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Suppressed Information About the Covid-19 Vaccine' | Vol 01 Date: 03/20/2021
MARCH 20, 2021 | Vanity, also collection of others' content

Posted on 03/20/2021 7:11:03 PM PDT by ransomnote

I've been collecting links and information and posting it, along with many others, all over FR. It's important to save this information because content on the CDC's website and other websites is rewritten and removed soon after people start to reference it in debates. I've begun to collect and update it in one place. 

I didn't keep track of where I obtained the links and some of the contents. I provide credit for exerpts of user comments wherever I can. ThankQ to all FReepers who are sharing information and working against the unprecedented level of medical censorship we're facing.


The Covid-19 'vaccines' are mis-classified. They are gene therapies which have been classified as 'vaccines' in order to protect manufacturers from liability, and to lure people into wanting them. They do not prevent disease or stop you from transmitting the illnesses to others - which is what vaccines do.

On 3/4/2021, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) displayed the definition of the term vaccine on its website:

"A vaccine is a product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease. Immunity is the protection from an infectious disease. If you are immune to a disease, you can be exposed to it without becoming infected."

In several instances I read or watched videos featuring Physicians and other experts pointing out that the vaccine companies have defined their Covid-19 treatments as gene therapies in their own marketing information. The above definition of a vaccine was compatible with standard medical practice so the physicians didn't quote the CDC, they put it in laymans terms but it meant the same thing.

Fauci has stressed a tiny portion of the true nature of these gene therapies by explaining to the public that you’d still be able to transmit the virus to others, you’d still be able to get the illness yourself, but it’s hoped that the vaccine will reduce the severity of the disease.

When the public started waking up to the fact that we were again being lied to, the CDC watered down and reformatted their definitions to mean whatever it had to mean. I think the modification is recent because the trolls on FR once again began sneering that they really are vaccines. The watered-down, deceptive definition of vaccine is located at the link below.

The CDC lies on demand - they were slow enough to rewrite their website this time that I got the text from it first.

The gene therapies are not specifically designed to attack Covid's version of the corona virus. Since the Covid-19 virus was not available in isolated form when the gene therapies were developed (Covid-19 has still not been isolated), the therapies were designed to respond to viruses similar, but not the same as Covid-19. So if you have had other illneses, you've probably already developed the anti-bodies you'd get from the experimental gene therapy.

The Covid-19 vaccines are actually experimental gene therapies. They are based on mRNA technology invented in 2005. Since that time no illness was successfully treated with that technology. 

As this information emerges into the public forum, the 'experts' are beginning to say that they appear to inhibit transmission after all. I think they are citing the decline in Covid-19 deaths, 'cases' (false positives?). But Corona viruses burn themselves out in a year anyway, like Sars 1 did. There are other reasons for reductions (growing herd immunity, the public is now accessing OTC remedies by Dr. Zelenko. 

Here's the website and image from Zelenko's website:

Doctor | Vladimir Zev Zelenko M.D. | United States (


Here's Dr. Zelenko's protocol, which can be comprised of either prescription medications or from OTC remedies. NOte that he offers prevention protocol and a treatment protocol

Zelenko Treatment Protocol - Google Docs

Zelenko Covid-19 Prophylaxis Protocol - Google Docs

Deaths severe illnesses are also decreasing because people are simply purchasing both an online medical appointment and the HCQ/AZ/zinc protocol medications at the following link. I don't think the price is firm (may vary) but one FReeper said they paid about $150 total).

Those who obtained prescription for the Zelenko protocol or Ivermectin, but can't get a pharmacy to fill it because bureaucrats have seized control of our medical system can still purchess both Ivermectin and the HCQ medications at this online pharmacy.

Buy Prescription Medicines From Online Pharmacy Store | AllDayChemist

Those who can't get a prescription for Ivermectin tablets have shared their experiences and dose amounts using Ivermectin paste used with horses. They do this because they feel betrayed by the FAUCI fiasco. Both Ivermecting and the Zelenko Protocol drugs have all completed challenging FDA approval process and have been used for many years (60 years for HCQ for those who have Lupus). If the FDA wanted to, it could have let physicians write prescriptions for Ivermectin 'off label' as is common practice. 

