."


8 posted on 08/01/2005 2:36:21 AM PDT by RandallFlagg (Roll your own cigarettes! You'll save $$$ and smoke less!(Magnetic bumper stickers-click my name)
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To: BillF

Awesome! BTTT!

9 posted on 08/01/2005 3:48:16 AM PDT by Trteamer ( (Eat Meat, Wear Fur, Own Guns, FReep Leftists, Drive an SUV, Drill A.N.W.R., Drill the Gulf, Vote)
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To: BillF

Great report, Bill!


10 posted on 08/01/2005 3:53:07 AM PDT by BufordP ("I wish we lived in the day when you could challenge a person to a duel!"--Zell Miller)
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To: BillF

You worked through the night to help make my best morning "read" in years!!

Thank You!

I laughed out loud at the G'itmo comments and realized it was a real G'itmo night. Shirts, fans and bracelets all in the same week!

11 posted on 08/01/2005 4:54:41 AM PDT by 3D-JOY
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To: BillF

Good report. My pics later today.

12 posted on 08/01/2005 5:26:50 AM PDT by sauropod (Polite political action is about as useful as a miniskirt in a convent -- Claire Wolfe)
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To: BillF

Fabulous report! The green shirt demonstrator is unclear on the meaning of DEMONSTRATE --- SHOW!

Show means to have people look at.

I guess a CSPAN camera would be acceptable to him, but not a citizen camera.


13 posted on 08/01/2005 5:29:07 AM PDT by maica (Do not believe the garbage the media is feeding you back home. ---Allegra (in Iraq))
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To: BillF

Great stuff, Bill. Thanks for getting the thread up so quickly. It was definitely worth fighting Friday evening traffic to have that soldier jump out of his friend's car just to shake all our hands and thanks us (how ironic!) for being there. And thanks to whoever bought the pizza, since I missed dinner! :-)

14 posted on 08/01/2005 5:34:16 AM PDT by Coop (
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To: BillF
Please add me to your ping list! The significant other (also a freeper) and I live in Pittsburgh, but would love to plan a weekend to come and help you guys! Its worth the 4 hour drive to drive the Lefties nuts!

Can we wear our 'US out of UN, UN out of US shirts' during a freep too????

15 posted on 08/01/2005 5:39:46 AM PDT by yellervette
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To: xsmommy; patton; IGOTMINE; billhilly; Ligeia; cogitator; Corin Stormhands; proud_member_of_ VRWC; ..
Read more about these pathetic creatures - now affectionately known as Al Coda Pink - here. Hope some of you can join us on a Friday evening for a couple of hours.

The troops know we're out there and appreciate our presence.

16 posted on 08/01/2005 5:41:37 AM PDT by Coop (
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To: yellervette
Can we wear our 'US out of UN, UN out of US shirts' during a freep too????

Come on down! I think you'll find too many U.N. groupies on our side of the street.

17 posted on 08/01/2005 5:55:22 AM PDT by Coop (
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To: BillF


thanks for posting and reporting and making my first and second freep a memorable one.

after a rocky start with weather and traffic playing havoc with attendance, i was a bit nervous for a bit wondering if i was to stand signless against the great unwashed. i was planning to just capture their antics on video and make a mockery of their actions, but fortunately the troops arrived. i took minimal pictures from a distance and will try and post them, but was content to hold a flag and witness the remarkable counter-protesting of the acclaimed dc chapter.... they truly do rock the house.

when tgsltakoma showed with the banners and flags and kristinn finally picked up the megaphone, my patriotic arteries flushed with american gumption and pride. the lefts' chants of jeepers, creepers, it's nothing more than freepers' showed they were taken aback and intimidated, not by numbers, but by the dedication and sincerity of the message. support for the men and women who serve to defend our way of life.

while the left touted the recruiters faults, us freepers reinforced the need for a strong front. and although the number of honks for support were greatly in the lefts favor, their message was touted by the hate and disdain they fester for all things american. their objections to photographs show they know that their message is one of hate and anti-american. they fear retribution for they are a vindictive lot. the tall well dressed leftist flashed me the finger as if to clarify what was truly in his heart.

at the wrmc freep, al coda pinko did set up early, but they never possessed the numbers to out flank our freep. their two corner split weakened the effect they were trying to gain, and our two corners were packed. i felt honored to hold one leg of the MOAB, which was talked about by the left as to why they didn't think of doing something like that.

i took little video of this event as sun was setting and the al coda pinko numbers were minimal for such a major part of the early hours... some pinkos that might have joined saw our vast numbers and didn't stop to join their brethren in hate... my take on their disappointing remarks as they drove by... "you've gotta be ****ing kidding me, this sucks"

freepers received the majority of support honks and were the recipients of far greater honors... several drive bys stopped, one actually got out and shook the hands and thanked all on one corner for being there... several stayed through their green lights to talk and thanked us... and then the highlight of the evening, the young mp from mississippi, saluted, literally our efforts to counter the illegitimates outside his hospital.

his heart was true and his sacrifice great, his disdain for the people on the other side of the street threatened to darken his soul, but his trip across to the freep zone did well his heart and the hearts of all who held a position in counter-protest.

God bless that young man and all who need to be at wrmc.

i will be on the counter line again whenever i can... the dc chapter holds a prestigious place among the freepers... i am honored that i could make this one/two and recommend all who can, do, for my heart was encouraged by the faces of those who serve for the defense of the USA.

thanks DC Chapter for a job well-done.


18 posted on 08/01/2005 6:56:36 AM PDT by teeman8r
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To: BillF

I was so looking forward to being with you at Walter Reed on Friday, I came THIS close to quitting my job when a last minute assignment interfered. Alas, it helps to keep Dominion Power happy too. Will plan to go this Friday.

19 posted on 08/01/2005 8:20:53 AM PDT by EDINVA
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To: BillF
Notice the Pinko candles. At one stage, FReepers chanted "STOP GLOBAL WARMING, PUT OUT YOUR CANDLES!"

Brilliant! Thanks for a great post with photos and congrats on another successful mission. Area FReepers, keep up the great work. I wish I lived near you.

20 posted on 08/01/2005 8:23:11 AM PDT by Minnesocold (Truth itself is the one enemy against which liberalism cannot prevail. -Christopher Adamo)
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