Since Oct 28, 1998

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Long time political activist. I have enjoyed FREEPS at the Capitol, White House, Memorials and Parks, Cape Canaveral, Orlando, Hillary’s House and many more. Walter Reed Army Medical Center, "We Support Our Troops" rallies on Friday Night are on top of my list of things to do when in the Washington area.

10 year update. I am still here and finally a monthly contributor. I don’t know what took me so long.

14 years now and after this election...very depressed. It seems impossible to stay excited and active about conservative activities. I’ll keep trying to get motivated!

16 years and things are NOT better in our country. I have realized I must be prepared to survive alone, my country may be lost as I know it.

18 years and the entire Trump era is in full swing, but which way, I can not tell!