At the start of Covid-19, NO MEDICATIONS were permitted to treat the illness. If the FDA wanted to, it could have awarded Ivermectin/HCQ the Emergency Use Authorization it too quickly gave the Covid-19 vaccines. This EUA would have allowed early victims of the illness receive the 'right to try' because the benefits outweighed the risks, a criteria for EUA. But the captured medical industry insisted people go without treatment to fan the claims of an unmanageable 'pandemic'. Many illnesses could be similarly fanned into fake pandemic if all treatments were denied them. Once hospitalized, early WHO/CDC recommendations for ventilators were too agressive and damaged diseased lung tissue, and still the patient couldn't recieve available FDA drugs (HCQ/Ivermecting). They did this to force the EUA authoriztaion of the Covid-19 drugs that could never make it to the public any other way.

The mRNA in the Covid19 vaccines is technology previously used to try to create a vaccine for HIV and other Corona Viruses in the past. They never could get it to work for HIV or any other disease-it never cured anybody because it never made it past the animal trials in 2005 and 2012 ( all the animals died). After injection, the animals displayed elevated antibodies as expected. But when the animals were exposed to the actual Corona Viruses they were testing, their immune system overeacted (i.e. Antibody Enhancement Reaction).

Note that the Covid-19 manufacturers are claiming they are 95% effective, but effective at what? The Covid-19 vaccine are supposedly 95% effective at triggering the production of antibodies - the percentage is unrelated to their actual impact on the disease itself. The manufacturers wouldn't release their data when they received Emergency Use Authorization (NOT FDA approval).

 In a British medical journal, an associate editor (Dr. Doshie? (sp)) said that, based on the data, the vaccines are likely about 19% effective instead of manufactuers and MSM claims that they are 95% effective. At this low rate, they never would have been approved for use. With the current data comparisons of the covid-19 vaccines with 91 other vaccines in the CDC's VAERs database, they will likely be recognized as too hazardous for use.

Some Covid-19 Vaccine Data from the CDC's VAERS database, Includes Screen Images To Show How To Use The Database.

3/18/2021, 2:24:41 PM · by ransomnote · 20 replies ^ | 3/18/2021 | vanity

The Covid vaccines were not developed specifically for the Covid virus because there are still no isolated samples of Covid-19 for the researchers to use. The fact that no sample of Covid-19 is available anywhere is 'of concern'. The PCR tests were created without the Covid-19 virus samples too - they don't detect the pressence of Covid-19 viruses specifically, they detect the presence of fragments of proteins found in numerous other viruses and other materials. The following link discusses the fact that the Covid tests do not indicate the presence of the disease


3/18/2021, 5:53:41 PM · by ransomnote · 11 replies ^ | Jan 31, 2020 | Steve Falconer, francesleader
Kary Mullis invented the PCR test and felt it was not appropriate for Covid-19 because it wouldn't indicate whether someone was sick or not, and he was ignored. In an old interview, Mullis said Fauci is a liar.

The current Covid-19 gene therapies were never sufficiently tested, skipped the rigorous testing period required for FDA approval and after a few months of testing on volunteers starting in July of 2020, was given an "Emergency Use Authorization", so it's not FDA approved. It's EUA or 'Authorized' on the (false) belief that no other safe medications or treatments are available; that's why they have to prevent HCQ and Ivermectin from being available to the public - otherwise these gene therapies would have to go through rigorous testing in addition, which they know will fail as mRNA has been failing to treat illness or obtain FDA approval for 15 years.

In the video below, I think he's too general when he uses the term "approved" re the FDA because he shows elsewhere he knows they are experimental, therefore not FDA approved but "authorized". At the 8 minute mark, he's talking about side-effects etc. E.g., it seems likely that there is no way to turn off the spike proteins the Covid-19 therapies tell the cells to make so they are theoretically always churning out new ones, driving the body to fight and likely to trigger long term autoimune issues.

