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The Point of Q
DigMemePray ^ | August 23, 2021 | Anon

Posted on 02/03/2022 9:51:27 AM PST by haffast

One Anon Opines (1AO) – “The American citizen was in a coma. The point of Q was to wake the American citizen into paying attention to his government, world events, media manipulation, and the financial and familial connections of the powers that be before mass censorship, control, and communism could be fully implemented. You are in the midst of a Chinese takeover of the United States through fifth-generation psychological warfare.

Unfortunately for the enemies of the United States, in this 5th generational battle sphere there is a giant resistance by the American populace. The false narratives provided by the communists through mainstream avenues are constantly being countered. Whether that be immigration is good, vaccines, election tampering, or what have you. The foundation of this American counterinsurgency against infiltration is in large part due to the Q operation.

Q motivated millions of Americans to wake up and pay attention to the levers and lever pullers in the world around them. This was accomplished through the use of word puzzles, memetics, and mnemonic programming by the promise of a carrot on a stick. The carrot was ephemeral and basically a lie. There were never to be arrests, never to be a cathartic aha moment, nor a day of victory. These false rewards were only to serve as the impetus to motivate one to learn critical thinking skills, abstract thought, and the art of information dissemination for the purpose of establishing a love of country, God, and morality to a population that was absent of it.

While the means may have been based on false premises and promises, the ending result was necessary for the continuance of the American experiment. If the Q program had never been launched, there would be no bitchute, rumble, getter, gab, or whatever else platform today that educates people to alternative narratives found in the media, and most of all the audience for it would be less than five percent of the population; and the first tenet and amendment of the United States Constitution, freedom of speech would be dead, and with it, so would the United States.

Q was government or military. Full Truths never come out of these organizations. Q was honest about this from the beginning. Disinformation is necessary was something Q said from the beginning. Whether you believe in Q or not is irrelevant at this point. A civilian branch of digital soldiers exists now. Their will to fight is indomitable. They are feared by those who wish to do harm to this country. Light and information collection/sharing are their weapons of war. People now have a choice of narratives. There is no going back. Patriotism is on the move. Truth is hungrily sought out. You can either fight or you can fold. The choice is yours. The end won’t be for everyone.”

DIG MEME PRAY /// Love & Respect, anon.

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The Great Awakening

What happens when the FAKE NEWS MEDIA can no longer control the narrative (when disinformation is no longer swallowed and/or accepted as auto-truth)?

Not my site, anon is unknown to me.

"Warning - The links on this page are valuable sources of information but there is no guarantee that all of the information provided is the truth. The truth is elusive at best and if you wish to find it you must listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your own research."

"This is the age of deception. We are engaged in an information war. Links will take you to many other websites containing varying degrees of personal belief, religious dogma, truth, lies, misinformation, and disinformation. We urge you to practice due diligence in your quest for truth." (Warnings credited to William Cooper)

1 posted on 02/03/2022 9:51:27 AM PST by haffast
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To: haffast

<< Truth is hungrily sought out. >>

By many. But more people seek to confirm their biases than seek truth.

2 posted on 02/03/2022 9:57:57 AM PST by Mr. Mojo
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To: haffast
There were never to be arrests, never to be a cathartic aha moment, nor a day of victory.

Because Q and her associated Qtards were then and now full of steaming poo.

3 posted on 02/03/2022 10:03:35 AM PST by humblegunner (Ain't drownin', Just wavin'...)
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To: haffast
This would be the point of Q.

4 posted on 02/03/2022 10:06:26 AM PST by tnlibertarian
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To: haffast
I will say this: A Q post was the first place I read about Jeffrey Epstein and saw a photo of the satanic temple on his island. That was at least 2 years before he was public fodder and suicided.

I'll also say this: A Q post photo from AF1 was not original, but a cropped and doctored image that someone else took.

5 posted on 02/03/2022 10:08:31 AM PST by The Truth Will Make You Free
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To: AuH2ORepublican; fieldmarshaldj; Impy; BillyBoy; dfwgator

I think we have non-Asians taking over our government, too

6 posted on 02/03/2022 10:08:46 AM PST by campaignPete R-CT (I owe, I owe, it's off to work I go ...)
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To: haffast

Someone set off a “pipe bomb” in a campus library I was at many, many years ago. I was able to view the area shortly after the local news reported it and tried to sensationalize it, only to find that the 4’x8’ glass panels less than 15’ away with nothing between them and the “bomb” were still amazingly in place, not even cracked. I pretty much knew then that you couldn’t believe everything you hear on TV.

