Since Nov 8, 2005

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I’ve been predicting since the Summer of 2019.

Hillary is morbidly obese and nearly dead. Her run for the White House in 2016 nearly killed her as she coughed and coughed and fell quite often. There is no physical way she can run a traditional campaign for President in 2020, but she won’t have to. She will steal the nomination at the Democratic Convention. Look at how she and the DNC colluded to send Bernie home early in 2016 and just know that she will do the same again to whatever loser might make it through the 2020 primaries.

Once she secures the nomination, she will sit back in her New York City penthouse and make maybe 3 or 4 public appearances. She will not debate President Trump. What she will do is allow the liberal media and Social Media to do her dirty work for her. They will lie, cheat and repeatedly cross the Creepy Line. They will report negatively against Trump.

Google alone influenced a 10 percent polling advantage for Hillary in 2016. Imagine what Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter will do in 2020 as they delete your Google accounts (including YouTube and email) and your Facebook and Twitter accounts if you dare support Trump. They will refuse to cover his campaign rallies, they will release dozens of fake polls, they will again collude with foreign governments and they will re-engage the Deep State. They will keep pursuing phony impeachment charges and proceedings, they will keep pushing illegals to vote and of course engage in tens of thousands of illegal and fraudulent votes.

And this is just the beginning of how low she and the media will sink to.

10-17-2019: Now besides Google, Twitter and Facebook, I'm adding Amazon to the list of enemies who will illegally interfere with the 2020 Presidential election. And why not? Bezos owns Amazon AND the Washington Post. Already Amazon censors many conservative books. Watch and see if they don't increase their efforts to obstruct a fair election.

Two links here and here that clearly signal Amazon's intentions.

11/12/2019. As I have explained above and as expected, the banning of conservative thought and the right to post conservatively on Social Media has increased as we lead up to this election cycle.

Eric Ciaramella? You dare not mention that name. Or you will be banned.

Facebook and Youtube. Twitter.

FRiends. I am telling you so. As if anyone here needs to be told this as this is so obvious. Question: When will you lose your Twitter account for supporting Donald Trump? Better Question: When will Donald Trump lose his Twitter account? As in when will they ban him?

It's all just a matter of time.

12/22/2019. More evidence that Social Media is out to silence and censor conservatives before the election. Now we have Wikipedia. Here and here.

12/29/2019. The one major flaw in my theory about Hillary stealing a brokered convention is that it's impossible. Or is it? Can super delegates be bought?

12/29/2019. I asked... "Better Question: When will Donald Trump lose his Twitter account? As in when will they ban him?" Answer: Twitter is working on it. Here, here and here we see a soft ban. Don't doubt for a minute that a complete hard core ban of President Trump's Twitter account will happen sometime in 2020.

01/28/2020. As I predicted - Hillary now owns the DNC Convention. Brokered Convention? Not really. Her nomination process is going exactly as planned. Iowa, New Hampshire and Super Tuesday will be meaningless exercises and a waste of time.

02/04/2020. Tech firm started by Clinton campaign veterans is linked to Iowa caucus debacle

Clinton Campaign Veterans Run Firm That Built The Disastrous Iowa Caucus Phone App

The Iowa Caucuses. One more example proving my predictions that Hillary will be the Rat nominee.