Video By Dr. Steve Hotze (h/t greeneyes)

I'll add another video below of an interview with pro-vaccine industry, Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM He is a vaccine research expert who has worked for a long list of companies and organizations on vaccine discovery and preclinical research, including GSK, Novartis, Solvay Biologicals, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr Vanden Bossche also coordinated the Ebola vaccine program at GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization).

A FReeper riciduled Vanden Bossche because he is a DVM. A FReeper clarified Vanden Bossche's expert knowledge regarding vaccines in a post on a prior thread. I'll put an excerpt of that post below. If not interested in Vanden Bossche's credentials, skip down to second row of dotted lines.


(excerpt begins)

My spouse, a PhD who works on clinical trials, was not all that impressed until I provided a more complete resume...You seemed to question a DVM, but I have been told it has been more difficult to get in to Vet school than Med school.

Video has Vanden Bossche employment history at 3:13 minute mark—numerous senior roles, all vaccine related at GSK Biologicals, Novartis, Solvay Biologicals, Bill Linda Gates Foundation, GAVI, Univac, and Vareco.

Vanden Bossche studied at Ghent University for his M.D. in Veterinary Medicine from 1980 to 1983. He then obtained his Postdoctoral training in Equine Medicine and Surgery at the Free University of Berlin (1984-1987).

From 1990, Vanden Bossche underwent a Postdoctoral Fellowship in Virology at James A. Baker Institute for Animal Health, Cornell University in New York.

He was board certified in Veterinary Virology in 1990. Two years later he was Board certified in Veterinary Microbiology and Animal Hygiene. What boards? Well likely in Europe.

Some of the other universities where Geert Vanden Bossche has worked as an academic include the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, the REGA Institute, KU Leuven in Belgium.

Open letter? Not written by him? Uh I think it was...Yes, he tweeted it but he wrote it too...(search is your friend), and I think it was on Linked-in, which you, having such credentials, can probably verify.

The schedule for the summit you provided was labeled tentative, so perhaps he changed the subject? Don’t know...


67 posted on 3/16/2021, 10:11:32 PM by Freedom56v2 (Republicans will get the government they deserve if they do nothing :()
==========(END OF EXCERPT)
So Vanden Bossche is an expert ( PhD and DVM, post-doc, 30 published papers, worked for several pharma companies) who is essentially destroying his career by urging the immediate halt of vaccine distribution in order to save lives, large portions of the population or even humanity itself. One of his assertions is that the gene therapy in the "vaccines" may teach the body to specialize on the spike protein contained in the mRNA instructions, leaving the body defenseless against other illnesses. He and others note that once injected, there's no controlling the mRNA in your body. If it over specializes your immune system for one of countless possible immune responses, or if your body has an alergic reaction to the vaccine's spike protein, you can't turn it off. He and others note this can trigger lifelong autoimmune problems.

A COMING COVID CATASTROPHE [PDF and 1-hour video interview with Geert Vanden Bossche]

3/16/2021, 1:05:54 PM · by ransomnote · 70 replies ^ | March 11, 2021 | Geert Vanden Bossche

If you want to check out some voluntary reports to the CDC's VAERs database, I provide some examples and instructions on how to use the database in the thread below.

Some Covid-19 Vaccine Data from the CDC's VAERS database, Includes Screen Images To Show How To Use The Database.

3/18/2021, 2:24:41 PM · by ransomnote · 20 replies ^ | 3/18/2021 | vanity

Some Covid-19 Vaccine Data from the CDC's VAERS database, Includes Screen Images To Show How To Use The Database.

3/18/2021, 2:24:41 PM · by ransomnote · 20 replies ^ | 3/18/2021 | vanity

As a head's up, the videos I've reviewed indicate that the AztraZeneca vaccine may be worse, with one doctor suggesting that it may cause spread to persons who don't get the vaccine. Many countries in the EU paused the administration of Aztrazeneca's vaccine for observed medical reactions in patients. 2 days ago bureaucrats over ruled them and said, 'nothing to see here, move along'.