During the November 2020 election, when you see conservative poll watchers at the TCF Center in Detroit get expelled but not the democratic ones until almost all of them are removed, and then the windows are intentionally blocked so they can’t see the counting inside, and later have the Secretary of State and Attorney General publicly state that there was no election fraud, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s going on. Although apparently there is still a low bar that some people just can’t step over to figure it out.

So yeah, the Q stuff definitely fills in a lot of the gaps and appears to tell it like it is. How’s that 2k mule movie going?

7 posted on 02/03/2022 10:15:52 AM PST by Uber-Eng (Northern Texan at heart...Help US save Michigan!!!)
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To: Mr. Mojo; All

In every age there is a remnant comprised of those who believe fervently in the foundation principles.
These are these ones who held Israel together. They founded Christianity. They were the bulwark against marauding Islamists. They have fought countless revolutions against tyranny. They are our heroes.
The heroes of our days are the enemies of the powerful. They war against the tyrannies that dominate us. They are more afraid to lose our heritage of freedom than their lives in the struggle to preserve what is best.
This battle can not be lost. It remains for the remnant to stand in the gap and preserve us from darkness. Our children’s children will celebrate them for their valor, their faith, and their sacred honor.

8 posted on 02/03/2022 10:17:33 AM PST by Louis Foxwell (Contempt is the essential tool of the tyrant.)
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To: haffast
The carrot was ephemeral and basically a lie. There were never to be arrests, never to be a cathartic aha moment, nor a day of victory.

Which was obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature. In other words, Q's target was gullible half-wits.

9 posted on 02/03/2022 10:22:09 AM PST by ETCM
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To: humblegunner

Well said

10 posted on 02/03/2022 10:36:26 AM PST by Nifster (I see puppy dogs in the clouds)
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To: haffast; All

“The American citizen was in a coma. The point of Q was to wake the American citizen into paying attention….”


Yes, Everything serves a purpose despite some of the negatives associated with it. It opened many eyes.

For the high and mighty here that take pleasure in summarizing this movement as ‘Q-tards’……..might I add ‘Bush-tards’, ‘Cruz-tards’, ‘Trump is mean on twitter-tards’, and ‘My Rep isn’t a RINO- tard’. Lesson here, check your own ‘tard’ before crapping on others.

11 posted on 02/03/2022 10:36:43 AM PST by Moe-Patrick (If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.)
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To: Moe-Patrick

>> check your own ‘tard’ before crapping on others.

Amen, and Amen. Thank you.

12 posted on 02/03/2022 10:37:51 AM PST by Kalamata
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To: haffast

Makes sense to me.

13 posted on 02/03/2022 10:38:50 AM PST by Robert DeLong
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To: haffast

You know you are in a cult when all of the promises of your leader have proved false, and yet you still work madly to justify them.

14 posted on 02/03/2022 10:40:21 AM PST by Renfrew
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To: Moe-Patrick
Lesson here, check your own ‘tard’

That just sounds dirty somehow.

15 posted on 02/03/2022 10:42:33 AM PST by humblegunner (Ain't drownin', Just wavin'...)
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To: haffast

The point of Q was to out conservatives to the dem/RINO swamp and their cohorts. And boy did they succeed as even FR has fallen for and allowed this BS to still continue!

16 posted on 02/03/2022 10:46:18 AM PST by Harpotoo (Being a socialist is a lot easier than having to WORK like the rest of US:-))
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To: Renfrew

I’d say the point of Q is ‘How easy it is to form cults!’.

17 posted on 02/03/2022 10:47:12 AM PST by Reily
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To: haffast

Disinformation is necessary was something Q said from the beginning


Oh I get it now. So all the times those Q drops proved to be wrong and incorrect; it was on purpose.

All those times we were told to trust Sessions and trust Barr was intentional disinformation.

It will take an extremely high level of stupidity mixed with brain damage to believe the disinformation from Q was intentional.

Qtards were and still are role-playing in a make-believe fantasy world that they knew any information whatsoever.

18 posted on 02/03/2022 11:05:52 AM PST by Responsibility2nd (I love my country. It's my government that I hate.)
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To: tnlibertarian

The only Q that I take seriously.

