Since Jan 6, 2000

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Constitution Unchained
NOW is the time for passionate conservatives to release the power of the constitution and lay hold of our rights once again!

My campaign theme, Constitution Unchained, starts with you, my fellow conservatives. The three elements outlined below are only the beginning. I am looking forward to sharing more of my vision with you and as my campaign progresses.

Partnership Constituents and representative are an inseparable team

Be vocal
Be active
Be persevering
Be a Constitutional candidate!

Authentic Representation The Representatives MAIN job!

I will read the Bills before us or vote to reject
I will only represent the views of my constituents, not those of political parties, special interests or lobbyists.
I will personally read all letters and email! Its MY job to listen to my constituents.
I will personally listen to all messages.
I will personally reply to as many letters and emails as possible and seek to minimize form letters (I hate them!)
I will conduct county tours and meetings whenever I am home. Unlike some congressional charlatans, I want to hear from you!
I will write my own speeches. I assure you that what I say comes from me, not a hired speech writer.

Legislative Avalanche!

Stop the pendulum...
Eliminate bill riders and unrelated amendments
Simplify bill structure and prohibit zombie bills and inter-bill references
Limit staff size for representatives to three at most

Reverse the pendulum...
Sponsor at least two bills per month to slash federal government to size and influence
Elminate Dept of Education and Energy, EPA, IRS, FEMA, FED, BATF, ACORN, and involvement with the UN+++
Work with states to shift control back to them

THE PROBLEM: State powers are those not enumerated in the US Constitution or those of private individuals. The states have given up a vast majority of their duties and responsibilities to the federal government. The federal government originally was the mortar that held the state bricks together and provided the framework through which the STATES work together. Through individual and independent states liberty flourished locally and they governed their own affairs. The federal government, through usurpation of power has gone from an inter-state unifying mortar to a dominating overlord brick. It terrorizes its people and steals their liberty and wealth. Now it wants to control supplies of energy, food, and medical resources. This is all happening because the states allow it. The states and her people are allowing the federal government to terrorize their citizens. It must stop or the Republic is lost and we will surely tear ourselves apart! There are those that will not hand down to their children a life in tyranny. I promise you that.

THE SOLUTION: Return to rightful responsibilities. The federal government must decrease, 90% drastically.The States must reclaim their rightful responsibilities. The people must demand they both do so. Let's not forget the Marxists. The Marxists and Marxist sympathizers must be swept out of government. Their ideology is pure poison to a liberty loving society.

PATH FORWARD: First, citizens must have honorable and trustworthy people to vote for. Those who are able MUST stand, be bold and run for office. This is critical. WE NEED CONSTITUTIONALLY MINDED CANDIDATES. Second, the constituency MUST take their responsibility as citizens seriously. We must stand together and demand the federal government cease and desist. At the same time we must demand that the states defend us against the federal government. We must educate ourselves through trustworthy sources, we must volunteer and monetarily support constitutionally minded candidates AND we must vote for them.

Third, the 17th amendment must be repealed to allow states to return to their rightful place of influence in the Senate chamber. Currently state governors are the only voice heard by the federal government. But those voices have no federal power. If the state legislatures again appoint senators, then the powers of the states will be better represented and protected. The people get the House, the States get the Senate, and the federal government gets the Executive. The Supreme Court is the referee.

Why I'm Running

Like most of my neighbors I had life goals and ambitions. We just fulfilled a dream and bought property with acreage. Annie wanted a cute farmhouse with chickens. I wanted woods for hunting and pasture owning horses, another life-long dream. We both wanted to concentrate on developing the farm and living as independently as possible while working full time jobs, saving for retirement and helping to put the kids through school. Starting our own product development company was also in the works. Those were our life goals. Our goals have changed.

November of 2008 brought about a shift in the federal government unlike anything we have experienced. It was bad enough before. Had it been just Obama, things might not seem so dire, but to witness the marxist democratic party marching our country lock-step with Obama into a marxist abyss is mind-numbing. Even more infuriating is to witness the supposedly conservative loyal opposition join hands with them in the economic suicide!

Now, I don't know about you, neighbor, but I have not the stomach to look myself in the mirror and know I did NOTHING to protect my children from the likes of deceitful, power hungry, form letter writing punks that try to sell us Bills when they have not even read them themselves. They are MORE than happy to sell us those Bills to integrate us into government dependence and secure their role as provider. They don't bat an eye as they look into ours and lie, blatantly defy our Constitution and shirk their oath (TO US!) to defend it. This describes 95% of the people sitting in Congress and the Oval Office at the present time.

THIS is why I run for office:
1) To declare that the federal government is not God.

2) I run to dethrone Ron Kind and break his Obama lock-step routine

3) I run to lift up my district as an example that common people can rise up and displace oath-breaking, dishonest political hacks.

4) I run for my children, and their children to live free and keep the fruits of their labor!

5) I run for office to do my part in shifting balance away from Washington and back to the States and people.

If every American would fear not and vote for true idealistic constitutional candidates we can together slash government down to size and jam it hard into the Constitutional box that was made for it! Together we can institute new checks and balances where needed to insure Constitutional government and our families will not be threatened again by a world of marxist pressures.

I have protested abortion, taxes and gun control in the Clinton years. Then our numbers were modest, but judging from the Tea Party turnouts it appears huge numbers of conservatives are now on the same page! Our government is unhinged. The threats that face us and our families are more serious than anything we have encountered in American history. The power over healthcare and energy control is the power over life, death and prosperity. We cannot let an unethical, Constitution shunning, unhinged government usurp that power.

If the weasels ignore us, minimize us and dare pass these damnable Bills, ELECT ME and my fellow Constitutionalists, and come 2010 all of us together will rip those Laws off the books and run the few remaining un-American hacks out of Washington.

Every generation is responsible for the preservation of the Republic. Let's Roll!