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(RESEARCH THREAD) The Anatomy of This Particular Steal
Freeper collaberation | 11/8/2020 | By Laz A. Mataz and LilFarmer (so far)

Posted on 11/08/2020 6:39:20 AM PST by Lazamataz


This election has been stolen. Pure and simple.

Now we must show the world, before December 13th when the Electors are appointed, and before the Special Elections occur for various runoffs that will happen (for example, in Georgia, for the Senate seats, on January 5th.

How did it occur, you may ask.

It was twofold: One, certain ballot counting machines were altered to give a particular percentage advantage to Joe Biden. It would subtract votes from Donald Trump, and give them to Joe Biden. These machines are provided by a company owned and managed by the Clintons and / or the Obamas. That company is called Dominion Voting Systems. There are various models of the vote tabulation machines. There is a rumor that the software is called Hammer and Scorecard, but it is meaningless what the software is called, more important is its function, described above.

The night of the election, it was becoming apparent to the powers that exist in the Democrat Party that the software boost would not be enough. Donald Trump was racking up very substantial leads, enough to swamp the artifically-inflated advantage to Biden that the software was creating. Suddenly, various excuses emerged on why certain precincts in swing states needed to stop counting. Those precincts sent Republican observers home, with the promise the precincts would continue that next morning. In Georgia, those precincts were, at least in-part:

Fulton 03D
Not Reporting CP084
Not Reporting SC08H
Not Reporting UC01D
Fortunately, yours truly happened to record those precints, again in-part, and their status, on the morning of November 4th, in a thread located here: Georgia Fraud Watch information


The first component of The Big Steal is the vote counting machines. Certain machines were altered to undercount Trump votes and overcount Biden votes. We do not know the exact percentage of vote conversions, but whatever it was, the Democrat Powers believed it would be enough to take Biden over the top in several swing-states. Those states are: Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Missouri. There are other states that use this software, but they do not seem to have been terribly effected.)

Here is as much proof as I can provide. I want good Freepers to provide as much additional proof as possible downthread.

TOPICS: Computers/Internet; Conspiracy
KEYWORDS: ballots; cybersecurity; dominion; dvs; electionfraud; fraud; hacking; modems; observers; recounts; research; votefraud; voterfraud
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1 posted on 11/08/2020 6:39:21 AM PST by Lazamataz
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To: LilFarmer; LS; Travis McGee; FreedomPoster; The Toll; Ciaphas Cain; JayGalt; Elsie; CedarDave; ...

Important activism ping!

2 posted on 11/08/2020 6:41:13 AM PST by Lazamataz ("We beat the Soviet Union, then we became them." - 2005, my quote. I never knew how prescient I was.)
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To: OwenKellogg


3 posted on 11/08/2020 6:42:01 AM PST by Lazamataz ("We beat the Soviet Union, then we became them." - 2005, my quote. I never knew how prescient I was.)
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To: Lazamataz

It’s not as though Team Trump and the courts can’t say that there is all kinds of “probable cause” for making a major case(s) against all perpetrators of election ballot and voting fraud.

4 posted on 11/08/2020 6:45:33 AM PST by equaviator (If it seems like it's too bad to be true then maybe it isn't.)
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To: Lazamataz

Thank you so much for doing this.

5 posted on 11/08/2020 6:45:47 AM PST by RebelTXRose (Our Lady of Fatima, Pray for us! PRAY THE ROSARY!)
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To: Lazamataz

They stole the election the same way the passed Obamacare: in the middle of the night when no one was looking.
Satan does his best work in the dark.

6 posted on 11/08/2020 6:46:54 AM PST by lgjhn23 (Libs are a virus.....the DemoVirus!!)
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To: Lazamataz
Can we assume that this analysis will be based at least partially on the recent announcement that Plugs made that he had formed the most effective and comprehensive voter fraud operation in American history?
7 posted on 11/08/2020 6:47:40 AM PST by Gay State Conservative (BLM Stands For "Bidens Loot Millions"!)
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To: Lazamataz

Gads, they even stole votes from the Libertarian candidate!

