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PSA: If you don't care about a post or don't think it should be posted, ignore it. Don't care, don't comment. Don't like it, don't read/watch it. Period. It's just that simple. 


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No voter ID is a bad IDEA    Think about that. 

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.,. -* - ,., Jim_Acosta{}{}Occam's Razor: if you can't get an answer from the government,
it is because they know you will not like it.

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Google Ben Garrison

Scotty, send Jeff a picker-upper.

...and I approve this message...

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Know the players & their roles found it at EpochTimes

Hillary's Hat Overall grade

Epstein shark ranges from Little St. James Island to Palm Beach to New York. Occasionally, it roams to France. Under confinement, the Epstein shark tends to spill its guts. Touching the Epstein shark is corrosive and leaves life-long marks.
   Biden doll