‘It’s a very special picture.’ Why vaccine safety experts put the brakes on AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine

3/18/2021, 2:04:10 PM · by ransomnote · 47 replies

The following video shows a comedian asking Fauci questions that 'journalists' just won't ask. It's great:


3/14/2021, 3:02:54 PM · by ransomnote · 12 replies ^ | 3/11/21 |
A few more threads that may be of interest:

CDC Ignores Inquiry Into Increasing Number of Deaths, Injuries Reported After COVID Vaccines

3/19/2021, 5:49:01 PM · by E. Pluribus Unum · 27 replies
Children's Health Defense ^ | 3/19/2021 | Megan Redshaw

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1 posted on 03/20/2021 7:11:03 PM PDT by ransomnote
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To: gas_dr


2 posted on 03/20/2021 7:29:27 PM PDT by Deaf Smith (When a Texan takes his chances, chances will be taken that's for sure.)
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To: ransomnote


3 posted on 03/20/2021 7:31:07 PM PDT by cibco
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To: ransomnote


Treasure trove of important ScamDEMic info.

If it’s a true pandemic, why did they have to fudge the numbers?

The Dr Steven Hotze video is very well worth the watch.


4 posted on 03/20/2021 7:31:29 PM PDT by Jane Long (America, Bless God....blessed be the Nation 🙏🏻🇺🇸)
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To: ransomnote

Thanks for the work on this. I had been in limited debate with gas_doctor on this very subject tonight.

He has swallowed so much of the Kool Ade he is beyond reason.

5 posted on 03/20/2021 7:37:41 PM PDT by Captain Peter Blood (;page)
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To: ransomnote

If you have had COVID-19 or think so, then I would prefer the Regeneron path taken by President Trump.

If you firmly believe that you have not had COVID-19, then maybe consider a “mostly” (but definiely EXPERIMENTAL) vaccine; maybe.

Masks work like engine air filters - the direction of the air flowing thru the combination of filter elements/fibers, changes directions, and objects fail to make the turns, thus falling out and being captured, in effect, by the fibers / elements / sometimes chemical compounds.

And like all such filtration systems, they have levels of efficiency - that vary by how much effort of design, is involved, per mask -and- how much effort at application and maintenance, per user.

Masks, like engine air filters, are not perfect.

6 posted on 03/20/2021 7:46:32 PM PDT by linMcHlp
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To: Jane Long

Keep this

7 posted on 03/20/2021 8:15:33 PM PDT by ptsal (Vote R.E.D. >>>Remove Every Democrat ***)
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To: ransomnote

8 posted on 03/20/2021 8:16:29 PM PDT by defconw (WWG1WGA)
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To: ransomnote
There are no legal prohibitions in the State of Indiana to prescribing Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, or Budesonide. Some doctors in private practice have indeed prescribed these.

My Indiana State Representative (Legislature) and I have kept up with each other on this. He is a pharmacist himself and owns his own pharmacy.

Doctors who work for medical groups are restricted by those groups, most often being prohibited from prescribing any form of early treatment.

We've been making a big stink about this in southern Indiana.

9 posted on 03/20/2021 8:18:08 PM PDT by John Leland 1789
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To: Captain Peter Blood

gas_doctor is an ignorant troll and a really nasty one at that ... whenever he loses an argument based on facts, he immediately engages in vicious ad hominem attacks ...

10 posted on 03/20/2021 8:50:42 PM PDT by catnipman (Cat Nipman: Vote Republican in 2012 and only be called racist one more time!)
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To: ransomnote


There are other ways and means to enhance your resistance against viruses including that by now infamous covid-19 virus aside from taking any of these “Quick” developed vaccines utilizing a messenger RNA. So far science has not evolved far enough yet to be certain how the human body will react many month or years down the road once we start tinkering around with our RNA and how our bodies will react should we encounter mutated strains of similar viruses.