8 posted on 11/08/2020 6:49:03 AM PST by Army Air Corps (Four Fried Chickens and a Coke)
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To: lgjhn23
That MIT clown who crafted ObamaCare (IIRC his name was Gruber) once admitted that ObamaCare was passed thanks to the stupidity of the American voters. And IIRC he used that exact word;”stupidity”.
9 posted on 11/08/2020 6:50:04 AM PST by Gay State Conservative (BLM Stands For "Bidens Loot Millions"!)
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To: Lazamataz


10 posted on 11/08/2020 6:52:19 AM PST by OwenKellogg
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To: Lazamataz

Great job Laz, keep up the good work!!

11 posted on 11/08/2020 6:54:48 AM PST by misanthrope (Deranged, sinister, deplorable troll)
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To: bitt

Bump it to the top.

12 posted on 11/08/2020 6:57:24 AM PST by OwenKellogg
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To: Gay State Conservative

Good point, will be added.

13 posted on 11/08/2020 6:58:26 AM PST by Lazamataz ("We beat the Soviet Union, then we became them." - 2005, my quote. I never knew how prescient I was.)
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To: Lazamataz

“How to spot the telltale signs of vote rigging” [BBC 2016]

14 posted on 11/08/2020 7:00:01 AM PST by BenLurkin (The above is not a statement of fact. It is either opinion or satire. Or both.)
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To: Lazamataz

From an engineering perspective, this seems very plausable and a realistic unfolding of an inadequate steal process.

15 posted on 11/08/2020 7:00:17 AM PST by griffin
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To: Lazamataz

God bless you and those searching for TRUTH!!!!

Fervent prayers for our President and Vice-President as well as all honest persons in their midst. Prayers for those like you finding facts to support the fraud. Prayers for whistleblowers whose hearts are convicted that stealing anything is not of God and a very harm to a neighbor.

Our archangel, Michael, is in battle. He wins!!!

16 posted on 11/08/2020 7:01:17 AM PST by YouGoTexasGirl
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To: Lazamataz

Eyewitness testimony of a Detroit Poll Watcher

Democracy Dies in Darkness

Today I was at the Detroit Absentee Ballot Center and I want to describe what happened there. This was a planned ballot harvesting scheme that strikes at the heart of our democracy. Many of you may have seen scenes of what was going on and they are all accurate.

What Martin Luther King died fighting was pulled out of the Democrat’s Jim Crow playbook and deployed in 2020 Detroit.

Background: On Monday, both parties were working on the ballot process with a lot of pushback resistance from the Democrats on how it was to work. The Republican Party mobilized a special team to work on the ballot verification as they were opened. There are 139 tabulating/verification tables with both a Democrat and Republican challenge worker. There was a lot of people mobilized and trained for this effort. They worked all day Tuesday and thought it was winding up on Wednesday.

The Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson stated as such on Election Day. Then suddenly on Wednesday @ 4 am 30,000+ ballots showed up needing counting. At that point, the Republican Party put out an emergency call @ 9:47 for people to do poll challenging as the original team was worn out. My Experience: I answered the call and I was at TCF Center at 11:30. I am proud to say that about 200 of us showed up about the same time. It was like the Minutemen of 1776.
I went to the Republican room as I had to be re-credentialed. I noticed at that point a swarm of people signing in to get into the hall where ballots were being counted. More on that later.

We got our instructions on how to properly challenge suspicious ballots when the word came down that the counting hall was full and no more people were being admitted. At the same time the Fire Marshall declared that TCF was at its COVID limit and barred people from coming in.

Michigan Law permits recognized voter integrity groups to also poll challenge. Who the swarm of people were was democrat leaning voter groups showing up “to challenge”. In reality, they were there to obstruct the one Republican challenge worker from properly performing their task. The work force was also very hostile. The other challenge team members would jostle, get in front of the Republican Challenger preventing the person to see if the person was registered and tried to verbally intimidate them.

They looked for reasons to have a person removed from having a “mask violation” when they adjusted it to perceived infractions that they magnified. However not many were removed. Training and maturity helped. I never got into the counting hall. These actions were described to me by several workers who were in the room working.

One person asked where some of the “voter integrity” groups were from. Most were from Ann Arbor where University of Michigan is located.

In other words they were prepped in advance to come in by someone. Then we got the word that no Republican challengers would be allowed in but independent poll watchers would be. There was one such organization that supported the Republican Party and many of us transitioned to that organization. But when we got to the polling check in area they refused admittance to us.

That is when the noisy protests started and were filmed. One election official came out and tried to explain about what was happening but we did not buy it. He said that there was check in sheets and all Republican slots were filled. No one knew that they had to sign out so we know that there was gaps because we could see tables without coverage. This caused the noisy demonstrations to on for several hours.