19 posted on 02/03/2022 11:09:14 AM PST by CletusVanDamme (Well I'm all broken up about that man's rights...)
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To: haffast

AS for Q consider this:

Since the end of the cold war the military men and women who manned the fulda gap, slept and ate in the barracks of captured German Third Reich barracks in our European theater after WWII knew this battlefield like the back of their hand. The commies, the Ruskies, The remnant SS that faded back into the German population...all of it is a real to them today as it was back then when they were privates and 1st LT’s.

This communism/socialism shit isn’t some political game being played in the RNC/DNC playground. The result of these ideologies is slavery and pain and suffering unlike anything most Americans can imagine.

We unlike most of the veteran community who grew up post 9/11 have a taste in our mouth from the killing fields of Bosnia. I personally know someone who was on a mine clearing operation there and undearthed mass graves. This was all the result of socialism and inevitable collapse that comes from that line of thinking and governance. Yugoslavia, Kosovo...all of it was the result of communism and the people who thought up those ideas, infiltrated and destroyed the governments from within, then implemented and enforced the things that made life so hard for the people in those regions.

This Q phenomenon was merely the magnifying glass to help focus a million splintered disconnected patriots into a unifying beam of hope freedom and a sense of Paul Revere to be a singular beam of light in a dark political landscape.

All the markers were there, from way back before Obama was in running for candidate to be President.

Bush didn’t like protests so he used free speech zones to quell the voices of the pink hat wearing loons. That didn’t wake anybody up...then the crashes happened and Paulsen rewrote the entirety of the recovery in 2008 with a single page document which tied up trillions of aid to banks who gambled in the market.

Thousands of things happened here in the US that started raising big red flags on a number of levels in both the way the RNC handled things and the direction the DNC was headed.

Veterans as far back as 2007 started telling people to leave their phones in the car to have long solumn talks in the woods with friends family and other patriots that something was up and we needed to start preparing...

Then we organized, and gave the media and political minders the middle finger by hiring Trump, and that kicked off the rest of the story.

Q was a centralized figure who helped us focus. Q was a purposeful plan to help flush out the undercover dirty spooks and spies who infiltrated our government, media, military and business interests.

This thing is just getting started...

Lets review:

Cabals use of MS-13 for wet work
Epstein Island
John of God
Ed Buck
Chris Wallace
CNN producers (child diddlers)
Cuomo’s out
28 Democrats leaving office.
Cheneys aligning with the DNC to keep the cabal alive.

Ladies and gents, I could go on for a very long time at all the things that were discussed in the Q sphere (particularly Q research) that would blow your mind if you took a year to catch up.

This is a long on going thing, and the biggest head fake that threw most people off is the dates on the drops.

NONE of those dates mean anything at the time.

Think of it as a psyop leaflette campaign where you show the enemy all your plan, half your fake plans and enough lies that they’re chasing the wrong targets, reinforcing the wrong areas leaving other areas exposed, and on top of that, a healthy amount of “I’m gonna hit you right here and you can’t do sh*t about it.”

This thing is ongoing...

Watch the Durham seed start to grow in the approaching months, watch the election fraud expose start to grow legs under

Watch this really get legs after the midterms if we regain house/senate.

Sorry for the long winded rant, but as a veteran I’m watching this last few years unfold with the overriding thought, “we have guardian angels among us”. Some of the things we’re seeing happen, are far greater world wide that some nerd who created a psyop in his basement...real things are happening globally.

I’ve been posting Q type patriotic stuff for a decade, and just now do I feel we’re seeing the results of that. before Q there was John Q Public. It took Q to finally awaken people to act.

Memes awaken, Digging exposes, praying reminds us this is far bigger a thing that what we can do by ourselves.

I hope I brought some clarity to what we older veterans are seeing.

Don’t believe me? Get on a social media site and open your local or state news and scroll through the comment section and gauge how pissed and in lock step the American people are.

Also, FWIW: There a a LEGION of CSFP Clowns, [paid] Shills, Fake Paytriots who create falsehoods for clickbait and to grow their following to either smear or benefit financially from the “QAnon” phenomenon. Most real patriots will never speak of what they’ve done to help the cause of Freedom, Liberty and Justice for all.

BTW, Freerepublic was mentioned by Rush long before Q research was. Long live Freepers!

Duty First!


20 posted on 02/03/2022 11:15:40 AM PST by 1st I.D Vet
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