Below is a list of vitamins as well as nutrients suggested by a physician to enhance your resistance, they are harmless and even beneficial to your body unless someone goes crazy and over doing it. Even so they will NOT protect you from getting any specific viruses; neither will any of those new “QUICK” developed vaccines. But not only will they make you more resistant but also help you to overcome the effects of such a virus more quickly, should you have bad luck getting it. And once you are over it, your natural immune system will take over and protect you considerably better than any vaccination, this according to a statement by Merck. The catch is to have these vitamins/nutrients in your system BEFORE you think you have caught this virus, as time is of essence so your system stars fighting the virus BEFORE it gets a chance to do any damage.

Another suggestion to the wise, take some time and read up on each of these suggested components which is freely available on the internet.

Vitamin D — Vitamin D supplements are readily available and one of the least expensive supplements on the market. All things considered, vitamin D optimization is likely the easiest and most beneficial strategy that anyone can do to minimize their risk of COVID-19 and other infections, and can strengthen your immune system in a matter of a few weeks.

N-acetylcysteine (NAC) — NAC is a precursor to reduced glutathione, which appears to play a crucial role in COVID-19. According to one literature analysis,7 glutathione deficiency may actually be associated with COVID-19 severity, leading the author to conclude that NAC may be useful both for its prevention and treatment.

Zinc — Zinc plays a very important role in your immune system’s ability to ward off viral infections.

Like vitamin D, zinc helps regulate your immune function8 — and a combination of zinc with a zinc ionophore, like hydroxychloroquine or quercetin, was in 2010 shown to inhibit SARS coronavirus in vitro. In cell culture, it also blocked viral replication within minutes.9 Importantly, zinc deficiency has been shown to impair immune function.

Melatonin — Boosts immune function in a variety of ways and helps quell inflammation. Melatonin may also prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection by recharging glutathione11 and enhancing vitamin D synthesis, among other things.

Vitamin C — A number of studies have shown vitamin C can be very helpful in the treatment of viral illnesses, sepsis and ARDS,12 all of which are applicable to COVID-19. Its basic properties include anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antioxidant, antithrombotic and antiviral activities. At high doses, it actually acts as an antiviral drug, actively inactivating viruses. Vitamin C also works synergistically with quercetin.

Quercetin — A powerful immune booster and broad-spectrum antiviral, quercetin was initially found to provide broad-spectrum protection against SARS coronavirus in the aftermath of the 2003 SARS epidemic,14,15,16 and evidence suggests it may be useful for the prevention and treatment of SARS-CoV-2 as well. Not only that but quercetin also acts as an ionophore for zinc similar to hydroxychloroquine, in a matter of speaking it will unlock the cells to let the zinc where it can attack the virus .

B vitamins — B vitamins can also influence several COVID-19-specific disease processes, including17 viral replication and invasion, cytokine storm induction, adaptive immunity and hypercoagulability.

11 posted on 03/20/2021 9:12:12 PM PDT by saintgermaine (THE TIME TRAVELLER )
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To: saintgermaine


12 posted on 03/20/2021 9:14:00 PM PDT by Varsity Flight ( "War by the prophesies set before you." I Timothy 1:18)
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To: defconw
To: ransomnote

8 posted on 3/20/2021, 8:16:29 PM by defconw (WWG1WGA)


Thank you for the link.

From your link, I made smaller pics of many of the images in the large collage (see below). I skipped some for profanity or too little information given.

I may have skipped a few that said their friend/family member died 2 or three days after the vaccine and that person tested positive for Covid-19. Initially thought people would dismiss the reports saying that the person was already ill with Covid-19 and the vaccine didn't have time to work. Upon reflection, I don't know if that's true because some of the doctors I've read/watched have said it could cause people to get Covid, even if it's because their immune system is silently challenged by other illnesses.

You'd think the medical staff would only give the vaccine to people who had been tested or had no symptoms. So we don't know if their reaction to the vaccine was amplifyin existing illness, or triggering Covid-19 development in it's own right.

Some of the images below are reports of AztraZeneca which I am including because that one is scheduled to be administered in the US.