During this whole time members of the press were freely allowed to go into this “over crowded” room which increased our ire. We practiced our first amendment rights to peacefully assemble and express our grievances.

The Detroit police was there but nobody hassled or bothered them. We know that is was not them that was performing this injustice, nor was it the minimum salary clerks doing their duties as trained but rather it was Jocelyn Benson and Janice M. Winfrey Detroit City Clerk and other members of the Board of Elections with the Democratic Party. On the outside of TFC there were protests with some BLM counter protesters too.

During our peaceful protest, a CHALLENGE WORKER, not a city employee started to put up blocking posters to prevent us from seeing what was going on. It was taken down once but it came back up and remained. We waited and waited with a cadre of people and periodically they would let in some dribs and drabs of poll challengers calling out for democratic, republican or non-partisan challengers. What they allowed in we filled in immediately.

We have been camped out at that entrance watching and waiting. A second shift came in after the BLM protesters went home and are still there.

I left at 10:30 to be ready to go in again tomorrow. I got a text from one of the second shift challengers that city employees were leaving the voting center with ballots. They got pictures of that. Another truckload of ballots has arrived and is waiting to be pulled in. None of the waiting challengers has been allowed in as of Thursday 1:55 am when I write this.

Conclusion: This was voter fraud that was pre-planned and organized.

This went on in several states so it is a national conspiracy. They got the voting day totals plus waited for all the rural and suburban counties to report their absentee totals. They then pulled out the needed “harvested” ballots for the count.

They harassed and try to intimidate the Republicans from performing their duties to verify the vote. If the process was conducted properly and Biden had truly won then we would have assurance that the process was free and fair. We know it is not.

They made sure that Biden won. They made all the down ballot democrats won too including Peters beating John James. (The Democratic Party has demonstrated they know how to put a black man in his place). This will end up in the Supreme Court.

I hope for a re-ordered FEDERALLY SUPERVISED election in early January to get a true winner. All the states that have these irregularities should be re-done. Future

Actions Needed: This is not a bitch or moan memo but one that describes what has happened and what we need to do in the future. The first assessment is a harsh but true one. When Trump wins Michigan, it will be IN SPITE of the Michigan Republican Party and not because of it. The dis-organized nature of how the Republican party manages things has really appalled me.

When they put out the call for volunteers, they had no plan to quickly process, train and deploy us. They had no proper instruction on how to challenge questionable ballots. Instead it was a shouted class that was repeated over and over. No deployment plan was in place. It was a stampede of people rushing from place to place when we heard something. I experienced the same with election day preparation. I did not get my precinct challenge credentials until 1:37 am the day of the election with no instructions or attachments. If this was the Rhonda McDaniel’s organization she put in place, then no wonder why the Republican Party is a mess. Second, we the remnants of the Tea Party must take over the Republican party. This is my first time really being part of the election process. We need to run people and take over the leadership roles and use our business acumen to organize and plan for elections.

I plan on running next year for a position so I can help influence the mid-term election and turn out the tyrant Whitmer. Get out there and find the right person to primary against the established comfortable leaders content with the current state of things. We need to plan to counter act the Democrats shenanigans not to do the same thing.

Third, we have to force a deep and I mean deep proctology exam of these Democratic cities and root out the fraud and corruption. It is not racist to demand that a minority official run an election as well as a white person. I will be checking out TRUE THE VOTE and see what we can do in Michigan. To repeat, what I witnessed was what Martin Luther King died fighting and it saddens and yet fills me with resolve. Let it do the same for you as the righteous will win in the end. Remain filled with cold anger as we work through this conspiracy and beyond. Look at what you can do. The longest journey starts with a single step. Put on your shoes and put that one foot forward. You will not be alone walking this road. I will walk along side of you.

(The eyewitness is a friend of mine. Let me know if you want to speak with him)

17 posted on 11/08/2020 7:02:54 AM PST by cyclotic (The most dangerous people are the ones that feel the most helpless)
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To: Lazamataz

This article gives a pretty good accounting of the shenanigans. (language warning f-bombs)

Not proofs, just a run down. Team Trump definitely needs to jump on that last minute software update. It’s already known to have caused issues in WI and 1 or 2 outcomes to be changed in repub’s favor. Those same machines are used in all the states in question and code is hard evidence.

18 posted on 11/08/2020 7:03:36 AM PST by Pollard (You can’t be for “defunding the police” and against “vigilantism” at the same time.)
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To: Lazamataz

Some things I came across this morning:

BREAKING development that *may* significantly affect the current Biden lead in Georgia. “Fulton County has discovered an issue involving reporting from their work on Friday.” @11AliveNews we don’t know how many ballots are in question, or which way they would change the count.

Dominion software screenshots from a hacker?

October 8:
ATLANTA — With the start of early voting less than a week away and a software update being installed to address a glitch in Georgia’s voting machines, a federal judge was still considering a request by voting integrity activists to sideline the new touchscreen voting machines in favor of hand-marked paper ballots for the November general election.
U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg is presiding over a long-running lawsuit challenging the election system the state bought last year from Dominion Voting Systems for more than $100 million. The activists argue the system places an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote because voters cannot be confident their votes are accurately counted. A bug in the touchscreen machines and a hasty software update underscore that the machines aren’t ready for use, they say.

a broad consensus now exists among the nation’s cybersecurity experts recognizing the capacity for the unobserved injection of malware into computer systems to circumvent and access key codes and hash values to generate fraudulent codes and data. In these experts’ views, these risk issues are in play in the operation of Dominion’s Democracy Suite 5.5-A

Plaintiffs assert instead that the State is undertaking substantial changes to the election equipment two weeks before early voting begins without adequate testing that further jeopardizes the reliability and security of the Dominion voting machines.

Georgia, just weeks prior to the election, allowed their voting machines to be patched with Dominion software using a barcode-based system that does not allow any verification of their choices and requires users to “just trust” that their choice was made correctly when they vote. After inspection by a cybersecurity expert (Mr. Vincent Liu), it turns out that the barcodes are easily accessible to hackers and can be infected by malware, and totally unencrypted. In two of the counties, election servers allowed remote access through open ports via “game programs.” The organization responsible for testing these machines, the EAC, did not test this software to see if it was secure and did not have the expertise to do so. Server logs for these were also editable by Dominion staff, who could add and delete at will. TLDR; Georgia allowed a completely unsecured voting platform open to hacking to be used in this election, and put every voter at risk of manipulation by Dominion staff and threat actors. This same software was used across the USA.

In 30 States, A Computer System Known To Be Defective Is Tallying Votes

Dominion Software donated to the Clinton Foundation

In 2014, Dominion Voting committed to providing emerging and post-conflict democracies with access to voting technology through its philanthropic support to the DELIAN Project, as many emerging democracies suffer from post-electoral violence due to the delay in the publishing of election results.

Voting Machine Firms Add Lobbyists Amid Election Hacker Concerns
April 1, 2019 12:00 AM
By Megan R. Wilson and Michaela
Pelosi’s ex-chief of staff represents No. 2 manufacturer
Voting machine manufacturers are increasing their Capitol Hill presence as lawmakers demand they do more to protect U.S. elections against foreign hackers.
Dominion Voting Systems — which commands more than a third of the voting-machine market without having Washington lobbyists — has hired its first, a high-powered firm that includes a longtime aide to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Voting system used in battlegrounds tied to Clintons, Pelosi
*by: Free Press International News Service 2020-11-07 Source: FreePressers

Georgia election official: Machine glitch caused by last-minute vendor upload - Voting was delayed in two counties for two hours while the problem was fixed. (Spaulding County)

Election officials estimate that roughly 80,000 absentee ballots were impacted by this glitch, yet decided to push the impacted votes through, knowing some of the votes would likely change.
Gwinnett County uses Dominion Voting Systems, the same election software that glitched for Georgia’s Spalding and Morgan Counties on Tuesday morning, causing machines to crash on Election Day.

In Texas, Dominion Voting Systems was turned down THREE TIMES for certification in state elections. It listed numerous reasons why the system had major security issues.

Securing our elections should not be a partisan issue.”
Early in 2020, Dems held a hearing with 3 major private election vendors, including DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS. The Dem. Chair revealed voting components from China, widespread Internet & hacking vulnerability & WORSE.

19 posted on 11/08/2020 7:07:19 AM PST by LilFarmer
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To: KC_Lion; dp0622


20 posted on 11/08/2020 7:07:59 AM PST by Army Air Corps (Four Fried Chickens and a Coke)
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