98.8% of persons ill with Covid-19 recover. Dr. Fauci and others have said that the Moderna/Pfizer vaccines obtained Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA. The vaccines are not FDA Approved because they haven't passed extensive testing and study required. Having EUA lets them offer the vaccine to the public, according to Fauci, based on the risks versus benefits. Well, with so many people dying abruptly, wouldn't it at least be worth pausing the vaccine administration and allowing  the public to have FDA APPROVED treatments like Ivermectin and HCQ/AZ/Zinc? I mean, shouldn't they at least investigate? 

After reading the below, I wonder just how many Covid vaccination deaths are being declared caused by other illnesses, like Covid? If you develop Covid within days of your first vaccine (a result feared by some doctors) then die of it, they WILL no doubt call it a Covid-19 death. They'll tell the family etc. it was Covid-19. They can use deaths from the vaccine to falsely increase the number of deaths from Covid-19 instead.






13 posted on 03/20/2021 10:18:56 PM PDT by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)
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To: ransomnote


14 posted on 03/20/2021 10:21:57 PM PDT by linMcHlp
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To: ransomnote

Here are two VERY good videos:

A brilliant doctor testifies that if you have a positive Covid test, you’re sent home with NO TREATMENT. If you get really really sick, then you go to the hospital. It’s riveting. Maybe the best, clearest speech I’ve heard on this topic. About 18 min. March 10, 2021 testimony to Texas Senate HHS Committee.

And this one, with Dr. Andrew Kaufman & Dr. Tom Cowan speaking on many things, including identifying and isolating a virus, and how do they know that it is causing dis-ease, and much, much more, it’s a must-listen IMO (skip the 1st minute):

15 posted on 03/20/2021 10:47:46 PM PDT by Auntie Mame (Fear not tomorrow. God is already there.)
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Suppressed information - when it's ok to quote the experts and when it isn't.

The issue of doctor/expert advice vs. non-doctor/expert advice is a standing problem in this debate. We are ridiculed for advising against the vaccine because we are not doctors. But the majority of people forcing/pressuring/taunting people to get the vaccine aren't doctors either. Cuomo, Newsom others aren't doctors and they stand up and tell us we neeeeeeeeeeeed it.

Okay some will say, "Well governors, administrators have access to medical experts!" to which I respond, "And how did that work out for them? They forced sick Covid-19 patients into nursing homes - which of their medical experts insisted they do that?"

THEM: "Fauci! He's the Expert! He says EVERYONE has to stay locked down! "

ME: Welll, I found a video clip of him saying that asymptomatic spread, as a rule, does not drive epidemics.

45 Second Twitter Video Clip of Dr. Fauci Saying. ".... asympomatic spread is rare and historically not a driver of outbreaks. Symptomatic people drive outbreaks."

THEM: "Not that video clip, you idiot! You'll kill us all!  Ignore it unless we tell you to obey it!"

ME: Even Fauci doesn't think Covid-19 is that dangerous. He must have been informed that the CDC says Covid-19 has a 99.8% survival rate. If it was such a dangerous virus and there's no medical treatment for it, wouldn't he at least be careful to wear a mask out of consideration for others when the cameras are NOT on him?


This imbalance and slavery to undesrved qualifications and protection from the MSM makes even senseless advice seem to many to be "more reliable". The following meme is fairly old now, but was accurate at the time. I can only assume the PhD's and doctors and their complicit MSM airhead reporters who tell us what to think about the vaccine have caused an even greater disparity between the effects of "expert or MSM advice" and realit.

Hey, I thought 'journalists' were supposed to help the public be better informed!

16 posted on 03/20/2021 11:50:00 PM PDT by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)
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To: ransomnote

Thank you.

17 posted on 03/21/2021 12:42:08 AM PDT by metmom (...fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith..)
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To: catnipman

So it isn’t just me, eh?

18 posted on 03/21/2021 12:44:01 AM PDT by metmom (...fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith..)
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To: ransomnote


19 posted on 03/21/2021 1:07:28 AM PDT by NetAddicted (Just looking)
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To: ransomnote


20 posted on 03/21/2021 1:36:16 AM PDT by boxlunch (MSM+BigTech= propaganda arm of the Uniparty and their CCP & globalist overlords)
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